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  2. Well, @Roadmonkeytj I tried to add the flag, but on both sides, and inspired by set 10042 from 2003. See the first post for how it looks now. (I also recolored the model to mostly white, as it looks better that way, plus it's cheaper by quite a bit.)
  3. Welcome! Life has been busy lately, and I haven't been able to do much with Lego at all. I am hoping to get one or two Age of Mitgardia builds out before the end of the year. I want to get back into it
  4. deraven

    Random terrain advice needed

    Welcome to EB, AV_guy! I agree with Nick Wolfe about adding the right amount of "personality" to the rock face, and especially about the plates at the bottom for the water effect - that will make a huge difference! There are more advance rock/cliff techniques that you could employ, but if this is a backdrop for classic sets, I think it looks fine but also helps stick with the slightly blockier classic feel... and unless you just really enjoy building rocks this style will be much faster to complete than others. Looking forward to seeing your display when it's completed!
  5. If that's your primary concern, I would but them on Bricklink as it's pretty easy to find reputable sellers there, and you'll have plenty of selection from torsos and accessories to full minifigures. A good pack to look at is 850617 which comes with 4 police minifigs and accessories, plus a police dog:{"iconly":0}
  6. deraven

    [MOC] Delorean

    Very nice! I think you need to get more slope to the hood if you can to really capture the DeLorean look, but you've also got a great set of features built into it, and there's no mistaking what car it is.
  7. efferman

    Nico71's Creations

    Maybe this type of clock is called balance clock
  8. pombe

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    Look at it this way: Even the greatest minds in human history have disagreed with each other. From philosophers, to mathematicians, to musicians, to physicists. And that's okay.
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  10. neonic

    [MOC] Ford GT 2005

    Real cool car. Looks very fast.
  11. neonic

    Greek National Highway Road

    Indeed original. I've never seen something like that. Looks great, also colorful with nice flowers. Then it's much less irritating when you're in a traffic jam Nice cars / trucks too.
  12. This setup is for a Union Pacific Big Boy; the largest steam engine. The real life train can exceed 80 mph, and There is actually 4 XL motors total, with a second dual motor setup that will drive a second set of wheels. For now I'm using two lithium battery boxes, but will eventually replace with a non lego power solution. I want to be able to pull 50+ train cars with this thing; I know it can be done. The gearing I chose here is to try and have a faster train without losing too much torque. I also want it to be able to go up inclines. I see the concerns about using the smaller gears and how they may break. I had done a previous Big Boy setup that used only two XL motors, one for each set of drive wheels, and it didn't go terribly fast due to the gearing, and its load was limited. Also it had issues with uneven track where only one set of wheels would be on the track, cutting its overall power in half. I have added suspension into this new model to help fix this issue.
  13. Feng-huang0296

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    We haven!t seen any leaks yet, but Tommy Andersen said there would be an episode entirely focused on Zane and Pixal next season. So I’m fairly certain Zane’s going to play a part and we just haven’t seen a minifigure of him yet. Or maybe Zane’s going to go on some kind of journey of self-discovery with Pixal and sit out of most of this season.
  14. Toastie

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    And I believe this is the thing which needs to be somehow managed by yourself in this forum. I have gone (and I am still going) through that learning curve as well, believe me. This forum is a world-wide and open place to voice your opinions, share your ideas, MOCs, dislikes, likes, thoughts ... Chances are that someone will feel "outnumbered" here immediately, when the topic is getting onto the radar screen of LEGO hardliners or purists (example: Any discussion of LEGO clones goes BOOOOM for sure. Well when you claim, cloning is not that ba ... BOOOOM - so if you want to do that, phrase everything very, very carefully - then it'll work. In the beginning. I bet that someone will trigger something that triggers another thing and BOOOM), is similar/parallel/comparable to topics that have already been discussed in depth with some BOOOM potential and so on. (I am a chemist and I like to blow up H2/O2 filled ballons for sure - they also have some impressive BOOOOM potential) Plus some people here are closer to TLG, others really do have a lot of experience, way more than you and me and so on. One example: I do (more or less) manage my parts/set inventory on BrickSet. The value of my collection is apparently about 16k$ and they counted about 106k pieces that I own - as if I care - believe me, I don't. But these number come along with managing the inventory. There are about 213000 members (as of today) and I am somewhere ranked to be 14400th. It just means that there are so many more folks out there, that own way more parts/pieces have certainly more experience, seen so many things I have not, plus: 213000 members is a coverage of almost zero. There are 7 billion people in the world. Way more than 200k do LEGO. But you know what? I don't feel outnumbered. I am proud of what I have - it was always like that. Back in the days (45 years ago that is) I had a friend who had the full collection of 12V trains plus a ton of other bricks. I had a small bucket - but was so proud of it. I don't relate my self-esteem to any number, opinion, or phrasing of others. I am trying to relate my self-esteem that to what I do and what makes other people happy when I do something. So many words ... You are never "outnumbered". You have your own opinion and thoughts. You voice them here. Be prepared: Folks may not agree. Just don't bite in response. Be proud when you "trigger". Read what others write - learn if you wish - think about them as people with another opinion - or just ignore them when that does not work for you. But don't get annoyed. Because in that case you shouldn't have posted. That is the core of the matter: When you post, take the flak - as you would be proud, when someone replies: @pooda rocks! Damn, I sound like a preacher. Merde (this is so cool: The EB Forum AI never beeps-out that one - it is not trained in French, don't tell @Philo though, he'll re-program that thing - using a NXT or EV3 or other LEGO intelligence). But you know what I mean. All the best, Thorsten
  15. They're indeed Blurrgs (2 r's, 1 g), and considering they've also appeared in Rebels and Clone Wars it wouldn't suprise me if we get them eventually. But the Blurrgs themselves aren't really spoilers btw, they appeared in multiple trailers
  16. Romanos

    [MOC] Certissa town-new layout test --3 page.

    And this is my 1 try ;)
  17. What do you need the dual motors for? I'd imagine a train would move rather easily even with one motor, and the axles and gears aren't designed to handle much more torque than an XL motor can deliver anyway.
  18. I’m most definitely an instructions follower. I’ve MOD’ed a few things, but they were minor things. If I ever build my own things, it’s small decorative items around my town. The biggest reason is that I’m a set collector, & don’t sort by part. So that hinders my want to MOC a bit. If I do, I buy the parts. But I will pull parts from sets to test things out.
  19. Vindicare

    Themes LEGO should discontinue

    In terms of delivery, take a look at the comment I quoted. That reads to me like you’re personally insulted that people don’t see things your way. In one thread recently, someone disagreed with you on something, & you accused them of crushing your hopes & dreams. It’s just a lot. I largely agree with your opinions on City. I’d love to see more variety in the businesses & vehicles we get. It was the only reason I bought that van & trailer set a few years back, because we’ve rarely, of ever, seen a van. I have more than enough trailers... likewise, I’d love more businesses than pizza places & bike shops, and banks, but they are few & far between. Understanding why LEGO sells what they do so frequently may help your views. Now, one could argue that the company doesn’t know if a set/theme based around X wouldn’t sell just as well as police & fire, but as much research as TLG does, I think it’s fair to say they know better. On the other hand, as well received as 8404 was, among AFOLs at least, it’s a bit surprising we haven’t seen something similar to it since.
  20. GarmaFan

    LEGO Ninjago 2020

    Is it true that there's no sign of Zane in the season 12 wave?
  21. nico71

    Nico71's Creations

    I have a small question to the specialist of clock. I am building a clock which is a bit special and can not figure out to find a name ! You can see it in functioning here : The pendulum is a horizontal pendulum compared to the classic vertical one (but not sure of this name because I did not find anything with horizontal pendulum). And the energy of the clock is given from a weight (battery box) which is fixed to an arm which can rotate from the up to the down (you can see the center of rotation with the 40t in the back and the two 5x7 frame) and gives energy to the anchor escapement. When it is down, a motor automatically lift it to the upper position. So, how do you call this kind of clock ?
  22. Accio Lego

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    We’ve only got four set numbers and some reasonably solid rumors that the third CMF next year will be Harry Potter series 2. Other than that it’s just speculation and educated guesses (i.e. nobody believes we’re only getting four sets, logic dictates that they’ll be based off the 5th and 6th movies but nothing confirms that yet, we’ll likely see another advent calendar but that’s not going to be confirmed for months, etc.).
  23. pantelis

    [Moc] Forest man Fort

    Thank you so much for this feedback for real.. Its to important for me to read that one of my creation like this gives some from nostalgia of the past... That means that iam doing something good... Thank you again for watching and see some of the details that i want to present to this creation!!!
  24. This is the perfect reason to introduce fluffy minifigs. It looks like Hulk-coloured Mogwai, so kawaiiiii
  25. Wout

    Greek National Highway Road

    That's quite an original moc. I've not seen mocs of highways before. Do you have also a pic of the otherside of the roadsigns?
  26. marvelBoy123

    Upcoming Builds...

    Nice mug! Ha ha ha. Which of the three builds is this?
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