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    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    I'm really looking forward to seeing what Lego comes up with for this line next year. Lego Star Wars has become a bit jaded for me of late build wise what with all the new trilogy rehashes, whereas this line feels really fresh and colourful. I have loved both building and displaying the builds. Rewatching the movies after building the sets has given me a new appreciation of how well Lego has generally the covered the movies so far (the Chamber of Secrets being the only real glaring hole). One thing I have done is buy more carriages for the Express and horses for the Beauxbatons Carriage. I'm no builder, but I like that I could easily add to these builds to make them a bit more screen accurate. The carriage especially looks great with the extra horses. BTW, the horses are now available to buy on B+P (both the body and wings) if anyone wants to add to their carriage without buying multiples of the set. Now I can't wait to see how Lego covers the later movies as I was in a dark age when sets for the later movies last came out, so as both a kid and now I have only ever had HP Lego relating to the first movies.
  3. neonic

    [MOC] Modular Police Station

    Looks good, great interior too. Lot of details and of course ... donuts I only missing a sign on the outside a bit. It looks not so 'inviting' as a police station. For the rest, nice architecture / colors. Also like the shield/weapon on the roof with the two guns, nice one. btw... no more pictures of the police car? Looks like cool and fast car.
  4. I have high hopes for this project and hope it becomes widely used. In the meantime, here is another Lego sorting project which uses AI: I first heard about it in this article at The Register.
  5. Bugbot20082

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    Me too! There is still a lot of castle and rooms missing, I approximate another 4 big sections such as an ‘Astronomy Tower’ Set (70-100£) and 2+ medium sets (50-70£) to complete a screen-accurate castle.
  6. The Mustafar set is a just a red blob with 2 droidthingies floating on it, that's not even close to accurate either. They could just give us a small campfire build on a sandy platform, maybe some cargo for Ben's Dewback (which wouldn't be included though). But we've once again fallen into the wishlisting area, we should go back to topic
  7. I'm so sorry to hear that. I was a bit curious if this was your scum play or if you were preoccupied with RL.
  8. Maybe it seemed that way, but I think we proposed lynching Darkdragon and blocking fhomess in 2 posts out of our 4 page PM convo. And that was just so I could block Scum as I couldn't block Darkdragon two nights in a row.
  9. Yellow: Nudist (with a large Classic Space tattoo across the chest)
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  11. Digger of Bricks

    Disney Princesses 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    Well, on a different note, I'm personally hoping that orchestral rendition of Reflection makes its way into the film in some form.
  12. Maple

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I have never seen that guy before, I have never heard of that website, but I will never go back. Not only was the reviewer wrong about the cost, but it was poorly made video. Like someone in middle school setting up a YouTube channel. I'm curious at what level does LEGO send you free LEGO? Like when Brickiest does any review, LEGO sent them a free set. I would be much kinder in the review.
  13. Vindicare

    Creator Expert 10270 Modular

    Ah, well...I was just answering his list. I was delighted to see the chameleon in a new color. I did notice the foliage recolors & am excited to get those. For sure. As I said above, I’m excited for those. Seeing all those yellow leaf pieces in the Treehouse had me jealous. Then I see we get the small leaf pieces & that little plant part in olive green...yes please! And good point about this being the first proper tree we’ve gotten. I’m the guy who just uses 2x2 brown round bricks for builds.
  14. Roadmonkeytj

    [BTSC] BotBS Tournament Soccer Cup 619

    Thanks ... To many irons in the fire ... My building has been solely focused on my show displays as my time has been limited. We lost half our maintenance department several months ago leaving the remaining 4 of us with experience to train the other 20 new employees. Needless to say it's been heactic - they cut OT in the company but somehow I'm still working 70 hr weeks
  15. Will you be installing block controls?
  16. If 76157 is Wonder Woman 1984 set (which it is for like 99%), then: 1. It costs 35€ 2. It comes out April 1st 3. It's a 7+ set (regular set), not a 4+ set (Polish website, 170 PLN equals 35€, just like War Machine Buster set, you can also see a 1.04.2020 release date) (piece number is just a placeholder, but they have accurate ages for all 2020 sets)
  17. There’s definitely plenty of negativity, just look at each Modular released the last few years, both design & price are criticized. As to the owners of said sites writing puff pieces for sets, that may be true. We’ve also heard that TLG doesn’t tell them how to review a set. Lastly, bad experiences tend to sour people on things they previously liked, I won’t fault you for that. But to think negatively of the entirety of what LEGO has released, to me, is a bit much. Being turned off to today’s sets doesn’t mean you have to abandon the old you like. I understand. I’ve missed out on things myself. Although I’ve never ordered from their website, I’m a phone in order person so I can’t relate to missing out on stuff from a glitch or server going down, but I know the feeling.
  18. Kai NRG

    GoH Writing Guide

    Thanks everyone! Really glad you're finding it useful. Thanks Aurore! Actually, in terms of sentence structure, I addressed that more under style and grammar (the structure section is more about structuring a story). But I didn't get into formal details. English is somewhat irregular in terms of sentence structure and while I could tell you in a second whether any given sentence is right or wrong I'm sure I'd miss something if I tried to write a comprehensive set of rules! Oww, my eyes!
  19. Digger of Bricks

    Future Pirates Speculation

    As seen in the 2003 adaptation of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? Sure, that's a pretty good analogy for what I was trying to convey...
  20. Digger of Bricks

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours, Speculation & Discussion

    Speaking of such...
  21. Cocoa

    Ideas for new Architecture sets

    When Machu Picchu passed 10K on LEGO Ideas, I was hoping that maybe LEGO would pick it up for a set. My Spanish teacher had grown up in Peru, so learning about that country is something I will always remember. If LEGO were to do a USECO World Heritage Site sub-theme, many of the choices you mentioned, including Machu-Picchu, would pique my interest. Personally, I want to see some more Italian architecture since the last set was Venice, which was almost 4 years ago. Also, what about South American Architecture? There's been none if I recall correctly. At the very least they could attempt a skyline set? Buenos Aires, Lima, and Rio all would make good skylines. That said, the skylines haven't interested me as much as individual structures, due to how small and expensive they can be. Finally, I would love to see some fictional or licensed structures. I recently saw the movie, Promare, and Promepolis really caught my eye. Kray's Office, in particular, would fit in very well in the Architecture theme, due to its square shapes and sleek appearance.
  22. Hey everyone! I'm trying to condense my Minifig collection, while also filling in some of the DC Superheroes minifigs I've missed over the past few years (haven't been able to afford many sets ) so I'm trying to trade off my collection for some DC minifigs. These are the Minifigs I'm looking for; sh007 - Two-Face (Orange & Purple) sh008 - Riddler (Gray Bowler Hat) sh021/022 - Two-Face's Henchmen sh039 - Lex Luthor (Battle Armor) sh058 - Scarecrow sh062 - Bane (Dark Knight) sh113 - Joker (Dark Knight) sh132 - Batman (Dark Knight) sh221 - Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman DCEU) sh309 - Scu-Batsuit sh310 - The Bat-Pack Batsuit sh311 - Raging Batsuit sh313 - Alfred Pennyworth sh339 - Aaron Cash sh340 - Dr. Harleen Quinzel sh346 - GCPD Officer (Female) sh347 - GCPD Officer (Male) sh376 - Roller Disco Batman sh377 - Tears Of A Clown Batman sh397 - Polka-Dot Man sh416 - GCPD SWAT Officer (Female) sh417 - GCPD SWAT Officer (Male) sh424 - Alfred Pennyworth Batsuit sh435 - Batman (Tactical Suit DCEU) sh436 - Cyborg (DCEU) sh438 - The Flash (DCEU) sh446 - Alfred Pennyworth - Classic Batsuit sh449 - Firestarter Batsuit sh450 - Reggae Man Batsuit sh452 - Space Batsuit sh470 - Cyborg sh471 - Reverse Flash sh472 - Killer Frost sh487 - Egghead sh488 - Condiment King sh490 - Lobo sh491 - Captain Boomerang sh519 - Lex Luthor (Superman Armor) sh522 - Batwoman sh523 - OMAC sh528 - Batman (Heavy Armor) sh529 - Talon tlm118 - Battle Ready Tire Armor Batman *The Minifigs I've bolded are the ones I'm really interested in and would probably trade more Minifigs for ;) * ---------------------------- and here are the Minifigs I have to trade - I'm looking to offload this collection to save space (and fill in my DC collection) so feel free to ask for a handful of Minifigs for just one in return, I'm quite willing to go for that :) Series 18 - Firework Guy Dragon Suit Guy Race Car Guy Unicorn Guy Series 17 - Circus Strong Man Series 16 - Ice Queen Desert Warrior Cyborg Cute Lil Devil Hiker Kickboxer Girl Penguin Boy Rogue Spy Banana Guy Babysitter Series 15 - Astronaut Frightening Knight Clumsy Guy Tribal Woman Janitor Ballerina Kendo Fighter Series 14 - Wolf Guy Zombie Pirate Monster Scientist Wacky Witch Fly Monster Zombie Cheerleader Gargoyle Skeleton Guy Squarefoot Series 13 - Classic King Sheriff Snake Charmer Goblin Palentologist Egyptian Warrior Carpenter Evil Wizard Fencer Samurai Disco Dancer Hot Dog Man Galaxy Trooper Series 12 - Hun Warrior Video Game Guy Battle Goddess Space Miner Lifeguard Prospector Rock Star Swashbuckler Series 09 - Waiter Cyclops Heroic Knight Policeman Judge Alien Avenger The Lego Movie Series - President Business Velma Staplebot Simpsons Series 01 - Ralph Wiggum Simpsons Series 02 - Homer Marge Lisa Maggie Bart (as Bartman) Nelson (as Fall Out Boy) Comic Book Guy Martin Professor Frink Hans Moleman Selma Patty Groundskeeper Willy Edna Krabappel Waylon Smithers Dr. Hibbert Disney Series 01 - Stitch Pizza Planet Alien Buzz Lightyear Aladdin Genie Maleficent Cheshire Cat Daisy Duck Donald Duck Minnie Mouse Mickey Mouse Mr. Incredible Syndrome Peter Pan Captain Hook Ariel Ursula DC Superheroes - Trickster Plastic Man Cosmic Boy Lightning Lad Poison Ivy [sh010] Deadshot Wonder Woman [sh004] Hulk [sh013] Zod Jor-El Disco Alfred Pennyworth Doctor Phosphorus Calculator Apache Chief Marvel Superheroes - Iron Patriot [Gun Mounting System] Polybag [Sealed] Random - Lego Education WeDo Mascot (Mini Milo) Polybag [2000447] ----------------------- Thanks everyone! Really just hoping I can fill in my gaps while also helping someone else out! :) Feel free to PM me or reply here with any questions or whatnot!
  23. Banana92

    42108 - Mobile Crane

    So far what I've figured out.
  24. Louis of Nutwood

    [Moc] Greek War Academy

    Astonishing work, Pantelis. I love the color choice. The whole MOC is very clean eventhough part of it contains ruins or raw stone. I really like how the minifigures are in motion and the golden details are spot on. Beautiful work, man. Keep it up!
  25. Thanks for hosting, KotZ! I really thought there was another scum out there and that we just weren't connected. In part because I had to eliminate all but one townie to win. I had a night kill and a 1-shot PGO that I obviously should've used on Night 2. Next time I'm scum, I'll just kill Hinckley on night 1. As I told you in PM, I was a bit distracted due to my mother-in-law passing away early in the game, so I couldn't be quite as attentive as I probably needed to be. In some ways, maybe that helped me a bit since I made some unorthodox decisions. Good job to the town on coming together and systematically working through the possibilities. I'm glad to hear that the investigation result was real... I was wondering if perhaps it was just a complete fabrication to see how I'd react and I didn't have the mental wherewithal to figure out how to do that.
  26. LEGO Train 12 Volts

    [MOC] Chumaks in a khutir

    Oooh, I like your great attention to details!
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