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  2. ...but the most important is Vanessa... About green color I have for about 2 such models posted on brickshelf (it is my old folder...) My first intention was to make CLAAS Jaguar when Xerion came out, but I could only think about it later when Liebherr will be available with DBG bunch of white, lime and dark bluish gray parts is useful IMHO... Tracked racer is some 26 studs long and 15 wide (based on my calculations as result of studying instructions booklet). Unfortunately I do not have Corvette so I can not make photo of both for better comparison. Regards
  3. meliander

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    Does anyone know what happened with 60229 space set (Rocket Transport)? I think it was on Brickset before the images were released and now it is gone...
  4. Got a better candidate? Lay out a case. Bang a drum, see who listens to you. Don't be a sheep and follow someone else's vote without explaining. Braxton isn't an easy lynch. He's an entirely avoidable lynch. You yourself say so. I laid out a case. Some others disagreed with the case (good for them!) and voted Braxton for reasons of their own. Others (like you!) agreed the original comment was odd and that his response was unsatisfactory, yet voted for other candidates. By now it's not the original case I laid out that has earned him votes, but his responses. So far, Huxley has two "talk to us votes", Cleo has a "don't lynch anyone!" vote. Pierot has made a case for Myrtle. Who do you think we should lynch? And why? what does strike you as scum behaviour? What are you certain about? What comments have pinged your radar? -Apologies its Whitby and Leevi for Myrtle, not Pierot
  5. Vindicare

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    There’s a lot to like! The new overalls print with the dark orange(I think) in the 4+ Garage set. That coffee cup in the fire chief car is fantastic. A lot of those prints in the Fair pack, and that new black hairpiece is lovely. Lastly, that pedal cart! One rather large gripe I have, is with the “donut” shop. Why is it yet another coffee shop?! I get that coffe shops sell donuts...but why would a coffee shop have a massive donut signage atop it. Still buying it of course. I’d love if that crane truck & motorcycle cop weren’t there though.
  6. I'm Victor.. My younger brother is Vic.. and I have a sister named Vicky!! and im from the Victor Valley, and ect ect.... Yes the green technic color.. that would be in the near future as I only have maybe a smidgeon of green elements .. .but I just got a boat load of white color elemenets!! how big is the 42095??? how is that compared to the 42093 in scale??
  7. I think i saw it on reddit once, don't remember when or by who tho
  8. I don't really see the point of this vote. You knew Huxley was going to get a vote in before the end of the day. I feel like you've had decent insights into things till now. Great job making Huxley vote, I guess. I find Braxton's behavior more scummy as the day goes on, although I still think Myrtle is scummier. I disagree with the Monsieur Parrot (is the T silent?) that Myrtle is simply being sheepish. I'd be more than happy to see Myrtle go today.
  9. I updated the Lego Mindstorms EV3 Monorail Switch to version 1.1. Improved the connection elements, to make it more smooth and firm. I replaced the PF motor with an EV3 M motor. When I've finished the reverse loop, the two EV3 bricks can communicate with eachother. Enjoy, Hans
  10. @sirslayer (or should I say Vick ) track would be at the front and it should be green with yellow (John Deere) since I have 42095 set. Inside it would be based on frames because it is lighter and more sturdier will have 4 functions, but first after Fastrac update I'll have to see how to manage all wheel? Drive, actually to make both drive at tires and tracks...
  11. Not really, the Duffer brothers have said multiple times in the past that they don't want to unnecessarily stretch the show out longer than it has to be. They want to tell a story. They've said that 4 Seasons is where they want to end it, with a really small chance at a 5th
  12. I_Igor

    General Part Discussion

    I do not know if it has been answered before, but does anyone know in which set(s) black axle 3 with stop is coming from? There are several on BrickLink on sale{"color":11,"iconly":0} Thanks
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  14. What I have encountered doing the RC harvester , the "grain platform" depending how big it is, is heavy in weight and even in the color black , the looks didn't look right unless in black and yellow... Yellow technic color in weight is the 3rd lightest and can yeild a 8% to 6% in weight saving if mixed with other colors. I believe the tracks would endure better and which is better?? , pushing or pulling the platform??
  15. Aine

    [MOC] Medieval Trade Cog

    Yep, that's true. I don't know why lego was so hesitant about using brown, after all they made wheels in that color, so the possibility was for many more stuff.
  16. Sure, Braxton’s third-party comment was weird, but all he had to say to “whoops, just acknowledging that a third party could exist, I can’t know for sure, harmless speculation” and that would have been the of that - instead he doubled down, revenge votes, and coined the term “bandwagoning bitches” which is certainly a new one for me; I am a male dog, excuse me! However, Braxton’s generally defensive and odd behavior doesn’t particularly strike me as Hellion or Monster behavior. I’m much more interested in those who sought to tear him to shreds for an “easy” Day 1 lynch, or are getting tunnel vision and what is a weak candidate, even for Day 1. Vote: Haydn Hippo
  17. Vote Tally Braxton Bear: 5 (Haydn Hippo, Myrtle Monkey, Gracie Goat, Ronan Rabbit, Caldwell Crocodile) Haydn Hippo: 1 (Braxton Bear) Cleo Cow: 1 (Brewer Bunny) Myrtle Monkey: 2 (Leevi Lion. Whitby Walrus) Huxley Horse: 2 (Pascha Poodle, Pierot Parrot) With 15 players, it takes 8 votes to lynch. 12 hours remain in Day One. Damn it! Vote Tally Braxton Bear: 6 (Haydn Hippo, Myrtle Monkey, Gracie Goat, Ronan Rabbit, Caldwell Crocodile, Huxley Horse) Haydn Hippo: 1 (Braxton Bear) Cleo Cow: 1 (Brewer Bunny) Myrtle Monkey: 2 (Leevi Lion. Whitby Walrus) Huxley Horse: 2 (Pascha Poodle, Pierot Parrot) With 15 players, it takes 8 votes to lynch. 12 hours remain in Day One.
  18. Understandable, but I've been quite legitimately busy with my farm work and reading the days events has been a frequently interrupted slog I really hayte to say. That said I do feel I've garnered a decent deal of insight from observing the days proceedings. I feel that, as typical, the day 1 lynch candidate was singled out for rather innocuous phraseology. The subsequent bandwagon on him was hasty but tapered out and there were many other suggestions fielded. I think we stand to gain the most from following through with the lynch so that we can analyze the votes that have been cast. His "slip ups" in the beginning might have been just awkward phrasing, but it could also definineightly be indicative of a scummy mindset. To that effect, I'll Vote: Braxton Bear This is going to be an interesting game though. With such small numbers and 2 scum teams, there is a good chance neither team has enough clout to enact sweeping vote manipulations. I wonder how this is going to affect vote analysis.
  19. Foxes Productionz

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    I like the look of these new sets I’ll definitely try and get both people packs. I was literally just thinking about the fact that Lego doesn’t use hairpieces that were introduced to represent specific races in non licensed sets such as City yesterday. But the fairground sets give us two existing hair pieces that had only been used for the Black Panther sets and also a new peice which is awesome. I thought it may have been a licensing issue, but now we know it isn’t I really hope we see these pieces used more and more in other themes!
  20. Foxes Productionz

    LEGO 2019 Stranger Things Rumours Discussion

    I think they could easily do both seasons by having the ability to swap out the Christmas lights in the Buyers house for Will’s drawings of the tunnels. If not, I do hope they at least include Max, she’s a pretty important character to the show now, but I worry with the direction LEGO has been taking recently that they won’t even include the teenagers. I feel like a realistic line up for the characters would be V with everyone receiving new torso prints and the kids utilising the medium legs. Mike (surfer hair) Dustin (new hair/hat combo) Lucas (new hair peice) Eleven (Fins hair) Joyce (Herminonie hair) Hopper (Rex’s comboy hair/hat peice) Demogorgan (new head piece)
  21. Chiaroscuro

    LEGO 2019 Stranger Things Rumours Discussion

    Simpsons got two D2C sets because it also had two minifigures series. There is usually a D2C set released together with a minifig series to serve as a display piece for the minis. Not the case with Stranger Things. I really doubt we will get another set.
  22. Center component consists of two 6587 3L axle with studs, with the stud end inserted into each of the pin holes of a 6536 (technic axle and pin connector). The 3L axle ends go through 1x4 technic bricks for a rock solid, unmovable axis to build the S-foil "scissor" action on. Three small 6589 12 tooth bevel gears complete the gearbox - and the top gear is where the technic axle goes in to turn the wings via a liftarm at top (camouflaged within the top greebles) The 6536 is completely held in place with no wobble by the bottom 4x4 plate and the bracket tops (on which the 2x4 33 slope is hung off purely for decorative reasons. The 3L axle with studs isn't long enough to reach the 1x2 technic brick at each end, but that is no worry. A simple technic half pin, with pin side going into the technic brick, and stud side going into a 15535 (grey 2x2 round tile with hole), bridges the distance and creates a solid axle from front to stern. The entire gearbox area is 4x4 studs across and only 5 plates tall. But since it is made of 90 degree bricks/plates - it makes it very easy to add other pieces onto it. One example is the pair of long technic bricks underneath the back fuselage which serve as (1) stability (2) attachment points to wrap the rear fuselage slopes on, and (3) solid attachment point to front fuselage section. Other pieces I've added (not shown here) ensure the "open" angle does not exceed 30 degrees, with limiter plates put on both top and bottom of the gearbox extending over the s-foil "scissors" at appropriate positions.
  23. letsbuild

    Alz's Crossout MOC's

    It looks like it could work in Technic, but I would go with System lego instead, due to its blocky nature.
  24. I plan to make fully RC combine harvester with front tracks and rear tractor wheels (in the future)
  25. Digger of Bricks

    LEGO Educational & Dacta Discussion Thread

    Not sure if this should go here or what, but... The Brick Fan - LEGO to Release LEGO Braille Bricks for Visually Impaired Children
  26. Lego David

    What happened with Functions/Play Features?

    Thanks! I though nobody liked my topics!
  27. Fair point, hadn’t considered that. One of the more recent parts I broke was a 4x6 tile w studs on side on the MTT, a part that happens to be stickered in the sand crawler. Good news is if you’re buying new you can wait to put the stickers on until the parts are together if you desire.
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