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  2. MisterBatfleck

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    Huh, they actually went with the blue boot Rebirth suit. I for sure thought that Lego would just skip straight to the Reborn suit design instead. I'm not mad though, I really liked his Rebirth design, it felt unique (and it was the only Superman suit design that Lego could use to validly justify why they didn't give him any red boots ). That new heat vision face is going to be a lot more useful than the other one we've been getting since 2013, where Superman looked like he always needed to be filled with rage to use it. This one could easily represent him either being extremely ticked off, or just trying to focus his heat vision on something that needed his absolute concentration. And now this adds up to 2 suits for the Post-Crisis/Pre-Flashpoint Superman (his classic suit we've been getting since 2012 and now his Rebirth suit), while New 52 Superman is probably never going to see the light of day as a minifigure anytime soon. TDKR Joker turned out really well too. The white suit could also double for Black Mask's suit, but the standout pieces have to be his head and hair. I wish it was in the standard green instead of lime green, but at least we finally have the Twelfth Doctor/Peter Venkman hair in some shade of green so that a proper Arkham games Joker could be made from it. The head to me is probably my second favorite Joker face behind the 2006 face. Heck it looks like an updated version of that one, all you need is to just swap the hair with the green Dracula hair. Bat-Mite...looks like Bat-Mite. I'm glad they gave him the floppy eared cowl and everything, it really completes the look of him trying to emulate his biggest idol.
  3. Recently the Disney train came out; The train itself wasn't bad by any means, but I felt left a lot to be desired. I've started modifying mine to make it more like the original CK Holliday Steam Engine. My first goal was to fix the wheels; the original set has both the drive wheels and front bogie spin. The Drive rods didn't really look like much either. So, I would like to present my initial modifications: Probably the biggest challenge with this was making enough room everything; the original wheelsets had to go; also the wheels i chose here are closer to the original train (Even the tan pins match the original train!) I had to make the bogie extremely flat. There is just BARELY enough clearance for the pistons; on a standard lego curve, i have maybe half a plate worth of space between the wheel and the tan round piece. I'm not sure I 100% like how i did the drive rods. I would have much preferred to have something that pumped in and out of the piston, but I couldn't figure out a way to make it work while also keeping the round bricks. Speaking of the piston, I couldn't get the original build to work at all, so I initially grabbed some modified red round bricks with the technic axle hole at the bottom; the ones in the most recent Christmas train. This worked, but didn't quite give the right look. To my great surprise, I discovered there were round 2x2 bricks with pin holes in the side. I ordered these, and they do the job; I still dislike the hole in the side however. The attachment of the pistons to the boiler uses some technic parts to hold everything together. I initially used brick, but it fell off. lastly, here is a view from the bottom of how the front bogie connects. It's basically the same as the emerald night. I also toyed with the reverse pivot method that Jayhurst recently showed off with his newest Big Boy, but it didn't fit well with what I was doing. Anyways, this is just a start; I really want to make this more true to the original CK Holliday. Here is a list of things I hope to fix eventually. The proportions are off; The original train looks longer than this. I want to adjust the train to better fit the proportions of the original. Redo drive rods and pistons. What I have done works, but I feel it could be done better. Chrome the necessary parts; The original train has a ton of chrome gold and grey. Dark tan doesn't replace chrome gold very well. rework the cab; I want to get rid of the giant gaps that are directly open to the drive wheels. I probably should have done this when redoing the drive wheels. redo the Lilly Belle train car. The one in the set looks silly with how short it is. I've ordered the parts, just waiting for them to arrive. Get some custom CK Holliday stickers. Add a light somehow. (probably toss an LED in there) I'm sure I'm not the only one making modifications to this set. I would love to see what everyone else is coming up with, and would also love to see some ideas and suggestions.

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    Joker looks amazing. I think the face print is the best Joker face ever. The suit looks really nice, but his suit is too long. Hair is great, but I would've preferred regular green. Cotton candy is nice. His face doesn't have green eyebrows so it has can be used for Mr. J from Gotham, which I always wanted to make. Superman looks really great, but I feel like it should be replaced by another variant, like first appearance or Kingdom Come. I love the face tho. Batman looks good, I guess. Don't really care for him tbh.
  5. Im sorry to go into detail more here but there's a missconception especially present within the US politics: George Lucas was a wealthy white film maker; a new hope was a white sausage fest; like most movies of that time. Sure Leia was kind of revolutionary but except for that: After critizism they introduced Lando and with the prequels we got even more diversity - for the same reasons we get it now: to attact new audiences. It's all about marketing and profit. The overall plot of the OT was also just efficient story background for the time. People still knew the nazis so they used this concept without going into too much detail. With the prequels Lucas wanted to proof himself as a Rebel and filmmaker which is how they got more political. But still non of that is "left", from the prequels upwards it is just liberal - mostly for marketing reasons. The aggressive pseudofeminism within Holdo's character also fits perfectly in an ideology that belives in competition, survival of the fittest as well as authoritarianism. You can call it feminism but it's like calling Margret Thatcher a feminist. ----------------------------------- anyway: I don't know what deals TLG has with Disney but I can imagine them having more bargening power in case the future movies underperform. There's just way too much overinvestement in toys for the new movies - you can say a lot about the prequels but the toy market was attractive for this particula target audience and it continued to be for a smaller but loyal part of them with the Clone Wars.
  6. LEGO Train 12 Volts

    12v Motor Switch MOC > 4D Brix

    Wow ...great analysis!
  7. LEGO Train 12 Volts


    Great bike, very well done!
  8. LEGO Train 12 Volts

    [MOC] 2019 LEGO® Porsche 99X Electric

    This MOC is awesome! Thanks for sharing your building technique!
  9. LEGO Train 12 Volts

    [MOC] Blacktron Harvester

  10. I'm not familiar with the Rebirth storylines. Why does Superman look so pasty? I've never seen him look like that in any of the artwork.
  11. zephyr1934

    71044 Disney Train and Station

    I was on the fence about buying this set (nothing wrong with it, I just prefer MOCs), but I did want to figure out how to retrofit it for rods since I've already had several inquires. I was hoping I could do the rod design without the set, and in fact I managed to come up with what I think is a really nice solution. Trouble is, it is hard to visualize how the prototype fits in to the set. So I broke down and got a copy of the set. After building the engine and first car, I must say that I am impressed with the look and feel of the locomotive. The proportions and general design really has the feel of a narrow gauge engine. I would say the train has the feel of an entry level G scale train set- short and wide rolling stock, and as noted, I think that works well for narrow gauge. Of course there is that nagging problem that it is essentially a bogie engine the way it's built, but that will soon be fixed. I could also see redoing the cab roof to have long flat slopes instead of the curves necessary to get Micky in the cab. (Once I have the retrofit documented I'll post that in a new thread)
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  13. Ashnflash

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    Honestly, maybe this is why I'm disappointed in the series. I think four more figs could've fixed it for me.
  14. zephyr1934

    train efficiency in PF

    If you care about power and don't care about looks, you would be hard pressed to do better than a pair of XL motors. I've pulled over 70 cars with this design (plus some weight... a roll of pennies is a good cheap weight). Can be hidden in a boxcar. If you already have the train and PF parts then the best thing you could do is start with a simple design (e.g., the above link) and see if it works for your needs. It is quite possible that a pair of PF train motors would be sufficient for your needs. If not, then start looking for ways of improving the power. Definitely keep the track flat. Using two motors should not be a problem, using three motors off one battery might be. If money is no object, you could add additional power in the form of a second battery box, receiver, and two more motors. More weight on the motors is usually a good thing. If the engine is too light the wheels would spin. Similarly, less weight on the cars is a good thing. The motors work better pulling than they do pushing (less friction from the cars trying NOT to follow the track), but putting them under the first car behind the engine probably will not be an issue. First try with normal train wheels if you have them. If that doesn't work, then consider ball bearing wheels (Brick Train Depot or BMR) Coupling rods and quartering are for steam locomotives, almost all steam engine designs will bring extra drag. Especially because they use technic axle which are very high friction. If you are looking to push the limits of what you can pull, stay away from technic axle wheels if you can help it. Longer cars will create more friction in the curves. If you do not care about looks, for best pulling power I'd suggest that you do not go above 28 studs if you are using stock lego curves. Again, best to test your designs and see if they work with your loads. The pair of XL motors above will happily break magnetic couplings if the train is too heavy. And then if you strengthen those joints (rare earth magnets) it will pull cars off the track on R40 curves.
  15. steveholt

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    I want mister miracle In fact, now I want Big Barda to replace the next Lex Luthor minifigure
  16. M_longer

    Is 42081 worth building?

    Yes it is. Designed from single piece to the final model. I haven't heard any complaints about this model nor the instructions, so have fun ;)
  17. zephyr1934

    Container stickers

    The material that I use goes on with a drop of water, can be peeled off later and reapplied (similar to colorforms if you are old enough to remember those). As a result, you do not get an instant "stick", which is nice for positioning, but not so good for going around corners... hang on... ...Okay, I'm back (did you miss me?). I just gave it a try. I would not recommend it using my normal material. I'm likely to do some printing with Andy Mollman in the near future for a run of traditional stickers (secret project), in the process I could probably include some of the container stickers. PM me and we can discuss further.
  18. Feng-huang0296

    Disney Princesses 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    A while wave of pop-up books? Dear gods no, please . . one was enough.
  19. thatblockoguy

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    I want Mister Miracle. Always loved the costume.
  20. The Cobra

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Yes it is. See Digger's link to New elementary 2 posts before yours.
  21. KDog

    Lego: Space - The Comic

    Drag Kings (Part 97):
  22. Hey guys, we are talking about LEGO here. Please let's stick to the original discussion and not go off-topic.
  23. HalfBloodPrince

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    Does anyone even want Mr. Miracle? Cake-stealing Lex would’ve been a better choice.
  24. Star Wars has always had a politically left leaning, if I were to put all those websites on a political spectrum bias site they would probably have right wing bias which is why they are stringing the star wars liberal agenda. A racially diverse cast is not political at all, no mention of black lives matter or anything to do with girl power of Latinos and asians have been mentioned. They were just open to a diverse cast as Finn and Rose were planned to be white but changed their decision as they wanted the best actor.
  25. socalbricks

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Is it possible to change/retcon the last name of your sigfig? His current name is Kars Okinodo. The more I say it in my head, the more I realize that "Okinodo" does not roll off the tongue at all. Hence why I'm considering changing the last name. I'll still keep the first name and appearance. I'm also considering changing the (very brief) backstory I gave him. Months have passed, and I've come up with story ideas that I'm much happier with. I haven't made any MOCs featuring the character yet, so hopefully it's not too late.
  26. kelceycoe

    HIDDEN SIDE - 2019

    Yea but these "ghost minifigs" are fire ghosts, noted to be along the lines of those from Nexo Knights.
  27. GoldenNinja3000

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    Bat-Mite looks very cute, I love the head mold. All in all I’m pretty happy with this series- I definitely would’ve made different choices but all the figures look good on the whole. Are all of them worth $5? Not really, but I’m still getting the whole series and some spares anyway.
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