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  2. My dudes we NEED to get (spoilers for Mandalorian) as a fig or whatever
  3. That guy is a champion for uploading a video on how to build it instead of making us buy instructions like some people
  4. You might give these guys a try. On my side of the pond we have a franchise called Bricks and Minifigs,and they buy all kinds of stuff. You might not get as much as Ebay or Bricklink, but it is easier. I think you could also find other independent Lego shops in the UK, but there are brick and mortar stores that will buy used sets.
  5. Honestly, this approach would probably end up with something breaking no matter what, given that you have XL motors and thin 20z bevel gears. It would be far better to extend the space between the motors and use full 20z gears. What is this going to be used for? I feel like you are going to break a lot of gears if this is some kind of drivetrain for a vehicle.
  6. MajklSpajkl

    The blue brothers

    Does ' Konobar, dajte joŇ° jedan kozarac, molim' sounds better? @Jeroen Ottens So the mechanism for the roof is actually a replica of the real thing??? Or does the real car have more motors and help of some electronics to perform the movement?
  7. KotZ

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    Simpsons is definitely more adult than Trolls or Minions, and LEGO's core audience is kids. What do kids generally watch? Minions movies, Trolls, and other kid-oriented things. Also, Trolls is Danish, so it's nice to see some some Danish mixing there of LEGO and Trolls, even if I myself won't buy the sets.
  8. KotZ

    MAfia - Sign Ups

    Currently, I have the following people signed up... Hinckley JackJonesPAw Trekkie99 Fhomess DarkDragon Jimmynick Kristel This is seven, 3 less than the minumum I was hoping for. If everyone is ok aiwth what most likely be a super short game, I'll run it.
  9. Good point, I will keep it. Replacing the diff gives (28/20) x (12/20) = 0.84. 5 x 0.84 = 4.2. I mistakenly wrote 4:2, where I meant 4.2:1
  10. meliander

    Stickers isn't a big deal! Or is it?

    I don't apply stickers for the most part. I do that only when the part seems to be something I wouldn't use in a MOC. Like a really big part. The main reason is that I don't want to remove the sticker that was applied in case I will need that part later. That being said I don't throw any of them away.
  11. Roadmonkeytj

    realistic XXL Grain Elevator with covered hopper car

    I feel like you should make the silos wider ... And add this treatment!
  12. Working with a 2 or 4 stud space is 'odd' anyway, I would say. Extend the distance between the motors by one stud, also between the shocks, use 4L axles and full 20t gears, which sit more solidly too.
  13. Well, the axle only goes half a stud into the weaker bevel gear so that will still be the weak point even if you are only half a stud into the motor. Try it first to see if the axle wanders.
  14. I hope not. I'd rather have a car with more curves and a more interesting / difficult to replicate front, like a 1950s Plymouth or a Chevrolet Bel Air. TLG has surprised me for the better (Beetle ) and the worse (Aston Martin ), though. The Mustang looks great, but I still have a soft spot for older, curvy cars.
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  16. meliander

    Review the LEGO Set Above You!

    That's an easy one because I own one. The car is a pretty cool build, unusually huge (8-wide) for the period it was introduced. I can see some play value in it, however honestly I wish they did something more than just gates, or better yet, used the parts to build the helicopter decently. It looks like half of the helicopter and it feels like one when assembled. Overall, can be good for young ones. For adults - not so much apart from getting the high profile tires, I don't really see any value. It was a gift and a kind of set I wouldn't think of buying for myself, but after building it I can say it's slightly better than it looks on the picture.
  17. meliander

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    I don't mind any of these, or basically any theme that I'm not interested in. What I do mind is that we are not getting anything from the classic stuff as it seems again. The more Lego tries these odd licensed themes the more I guess they will learn. Why did they stop with the Simpsons by the way? Isn't it a more popular franchise than Trolls or Minions?
  18. A 3x3 pulley is the same diameter, and two of them side-by-side is the exact dimensions of a Blind Medium driver. Putting the matching tire on one of the pulleys is almost the exact diameter of the flange, though a little thicker. It's definitely the closest match in LDD.
  19. KDog

    Lego: Space - The Comic

    700 (Part 3):
  20. Lego David

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    And Minions too.
  21. That's such an awesome creation!
  22. meliander

    LEGO Speed Champions 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    @Jaromir From what I understand, everything in SC will be 8-wide from now on.
  23. Reaper

    [Q12 - Nixor - TT] Stormtroopers Relaxation

    Nice build! The small details on the buildings look great!
  24. meliander

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Phew! We still have time to save for Assembly Square! I hope it's going to be around for the whole year, and not until spring or something...
  25. Reaper

    [L14 - Vanik - CS] Stormtroopers Attack Vanik

    Nice build! I really like those wall patterns!
  26. Reaper


    Welcome to Eurobricks Alan!
  27. Reaper

    [REVIEW] 10266 Apollo Lander - The Hoax

    Great review! Very funny too! Really nice pictures!
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