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  2. Darkdragon

    MAfia - Day 1 - Take a Look

    This feels just like the new chapter of a book, confusing and rambling. So sad to see Brad gone, he was going to get some discounted shelving for my book collection. I guess I'll be paying full price now. What's this deal with Kendall though, why is she blurting things out like that already? We just walked in the door, maybe she could use a nice chamomile tea.
  3. PDK151

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    Black bird. Could you on rebrickable publish the parts lists so I can see what I need and what I am missing. Or should I do that.
  4. Oh so it's still a rumour. Thanks
  5. @andythenorth it is model for 2020 and it could be done with XL sprotckets from Liebherr 9800. This is the first fully suspended half tracked tractor. There are other tractors with tire and Trac combination like Case IH magnum but without suspension at the rear...
  6. jrx

    [MOC][WIP] Mazda RX7 FD

    All right that's an explanation :) Bad sadly so it's the slightly smaller arches from the smaller Porsche?
  7. I don't think any of the spiderman sets has been leaked yet.
  8. MAB

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    And what if they haven't seen the show? My kids played with Nexo Knights and Chima sets making up their own stories without seeing the shows, but knew their names. It took him quite a while to work out how to play with them and how they interacted but he made up his own stories, mainly based on cultural heritage he already knew - so for example at first the Nexo Knights were enemies as they had different crests and he acted out stories of knights fighting for their castles and so on, but later became allies when he got some of the villains. Similar with Chima, the lions and crocs were enemies, then friends, then enemies again, and so on until he decided how he wanted to play. He wasn't told a storyline but he soon assumed storylines based on stories he had heard before. Knowing they were called Laval and Cragger as it was on the box didn't stop him making up his own stories. But also, what if they have seen the show? Once my son saw Chima cartoons, he still played out his own ideas. In fact they were probably more detailed than before he had seen the cartoons. Just like fans (of any franchise) can write their own fan fiction, kids can make up stories about what happens when (insert character) does (something). Knowing what the characters are like doesn't stop them telling stories, it may even help. LEGO are already filling in details about storytelling when they have the word police on the side of a car or put a minifigure in a police uniform or in a stripy sweater. Does that undermine storytelling? They have already given the storyline a huge steer by telling the child it is a policeman in this case. They are unlikely to act out him being a knight (or a duke, given his name), they are more likely to act out him catching a thief. In fact, many kids need some sort of idea about how to play / act out a story before they can start making up their own stories and usually this comes from memory of other related stories they have heard. Give a child a character in an outfit that they know absolutely nothing about and they are less likely to play with it, as the character has no significance whatsoever. Ask them to make up a story about some type of person or a job role they have never heard of and they will likely come up with nothing, even though they have a completely blank canvas. Did this guy ruin storytelling for pirates fans, as he was named - Captain Red Beard. To me, his outfit defines the storyline much more than his name. I imagine most children would act out a pirate story similar to one they have heard or read before if they had that character but did not know what his name was. Now tell the children that he is called Captain Red Beard and that he is a pirate captain. Would they play in a different way? I doubt it. Now show them a cartoon with him in. Would they play in a different way? I imagine the cartoon has a bigger effect than telling them a name. If they see a cartoon, they will copy stories they see in the cartoon. But if they didn't see a cartoon, they would still copy stories they had heard before, whether or not they know he is called Captain Red Beard. However, even after seeing a cartoon, some kids will make up their own stories about Captain Red Beard about how he became the captain or what happened after the adventures in the cartoons and so on. Others, with less imagination, won't.
  9. Mechbuilds

    [MOC][WIP] Mazda RX7 FD

    many ways to rub paint off :)
  10. I can't find the mysterio mech on insta. It's not in Lego leaks 2020 or anything like that right?
  11. koalayummies

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Not even close. Its been stated that the Town forum is on the low end for requiring moderator attention. We should really try to keep it that way.
  12. Hi all, I'd like to show you my Christmas Present (since it is not so economic to build) ! It is a 1:38 scale reproduction of one of the most representative classes of Italian diesel railcars, the ALn668 (Automotrice Leggera Nafta - 668). Since I like a lot all unlucky railroads of the world, I wanted to represent one of the railcars I've seen still working on one of the most underrated railroads in Italy, the CEVA-ORMEA (situated in Piedmont county - near Cuneo). This railroad is 35 kilometers long and ends abruptly in the little Ormea village. It should have continued reaching the sea, near the town of Imperia, but the project was never approved (it was really complicated). It is a pity, since it could have been one of the most spectacular railroads in Italy (from sea to mountains) and it surely could have been a great touristic railroad from the beginning. The railroad has a great curved bridge and several point of interests. It is the perfect kind of railroad for railcars. Grass, rocks, mountains, an apparently calm river (which already destroyed the a part of the track a few years ago), snow...there's everything one passenger coul possibly like to see from the window. The ALn668 and 663 ran on this railroad until 2012 - when the line was closed. But, after a lot of complaints from people, tourists and passengers - the railroad was revived by Fondazione FS (the Historical Foundation of Ferrovie Dello Stato) and it has become a touristic railroad. This MOC is dedicated to that little railroad, which I visited a lot of times, since it is near to my holiday home. When I was a kid, I saw an ALn668 starting from CEVA, on a dedicated dead track inside the station. I still remember the yellow plate, and the sound of the diesel motors. I designed it in 1:38 scale, so it can run on Lego Track. I'm working on it since LDRAW came out, but I've never built it. Since It's been awhile I'm looking at big scales, I gave it a try - and I finished it. Two medium motors, 1A-A1 wheel arrangement as the original one (but I can power all axles if needed). Chassis (in the photo, the current version) was needed to support all the weight of the body. I tried to keep its original function, and the motors position. It won't have any interior - and the windows are made to hide the internal mechanism. This is the second version of the chassis, featuring a two-speed gearbox (duplicated on both sides) . I'm currently understanding how to remotely control it (using a linear actuator - I think ). I hope you like it! Ciao, Davide
  13. Maybe it has something to do with the book you made us read, The Star Trek Mafia Game Thingy, where a character a lot like me hated a character named Kyle. That's why my name is Karen. And my stupid son is Kyle and my awful son is Chad. Didn't you even read the book you made us read? I didn't. I never read the books. Why is FABULAND being disparaged??
  14. Thanks for that @SylvainLS next time I get an opportunity to get on the Mac I’ll check all my old LDD models through as my first task. I quite like for brick building, and better than LDD in that respect. I think it was the handling of rotate, zoom, pan and then part selection that LDD is better. Thanks for the top about Gear meshing, very useful to know. That’ll save a lot of time
  15. I believe that's not it. I've specifically been informed that the head will be much younger and the torso will be last year's. This guy always turns accurate.
  16. danth

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    I was looking at those! I love trans purple, but the shape is a bit curvy. I wonder how weird it would look as a windscreen.
  17. Factioneer

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I see the Wikipedia entry for the 'police station' modular has been deleted.
  18. Straight from the horse's mouth...Amazon's website press release: look under the toys heading
  19. legozebra

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Really hoping Legacy branches out from previously released sets to previously unreleased vehicles, characters, and locations as seen in the TV show. I'm loving the idea of remaking old sets, but I'm not sure who was clamoring for a remake of Lloyd's Jungle buggy from S4 and Jay/Cole's duo vehicles from S3 over something new, like an Anacondrai version of the buggy with the missing Elemental Masters, or some Nindroid colors for the vehicles. There's so much content over the past few seasons that hasn't been covered that it feels strange to only focus on released sets. Destiny's Blimp vs the Leviathan, Borg's Tower, the Snake Bus, Chen's Arena, the Wind Dragon, Nya's Tank, the Preeminent, Cloud Kingdom, the Stone Army vehicles, the Nindroid Spaceship, I could go on...
  20. If you could get the ball rolling on this, perhaps someone else will volunteer to help as well. FYI, note that I've got a list of my major secondary characters in the ESL thread, as do some other ESL players.
  21. pooda

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Not only that, but they stay on topic which is of course....Star Wars. Same with other licensed themes. Friends is generic, but they stay on topic and focus on well......bad joke warning......their friendships. Same with Creator as it encourages you to play with your mind a little and come up with cool creations. But City, which is supposed to focus on realistic action that you'd see in the City. Most of the action that you see takes place out of the city like volcanoes, space, the arctic, jungles, mountain police, etc. I don't think people hate the sets in general. Its just the fact that they are under the City theme despite not exactly taking place "in the City". I do kinda feel those people as "out of the city" themes being in a "city" theme is not really easy to ignore. At the same time, I do understand why they did it that way. Our nostalgia for old exploration themes will sell better The originals from the late 90s and early 2000s were technically spin-off themes of Town Jr. That's kinda why despite agreeing with those people who say "That should be its own theme all together; Lego Explorers*, I do have a soft spot for Arctic, Space and Deep Sea Exploration as I used to play with those in my single digits. I do hope they bring Extreme Team, Res Q (though I think Great Vehicles and Coast Guard has already covered those) and Outback back.
  22. There's a Vulture flying around on Instagram, it's got the same old head, same torso as this year's sets, but it has the 2016 wings in lime green
  23. goatman461

    Limited Time Challenge! Updated for Nov

    Scores posted
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  25. Dominic

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    That's because City is the most prominent theme that LEGO designs. There can't be uproar about Star Wars because those are designed by Disney and the sets are as close to that as possible so you can't complain about the sets.
  26. danth

    LEGO Sci-Fi 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    It's the "New Old" helmet; it's new with a thick chin strap but doesn't have the "lip" on the chin strap like the mid-80's one. It's shown on the right below. The mid-80s thick chinstrap is on the left. Here's the oldest Space helmet with the thin chin strap:
  27. For newcomers (and children, of course) it might be a good idea - the models as such look much better than before. However it's obvious that all SC 6 collectors will be very disappointed when placing the new SC 8 models next to the old cars - the latter will look even uglier than they did before with their 4w canopies combined with 6w bodies which never worked in my opinion. Be it as it may - the disproportioned SC 6 design scheme is history now, which is a good thing in itself. But instead of opening a completely new chapter and taking odd widths into account like they did on the Mini they just went the easiest way by making the SC line completely uninteresting for City builders - at least scalewise. 8w (plus mudguards, to be correct) is a width I have chosen (after long considerations) for trucks and buses. And boy, those are large vehicles. An 8w+ Ferrari would look absolutely ridiculous next to, say, an 8w Greyhound Bus - the more so combined with a 6w+ City truck.
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