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  2. HalfBloodPrince

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    We are getting a rita skeeter in the advent calender. Her torso has leaked.
  3. Aanchir

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Another upcoming Friends set with some nice pirate-y contents is, which includes a cool shipwreck, the new coral piece and sea creature accessory pack, and a piece of Sand Yellow (Dark Tan) cloth that reacts with water to reveal a treasure map! Similar new pieces appear in and, the last of which also has pirate ship hull elements in white (previously seen in the Dolphin Cruiser set) and Vibrant Coral. But I figure the shipwreck would be of the most interest to folks here as far as pieces are concerned, since the others are pricier and have a lot more parts/colors that might be a little bright for the tastes of historic builders.
  4. Portal Out

    LEGO 2019 Stranger Things Rumours Discussion

    If the set does turn out to be Joyce’s house, I really hope we can get some side builds in the set too. I feel like Hopper’s cop car or Will’s fort in the woods could translate over to Lego amazingly.
  5. I just got the email from Lego for the May 4th promotion. The Hoth micro build GWP has a min. spend of $199 AUD...that’s getting up there. I guess they REALLY want us to purchase the Tantive IV.
  6. neonic

    [MOC]: Castle Desktop Organizer

    Cool So you have a cool creation and it's handy to organise your desk. Double function. Also handy when you buy some more pencils or stuff, you can easily 'expand' your organizer.
  7. While I agree that wish-listing tends to circulate so much that it eventually becomes rumors which eventually become treated as confirmed fact, in this case it's not entirely "unfounded speculation". The piececount and (rough) price range are known for the next UCS set, which narrows down the list of possibilities considerably.
  8. Hi again, Especially the Technic Fans part of this community, hosts people from almost all ages, say 9+ So, I think, this is a tough question: What do you think: Should the newer sets have more models which are: * More complex but without motor(s) and/or RC, * More complex and with motor(s) and RC, * Less complex but without motor(s) and/or RC, * Less complex and with motor(s) and RC, * Stay in the same "choice/production system by LEGO" or, * Leave the moddings/mods to the MOC creators? You may say that "it depends", you may say that "the topic is stupidly created because some are more into classic models with lots of mechanical but not motorized/RC parts, some do, so there is no definitive answer to this", BUT, I would kindly like to have your OWN thoughts. For example; I would like to see a Bugatti Chiron Set which has the same complex system, but also being able to be remote controlled and capable of reaching at least 25 km/h. Take this topic like a poll with detailed answers with intra-members-communication, as well. I hope I made myself clear. Many thanks in advance and, Best Regards, Idris
  9. Kim-Kwang-Seok

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    course pyramit would be cool. But this wave has soooo many sets already... A friend gave me the Monestary set as present - I wouldn't have bought it myself, after having built it I'm so glad to own it. the roofs of both "walls" can be connected, which looks just sooo good. And all the easter eggs are nice tribute to all of the seasons.
  10. Dr.Cogg

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Most the sets look great, but the Hungarian Horn tail should have had teeth printed on the head and spikes all over its body.
  11. GilbertoAguilera101

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Overall I’m very pleased with this wave, good follow up on last years wave, same amount of sets for HP (more if you count the two August sets) great minifigs (only one duplicate!) and some pretty good builds. A bit disappointed in the Horntail but I’ll be excited to see what mods you all can come up with!
  12. The EMD F7 was the SD40-2 of its day, the first true "common" diesel locomotive; thousands were built and could be found powering almost any train. When production had ended some 2,366 F7As and 1,483 F7Bs had been produced by 1953 just four years after the locomotive was first cataloged. According to an article by Don Strack, published in the November/December 1991 issue of "Diesel Era: Volume 2, Number 6" the, "base price on two cab units was $161,000 and the base price for two booster units was $147,500." This was also the first instance of the Electro-Motive Division's new General Motors Diesel (GMD) subsidiary filling orders. Read more from this article about this historic loco on this site. My model was inspired by the Union Pacific 1471 and 1476B pictured below. It was really the only photo I could find of a UP F7 A/B pair. My initial inspiration came after recently obtaining sets 10020, the Santa Fe Super Chief, and 10022, one each of the dining, sleeping and observation cars. I can see why they are so coveted, each is beautiful!I set about to modify 10020 in several ways to make it look better. I decided on the UP scheme because my dad left me his LGB scale UP loco when he passed (just like his LGB BNSF that inspired this build, here). I modified the sides and doors to more closely resemble the F7a and F7b units (which I'm presuming the 10020 was based on). While the windows are not round (yet) the vents between them, the doors, the grab rails, plus the square sand fill doors are all details I tried to capture more accurately than set 10020 did. Plus the battery box and fuel tank underneath look better. I decided to add twin train motors to the a-unit to propel it because my trains are heavy, my curves are tight and one motor just doesn't have the traction necessary (power yes, traction no). The PF receiver blends in nicely on the rear and the middle fan on top acts as a power switch. Seven of my eight locos have a concealed power "button" accessible from the outside, the Super Chief being my only one I have to remove the top on. Speaking of consistency between locos, my BNSF and CSX have a distinct side window look with the two vertical tiles. I'm considering that same look for my UP. The taped up windows look okay, especially from a few feet away, and while I like the slightly more detailed or scale appearance, the tape looks unfinished and I'm not sure it is necessary. I also applied minimal detailing on the inside. The b-unit got an engine you can see thru the windows and the a unit got a hint of an engine hidden in amongst the wires. The lettering and numbering I did myself on my inkjet printer using Testors decal paper. They are applied wet then they dry nice and smooth. As usual I'll share my LDD file for anyone who wants to examine, build or modify my design. I'll upload that soon. Hope you like! Edit: just realized I didn't print the X1471 stickers for the nose!
  13. ritztoys

    [MOC] Southern Pacific 4-10-2

    Thanks Jeff, The instructions are very good and clear to understand, I found only 1 issue. The elevation of the chassis that supports the boiler in one spot needed to change as it 'tilted' the boiler. (didn't look correct) Otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed building my first "steamer". I think anyone wanting to build such a locomotive as yours should fully 'pull the trigger' and get into LEGO trains! I had quite a few of the elements already in my "unemployed brick section", but I would guess I spent around $275-300+, that included the custom 'rods' by Zephyr1934 During the build I tested this loco on 9v track radius, and it works ok, but this loco desires R104 radius track IMHO......
  14. Idris

    Why the upper age limit???

    Dear aeh5040, Since this is the LEGO Technic area, my question was only related to the LEGO Technic sets' upper age limits. You're right, people love "toys". But in my opinion, many LEGO Technic sets, are not toys. Many cars are not built in the complexity of a 2000+ piece LEGO Technic set... Very interestingly, I learnt here that 2019 series don't have an upper age limit for LEGO Technic, I rushed to the LEGO store and I have recently bought the Bugatti Chiron and saw that the upper age limit is gone. What's more, the lower age limit is 16 for that set. Therefore I saw that LEGO saw what I saw, after 42 years of producing LEGO Technic sets and I didn't see the 2019 ones. In the light of the above, this topic is nicely concluded. My sincere thanks for your contribution. Best Regards, Idris
  15. Agreed. Its a very compact build. I just wished they had sets were you can expand upon the batcave. A turntable with the batmobile would of been great that connects to the batcave. It would make a great display.
  16. aeh5040

    [ MOC ] T-1000 Soviet Transformer

    Ha ha, only the Russians could think of this - love it! You've done a great job implementing it. The rotating driver seat is a nice touch.
  17. goatman461

    Factions - Introduction, Discussion, and Core Rules

    We have discussed it before and basically decided that factions can form whatever agreements they want, but nothing in the game mechanics would change. For example, on the likely case that TCR pledges its allegiance to CFS, either faction would still have to use their own territory as a basis for earning IP, but maybe they agree to not challenging each other for control of a system
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  19. aeh5040

    Why the upper age limit???

    My guess is that age ranges are mostly aimed at adults buying gifts for children who are not their own children. If your own child is into Lego (and you take an interest in what they are into) you know what will sets be appropriate for them. For someone else's child, people don't want to end up getting a gift that's too young or too old. I find it hard to believe any adult Lego fans are put off by upper age limits. Some might be embarrassed about 'playing with a toy' in general, but most quickly get over that!
  20. I have my "big boy pants", brickless_kiwi, I built the Bugatti Chiron in 185 minutes non-stop with no problems. (I suggest you try that before talking about MOCs and "brains" .). I love sets like 42070 because they are large, RC and multi-functional. I think that's why 42070 is a king. (Maybe not THE King, but is a King.) And that's why I started this topic and what I come up with is mostly the Bugatti Chiron and the 8868. As a 41 year-old CPA, I'll surely try to have some time (still being single has its good sides) to look at the MOCs as well, but now what I am looking for in this topic are sets, rather than MOCs. Thank you for your contribution to my topic. All the Best to NZ, Idris You're right Johnny1360, I am a "newbie" in this forum, but not in the world of LEGO Technic. If you "follow the instructions" correctly, you can also build a spaceship. In my opinion, this does not mean that it is not hard or complex. This topic is based on talking about the hardest, or let's say the most complex sets ever built by yourselves. MOCs are, in my opinion can be a part of a different topic. As I wrote a little earlier, I built the Bugatti Chiron in less than 200 minutes, non-stop. Therefore, I am looking for challenges regarding LEGO Technic sets, in the light of your experiences. Thank you for your contribution to my topic. Best Regards, Idris
  21. I guess I am somewhat of a throwback, I have no use for any digital designs, I am very much enjoying the physical aspect of building with bricks to me that is what it is all about. However if others enjoy digital building, good for them, I am glad they found something they like, no reason to insult me though. Enjoy.
  22. I've noticed the aversion to acceptance of digital models as a viable medium for expressing LEGO creativity. Is Eurobricks less welcoming to digital models than other communities? How many discussion forum communities are still out there?
  23. Ah this again, I still feel that none of the official sets are particularly difficult or hard for one who is able to follow instructions that is. If you want a real challenge MOC is where it's at.
  24. Soupperson1

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    I think it’s possible this could be the best wave of Friends yet! It’s certainly up there anyway. Unfortunately I don’t think I can justify buying too many as I already have many similar sets from Friends and I really don’t need repeats for all of them. 41337 Amusment Park Loop Swing - I think this is the only set worse than its predecessor. It’s the bumper car set but you’re paying $10 less to not get any bumper cars or the arena in which they were in. At least the beehive to cotton candy recolour is available in a much cheaper set now. 41362 Heartlake Supermarket - This looks like a slight downgrade to the 2014 Juniors supermarket, oddly enough I think it’s colours fit Friends better. All the food here is super common and it’s a shame that the budget only allowed for one new print for a food related item. The shopping cart is nice, but I’ll wait for it to appear in a better colour than green. Also I think it’s really odd that Andrea is the only one of the main 5 not to appear in a Juniors set. 41371 Mia’s Horse Trailer - This is the only remake that is more or less the same quality as the last one, it even has the same horse! It’s nice that we got four different horses this year considering most of the land animals in the reboot have been prone to appear in at least three sets each. The new recolour for the horse riding cap / hair for Mia is great! I think Emma’s legs are the most unnecessary inclusion of new minidoll parts here. 41372 Stephanie’s Gymnastics Spectacle - This set is awful in my opinion. The builds aren’t particularly clever or interesting and the colours look gaudy and unfinished. Stephanie’s outfit is beautiful but that hairpiece. Who’s decision was that?! It’s way to short and the bangs don’t match at all. I’m sure kids who like playing with bows won’t appreciate it either with the lack of holes for such. I think Sweet Mayhem’s or DCSHG Harley Quinn’s hair recoloured in cool yellow would’ve worked better. Mia reusing Stephanie’s legs in the same set is a really odd choice too. 41373 Octopus Carousel - I mean the set isn’t bad but I have Olivia’s Space Ride and I really don’t think there’s need for me to have both. I think the idea of teaching kids to create their own rides is cute and gives it a step over Olivia’s Space Ride. I think it’s a real shame that Ethan appears twice in the same wave when there’s only a limited space for tertiary characters. 41374 Andrea’s Karoke Pool Party - This is beautiful! Each time they make a pool set I don’t think they can top it but I’m proved wrong each time! I don’t have any gripes with this set really, I’m honestly tempted to buy it even though I don’t have a need for another pool. I just kind of want to support more sets like this being made. 41375 Amusement Park Pier - The coaster itself is obviously leagues and bounds better than the last. I really like the interactive features with the bat and light brick. The fact only one girl can ride at a time is probably the only factor that makes it worse. I’m not to over joyed with the rest of the set. The swing ride is cool but I don’t think it’s better than the Ferris wheel or the drop tower and it’s spinning function just makes it seem like an elaborate version of the carousel. While it’s print is nice, the prizes in the spin the wheel game makes it pretty lackluster. The entrance way is nice and the ice cream stand is fine. The minidolls in the bigger summer sets are almost always dissaponting but I think Chloe in her work uniform might be one of the worst designed minidolls yet. Why on earth did anyone think it was a good idea to include the hard plastic version of Emma’s hair that doesn’t have any spots for accessories?! The recolour of her hair in blonde has been used as recently as 2017 so I’m not sure why they can’t bring that back...I’ll degress. 41376 Turtle Rescue - I originally really liked this set when I saw the prelims but I think it’s really weird that most of the interesting parts come in different sets, I.e. Olivia’s rescue outfit and the baby turtles. I don’t think the builds are strong enough to stand on their own. 41378 Dolphin Rescue - This is probably the most unique of the new sets other than the awful gymnastics one. I think the submarine is a neat enough build, it’s a bit blocky in the back. The pirate ship and Kacey's water vehicle are both really nice. The play feature of turning the wheel to reveal the treasure in-particular is spectacular! Oh and the baby dolphin! I think it’s a little odd they produced 31 new pieces for the minidolls across these sets yet didn’t go to the trouble to make a single new piece for any of the tertiary characters besides Kacey. Kacey did get the deluxe treatment and get three new pieces though. 41379 Restraunt - I think it’s widely agreed that this is one of the best Friends sets of all time. It turns out the copious recolours are exclusive after all! I’m shocked this set isn’t a normal retail one I think it has mass appeal. 413780 Lighthouse and Seal Rescue - I don’t think this is better or worse than the last lighthouse, it’s just a different take on one. All the builds are solid and it’s nice to see the seals return. I do think the Stephanie on the box art would work a lot better here and would’ve worked better than having Mia in two sets. It would’ve been nice if we got an extra minidoll too considering the price of this set. 413781 Boat and Narwhal Rescue - I think the interior to this boat is the best yet! It has detail everywhere and doesn’t look crammed in, it’s quite an impressive feat to ever the designer is. The exterior of the boat isn’t quite as nice as the inside but I think that’s mainly because of them trying to make yellow and coral as a colour combination work. I know people have debated this before but in my opinion that narwhal does not look natural in that colour. I think the side builds are just worse versions than the ones found in other sets which is a shame considering how expensive this set is. We can hope so, but sometimes gaps are just filled in later waves like 41337. We’ve got two retail exclusives in this wave alone so I’m not sure if they’d bother doing another one. It’s great to see that both old light pink skirts from 2012 have come back this year with updated prints. Now we've got white and normal yellow skirts there’s not that many colours to go! I mean it’s only fair to the kids who missed out on those sets. Besides, I think that each designer has tried their best to make them as different as possible and have succeeded in the most part. It’s not like we’re getting vague space themed rides again or a light pink lighthouse with a shop next door. Even the boat has a really interesting interior and a bath for the Narwal. The turtle rescue, submarine and gymnastics sets are all completely brand new ideas for Friends so at least we get something.
  25. Dear nerdsforprez, Thank you for the warm welcome . I really wanted to ask what I wanted to ask above and that was it. I think what you just gave me was a warm and big welcome to the club by your reply and I really mean it.. I am a 41 years-old CPA and LEGO Technic has always been my “love” for building things while clearing my mind. After a decade past my latest Technic set, while searching for a duplo for my 3 years old nephew, I found myself in the “Wonderland”, again. And I understood that many things have changed but some didn’t. Anyways, I really appreciate your precious contribution to my topic. It was most helpful. Best Regards, Idris That’s incredible news and I would be waiting for your MOC (did I say it right?). I always appreciate people who “create”. That’s why I watched almost 30 LEGO Technic mod and moc videos on YouTube and I was thrilled. I am a 41 years old CPA and I understood that I missed LEGO Technic, a lot.. Many many thanks for your contribution to my topic. Best Regards, Idris
  26. RogueTwo

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Damn, how did I miss that? Now I'm a tiny bit disappointed. Yeah, I'm no good at Technic, so I'll be modding a custom "stationary pendulum" until someone posts a mechanism. Still, I love the set. I love all the sets! Must wait until June and not spend money on May 4....
  27. Kdapt-Preacher

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    All reasonable people understand that. But lots of people are total idiots incapable of understanding context, who take literally any mention of something that sounds like an upcoming set as God-given truth. See, for example, the rumored upcoming UCS Star Destroyer, which is based entirely on completely unfounded speculation from this very thread but has been repeated to such a degree that it’s treated as confirmed.
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