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  2. jabbar_hussain12

    [MOC] Hat Village Train Station V2

    awesome work and great skills keep it up man
  3. linhhhinl

    [MOC][WIP] Mazda RX7 FD

    @Gray Gear Looking great so far. Love the fake rotary engine!
  4. Is the I try to avoid spoilers, but I‘ve seen that one in a thumbnail somewhere That would be a cool addition to our roster of Mandos (and pseudo-Mandos), but I think they‘d print the spikes onto the regular Mando helmet mould rather than create a specific mould for that character
  5. Yes please. I would love to get the manual instructions, too. By the way great work @DugaldIC Body work and functions are top- notch
  6. Those weren't really spoilers. The Black Order in NY and the Guardians teaming up with Stark's squad were in the trailers and Banner using the Hulkbuster was revealed by Funko before lego even released their set images.
  7. Agreed about this episode featuring the battle pack characters. I suspect it might include our spoilers little friend as well.
  8. After today's episode of The Mandalorian I'm honestly not surprised the battlepack wasn't revealed yet. So I think the pack will include The series just keeps getting better and better!
  9. Soupperson1

    LEGO Friends 2020 - Rumours and Discussion

    Ask and you shall receive, here’s pictures of Andreas car! It does come with a new character and some interesting recolours. I’m definitely going to pick this one up!,3,38196,38063
  10. neonic

    [MOC] Ambulance and Fire Truck

    Looks great, like the whole design and colorscheme looks good too. Complete with a lot of flashing lights ... and dog Those weird things on the front is a nice detail.
  11. Thanks, it should be useful for other GBC modules & be widened to transfer more balls.
  12. imurvai

    [APP] BrickController2

    Hi, One of the BC2 users reported that the XBox1 controller behaves wierd on the Android version. Now I got an XBox1 controller and managed to reproduce the issue: some Generic1 axis event is continously reported to the app like if it was always activated. In the next release it'll be fixed. The iOS version is not affected apparently.
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  14. Lucarex

    Lego Architecture 2020

    The Tokyo set doesn’t disappoint, it’s gorgeous! Whilst it doesn’t have any significant cultural or even aesthetic appeal to me personally, I have to admit the Dubai set also looks well done. And are those chrome gold pieces I spy? Those prices though! 60 notes. Ouch. Sure London raised the bar quite a bit from sweet spot 30s to 40s, and then Shanghai hit the mid 50s, but this is pushing things a bit too far IMO. I’ll still get Tokyo but through gritted teeth.
  15. Step 133 and the undercarriage is divided. Hopefully gets a update with set as origin in the instruction mode. On big models some points are hard to see when everything rotates around the same point.
  16. Rudivdk

    42108 - Mobile Crane

    I think so yes. -edit removed incorrect/unverified info-
  17. coinoperator

    SBrick General Discussion

    I think you're a week early BF is the day after thanksgiving so 29th this year
  18. Bugbot20082

    LDD Concept: Complete Hogwarts Castle as official sets

    I used this model to get the proportions right and decide where I made my divisions between sets (shown by the different colours in the lower image, see below). As you can see, so far LEGO has not yet covered even half of the potential castle structure! I have continued in principle with the ‘doll house’ design rules established by the existing sets: • Each set is presentable individually • Where possible individual sets may be composed of a series of separate modules that can be rearranged and intermixed with each other • Each building module can only connect to its neighbour at the sides; sets do not stack on top of each other • Each module has a fully detailed ‘front’ and an open ‘back’, like a dolls house. • Buildings may be angled to each other but the joint is rigid (no hinges, for either posing or opening interiors) • Each set ‘tells a story’, focusing on a particular theme or event sequence from the movies. • All the rooms/scenes detailed take place inside the castle in the movies. • Extra ‘random’ castle rooms etc from the films may be included to fill spaces, even if not directly relevant to the main set theme (example: Moody’s office in the Clock Tower). • Some rooms with a known specific location may be relocated to other random parts of the castle if they fit there better (Dumbledore’s office as example). • Dungeons and other underground rooms are incorporated into ‘single floor’ castle sections (example: Snape’s office and classroom). • Minimal duplication of rooms/details across the complete collection. To be continued...
  19. (Luc)ky Luke

    Finding a profession, third try

    @neonic Thank you! The base was supposed to be small because the idea was to make small scenes of Ronan trying to get a job. @deraven Thank you! And yes the torch placement is a little tricky. I hope they have some water nearby, just in case. @Grover Thank you very much! For the floor I used the 1x2 'grill tiles' and everytime pushed 2 of them together (that creates the little heigtdifference) and then put them sideways.
  20. allanp

    42108 - Mobile Crane

    Hopefully we get the backhoe! It's only rumour right now isn't it?
  21. I’ve been wondering ever since the set list dropped how they would recreate the outpost at that price point and now we know It’s a neat set, but not what we were expecting. I have to agree with your thoughts on the Ravager, its colour scheme is definitely a bit off, but I don’t mind as it still looks great
  22. peedeejay

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Please no Police Station. Mine will be finished next week. ;-(
  23. shiftaltcmd

    Applications for printing.

    Don't spend too much time on it. Many of the lego colors are impossible to match with traditional four-color CMYK. You need to use a professional photo-printer with more colors to stand a chance. They come in different versions from 6 to 12 colors. I haven't been able to find correct color values on the net, so for me it's a lot of trial and error. People might have guessed the color values and then published them as the "truth". Even if you get the correct values, no one has published what color space they have been using. European CMYK differs from American CMYK. sRGB differs from Adobe RGB and so on. Some websites uses Pantone color values. That could work but so far I have not been able to trust them because of errors. And they don't provide any information if it is correct information from Lego or guess work.
  24. [warning: this is very long and wordy] Hi everyone, like the rest of you I am very excited for the revived Harry Potter theme and look forward to seeing more sets next year! After the release of the Clock Tower this year I wanted to have some fun and experiment to see how LEGO could try to complete the entire Hogwarts castle, accurate to the movies with more similar modular buildings. In this thread I’m going to show and tell what I have come up with :) These are all just sketches/prototypes, and I do not plan to design full size versions (that’s for ELGO to do 😉). The models I have made are all ‘microscale’ sized and very simplified, with the ‘trophy’ figures representing minifigures, the ‘heroica’ figure representing bigfigs etc, and the 4x4 round plate representing the large hexagonal plate (89523) etc Preview examples: Firstly to get familiar with the layout and design of the castle itself I recommend watching this video: I also go by the harry potter wiki for identifying the towers etc. Firstly I decided on the scope of the ‘full castle’ when complete; LEGO for example has already excluded the large courtyards in front of the Great Hall and Clock tower, and also seems to be excluding bridges, overpasses and viaducts etc, as well as outer walls and some of the smaller buildings such as the ‘pepperpot’. So I will be doing the same, which does mean that technically not all of the final castle actually connects together… The first image shows a tiny build of Hogwarts I started with.
  25. Hersbrucker

    [MOD] 70732 Ninjago Stiix

    Thanks, the next one is WIP... Skybound
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