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  2. I've had an idea for a game recently, but I'll gladly wait for Kintobor to host. Also, while I do like the anonymous games, I wouldn't host one.
  3. This whole “teasing the next ucs” nonsense started with the Millennium Falcon supposedly being teased on the Death Star box. It’s all a coincidence IMO, because there’s also TIEs and X-Wings on the box too. My bet is the box designer was trying to go for the trench run scene, that’s why the Falcon had a soft glow around it - like it had just showed up out of nowhere to save the day.
  4. blueduck37

    2019 LEGO Architecture

    Any idea if that May 23 VIP sale date for these two new sets is still happening?
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  6. Just a little update: We are a little slow on the staff side right now. I personally just got back from an Extended vacation in Alaska (that's the other side of the country for those who don't know). SO I'm just catching up. There are going to be a few random things popping up so keep your eyes open. Lastly, a lot of you currently have Solo Missions to complete. I know we removed time restrictions, but some of you have really had them a while. This inadvertently will hold up our story line time line of events if you take forever. The game literally runs on you guys right now.
  7. jimmynick

    MOC: T4a Lambda-Class Imperial Shuttle

    How well-proportioned and studly I love the patches of grey on the sail, as well as the detail and shape of the cockpit - those grille tiles are so simple but make it just that little bit better. Great work, thanks for sharing!
  8. Kdapt-Preacher

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    There’s been an idea going around for ever that upcoming UCS sets are teased in some way on box art months or years before they come out, but if there’s any actual correlation there nobody’s ever presented any kind of evidence for it. My personal view is that if you want hints you’ll have better luck if you sacrifice a dove and examine its entrails, as the gods intended, than if you just look through officially released materials.
  9. There aren't any existing sets that look like thanos's ship, I'd suggest looking for a moc online. As for the display, any sort of baseplate or long and thin plate configuration should work.
  10. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I'm not sure what you see with the star destroyer, but that harry potter game came out over a decade before the "ucs" hogwarts, in which time the theme was cancelled and revived, so I doubt it had any sort of correlation to the set. The star destroyer rumors like this are less then rumors, and why sites report that there may be a set coming when in reality there is literally no evidence to suggest that.
  11. I successfully tested the new gearbox with center diff in the Pimp-up-my-Bugatti. Some minor modifications were necessary: Some minor changes in the chassis to get the new gearbox fit in The housing of the gearbox was blocking to the chassis during marriage Fixture of gearbox to chassis was too wobbly changed rubber band fixture to have a smooth change between 4th and 5th gear So finally the gearbox looks like this: And Pimp-up-my-Bugatti v1.5 is released: Have fun to pimp up your Bugatti, if you like!
  12. Roadmonkeytj

    [MOC] Street racer

    Im not normally a fan of supercars but i really do like the look of this ... It has some good body lines. How "swooshable" is it though?
  13. ozacek

    Lego motorized vs manual

    I think vehicle-related functions are better motorized, but for other types of mechanical functions I'm begining to lean towards manual. More functions can be packed in (motorized functions do take a lot of space), and models can also be smaller (I really like small/mid-sized models with lots of functions). One of my favorite 2018 set is still the small 42084 Hook Loader.
  14. Captain Dee

    [Mystery Island 8] Meanwhile...

    Yep. Maybe... somehow it looks less menacing to me.
  15. hsousa

    What did you buy today?

    What did I buy today? This song should give you a clue :
  16. I am trying to find a set that looks somewhat like Thanos's ship, does anyone have any suggestions? and I am also trying to make a display for all of my Marvel characters and I want to hang them from the top of the shelf. What would you guys suggest using for these?
  17. Thanks for the tips Toastie, I've ordered this:
  18. That's a nice looking diesel in its own right, nevermind the mechanism. Gonna have to have a go at a version of that decoupler myself one of these days.
  19. deraven

    The old yellowed Lego returns to shine

    Lots and lots of information available on this process. As Toastie said, you have plenty of options to go cheaper and various other details to the method depending on what you're looking to restore- just google for "retrobrite" and there's a ton of detail an inspiration to help you take your de-yellowing process to the next level!
  20. Berthil

    [GBC] Akiyuki Ball Factory

    Correct, the two black 2L liftarms with axle hole should be the other way around and lower blue axle pins should be regular pins. I will correct it, thanks.
  21. shadow_elenter

    Lego motorized vs manual

    Well... My lowest motor count in a MOC has been 13 motors and the highest 19 motors so my preference is quite obvious. I love to build a MOC and then manipulate it to get it to do what I want without interfering with it directly. That proves my creation works without any help and that's really rewarding to me. I guess it's all comes down to a magic combination of preference, expectations and application I think, and that magic combination has a different ratio for everyone.
  22. Thank you all for your comments! Yep that is correct!
  23. Kristof

    MOC: T4a Lambda-Class Imperial Shuttle

    Too bad this is not Falcon. Then it would have been perfect!!
  24. BrickSixty

    MOC: T4a Lambda-Class Imperial Shuttle

    Are you going to offer instructions for this at any point? I have kinda avoided the Lambda because various sets looked bad and a few MOCs I have seen ended up very tall but yours looks simple and effective and not to tall for the hangar I'm building.
  25. CSW652

    [MOC] EMD FL9 6-wide

    The nose looks a little bit long to me, but otherwise really nice.
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