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  2. grego18f

    LEGO Technic Supercar Auction

    An awesome model for an awesome cause. I love every detail into this supercar! I wish you good luck for the auction, and hope you will earn as much money as you deserve.
  3. efferman

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Yes, it is a Streamline
  4. Yeah! Tower promo is on its way. got an email today from Lego Vip. They have it now in the Netherlands.
  5. grego18f

    Effe's MOC Corner

    I really like your Scania (a Streamline isn't it?). The all white color scheme looks good to me, but you can maybe try to swap the white mudguards with black or dark grey ones. Well done for the V8 badge!
  6. TurboTj-DK

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    I have sent you a dm, I would be honored to be allowed to see the picture or hear any more details :D xD
  7. Drunknok

    Food for thought

    I like this channel a lot, and they have recently done an episode about sailors food of the 18th century: This should have you covered until the WTCM returns.
  8. LucasLaughing

    [CONTEST] Benny's Spaceships Building Academy

    Woo-hoo - thanks Bob!!
  9. ritztoys

    [MOC] Southern Pacific 4-10-2

    Thank-you Jeff, your design of this beautiful locomotive was just needing a little more detail(in my mind) as it will have it's own display case. Besides, it is very interesting to watch go by on a track layout and see all those 'rods' going through their movements. Not exactly like 'Baker Valve Gear', but similar. (I'll tear up the living room and move out furniture to lay out some track to test it!) Now all I have to do is build some rolling stock or some fancy coaches.(next fall)
  10. If the info is same, afaik it's only 3,000 set per country. Molten & Hydro set would be a great combo deal with that Tower, hoping to get another Tower on 22nd!
  11. JJ Tong  (zfogshooterz)

    [BSBA] Cat B - Benny's Locomotive/Spaceship

    The way the booster works is pretty cool. I also dig it's manueverability too! A pretty neat spaceship there!
  12. Roebuck

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    If you have it? What is in the calendar?
  13. Dannylonglegs

    The Forest 3 Mafia Sign-Up Thread

    Yeah I feel that. Dannylonglegs has no similarity to my actual name, which is Patrice, but I've grown to identify with it I remember the "Construction Man" ~Insectoid Aristocrat
  14. Digger of Bricks

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

  15. crazymotion

    Band of Brothers!

    Hello huys! If you love "Band of brothers" and Lego then I hope you will like "LEGO Band of Brothers" LOL Welcome to the premiere!
  16. When I joined I was Bob the Construction Man for whatever reason. Now it’s just Bob, even though that’s not my name or any variation of it. I’ve contemplated changing it to my actual name or to my normal online handle I use everywhere else but I’ve been Bob for over 10 years on EB so it’s not really feasible.
  17. The main reason that occurs to me is that Moana followed in Frozen's footsteps by not being licensed, marketed, or branded as part of the Disney Princess IP. Since the change of branding for Disney sets, LEGO has also introduced the "Tangled: The Series" subtheme, which is likewise separate from the Disney Princess brand, even though Rapunzel herself is a part of the roster of Disney Princesses. However, in general, most non-CMF, non-D2C, non-Ideas sets based on older Disney Animated Canon IPs have remained limited to the Disney Princess subtheme.
  18. DanSto

    [MOC] Easter Rabbit

    Thanks, carebear. Well, this morning, this rabbit get caught hiding some eggs Easter rabbit hiding eggs by Daniel Stoeffler, on Flickr Easter is coming ;).
  19. Digger of Bricks

    Sci-Fi Themed Collectable Minifigures - Wishlists and Speculation

    Here are a few other ideas of mine... Biomechanical Warrior/Alien (i.e. generic CMF homage to Bionicle) Steampunk Adventurer/Adventuress Jaeger (Pacific Rim-inspired counterpart to the S9 Battle Mech) Meteor Miner (M-Tron themed female counterpart to the S12 Space Miner) Superhero/Superheroine Space/Cyber Knight (i.e. generic CMF homage to Nexo Knights) Exactly! Plus, perhaps such a CMF can weave a little bit of Pacific Rim Jaeger Pilot into its design inspirations.
  20. Instantly recognisable. A few bricks. Cool. It will be interesting to see what they do with the story in ROS. I enjoyed the first two films, but the plot is kind of stuck at the moment.
  21. Aine

    [moc] Hadrians Wall

    wow, there's more than just them, very nice!
  22. Today
  23. fordtruckin

    Using vintage structures with newer, wider, vehicles

    It's your Lego diorama, make it the way you want it to be. It's your vision and you get to live with it. I'm sure once you have it built up and show some pictures you might get some more helpful suggestions on how to improve the visual appearance, but you just have to start somewhere and make improvements as you go along.
  24. Renny The Spaceman

    LEGO Star Wars 2019 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    The promo should of just been a Rebel friend figure
  25. Lots of great new parts in the recently-revealed Ninjago summer sets: Akita, a new multi-tailed wolf/fox mold resembling Japanese "kitsune" and similar fox spirits from Chinese, and Korean folklore A human version of Akita who wears miko (Japanese shaman/nun/shrine attendant) garb, plus a cape resembling kitsune tails and a mask/headdress resembling a kitsune face. A new style of spinner — this one lacks the clips on the sides which means it is a little less versatile in terms of connection points, but that also means that cosmetically it might function better as a general whirlpool or whirlwind shape. Appears in 9 different color combinations. New ninja hoods with a transparent aura around the head. Maybe a little Ninjago-specific, but also possibly useful for other Japanese-inspired fantasy characters. New Black, Reddish Brown, and Warm Gold (Pearl Gold) snake heads with Transparent Bright Orange fire motifs. In historic MOCs, I could see these working great as statues with a decorative glass or crystal inlay. Fire motifs are a common way of framing figures of spiritual power or significance in Middle Eastern and Asian art (comparable to halos and aureoles in European Christian art or the solar discs in Ancient Egyptian art). New snake-patterned shoulder armor in Warm Gold and Copper Metallic (Copper). A new polearm mold resembling a guandao/bisento/glaive in two different color combinations: Warm Gold/Transparent Bright Orange (Trans-Orange) and Titanium Metallic (Pearl Dark Gray)/Transparent Light Blue. Ice-encrusted samurai armor and helmets on zombie-like samurai minifigures. Other than the heads, these may be hard to use outside of Ninjago unless you have a really particular fantasy-heavy build in mind. A new fiery cobra hood and ice dragon wings, both punched from plastic sheets. These appear on a giant fire snake and ice dragon that would both be easy to adapt to a historical fantasy setting. Three different scrolls with Ninjago writing on them, punched from a single plastic sheet. Obviously meant to be Ninjago-specific, but I know many people have no trouble using parts with Asian or pseudo-Asian languages in historic settings regardless of their origins or meaning. A new giant shuriken/saw blade element in Transparent Light Blue and Warm Gold, potentially useful for traps in castles or ruins. Some very cool new sail shapes/patterns on the Landbounty. Like those from the movie version of Destiny's Bounty, they feel very historic in style, as opposed to the more sci-fi looking sails from Final Flight of Destiny's Bounty or Destiny's Shadow. As for recolors, which may be more enticing to people here: Lloyd's piandao-style sword from the movie recolored in Warm Gold. The khopesh, circular shield with center stud, and LOTR Elven polearm recolored in Copper Metallic (Copper) Wu's conical hat recolored in Sand Yellow (Dark Tan), plus a Sand Yellow cape of some kind on the same minifigure. A Transparent Light Blue recolor of the spiked shoulder armor previously seen on Maddox from The LEGO Movie 2 sets. All in all, not a whole lot of sets that will likely be especially desirable to historic builders who don't already enjoy Ninjago sets on the side, but certainly a lot of parts that might be worth taking a look at on Bricks & Pieces or BrickLink once the sets are out. There may even be more cool stuff that's harder to see in pics of the assembled sets.
  26. ninjagoyax555

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    could we see one or two extra sets?
  27. LDDproductions

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    So remember when that dude said I was lying about the advent calendar? I have the prelim now, dm me on Instagram at LDDProductions_ for the pic, can’t show here cuz it’s prelim. Please don’t post around.
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