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  2. LEGO Train 12 Volts

    [MOC] Candy Store

    Wow, I simply love the cotton candy ...very well done!
  3. turbopolofr

    [GBC] Ball Shooter Marble Run

    impressive work on digitalisation guys ! very well done
  4. Daddy_Stardust

    [MOC] Tatooine Building - Simple House [TAT01]

    Absolutely excellent, love what you've done!
  5. wallyjarek

    Brick Obama

    Thanks, many people doesn't like Brickheadz but bricks are fun for me and I'm making a lot of different creations last few years.
  6. Captain Mutant

    The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    Correct and well observed. It’s probably the lost freckleless race. Probably was endangered too. ;)
  7. This post feels somewhat contradictory. You say you hope the neutral party will align with us towines. But you then go onto say that there will definitely be a four way fight. It feels like you know more than you’re letting on.
  8. Thank you :) Cool, I hope you will enjoy the build :)
  9. Lego2016Lego

    Mini Trophy Truck

    That would be correct and what do you mean by: "Is there anything limiting the downward movement of the front hub?" Thanks! And I will see if I can fit them to the truck.
  10. de Gothia

    AoM tower phase II

    Lovely rocks and minifigs and the posings of the minifigs! Great work!
  11. de Gothia

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Thanks HQ for the contest! Lovely idea but a bit sad with so few entries and so few who voted thruoghout the contest. I hope to see some more activity here in the forums, but with summer coming up I fear the opposite. Looking forward to a new chapter in GoH! I have four or five mocs ready, just have to edit the photos! :)
  12. I skimmed what had been said already, and thought the comment was just acknowledging a neutral could exist, which isn't that weird. Then I went back and read the thread again to make sure I hadn't missed anything, saw the exact wording of his comment and thought the aspect of certainty that there must be a neutral in a village of 15 with two scum teams was a bit odd, so I merged replies to acknowledge that. What I mean is when a gathering like this starts out and it's explicitly stated there are at least three factions there will be some speculating on mechanics, you can't avoid it, even if you don't voice those thoughts or speculations.
  13. Kristel

    [BSBA] Cat A - Benny's SpaceMiningTruckShip

    Thanks @ExeSandbox, @JJ Tong (zfogshooterz) and @carebear! Thanks and welcome to Eurobricks!
  14. Balrogofmorgoth

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    There was so much to talk about and all of a sudden all leaks and discussion just stopped, it’s the deep breath before the plunge.
  15. fordtruckin

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I honestly do not understand all the hate/dislike toward Corner Garage. Its a great set with a lot of neat features.
  16. de Gothia

    Mitgardian snowball fight

    Great idea with snowball fight! I like the rockwork!
  17. de Gothia

    Avalonia Mini-Challenge: Game of Thrones

    Wow! Thanks guys! Really happy to see old de Gothia as king! Now I´ve to make new stories about Albion and Elijah!
  18. Ankoku

    [GBC] Akiyuki Ball Factory

    Creating a 3D model isn't as bad as I had imagined. Although I look forward to seeing how his twisted hoses look for the spiral lift. Instructions are a task in tedium. Not fun at all. To be honest, it would probably be best to have the instructions for the module as is and then a separate one and parts list for a return loop addition.
  19. Ok so I agree with you about Braxton Bear, because that "Townie" thing looked just rammed on the end, and him saying "definately" about there being a four way fight is just too certain for my liking. I also agree with you (I think?) about Cleo Cow saying we shouldn't lynch anyone today, but it seems like you're saying that's not scummy, and I thought that was actually always referred to as scummy, and if you don't think it's scummy then why are you mentioning it? Also, you were talking about what Schafer said: and I actually thought that the "control 50%" thing means the scum have conversions, because I don't think you usually control people by killing them, and if it was then he'd just say "outnumber" wouldn't he? I was reading when you posted this. You basically said "It's fine" and then you posted again real quick and added the last line which looks like you're backtracking. And everyone's speculating but they're not saying it? How do you know they're speculating if they're not saying it? Or are you seeing it said somewhere else? What was the odd thing the hippo said? It sounds like you're throwing shade, but I thought the hippo called out Braxton like Caldwell and Pierot and now me and maybe Bennet did?
  20. I would also prefer Silver Metallic if not for the fact that the larger 6x6x2 curve piece already exists in that color, and in general when MOCing I've found that I've had more times I want to use one or the other depending on which is in a more convenient color, than using both together in the same MOC. Granted, if they both CAME in the same color, maybe that would incentivize me to use them together, but for now I kind of prefer having more color variety between the two sizes to simply making one size in more of the colors that the other size already appears in.
  21. paupadros

    General Colour Discussion

    Great article! Thanks for the find @Digger of Bricks!
  22. Today
  23. Mine has been ordered too :) Lego staff created separate order as I made a qualifying purchase on Sunday. Off to see Avengers Endgame this evening - so a great day all round
  24. The certainty is what wooorries me.
  25. I assume they would fall under the "eliminate other threats" condition and thus it would not behoove either sect of the mafia to team up against us poor townsfolk, though I could be wrong. As for the neutral comment, I don't think it's that weird. Everyone is speculating about mechanics, even if they're not saying it. … though the certainty with which he said it is a bit odd.
  26. My throat hurts just thinking about that
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