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  2. oracid

    Lego - BIG is a rover

    Hi. Here some pictures and link those I hope they will help you. The wheel diameter is 27cm. Each yellow bush are separated with soft silicon tube.
  3. samurai-turtle

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    Well it does seem like lack of sleep could be a big issue. Well I wasn't probably going to bring this up about @Classic_Spaceman . But I did get some comments about you from an outside observer, some of them were about I (or Tester-Three) should do bad stuff to your character. But this comment could be an insight... And just to be fair, I did ask him about my character. I was getting a "I am going to shoot you dead vibe" towards @Classic_Spaceman . His response back... And then this is when the texts started to go to the "payback" talk. But then I told him basically "The trick is not and try to take the stuff to personal", then after a little more back in forth some of the stuff we were talking about should be taken into a PM (or DM). So my main comment towards @Classic_Spaceman if you are purposely being a jerk, I guess good job. @Lord Duvors I hope you are feeling better, and would want to come back at some point. And just so you don't feel left out here is a sleeping dragon. @Endgame I feel like I should Thank You! Right now (before I forget in the future). I never had you for a Dungeon Master and I really never had any ideas for what to expect. Well maybe fight off some Big Bad Boss at the end. As for @KotZ and @Kintobor I get the feeling you two are a little more busier than you let on. I might as well bring up @Goliath your character is coming off a little bit rough, but I get the feeling that what you are going for.
  4. zephyr1934

    Trixbrix slip switches

    So I keep wandering back the slip switches listed on the Trixbrix site They look incredible from a geometry standpoint. But I have a couple of their R40 curve switches and the points do not seem secure enough for mainline use at a show. I've used them on a dog-bone track and about once an hour my train would derail on the switch. I don't remember if it was happening on a facing movement (picking the switch) or a trailing movement (running through the switch) though. I'm okay with the trailing movements being an issue for something like the slip switches, that just means the resistance is too high and you have to switch the switch in advance of passing through. But I could not afford to have the trains occasionally pick the switches as they are passing through at speed. Does anyone have more experience with mechanisms on the TB switches in general? Also, anybody have any experience with these slip switches in particular?
  5. Tazmancrash

    RC Buggy Motor

    How did you get the receivers to work? I have 2 of the 2.4 ghz & they dont seem to work with the Lego controller. But I haven't tried very hard though
  6. zephyr1934

    Power Functions Unloading Boxcar

    I echo that completely (so come and post more of your MOCs in train tech) That is a brilliant piece of work, inspirational. I would not worry about using PF on this, the IDEAS is just that, if Lego liked it they would update it to the current PUP. Just don't hold your breath, they never seem to like trains in IDEAS, but the more great train stuff like this the more we'll get their attention.
  7. zephyr1934

    (moc) GWR Hall Class 4-6-0

    Another excellent build (though I bet those wheels would really grind (grin)). Seriously though, you keep knocking out these great builds. I've been stuck on a simple passenger car door for a few weeks and in that time I think you've built 4-5 steamers.
  8. FX6000

    Black Interceptor

    you can buy instructions right now, but if I put it on ideas they will never produce it (technic sets have never won on ideas) and also I wouldn't have the rights to publish instructions for 3 years because of there agreement. Plus, Lego can have all the rights on the design without mentioned the author like it happened with Creator Fiat 500
  9. Today
  10. Here is my attempt at building the AT&T Long Lines building in New York (also known as 33 Thomas Street). Its intended to be in a scale somewhat matching the New York City skyline set but its probably a bit big (had to be that big to capture the detail) Anyone with suggestions, feedback etc please let me know.
  11. samurai-turtle

    Heroica RPG 2.0 - Mission #0: Last Of Its Kind

    /// I am not to sure where I am going to put this egg... /// Then take their money or don't, what do I care... /// How are you going to carry the thing? /// Their is the possibility it is a planetary shield generator...
  12. KanoKubikLAB

    Welcome to the KanoKubik LAB, Friends!

    There are 2 new videos on my channel: about Sonic the Hedgehog from Dimensions and Wrecking Ball (Hammond) from Overwatch! Happy viewing! Tell me about your impressions, I will be glad to any advice! Thank You!
  13. Ankoku

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    It seems that the ramp that leads to the box is also different to the original. Kinda ugly, but functional. More attractive and removes the use of plates and replaces them with a few bricks. So.... The box housing is completely different between the instructions and the original. So much for finishing it off this weekend. Loads more still to fix. Might have to contact Akiyuki to see if he has any additional photos.
  14. Jurss

    Black Interceptor

    Put it on ideas, so everybody can buy it.
  15. That would make almost no sense, unless they give us repeats of Ap'lek and Ushar, which is equally unlikely. My guess is that Cardo and Kuruk will be in the Night Buzzard (with the pilot), and two of those red guards (the really hard to see ones) would be in any hypothetical Duel set.
  16. ARC2149Nova

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Sorry for bumping the thread with a double post, but no one's posted since and I had more ideas. I was reading through the Brickset article on Battle Packs again, and some of the ideas were good, some were interesting, and some completely missed the scope of a battle pack (to army build). But one person made an interesting observation: that Lego's been giving us one "True" battle pack (made to army build), and one "Character Pack" (with four unique/named/one-off figures). Examples of the one include the Praetorian Guards and the Sith Troopers, and examples of the other include Inferno Squad and the Mandalorians. Which made me think about the ideal wave with both of these. So, I'm going to do four battle pack ideas, two troop focused ones, one character pack, and one named/three generic troopers pack. Endor Rebels Battle Pack: Two Human Rebel Commandos (one in flesh, and one in nougat), One Zabrak Female Rebel Commando (Battlefront II inspired), One Ishi Tib Rebel Commando (Battlefront II inspired) Anaxes Troopers Battle Pack: Two 91st Recon Troopers (Anaxes Arc), One 212th Clone Trooper, One 501st Jet Trooper. Falcon Crew Battle Pack: General Airen Cracken, Lieutenant Blount, Nien Nunb, Lando Calrissian (without cape). Endor Stormtroopers Battle Pack: Lieutenant Renz, Two Stormtroopers, One Biker Scout. Some also mentioned the incredibly unlikely idea of Lego producing City-style "people packs" for Star Wars, and for the heck of it, I'll indulge in it (characters only). 10 Minifigures per pack: Mos Eisley Denizens: Snaggletooth, Momaw Nadon, 2 Bith Musicians, Wuher, Sandtrooper Squad Leader, Two Sandtroopers, Two Jawas. Petranaki Arena Combatants: Joclad Danva, Nicanas Tassu, Sarrissa Jeng, Bultar Swan, Roth-Del Masona, Plo Koon, Coleman Kcaj, Geonosian Drone, Two Geonosian Warriors. Scramble on Yavin IV: General Jan Dodonna, Princess Leia, Garven Dreis, Biggs Darklighter, John D Branon, Jek Porkins, Puck Naeco, Luke Skywalker, Davish Krail, Rebel Fleet Trooper. Defense of Point Rain: Obi-Wan Kenobi (dusty, with scars), Commander Cody, Waxer, Boil, Four Desert ARF Troopers, Two Desert Clone Gunners Rally on Naboo: Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padme Amidala, Boss Nass, Captain Panaka, Captain Tarpals, Two Gungan Warriors, Two Naboo Royal Guards. Rebel Strike Force: Han Solo, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker (Helmet and Poncho), Five Rebel Commandos (3 in Trenchcoats (1 clean-shaven, 1 bearded, 1 black w/mustache), 2 in Pathfinder Jackets), Commander Rex, Chewbacca. This was of course just for fun, there's no way Lego'll do people packs for Star Wars, but I'd buy pretty much all of the ones I mentioned. I have more ideas for these, but there are a lot less unique figures per-locale. Maybe an Ewok pack, and a Battle Droid pack. What the heck... Army of the CIS: Commando Droid Captain, Three Commando Droids, Two Super Battle Droids, Four Battle Droids. 2 Droidekas, 1 Tri-Droid, 2 Crab Droids.
  17. Albert with an A

    LEGO Star Wars 2020 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    If the April release is a Duel on Exegol. Does anyone think that the remaining Knights of Ren will be split across that and the Night Buzzard.
  18. Grover

    Is LEGO making way too many vehicles?

    @Brandon Pea, I agree, I would like to see more 'regular' vehicles. Most of what I see on the road, at least here in the US, are passenger vehicle: sedans, SUVs, pickups, etc., but there are a LOT of non-emergency government and commercial vehicles, like road crews and construction trucks, delivery vehicles, etc. I think it would be neat to see some work trucks of both road workers and other general contractors, as well as a few sets with only a car or something. They had them a few years back. Maybe they didn't sell well?
  19. AMD

    Worth getting Lego 60204? (City Hospital)

    I think we can all agree that this Hospital is one of the best in city 2018 and I don't know any hospital that could compete with that aside from moc's. So If you have the money, go ahead and buy one. Recommend from a guy who is a casual city collector.
  20. Endgame

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    I feel awful that you feel that way, Lord Duvors. But I do very much appreciate the openness. Take the time you need. My goal is to make sure that this mission is a fun experience that successfully tests the functionality and boundaries of the mechanics. However, that is ultimately secondary to simply hosting a good mission. I take this kind of thing really seriously, and also take responsibility. So I ask you guys: is there anything you guys have been wanting from me, over this last month? We're pretty close to being done, but do you feel there's something I ought to be doing differently? I have more thoughts that can be shared, if you guys would like, but right now I want to make sure I am doing right by everyone.
  21. Classic_Spaceman

    Heroica RPG 2.0 - Mission #0: Last Of Its Kind

    Good points, but the Sabrillo can be cloned back into existence - I've had some experience with the kind of genetic extrapolation necessary. My theory on the egg's value is that Vannoy wants it as part of GLESP's collection, which would grant him both considerable social status and monetary donations. Perhaps, but we won't know unless we examine it. If you want to leave, we can, but I'm taking the crystal with me. And, yeah, I know the holo was damaged on our end, but that still doesn't explain my other questions - Nor does it make the situation seem any less coincidental. Interesting. . . Oh! Kleeck: See if you can communicate with this thing - I think it may be alive! Remember when I was trying to figure out what the Cydonian sigil represented? Drayfo said something about this being an idol, and 'Trips' said it was connected to the Sovereign - What if this is some kind of containment-unit for a non-Humanoid life form, and that's what the sigil represents?
  22. Mountain Drew

    DC Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    Unlikely, but I'm right with you (along with most Lego DC fans) It would be nice to get a small Justice League based wave like January 2015 and January 2018, so I suppose a January 2021 wave would fit into a nice 3 year pattern.
  23. Vindicare

    Lego is dropping behind dragon designs

    You can’t compare that GoT dragon to the horntail, for many reasons. HP one is short of 300 pieces at $30 while the GoT is over 700 at $70, with the dragon being the only build. Looking at other dragons on the shelves, I think the Ninjago ones are great. Even the older brick built dragon should we’re pretty cool. I don’t own Smaug, but he looks pretty amazing. I’m not overly find of the Fantasy Castle dragons. They’re neat, but nothing great.
  24. Brandon Pea

    Is LEGO making way too many vehicles?

    LOL! That's kinda been the running gag amongst the City fandom. Though if they put as much effort into other vehicles just as much as they put into emergency vehicles, people wouldn't think of it as a police state. Don't get rid of the emergency vehicles because those are needed. But what about tow trucks? (I've only seen one this year). Buses? (they only come in mega sets and every once in a while in their own set). Food Vans (ice cream truck and pizza van are good starts). I'd also like to see more race cars like the race car duel we saw this year. The last towing subtheme City got was in 2009. Tow trucks have been here and there since then. I would be honored to see another subtheme centered around towing - though I doubt it would happen.
  25. Lord Duvors

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    Thank you for all the kind comments, I spent several hours on it and I'm thankful that people like it so much. Also, I want to make it clear that I actually do want to stay and examine the crystal, it's just that in character it doesn't really make sense. Enson is currently mad as hell. I envisioned him as a quiet, responsible, friendly person when this thing started. But between the giant death ray, his constant arguments with Yelana, Jek being stupid and petty, and a teammate he was starting to like suddenly stomping someone's head in and starting to yell and grab things like an angry child have all combined to drive him over the edge of his normal calm into a deep well of untapped anger. And quite frankly I'm starting to lose it as well to a lesser extent. The entire tone of this adventure has been so unpleasant and argumentative that I've honestly stopped enjoying it, and that's on top of all the fighting that's been going on out of character about possible adjustments to the rules. Adding the massive lack of sleep I've been dealing with recently and I'm not really in a fit state to talk to people right now. I think I'm going to take a day or two away from this and see if I feel better and want to come back. I don't want to dislike any of you but I feel if this goes on I might not be willing to talk about this at all and just leave without saying anything and never speak to any of you again. @Endgame @Kintobor @samurai-turtle @Goliath @Classic_Spaceman @KotZ
  26. Mandalorianknight

    Updating Your Minifigs

    The businessman from jurassic world? The one in the 2015 helicopter and pterodactyl set. Facial hair isn't perfect and the expressions might not be what you're looking for, but the only expression we have for him in the show is "looking like he's about to die", so...
  27. Grover

    Is LEGO making way too many vehicles?

    One of my friends commented that there are so many police cars that Lego city must be a police state. Just by sheer number of police in city sets, it seems like 15-20% of the population must be deputized. It is a fair point, though, even with all the vehicles, what % are emergency vehicles? Much more than the usual % in a real city I suspect.
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