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  2. Eaglefan344

    Risk of buying retired sets with large # of brown parts

    More worried about putting stickers on the parts then having them break.
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  4. pagicence

    [BSBA] Cat B - Benny's Locomotive/Spaceship

    PDF instructions are in the making. I will finish them in a few days, but I doubt that it will be before the deadline.
  5. BAWK! Tick tock, Huxley, tick tock. BAWK!
  6. KotZ

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    Alright, since I've had a bunch of free time the past two days, I've come up with a bit of a mishmash system taking from ideas that others have come up with on here, modifying them to an extent. Below are the synopsis, "reward," PCs and info that I would be using for this Test Quest. Four people would be preferable, but I think I could do fewer if necessary. If this needs pre-approval, let me know. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Infiltration - A Heroica 2.0 Test Quest Four mercenaries are hired by a mysterious businessman to infiltrate a high-security building and steal a data card. Reward: 10 credits for each party member PCs Landon, Elf - Soldier Eva, Human- Hacker (rogue) Igorat, Alien - Healer Thrane, Alien - Caster (Wizard/tech) Weapons and Armor/Shields Energy: Damages Elemental Armor at 100% WP, damages other types at 50% WP Kinetic: Damages Energy Armor at 100% WP, damages other types at 50% WP Elemental: Damages Kinetic Armor at 100% WP, damages other types at 50% WP Energy Armor: Weak to Kinetic Weapons Kinetic Armor: Weak to Elemental Weapons Elemental Armor: Weak to Energy Weapons Weapon Types are categorized as Long Range, Short Range, and Melee. Long Range can only be used from the back lines to target mid or back lines. Short Range can be in the middle row and target Close and Mid lines. Melee attacks can only be used from the front to target the front. Reach weapons like polearms can only be used from the front but can target front or mid. Magic/tech can be used on any row, but it can only target the row that is its opposite, e.g. Long targets Melee, Short targets Short, Melee targets Long. Character Creation Starting Points: 10 points, 2 Proficiencies (Class takes up one automatically, second is player choice), 5 HP Proficiencies cost: 1 point for Level I, 2 for Level II, etc. Attributes (Skill and Smart) cost: 2 point HP cost: 1 point Skill functions as Initiative, Smart as a way to help with dice pool rolls. Below are the difficulty ratings. A dice pool would be using 10 dice. Simple: 1 Successes Skilled: 3 Successes Difficult: 5 Successes Impossible: 7 Successes A QM would rate a specific encounter needing a dice pool. The player would then roll. The Smart attribute would then help change the amount of successes needed to successfully complete the task, such as Persuasion. Every 4 Smart points equals 1 die in the pool. Proficiencies These help adjust the rigid class system into more freeform style with player choice, and not penalizing them when they switch a class. Proficiency levels go from I-IV. To reach a new level after Level I, you must have a combined Attribute score of 4x the level. Ex, to reach Level II, a character must have a combined score of 8 in Skill and Smart. For example, that could be 8 all in Skill, 2 in Skill and 6 in Smart, or any other combination. Short Range Weapons (Pistols, submachine guns, throwing weapons, spells/wands/staves); +1 for weapon power when using Long Range Weapons (Rifles, snipers, bows); +1 for weapon power when using Artillery (Cannons, RPGs, counted as Long Range in combat, takes a turn to load, but powerful); +1 for weapon power when using Blade Weapons (energy sabers, swords, pikes, axes); +1 for weapon power when using Blunt Weapons (Clubs, bats, nunchuks); +1 for weapon power when using Tech (can be used on computers for hacking, repair items/shields and increases chances of success on repairs); +1 to Smart Stealth (Decreases detection, can sneak); A Dice pool is needed. Arcana (Increases Skill when using Magic); +1 Skill Investigation (Increases chance of discovering things); A Dice pool is needed Wisdom (Can be used for Smart); +1 Smart Piloting (Increases level of ship able to pilot; Everyone can pilot personal ships and speeders, but cruisers, freighters, etc need higher level) Medicine (Increases chance of healing an ally during combat); A Dice pool is needed Survival (Regains Health outside of combat at a 10% increase) Persuasion (Increases chance of success to influence NPCs); A Dice pool is needed. Now let’s take a look at what a character sheet might look like at the start of the game. Test Subject Level 1 Human Healer HP: 5/5 Skill: 3 Smart: 3 Proficiencies: Medicine I, Wisdom I As you can see, Test Subject added no HP, spent 6 points on Skill Attribute and 4 points on Smart, as two points are needed for an attribute. Since Test Subject is a Healer, he automatically starts with the Medicine I Proficiency, and then he spent his other proficiency in Wisdom, resulting in +1 to Smart. Combat Combat is based on initiative now. Highest roll then lowest for battle order. After QM rolls dice for initiative, taking into account Skill modifiers, and the results are shared, players choose their targets. Enemies that are not targeted will perform a Free Hit, similar to the old Heroica model. SP is back, but in a modified format, being now Shields attached to armor. Shields can be depleted during combat, which opens up a character’s HP. Specific weapon types can affect specific armor types more effectively, as stated up above in the Weapons and Armor/Shields section. Players can mix and match armor types. Not all enemies have Shields. Some have one type, two, or possibly even three. Regarding mixing and matching, player stats will show multiple bars with each shield. Weapons automatically target the most effective shield first, and then work their way down once that shield is depleted. Below is our example of Test Subject’s stat sheet at the beginning of combat. Test Subject Level 1 Human HP: 5/5 Skill: 3 Smart: 3 Energy Shield: 3/3 Proficiencies: Medicine I, Wisdom I Equipment: Technowand (3 WP; short range, elemental), Plasma Armor (SP: 3; energy armor) Now let’s look at fighting. Say Test Subject’s leisurely stroll to the disco was interrupted by a mugger. Let’s say Mugger has no Skill. After the roll of the d20, we see both have rolled a 7. Add in Test Subject’s 4 skill, he arrives at 11 and makes the first move. He can ATTACK, DODGE, CAST/HEAL, USE AN ITEM or RUN. First, the combatants are arranged in Long, Short, or Melee rows. The Weapons section details what can be used to target what. Moving rows does not take a turn, and neither do switching weapons. Swapping equipment, or giving an item to a character, does take a turn. Attacking is attacking the enemy target. Dodge is making a move to avoid your target’s attack back on you; a Dice pool is needed. Cast/Heal allows a character to attempt to heal themselves or an ally, repair shields, or use a spell/tech attack. Using an item allows the use of an item in the inventory, as well as swapping equipment or giving something to another character. Running is only possible if an item like a smoke bomb was used to escape. ATTACK Critical Hit: WP Doubled attack Hit: Regular Attack based on WP Miss: No damage to target Miss: No damage to target Damage: PC takes damage from enemy Massive Damage: PC takes double damage CAST/HEAL Critical Cast: WP doubled to repair a shield, cast a spell, or heal a character Cast: Regular cast based on WP Miss: No success Miss: No success Damage: PC takes damage from enemy Massive Damage: PC takes damage from enemy Now let’s get back to the battle. Say Test Subject decides to attack Mugger, but he rolls a 4 and misses. Well, both miss. QM rolls initiative again, and let’s say Test Subject comes out on top. He attacks, and is successful with a Hit. Mugger would end up like this if he was wearing Kinetic armor: Mugger Level 1 Human HP: 5/5 Kinetic Armor: 0/3 Fast forward the battle, and say Test Subject wins. He is then rewarded with a Level up. A Level up equals 1 point being given to the player. The player does not need to spend that point right away, as Attributes for example cost 2 points, as do higher level proficiencies. Players level up by one on Levels 1-9. After Level 10, players gain half experience from battles going forward. This will help reduce players who have played longer from waiting to get to their next point. As Proficiency Levels will cost more as the game goes on, this will also hopefully keep newer players in line with some older players. After the battle, players’ shields will return to full strength, yet their HP does not. HP can only be fixed by healing during battle, health potions, or the best way, resting. NOTE: the Survival Proficiency allows a player to regain health after a battle by 10% of what their overall HP is. Items Items work similarly to how they did in Heroica. Items range from Smoke bombs, to shield repairs kits. Regarding repair kits, these can help players control their shields in case a a caster is down, or one is not in the party. That being said, Repair Kits will only repair a shield by 2 points. This is also the case with health potions. Bombs target one row, unless otherwise stated. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So this is what it looks like. I think the combat system, while still very heavily based on Heroica's d6 system, I think it allows more options without becoming too complicated or bloated. Of course, this doesn't take into effects, but those made the combat very complicated, and there have been ideas on how to still include them but not too powerful earlier. This is just to be a simple test. Thoughts?
  7. We’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out.
  8. Reddish brown also has the same problem. i don’t understand op’s concern though. You run the risk of any set having damaged parts out of the box, however unlikely. The damage for dark red and reddish brown seems to always be related to the stresses of putting parts together or taking them apart. At least both sets are still of current colors that you can order replacement parts fairly easily if the problem does manifest.
  9. BrickSantorum

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Seconded - this is some really top-notch modding!
  10. My understanding is that the issue was with dark red parts, not brown parts, due to the concentration of red pigment needed to achieve the color. I've had plenty of those break, but never any brown parts break.
  11. Huigberts Builds

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    That's easy to say if you've just edited all your posts. They look very different now than when I read them yesterday. Cutting out the part where you mentioned the de mentor attack including wolf lupin for example, the explanation you just gave doesn't explain many of the things you got wrong in the original post. I'm not trying to be rude, but please stop trying to fool us.
  12. Chocolate Frog

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Thank you! That's very kind of you to say. The Forbidden Forest is a side project (seven whomping willows on a big grey plate) and my next building is the viaduct building.
  13. suffocation

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    The Volvo (as will be the Liebherr) is a different kettle of fish. The price per part is high but the set comes with four motors, two IR receivers and two IR controllers. My guess is that luxury car licenses are much more expensive than heavy machinery ones. Or maybe TLG have figured out that they can speculate much more on luxury car models so they gouge worse than a griffin on 'roids.
  14. pleegwat

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    On the other hand, I don't get the feeling the volvo license adds to set price at all.
  15. I'm looking at picking up the UCS Sandcrawler (2014) and Jabba's Sail Barge (2013) but am uneasy due to so many stories about brown parts breaking. I have had a few break myself. LEGO apparently fixed the issue this year but this was well after these sets came out obviously. Has anyone opened one of these sets recently? If so, how did it go?
  16. Ya, me too, since I am below 16, it took me three long days to complete part-time but luckily, did no mistakes.
  17. RODDY

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Dude you need to quit this insider facade. You did it last year too and it was incredibly annoying. You guessed one thing right good for you. I’m surprised you haven’t been banned yet.
  18. The Brick King

    Custom CMF Drafts by Me

    As in original Lego IP? Hey, it's a possibility, I just like to make Drafts based on IPs I like that is different/something Lego would never make.
  19. Oh Dear. That’s my next build .
  20. Alzema

    Alz's Crossout MOC's

    UPDATE. I am currently working on building the BC-17 Tsunami canon. Here's a pic of the in-game build: Here is the WIP of the canon build: Kind of in a dilema beacausee I don't know if I should build the frame with Classic bricks or Technic bricks, any suggestion?
  21. Legoniche

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    That’s so cool! I like that you kept the aesthetic of the sets whilst still modifying- and I love the opening feature- seems like you have the grounds of hogwarts planned as well, very nice . Perhaps add a cone/ tower roof other than that I really love it :) 🙌🏻
  22. Have you tried Friends sets such as the Go Kart stuff? They may have the functions and play features you seek.
  23. For me it was the Chiron, due to the complex gearbox and the massively interconnected chassis.
  24. Darth Caedus

    LEGO 2019 Stranger Things Rumours Discussion

    Stranger Things has at least 3 more season in it guaranteed. From the strong trailer from Season 3, the hype isn't gonna die off anytime soon - the precedent is there with The Simpsons for 2 D2C's from a popular TV show, so I wouldn't count it. Depends entirely on how the first one sells, but I think this will be a slam dunk - it appeals to all ages and countless demographics, has colossal play appeal for kids and display value for adults, if done correctly.
  25. TeriXeri

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    The 4+ Garage feels like a throwback to set 6548 from 1997, not my type of set but must be great for the target audience Fire Chief Truck fits right with the style of the 2019 Fire Station car, and nice Fire Chief figure for sure. Donut Shop certainly is interesting as well.
  26. Dear Erik, Many thanks for your detailed reply. I will surely look at these threads, however, I would like this thread to be the 2019 version of them. For example, in your opinion, including the newest which is the most complex? Best Regards, Idris
  27. Lyichir

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    My guess? Just because Lego has a new mold available doesn't mean they have enough of that new mold yet to be able to produce parts in anything nearing the capacity of their classic legs that they've been making for years. As such, the use of the mid-length legs is probably still being prioritized toward licensed characters for whom the age/height range is less negotiable, rather than filtering into themes like City where Lego can decide for themselves whether it's worth the added expense of making a given figure that height. This is also why dual-molded arms and legs are still so much rarer than the classic ones. If a figure's design doesn't absolutely necessitate the use of them, then Lego still has to prioritize figures for whom the dual-molded varieties are more impactful and necessary.
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