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  2. MrBrickMan

    westracing01's Race Track for Modular Buildings

    THis is the first time I'm seeing this and I am very impressed. The brick built roads really take it up a level.
  3. Ngoc Nguyen

    42108 - Mobile Crane

    I suspect that 42108 will not be able to lift the Mjolnir. Why? Cuz it's not worthy!!
  4. dvw2

    [MOC] 2019 Advent Calendar—Gymnastics

    Day 5: Stall Bar My daughter and I had a disagreement about what to call this essential gym equipment. I initially called it a stretch bar, but she calls it a leg-lift bar (since that's mostly what she uses it for). After further investigation it looks like it's actually called a "stall bar." Either way she knew exactly what it was and is pleased to have another recognizable object. Two more light building days (including a gymnastics version of the all-important advent calendar "weapon rack") and then it's going to get into some serious competition equipment. Stay tuned!
  5. It shouldn't be too time consuming, if you know how to use bricklink searches efficiently. You don't really even need to find rarer parts or prints to do this, common parts work if you have some that are stuck together. For example, if you find two or three parts connected together, then the multiple search will help with this: Choose two or three parts that you can identify easily and enter both the part and colour for each, and you will get a list of the sets that those three parts appear in. Even for three relatively common bricks, the lists are surprisingly short. However, if you can identify one less common part, often the list is very short. For example, if you find two of these on top of one of these then they appear to be relatively common parts. The lime green 1x1 slopes are in 82 sets and the white 2x2 slope is in 366 sets. 82 is a large number of sets to start looking through. Yet together, those two quite common and easy to identify parts occur in only 8 sets and you can quickly and easily check the set pictures to spot that combination, or start to look for other common parts that they are connected to that will restrict the search. If you have five or six reasonably common parts connected together (and it is a real set) then chances are you can identify the set unambiguously using a couple of multiple parts searches. Of course, this will only help if there are remnants of sets with some parts still connected.
  6. MatthewRC

    Any Adventure Time future sets ?

    Don't forget Ice King, Flame Princess and other characters! Speaking of which, LEGO needs to do an Adventure Time Collectible Minifigure Series in 2021 or later since 2020's CMF release dates have been filled up!
  7. adwind

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Same with Stranger Things I guess
  8. Withacee

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Great Idea. I think they did that with the Winter Village Fire Station, last year. A bit of a blurry picture of a detail of the set, I think it showed the fire alarm and the snowman. Definitely something I would like to see for modulars!
  9. LegoModularFan

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I was thinking about something: wouldn’t it be better if they posted small teasers of the new modular instead of hiding it till the last day? This way, fans would be both happier and more hyped, won’t they? As teasers, I don’t mean seeing one half of the modular as that would make it possible for bootleg companies to copy it. More like a minifig reading something in the library, the background would be very blurry. Or like a minifig walking to the library but the we wouldn’t be able to see details of the building as the camera would only be focused on the minifig.
  10. Masked Mini

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Okay, i was off a lot on the piece count in my head. I agree with your assessment of 149.99-199.99 unless they blow the piece count waaaay up on the official take of the Bay. Can't see them burning an additional 7-900 bricks on replacing the base plate or adding more stuff. That'd be a BSB and a Armada Flagships worth. Oh. Oh man. That'd be amazing! Yeah. Made it up to tease You guys. I came clean in the fine print. It's what went through my mind at the time. What's the best worst case scenario? We finally get a Pirate wave, 14 whole sets... but Monkey paw. Not a real wave at all, just gimmicks. I thought I read Legoland Billund kicking off Year of the Pirate. Maybe it is all full Legolands? And you are right ofcourse, Legoland isn't really connected to Lego as a whole but we might be able to score some Pirate stuff (at a premium) through their Event. Minifigs and polybag builds maybe. Doubt they'd get anything truly juicy made just for the parks. In other news: The Blue soldiers from the 2009 (?) wave are finally sold out on BnP or Lego pulled the stock. Red Torsos from the last wave are still available. Does anyone know where to source blue, red and white epaulettes in bulk for less than a arm/leg/firstborn? BnP is down to two listings of Dark Green with different prices. Bricklink is $$$ for US shops.
  11. vectormatic

    42108 - Mobile Crane

    Yes, but that doesnt excuse lego from providing a set with all the base features somewhat complete. Every technic set i buy ends up either used for parts or modded in some way, but i still expect sets to be worthy of the technic brand.
  12. LOTR34

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Well I wouldn't be against a Pirate/Space theme with a Treasure Planet aesthestic.
  13. Today
  14. Karalora

    Ideas for a CMF Advent Calendar

    That's much better than the printed tile. The lollipop is something we've been needing for a while; round tiles on traffic paddles just aren't cutting it these days.
  15. Does anyone have a large (like at least 200 px high) version of the Eslandola and/or Sea Rat sigil? Even a link to the high-res version of the flags would do, I could get it from there. Trying to size up my banner and I can't get either of those big enough. P.S. Hold it where on earth did that new tag of mine come from?? I see someone decided the pirate in my life needed some recognition...
  16. Karalora

    Masquerade Advent Calendar 2019 - LDD MOC

  17. Mechbuilds

    DNR Shifter Issue

    You could swap one of the 3 long beams into a 5 long beam and attach it to the chassis.
  18. TeriXeri

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Land Bounty was as recent as 2019 , and even if it had a more pirateship shape/design ,a ship on wheels just doesn't appeal to me. Not that I am wishing for a Space Pirates theme over regular Pirates but here's how I see it: Hopefully a more classic approach based on late 80s / early 90s space themes/designs, angled shapes, and not so much rounded. Of course there could be 1-2 larger spaceship sets , with those new triangle plates seen in the new Star Wars Tie Triangle ship, some interesting shapes can certainly be made. Pirates would be one faction, Space Police or Traders/Researchers could be other factions, theme would not be based on a team of "heroes". As for designs, what to expect ? Pirate Ships with tech-sails and rocket engines? Space Shark Monsters? The thing with Nexo Knights was that it had so few actual Castles, it was more a of fantasy monster/vehicle theme with a team of "hero characters", but it wasn't space either.
  19. Gnukan

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think he meant ”leak it already!” rather than ”there’s already a leak!”
  20. Hippocampe

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    We’re a little jumpy... I’m wondering if the strategy to unreveal the set so late before the commercial releasing is a good idea Apart from the industrial espionnage reason, a little earlier would allow buyers some time for the budget, ideas of customizing, daydreaming... Also, some time to get acquainted to: for the last 2-3 years, the models didn’t grew on me right away, but after reading the forum here, and seeing the modular again and again before availability, I just couldn’t resist ! right now, it’s just a little frustrating... Bravo for the secrecy Lego
  21. Digger of Bricks

    LEGO in Film & TV: Index of Appearances

    Apparently JANGBRiCKS built this for Xfinity's ET-themed Holiday short film... Jang's build appears at the 2:47 mark...
  22. Captain Pirate Man

    My pirates/medieval collection

    I HOPE we see an entire wave of sets, I'll find room in my display to make them happen (especially if they are red or blues). Greens I would have to do some reconfiguring, but that's ok. Heck I even hope for 2 more ships (Pirate and Soldiers). Even though the ships are harder to find sufficient room for in the display, I'm at the point that "lesser" vessels just get retired aka given to my son to play with. Or if that doesnt seem plausible, I'll just make a shipwreck island or something similar out of one. So I for one WELCOME a full wave of 2 large sets (pirate and soldiers), 2 ships (same), and plenty of smaller sets. As for rumors... Only what I've heard on this forum, sorry to get your hope's up.
  23. LEGO Historian

    LEGO history, to the Moon... and back

    It is a 2800 page computer desktop (666MB) download (10 minutes to download), with 73 chapters (expanding to about 150 chapters (free to current owners) in 2020). Follow my post link below..I use Paypal,. (last link). I used to sell it as a DVD as well, but shipping worldwide has gotten to expensive, and getting it as a download eliminates Customs and $8 shipping (I email download instructions within hours or less).
  24. I like the specialty hand piece they use for Aquaman. A proper lantern piece for Green Lantern and Sinestro is also nice. I'd need a better look at the prints to make a decision on some of the other figs. It's all about usefulness for me.
  25. Belarus. My country called Belarus!
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