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  2. Yupp, definitely. And the nature of the forum with its many sub-categories tapeworm threads doesn't help. You could post the most awesome thing and it would still go unnoticed when it gets buried in the wrong sub-forum or on page 20 of an endlessly long thread... Mylenium
  3. ProvenceTristram

    I feel like Eurobricks is something of an old boys club

    That is the point of posting anything if not to receive feedback? Unless you are a member of one of the social groups (and I am not, and have no desire to be), or exchanging tips and techniques, the purpose of the site boils down to posting creations to solicit feedback.
  4. Sheo's Mocs are pretty challenging, especially routing cables through his neutron-star density structures and with that nagging feeling that if you mess up one step you're in for a looong and agonising teardown.
  5. Whovastron

    LEGO 2019 Stranger Things Rumours Discussion

    There’s a midnight set release event happening at the Leicester Square store May 15th, I reckon it might be this set
  6. suffocation

    General Part Discussion

    Erik, that part really would be a godsend
  7. Hello, I have a problem. When I try to open an .lxf project on Lego Digital Designer, an error message appears: "Unabel to load file - Parsing of the file was aborted due to an error in the file" Could you please help me? Thank you :)
  8. I never really found any official sets hard to assemble. (MOCing is a challenge - following instructions I mainly do for relaxation). As others have said, there are many kinds of complexity, but 8043 is high on the list for complexity and intricacy of the mechanisms.
  9. Mylenium

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Yes, of course the kids and people who haven't heard of the older sets won't mind, but regardless, to me it feels kinda lazy. In contrast to you I also don't think that they necessarily tried their best. That Octopus Carousel set is just *ugh*. If there were at least some quality in there, perhaps I could get behind it, being that octopi rank among my favorite animals, but this just totally puts me off. But yes, thankfully there's the ocean-themed line that looks so much better, so I'll focus on that as well (and the gorgeous restaurant) :-) . Mylenium It has been good for a while, the frequent dips in quality with really ugly sets notwithstanding. Most more conservative LEGO fans simply put too much face value on the colors putting them off. If they'd be more willing to look past that, they'd often discover interesting ideas. It's almost the same with the currently ongoing discussion about the 3in1 Creator sets being underappreciated... Mylenium
  10. topiku

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    The more I think about it the more it bothers me that every single minifigure in the clock tower set is wearing their yule ball clothes. If you think about it we could have gotten Fred and George, Madame Pomfrey etc. I‘m sure we‘ll get them in the future but for now that‘s a bit upsetting imo
  11. astral brick

    I feel like Eurobricks is something of an old boys club

    Given that I am not sure if it is a good idea to reply to this thread, why do you need to receive comments in order to feel appreciated? This is a narcissistic childish behaviour. You are the first judge of your work and, sharing it or not, you should be happy doing what you like, and that should be enough, regardless of the amount of feedback. This kind of attitude based on the number of "likes" or "views" or "followers" is dumbing down the internet. I cannot believe what I am about to say but sometimes I miss Usenet.
  12. x105Black

    Future Pirates Speculation

    So it's basically a Pirates theme for girls, set in modern times.
  13. Erik Leppen

    General Part Discussion

    I can't remember every having come across a need for that part (3 x 2 T beam). I have come across the need for a 3 x 2 L beam various times though. Where the 3 x 3 T beam didn't fit, and the 2 x 4 L beam is too long. But in the end, I was always able to find a solution using existing parts. There is another part I would like to have though. I can't count the times I wished it'd exist.
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  15. x105Black

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Apology accepted.
  16. Hello, I have a problem. When I try to open an .lxf project on Lego Digital Designer, an error message appears: "Unabel to load file - Parsing of the file was aborted due to an error in the file" Could you please help me? Thank you :)
  17. I would think when I added 2 x XL Lego motors in my Lego set 42093 is mechanical authenticity!!?? Its hooked to the tiny V8 which mechanical is not accurate and my mod made it more accurate and I hope the tiny pistons don't fly to the moon because of my mechanical design to coupled the two Xl DC motors to that tiny V8 is a feat of engineering!!
  18. Pchan1983

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Watched ENDGAME 3 times already since released. My non-spoiler thoughts here.
  19. Exactly. When you’re building an MOC (be it with real bricks or in LDD) you’re not building it for me or for members X and Y. You’re building it because that’s what you enjoy doing. And that’s true to any hobby. Plus there’s a whole host of reasons why someone may choose not to comment on an MOC. It’s possibe lots of people don’t have time to write something substantial other than just “great MOC!”. Or they may not be able to think of anything too say other than that. It’s also worth noting someone not not commenting on a build doesn’t mean the don’t appreciate it or like it.
  20. So the reason this chassis will be unusual is because instead of the wheels turning in parallel (ie linked by a track rod or rack\pinion), they will turn with diagonal opposed pairs together, ie. the front pair will both turn 45 degrees inwards towards each other, and the rear pair will turn 45 degrees inwards towards each other. This will allow zero radius turns on a 4WD chassis without the associated high torque requirements and required slip that is required of zero radius turns (contra-rotating) on a twin-tracked chassis. A pair of photos may help illustrate this concept better: Note this is NOT the model, it's simply to illustrate which way the wheels will turn. I'll probably re-use these wheels though. Actual model will be approx 25 studs square, all 4 wheels will drive, with the left two on one PF-M motor and the right two on another PF-M motor. Steering is probably going to be a PF servo motor although I might go with the mini linear actuator and motor instead. Suspension will not be required as there's probably enough flex in a studless chassis to accommodate a single wheel going over a 15mm obstacle. Also, yes I'm aware that with this design the vehicle can either drive in a straight line, or turn on the spot, but not at the same time, and not turn in a curve like standard steering. So my questions is, how on earth do I get the steering working while still having drive going through a UJ at each corner? I've had a quick look through the (massive) axle megathread but it all seems based on wheels turning in parallel or using special parts that I don't have. Ideas for mechanisms or info on similar models to mine greatly received! Regards, Ralph
  21. Seaber

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors, Wishlists and Discussion

    It would be nice to see places missing from the first two waves from films 1-4. Privet Drive - The living room, cupboard under the stairs, two bedrooms upstairs. Vernon, Petunia, Dudley, Marge, Harry. The Burrow - Like the 2010 set, but updated. Molly, Arthur, Fred, George, Ginny, Ron, Harry. Chamber of Secrets - Myrtle's Bathroom, with the corridor with the 'Enemies of the Heir' graffiti, with the chamber underneath. Harry, Ron, Ginny, Lockhart, Myrtle, Tom, Basilisk, Fawkes. The Second Task - A stand, with the lake ruins. Harry, Cedric, Krum, Fleur, Ron, Hermione, Crouch. The Third Task - A bit of maze with a small stand. Harry, Cedric, Krum, Fleur, Maxime, Karkaroff.
  22. I too would like to amend my comment though not for what I said because I stand by that but how I said it. I was annoyed at what I saw as an attack on the very good people of Eurobricks and replied in anger. I shouldn't have done that, it was childish and I apologise. I do agree with what Vindicare says especially when he says don't leave as Eurobricks really is a great place with really great people. Keep posting your work and maybe just lighten up about the comment count.
  23. Aethersprite

    I feel like Eurobricks is something of an old boys club

    This. If you do want more comments and criticism (and recognition...) for your work, you can try posting them to the Lego subreddit on Reddit. I've seen many LDD posts get lots of comments and upvotes there.
  24. Seaber

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Hagrid's Hut looks like it could be modded with parts from your own collection, you only need to build three walls and roof sections to close it up, and extend the floor. I think I'll add a bed if I can fit it in. I want to change the Hormtail's tail to the dinosaur tail parts, hopefully that'll improve the look. The 2005 one was horrible, this one I hope has potential. The Clocktower is wonderful. The lack of the pendulum is made up for by good sized rooms. The 2004 set had a few 8x8 rooms that were really not much use. A very neat Library and the first ever Hospital Wing look fantastic, Dumbledore's Office and the Prefect's bathroom are small but with great parts.
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