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  2. Paperinik77pk

    Goliath 2.0

    So huge, so smooth, so yellow, so "Technic", so beautiful!!! Great work as always Emanuele!!! I think there's a lot of study also on the cables function and movement. I love cranes, and I'd play with this one for hours.
  3. 40333 Battle of Hoth - 20th Anniversary Edition - Theme: Star Wars LXF File (LDD 4.3.11) Errors: 1 X Gray Plate 1X2, Rounded, No. 1 replaced Prints are missing  Extra : Render
  4. AmperZand

    what to use to wrap lego set

    Perhaps heavy duty shrink wrap. It’s stronger and stretchier than the household kind but also less clingy.
  5. Anyone have Y-Wing 75249 or previous? I've prepared an elegant black display stand, 63 bricks, will be available on rebrickable! The vehicle is attached to the 2nd studs, it holds without problems, and on the shelf it presents much better! Tutorial on my YouTube, link in the comment! OF BRICKS/display-stand-for-y-wing/#comments
  6. coinoperator

    New train wheels tested by LEGO

    For some reason people don't get the impact of this. Make plantbased plastics, plantbased diesel, etc etc has a huge impact on food production and costs even more forests... (like the poisoned kids that make the lithium cells for those "friendly" electric cars.)
  7. Ngoc Nguyen

    Technic Model Comparison

    Way to overdue for this: Porsches vs Bugatti
  8. Peppermint_M

    I can't delete my attachment

    @AMD I think that fixed it.
  9. Now sourced extra white visors from Austrailia and waiting for them to arrive. Images show how twin buckets look and how they are attached to the quadrant gears beams at the cross axle holes.
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  11. Why from Indiana? Surely it’ll be coming from the warehouse in Denmark?
  12. Doug72

    DNR Shifter Issue

  13. howitzer

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Pneumatic hose is problematic for MOCs needing it, whether for aesthetic or functional purpose. Same goes for strings, rubber bands etc. TLG really should start selling an official version of pneumatic hose and string by the meter as a replacement part, instead of just pre-cut lengths, and various sizes of rubber bands too. Or at least continue to allow third party replacements in BL.
  14. About that percentage thing: Just as "goodwill" is a tangible asset and can be factored into a business' nett worth, the market value of AFOLs to TLG may be calculated on more that just the sets we buy. Many, many AFOLs are members of LUGs and, as groups, regularly put on exhibitions, shows and special events to display their MOCs to huge general audiences. These LUG-run events present the LEGO brand and product in a very favourable light to a lot of potential customers. Fan events also often get local media coverage, effectively providing TLG with very valuable advertising that people will actually notice, a lot more than mere conventional ads. All this could (and should) be factored into any percentages TLG uses to calculate the financial value of AFOLs. I believe it is, as evidenced by the schemes such as LUG Support, Project Support, etc.
  15. Aurore

    [MOC] Mitgardia Advent Calendar

    Day 15 : Bird Feeder Mitgardian birds are gourmets too. Previous | Next
  16. Yooha

    Ideas for a CMF Advent Calendar

    I love these cultural references, like Little Helper, who I never heard of. Krampus on the other hand is familiar to me, albeit he is a nasty devil-like kid here, who helps Santa delivering "presents" to naughty children.
  17. Aurore

    Ideas for a CMF Advent Calendar

    That Krampus is really great! I especially like his hairpiece and face.
  18. Aurore

    [MOC] Mitgardia Advent Calendar

    @Alfadas Thank you so much! -- It's sunday...time for Week 2 Group Shot.
  19. Day 15 - Grinch Darth Maul
  20. Yooha

    Masquerade Advent Calendar 2019 - LDD MOC

    Day 15 - Chello
  21. @Robert8, @zoth33, thank you very much! I'm really glad you like him.
  22. fred67

    New train wheels tested by LEGO

    I had to laugh when they suggested the cost savings would essentially benefit the consumers. I love LEGO, but TLG's profit margins are super high for a toy company. They are very good at optimizing profit. It seems to me they are being much better with boxes. I just got the Disney Train, and was really surprised how small the box was for what you were getting - there was very little empty space. Again, I'm being hard on TLG, but they traditionally made larger boxes than they needed to optimize their shelf space in third party stores (like Toys R Us and Target). But then they started opening their own stores and, hopefully, realized they were costing themselves quite a lot when you consider commercial real estate leasing costs per square foot. But that wasn't really enough - I think they started absolutely killing themselves on shipping. Think of the the size of box you need for modulars, and those were the kinds of sets that were getting free shipping because of the cost - not the little sets. Every year people are buying more directly from them online - shipping must be a huge expense. So it's just one set (I've been away from LEGO for a while), but I'd like to think they are getting better (but again, for the sake of money, not the environment).
  23. Jurss

    42029 wheels

    Yes, but not with full suspension. On B model, it seems, there could be issues when turning. Also this could be in the way
  24. Robert8

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    I've been thinking about Marvel and SW because of the licensing. We know that they can't sell Marvel or SW minifigures alone, because that would be an action figure. Now that TLG owns bricklink, on a way they would be getting money out of selling Marvel or SW figures, right? Doesn't that violet the licensing rule?
  25. 9v system

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    no custom parts: rip chrome block city :(
  26. I didn't know that bit of trivia. I think the set looks great for a Disney Train, and possibly because it does fit the look better than a 6 wide would. I wouldn't hold my breath for 8 wide, either. I will say this; I JUST got the Disney set and have been putting it together the past couple of days. I put it on my Winter Village layout - a figure 8 this year, and to keep it simple it's just got Santa's Workshop, the Cottage, and the Train Station. Guess what? It doesn't work with the Winter Village Train Station, particularly if you put the steps from the passenger car facing the train platform. But not only that, the crossing doesn't work, either (I had to move the gates out away from the track an extra stud on each side). If you turn the open passenger car so that the steps are away from the train platform, and fix the crossing, it's fine. Point being that 8 wide could break some previous sets, like 10027 train engine shed, or anything with a platform.
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