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  2. koalayummies

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That was the logic that was being employed. Its big, lots of people use it, normal people use it, watching movies while they use it, playing videogames while they use it. They drive a bus, they see lots of people riding the bus, people take it to work. I wasn't disputing that buses are used. People use it therefore they like it was the thesis being promoted. That its a flawed conclusion is what was being demonstrated. That logic was the basis for several responses since the previous page. However as demonstrated above based on mentions in this thread buses are mentioned a fraction as much as the other discussed building subjects. Therefore it is not as desired a subject matter as the others, was my conjecture.
  3. Yooha

    Masquerade Advent Calendar 2019 - LDD MOC

    Day 11 - Turtle
  4. Day 11 - Nutcracker Pilot
  5. meliander

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    You don't have to talk in a provocative tone to make your point, with people you don't know and never met, even if it's tempting to do so in the heat of the discussion. I agree, that some people don't like buses. But a lot of people in different parts of the world like them and hate sitting in traffic when they commute to work. It doesn't mean they don't own a car by the way. You are right about the tracks. Fitting them with the rest of the buildings would be tough.
  6. Yo @Hinckley why jailkeep me the first night? Random guess?
  7. Vindicare

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I don’t see how a train terminal would fit. Considering they market it showing them attached to each other(or across a lane) where would train track fit in all that? Now, I suppose they could take a turn & make it a stand alone building. A bus terminal would be easier to make fit.
  8. Ginger Ninja

    10264 Corner Garage

    Hi fordtruckin, Thank you, and yes, I have some more pictures. Below is the Corner Garage without the pieces that usually hide the gaps (also below). I wanted to have as many connection points as possible, especially around the transitions between the floors and roof, as the final result looks smoother. The downside is that I had to make some changes to the plate structure that each floor is built on in order to make room for the stud-on-the-side bricks (hopefully that makes sense). Doing this does affect the structure of the building (mainly in that the floors are now harder to seperate, although that is not a big deal for me). Here are some close-ups of each floor. The white pieces are headlight bricks on their backs, they did not show up well on camera. Here is a close up of the roof. Again, I've used a headlight brick on its back. One more thing worth noting: I added a layer of dark oragne tiles to the top of the ground floor walls. This not only acts to border off the facade of the floor above but also it partially removes the overhang of the SNOT work that would otherwise be far more noticeable. (I placed my stud-on-the-side bricks so that the SNOT pieces would be flush with the wall at the top, not the bottom.) Hopefully this helps. Also I am happy to answer any further questions and provide any more pictures if you need them.
  9. Lego David

    [MOC] Romanian Wagon (CFR)

    I'm from Romania too! It's nice to see another person from my country on this site! As for the MOC, it could be improved, but it's still pretty neat.
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  11. koalayummies

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Thanks for jumping in with a much needed additional anecdotal observation. Everyone you see riding a bus absolutely loves it, you have convinced me now I was so wrong. Thank you. Just like the Department of Motor Vehicles. 225 million licensed drivers in the US, wow they must love going to the DMV. That's irrefutable. Every last one of them loves it because they all use it. Next modular: DMV.
  12. pooda

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yeah. They could always put the the ticket booths outside. Yeah. Like in the UK.
  13. zoth33


    I like the pathway technique. The colors used for the ale house are nice. The wooden parts give the house some character. I like the wooden crates with food chilling in the snow on the side. The roof looks great, especially with those snow patches. The snow patches on the roof are very realistic. Excellent build overall. Is there an interior?
  14. meliander

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    @koalayummies I've lived in SD and been to LA a lot. I live in Boston now. You are really judging the situation with buses from the Californian point of view. It's different here on the east coast, believe me. Buses are a huge thing here and public transportation as a whole. There are normal people riding buses to and from work every day, watching movies, reading books, playing videogames. Because there is just so little parking in the city, and winters could be a nightmare to find a spot. And parking is also insanely expensive. Don't compare this to the sprawling LA with its numerous parking lots and highways running across the city - it's just different. Yes, sometimes you can see a shady person on the bus, but it's not near as close to what public transit in California represents. And then again, Lego is not about the USA only. There are lots of countries in the world where Lego is popular and where public transit is big. As for the modular subject being the bus or train terminal (especially train terminal, because I think it's kind of closer to the modular vibe) - I don't see why not. It certainly won't be something huge like Port Authority Bus Terminal in NY, but neither of the modulars are really big or realistic scale - they are actually pretty small and cramped inside.
  15. zoth33

    Who Remembers Pharaoh's Quest?

    The pyramid was such a great set. I actually still have it and use it for a faction of my fantasy world. I have an army of Mummies too. I now have some of the fire snakes from Ninjago and some of the scorpion figs from Chima to add to the army. The theme was pretty neat and had some good builds. They do have that mummy in the latest cmf and it goes quite well with the old stuff.
  16. The old school Mafia reunion continues to grow! I'm super geeked out. I am mostly prepared to start the game on Friday. I am hoping to fill that last slot. If we end up with 12, it may be a blessing in disguise, as I will cut the most complicated role from my setup. One way or another, the game will start on Friday this week. Thank you to everyone for signing up. I'm pretty stoked about getting this going and trying some new things.
  17. hagridshut

    The Best and Worst of 2019

    My picks for 2019. I haven't given much thought to "worst" yet, as I tend to gloss over uninteresting sets and themes rather than think about them. Best Theme: Hidden Side. Despite my initial skepticism, I've grown to appreciate the creativity of the sets, and the use of Augmented Reality to add another "dimension" to the theme. The YouTube animated shorts are entertaining as well. Best Minifigure/Figure: Rex Dangervest with Jetpack. Although I detest the movie character, this minifigure is very awesome in a Mandalorian sort of way. The dual molded legs and prints of powered armor elements make this minifig a great addition for any SciFi Lego enthusiast. Best Set: Emmet's Dream House/Rescue Rocket. This is one of my favorite spaceship sets of all time. It's both a cozy home and a long-range exploration vessel with a lot of potential for modification and expansion. Worst Theme: Worst Minifigure/Figure: Worst Set: Most Anticipated for 2020: I'm most looking forward to new 3-in-1 sets and new Harry Potter scenes. 3-in-1 buildings usually have a nice assortment of components and no stickers. I eagerly await the next round of expansion modules for the current generation mini-figure scale Hogwarts Castle.
  18. Thai bricks

    [MOC] Romanian Wagon (CFR)

    Agree with everything sed6 wrote. On the 'real' HO(?) model I can't see any buffers?
  19. Feng-huang0296

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    Or Star Wars with Space . . Well, before now it’s all been Ideas, D2Cs and Dimensions, and Dimensions is obviously meaningless compared to main product lines (still waiting for Portal II sets, hint hint). I kinda can’t see us getting a full product line for Afterlife. Maybe one set, a la Stranger Things? Though it might be too early to say they’ll never make a follow up set to Byers House.
  20. meliander

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    The first announcements for City made me worry, but literally everything else they showed after the police sets - for me personally was an improvement over the recent years. Both designs and ideas seem fresh (even though I know the Lego is recycling ideas in City from time to time) and very appealing to me. The Bookshop modular is fantastic, too. Everything is awesome for me guys LOL. Now I even like the fact that Police was not up to par for me this year, my wallet will be slightly less disappointed, and I will continue to hold off on this theme until Lego does something great on that front. The only thing I will miss in the upcoming year is more City Space sets. Until the very last moment, I hoped that they continue this subtheme at least with one more wave, and maybe even branch out into something futuristic later. The sad reality though is that they don't. Of course, better do some ghostbusters:)
  21. koalayummies

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The guy who's been directly quoted by a moderator saying they were just "pushing guy's buttons for fun". Shocking response there. What assumptions? Lets compare the various suggestions. Seaching this thread for the word "Bus" (not even depot or stations thus expanding the results as wide as possible) has 3 pages of mentions. Half of them relating to the Pop Up Party bus and London bus sets, and a bulk are related to the last two pages of discussion (about a third of the mentions of the word "bus" are just from you alone). "Post office" has 28 pages of results. "Police Station" has 27 pages of results. "Museum" has 11 pages of results. "School" has 6 pages of results. So my assumption that a post office, police station, museum or school would be preferable to a bus station appear correct based on the discussion. Americans Are Abandoning Public Transit—but Don't Blame Uber Why Are Fewer People Riding Public Transportation? It’s Because Bus Service Sucks 2018 Was the Year of the Car, and Transit Ridership Felt It Falling transit ridership poses an ‘emergency’ for cities, experts fear L.A. is hemorrhaging bus riders — worsening traffic and hurting climate goals Ridership on Metro fell to the lowest level in more than a decade last year
  22. Vindicare

    Creator Expert 10270 Modular

    Just looking at the pictures we have, the arch over the bookstore entrance is a new technique, the angled stairs, & the bay window appears to be fairly different as well. As you pointed out, the candlestick stacks, which is a lot sleeker than the one piece you showed. Then we have the interesting techniques of the slant roof on the townhouse & the triangle tiles used as floor detail in the sidewalk. Plus whatever else we get once we actually build the thing.
  23. No one picture works, don't know if it's just me.
  24. Bodi

    [BTSC 619] Team E

    Thanks Fraunces, glad you like it.
  25. Look at the side art of Iron Man mech box. The Iron Man there has a mark 45/46 head, Cap is based off of AOU... Hasbro toys use these images on their packagings too
  26. Think about it this way. The problem isn't that the machine they're making the piece on wouldn't be able to do the same if the arms were white, or that it would be especially difficult to change the colour arms being connected to the torso. That would be an easy fix. The lego group assumably has concept art of this character, similar to what marvel legends has, that shows her in that outfit. The minifigure designers notice that it's the same vest. Now, do they take the more cost-effective decision of using the same vest print, possibly even on a different torso colour, with white arms, or do they design a fully new print? You may be right in that they'll choose to make a new print, but given that we don't get as many new prints or molds as we used to for lego marvel, it seems to me that they'll reuse it. Do we know if the venomized iron man is in this set? It seems like a logical thing to assume, I just wanted to know if we had a leaker say so or something.
  27. sed6

    [MOC] Romanian Wagon (CFR)

    I pasted your model above to make it easier to look them over. I like your MOC! I like short train cars that are 6 studs wide. Only changes I would make would be make the connecting doors 2-3 plates taller and maybe replace that large under carriage section with some smaller, slightly more detailed touches to better represent the original. But I would totally run that car on as is on my layout!
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