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  2. Ragana9289

    MOC: Hospital Spaceship Ceyda

    Fantastic model!
  3. Great build @Darnok, and excellent story. The build came together quite neat, and like the interior. The cabinet, and roof both stand out in the build. I totally agree here!
  4. Mesabi

    [BTV1-OL] Loyalists Join the Cause

    Nice build @Captain Genaro, I like the roof technique, and the figure usage and posing is quite good as well. You do need to fix your photos, however, the first is broken, and they're both private on your flickr.
  5. As I already said: 3D models, part lists, ... as soon as a new Lego model has even been mentioned somewhere, the community tried their best to "reverse engineer" everything they could, and if it contains new parts, very often suggestions for replacements were made so anyone can build it. "If you want to build his design, buy the model [...]" So if I want to build any set from any company I have to buy it, even if I already own all parts? That has never been the case. If you want a special treatment for Cada or a general change in the use of "parts" you need much better 'arguments' than a comparision with Lepin, especially if no one wants to sell anything.
  6. Mesabi

    [BTV1-TER] The price of war

    Looks excellent Legonaut, I like the clean nature of the build. It actually looks great without the scatter. great job!
  7. An updated list of my entries. Task 5: Higher Education Quinnsville University Public Library for the higher education requirement. [Approved] Task 3: Merchant Marine WTC Rising Sun for the 'exotic' requirement. (I renamed it the Red Sun in the forms) [Approved] WTC Libertine was originally planned for this task, but it was not approved, and I will be using it elsewhere. [Withdrawn]
  8. There are murtiple things I dislike about photo instructions: 1. They look low quality 2. I would have to completely disassemble the Model, and I dont feel like I could do that without making mistakes (there is a very specific order) 3. My personal model will always be a little different from the instruction version. The colormatched pins would also make them quite hard to see, and I dont think many people would be able to get lbg pins for the engine bay etc. 4. I couldn't generate a parts list, and I dont feel like counting and checking 3000-4000 pieces.
  9. Thank you! Thanks! Checkered floors with jumpers is one of my favorite things to do. As for the Jumpers, bricklinked them in bulk! Thanks Captain Dee!
  10. Excellent build @Bregir, and I am already planning on stealing more than a few of the techniques you used here. I really like how the faced is done on a corner, and the exterior with the tiles looks excellent. The fabric rolls, the sewing machine and the interior is fantastic as well. Great addition to King's Harbour!
  11. daveysbricks

    Brunojj1's mind-opener - red supercar

    @Gimmick Well reasoned. If the parts list and instructions were intended to be made available, they would be so. How are designers supposed to feel when now instead of having their designs stolen by a corporation, they are being stolen by their fellow community members,
  12. Jurss

    Rotating Paddles

    Great idea! Steering needs to be downgeared somewhere later. This ratio could be too fast even for some sports car.
  13. When dreaming, close Your eyes. This is not the scale.
  14. @daveysbricks That's nonsense.
  15. Today
  16. NewTown

    [MOC] Aedelsten oldschool

    I would love plans for this build as well!
  17. Sir E Fullner

    LEGO Barracuda Bay MOD

    Thank you. To be honest, I didn't notice I was channelling the original design. Perhaps my subconscious was directing my building...
  18. oxy220

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Recently there was news that the first materials on Spider-Man 3 will be in December. Now, if you think about it, there might be a teaser or trailer for the movie coming out in December or later, but I think the sets for this movie will come out in the summer, since Spider-Man 3 with Tom Holland is coming out in December
  19. HRC

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Now's the time more than ever to give a bald Thanos. $300 dollar set. If Lego is greedy and wants the most money for making a new mold, now is the most likely time.
  20. Jayne3522

    [MOC} New collegiate church of Saint Leonore

    Wow. Speechless. Just wow!
  21. BrickJagger

    Future Castle Sets?

    Yes, it's a summer theme for next year. The good news is that there's clearly a dragon in the trailer, and given Lego's current slate of themes, I think there's a pretty low chance that it's going to be similar to Nexo Knights. The bad news is that after reading the description I highly doubt that it's a Castle theme, or at least a traditional one. Like you, I think the whole "parallel universe" bit is a huge red flag. If I had to guess I think we're dealing with some sort of high fantasy theme, maybe with some magic thrown in. The minifigures are the biggest wild card here.
  22. Jayne3522

    [MOC] Bakery & Toy Store

    Wow! This is amazing! You are incredibly clever, creative and patient. Just beautiful
  23. daveysbricks

    Brunojj1's mind-opener - red supercar

    The reason is because it is disrespectful to Bruno. If you want to build his design, buy the model so he can earn the money from it that he deserves. Otherwise you are simply breaching his copyright and infringing on his right to earn from his design, in the same way that other users on this site complain that Lepin and other ripoff brands do to Lego.
  24. coaster

    Power Pick-up Wheelset

    As it's almost Halloween, a little project (and subsequent thread) necromancy seems in order. I've had time while waiting for switches and other things to come in, so I made some new prototypes utilizing ball bearings and made the cover facades removable. I've minimized the footprint to the best of my ability. No idea on what it would cost to mass produce, and frankly I'm not sure I want to deal with another production project yet either. But here it is nonetheless.
  25. I'd totally just give out a parts list if I had the set, especially since T-Lego's Centenario has a free parts list available on Rebrickable. I don't see any reason why a parts list would give away too much information.
  26. I hope this gets up, I really do, as changing out batteries on various PUp trains is getting real old real quick, One of the incredible things with the old lego LiPo PF battery pack was the possibility of powering via track power (either 9V or 12V rails) Is there any possibility of being able to "recharge while operating" the KeyBrick One, but with something closer to track power without having to devise a 9/12V -> USB conversion? The dream would be to have a Pup train which would be able to recharge while it was on live tracks, either on parts of some loops, or on sidings/stations etc. Myself, I'd like to use old style 12V middle rails to supply 12V for recharging at certain parts of a layout.
  27. JintaiZ

    LEGO Barracuda Bay MOD

    I think it's a big improvement over the set. Sure looks more faithful to the original idea
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