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  2. Decat

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    I think it would be too small, compared tko the microfigs.
  3. Just looking at them gives me a tone of ideas, honestly. I think they would look great on some sort of Mermaid MOC. What's so bad about this part? Sure, nobody is going to look at it and say "wow, what a nice part usage", but I think you could do a tone of different things with it. Yes, you can achieve the exact same shape using other pieces, but if you want to save some time, you can just use that piece instead of making it using smaller pieces.
  4. Robert8

    Ideas for a CMF Advent Calendar

    9. Present Holiday Ghost Part assortment (8 pieces): New hairpiece. Recolor of the S3 Fisherman beard. Recolor of the grapes introduced with the Series G Statue. Apple. Goblet. Long slope piece. Regular head and torso.
  5. Yooha

    Masquerade Advent Calendar 2019 - LDD MOC

    Day 09 - flowers
  6. Day 09 - Y-wing Candle
  7. Blazej_Holen

    Creator Expert 10270 Modular

    R u troll or what? Or forget to take your medicine...? :D
  8. Klaus-Dieter

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Now to the Great Vehicles: All in all I have to say that TLG keeps the high standard of this City subtheme - which I really appreciate: The Monster Truck looks very simple and boring. The Racing Boat Transport is more or less the same like the version of 2011 - the towing vehicle looks a bit better, but the boat itself much worse -, so really boring. And a lost opportunity to give us a much more attractive and even since long or even never seen before boat like a push boat, a small harbor tour boat, a sailing yacht etc. The Ice-Cream Truck looks great from the exterior and I highly welcome a new foodtruck. Unluckily the interior is absolutely weird with having several tiles in which the ice-cream pieces can be clipped - a huge let-down. Instead I would have liked to see one big counter in which all ice-cream pieces are - like it is in real life. The Postal Plane is a very nice set - simple, but functional and nice looking. The Street Sweeper looks so cute! The Safari Truck is simply aweseome and imo the best set of this series! The colors and desgin are perfect and that the lion woman comes with it is great, too. I don't comment on the bulldozer set since it's a Juniors and not a City set. Now to the Racing sets: The Stunt Team is a simple but nice set. On the one hand I agree with those who say that the Gas Station is too small. On the other hand its price is much lower than the one of the past one. Plus in principle everything needed is included and looks very well desigend. Plus there are two completely new cars: the SUV and the minibus which both look excellent. So all in all I'm very content with this set. The Racing Cars look very well designed! Plus I like the fact that one is an electric car (although you can argue that racing polutes our climate massively - so it's no matter whether you use an e-motor or a regular motor). The best set of this series and imo of the whole 1HY City wave at all is of course the Tuning Workshop which overbids my exceptions by far! There are so many different and amazing looking vehicles included, the caravan (altough its interior is regrettably a let-down because a table and a second chair are missing), the dog's hut and all that acessory make it looking absolutely realistic. Not to speak about the building itself with is imo a masterpiece: awesome and absolutely realisitc exterior as well as a very detailed interior (although it's bad that because of th 2x4 tiles in front of the working space you can't fix a minifigure there). I really hope that the summer sets will have the same standard like the Racing sets!
  9. Today
  10. But there are levels of specialized parts. Let's check recent parts. At the top, you have things like this: You absolutely can't do anything but Batman with it. And if you ever manage to (by hiding most of it, most likely), then your MOC will be "the MOC that used that part" and no one else will even bother because it already stopped being original. I'm not blaming Lego for parts like that because it's not meant to be useful, it's made for collectors and that's fine. Then you have this: It's certainly doable to do MOCs around them. But the thing is, it's more likely that you will have to search for places where to use them. You will deliberately try to stick them in your MOC for that NPU. But are they really *useful* other than as marine decoration? They aren't even in a color that can be used as stone decoration in a building. So yeah, you can use them, but they're not very useful. In a way I'd blame Lego for spending time on parts like these while the competition has very useful, generic parts that Lego still doesn't have. But on the other hand these packs seem to be made as extras, not really part of the "system". Then you have this: I think it's this kind of part that most people have a problem with. It's not even very specialized, as it has already been reused by Lego in the junior snowspeeder set. It's just that it's pointless to adult MOCers. It's the kind of part that's so useless that it generates contests, "show us what you can do with this crap". But no adult will naturally choose to be restricted by the geometry of such a part, and it has no specific detail, nothing that allows it to be used in a way that couldn't be achieved using smaller parts. So even if you manage to stick it inside your MOC, no one is gonna wonder what that part is. So of course it's useless to us, but it was only designed to be useful to kids. For adults, it's gonna end up being a cheap part grabbed on BL that can act as cheap filler somewhere. Perhaps yes, underneath a spaceship, but only picked for its price. I'm not blaming Lego for parts like these either as it's just there for little kids to have less to build & a more solid toy. Personnaly I have nothing against plane cockpits, they allow for smooth toys and it's certainly possible to do spaceships, mechs or pod-like houses using them. I love such cockpits and more importantly, complex windshields. Can't wait for the new ones in the next Speed Champions sets, even though some are printed, and THAT's the kind of specialization that can make them useless to me. I'm certainly gonna use the one from the Ferrari set, and yes it's gonna force me to go with red, but what can I do with one that has "ROGER DUBUIS" printed on it? Also the question is useful for what? At the end of the day we're making MOCs because we like that form of limited art (if it was for the end result only, we'd 3D-print our own stuff). But we don't have the same rules. Some wouldn't use any compatible part not produced by Lego, but would use anything done by Lego, including container pods, sprue parts, or doll clothes & stuff that aren't even "Lego" other than for the brand. For those, even the weirdest part will be more useful than a non-branded recolor of an official part. I know I never cared about Galidor because I thought the conectivity wasn't Lego, turns out I'm wrong and it was pins. Still, it was the old-grey era so they're still not very useful to me. Because yeah I happen to like such parts, I also like Bionicle ones, and I rarely use them for the same reason that they generally were in the most toyish colors, that they were generally exposing nasty mold marks, and that half of them were in cheap soft plastic and you always get them in the worst state on BL.
  11. Klaus-Dieter

    Creator Expert 10270 Modular

    Thank you very much for the information! Like always, I'm not interested in the set itself (although it's of course very well designed). But I spot some new or new colored elements which I think are very useful for the "regular" city, too: pigeon in dark azur (?) blue, leaf in lime and in yellow and a brand new element - the bird's nest - very nice!
  12. Klaus-Dieter

    LEGO Creator 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Thank you all very much for the information! The toy shop looks great! There's a completely different architectual style in comparison to the last buildings. I like the facades on the front and the right side. Plus the small "tower" makes it looking really good. It's only a pity that there isn't more interior on the ground floor - esp. some more things on the wall would have been nice (only the three Lego sets make the wall looking to plain). In the rest of the sets I'm not interested. Btw: Did you notice, too, that there are (minimum) two new elements included: a 1x3x3 window frame and a 3x3 window glas? Unluckily without hinge function.
  13. I completely agree with you, Grover!
  14. Klaus-Dieter

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Thank you all very much for the info! I'll comment on the Great Vehicles and the Racing theme later, but at the moment I only wanted to share my following discovery: I looked at the detailed pics and noticed that the TV screen inside the gas station shows two soccer players and a goal. Since nearly all TV screen stickers of the past years showed things related to actual Lego sets, this made me thinking about following: Lego did conclude the license with Manchester United. Til now I thought this means that we'll get a licensed soccer theme on its own in summer 2020. Now I think different: Could it be that the 2020 summer City line will include a soccer subtheme "inspired by Manchester United" (on the lines of the 2019 space theme "inspired by NASA")? What do you mean?
  15. This MOC here by Logan W. uses the heads of the ducks from Disney series 2 as eyes: Or another example, this MOC uses the head of Coleman Trebor for Star Wars as a nose: And as others have pointed out, the reason LEGO doesn't reuse licensed heads is probably because the licensed agreement doesn't allow them to.
  16. Klaus-Dieter

    Ideas for new Architecture sets

    Thanks, ArneNielsen! I mixed that up. Now I corrected it. Of course Billund doesn't have a real skyline which you call a skyline like the one of NY etc. Nevertheless I bet that Lego fans would like a Billund "skyline" since it's the home of the brick.
  17. Such a fantastic story Ross! I've finally just had the chance to read through from the start rather than just skimming to the (excellent) builds. It's really well written and I love the character you've injected into the story teller. The story itself is great too and I hope we hear more of the story of Bogdan! The builds complement the story beautifully. It's hard to pick a favourite but I do love the gypsy caravan. Keep up the great work!
  18. dr_spock

    Technic Pub

    I think super glue vapour can irritate the mucous membranes and lungs according to Material Safety Data Sheet. Thanks for the heads up, I am not going to try that when I have to solder the new part in. It's a 2019 Golf Sportwagen 6 speed manual with a 1.4T gas engine. I bought it to carry more LEGO®. There is no more new TDI sold over here after that "Diesel Gate" scandal. Which Euro 6 Diesel did you get? Nice. More money for LEGO? I printed a replacement watering can spout with TPU. It is much more durable being outside in the garden than the one I printed in PLA. I'm thinking TPU might be useful for custom LEGO compatible leaf springs. Do you design your own parts?
  19. Awesome. I'm really happy with the signups so far, everyone. Feels like a reunion.
  20. Chromeknight

    Thack Desteck [Mafia Game] Signups

    1. Yes 2. DSV 3. You’re asking to choose between your words?
  21. Robert8

    Ideas for a CMF Advent Calendar

    Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately none of those are in Series R/S
  22. Yes. They are LEGO Collectible Minifigures Price Increase Confirmed on Brickseek
  23. No they have been showing up in stores too. They “officially” drop January 1st but should be in stores before then
  24. zephyr1934

    Axle Bearings -best mod ever!

    You don't need to cut up lego, the bearings also fit in technic holes (well, with a little force). A few places are selling the parts assembled, e.g., here. If you just need the axles, you can get them here. Right now you would have to glue the wheels on the end of the axles (assuming you are using RC/PF era wheels) but word on the street is that someone is working on a press-on variant of the wheel.
  25. Well thanks Hinck, I feel so old now!
  26. dr_spock

    [MOC] One Ring Circus Train

    Nicely done. What's the tractive effort on the steam engine?
  27. Watch out, everyone. There may be some old-school Mafia jokes in this game not that a veteran has crawled out of med school the woodwork.
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