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  2. Nazgarot

    Compressor - not enough oomph

    Remove the lifting-cylinder and test it without a load. It may be the seals in the cylinder as you say it worked the first few times... This seems a bit heavy a load for a single cylinder. I would try doubling it after having checked the cylinder. -ED-
  3. dr_spock

    Compressor - not enough oomph

    Have you checked for air leaks?
  4. Don't worry dears! I've baked some nice macadamia nut cookies for us all while we try to figure out who to zap with a magical scepter. How did I bake something underwater? Magic, that's how. Don't ask questions.
  5. Yes. When the add to cart button is not there it means they are out of stock. I’d imagine it was popular as it’s the only place in Aus I’ve seen them available. It looks like the 25% discount was only for 24hrs too but I suspect other retailers will release before Christmas as even the local S@H have them listed as coming Dec 18.
  6. I am so happy that MLCad is running as seewing machine ... For me, Studio is a cool LDraw model rendering engine. That's it. Seeing how TLG is cutting through the BrickLink garden, it will certainly remain like that. I appreciate when the software improves rendering wise. Best Thorsten
  7. Saberwing40k

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    Gad, I thought Lego was above this kind of corporate megablocks. I guess not. "We won't change anything", they said. It was a lie. It was all a lie. I kind of hate the conflict of interests, and sadly, there seems to be little we can do about it, besides jump ship. What's next, Lego buying fan forums? Price regulations on how much you can charge? I also hate the previous owners of Bricklink for throwing their fans under the bus. They could have said no. But, they don't care, they made their money. I'm really sad, because Brickowl tends to be more expensive.
  8. dr_spock

    [MOC] Santa's Space Sleigh

    Very festive MOC for the season. Good work and Merry Christmas.
  9. Toastie

    New train wheels tested by LEGO

    WHAT? I did not watch that video as others did and pointed out the ... way they researched. So they are pulling the environmental card? For train wheels??? Man. They should just reduce their cardboard box sizes to what is environmentally friendly and will make an orders of magnitude higher impact on the environment. I really don't like it, when someone tries to ride this wave - with zero impact: Trains - as they repeatedly said - are a niche (in a niche). What about life-time? These new material wheels do live how long? And then they are replaced? Phew. They should be careful pulling that card. In a niche. Best Thorsten
  10. I have no preference to which one is better. I enjoy both. Ok, in-house may be winning here. Day 053 of 365: Blacktron Pit Crew by dr_spock_888, on Flickr
  11. Oh seriously?! I’ve never heard of this taking place before now! Do you have any pictures?
  12. I agree about their website being low-functional. However, your problem lies within the shipping company that are sending it.
  13. The innocent looking thief very nice idea. I like the cookie jar too.
  14. zoth33

    [MOC] Castle with landscape WIP

    I like what I'm seeing so far. The rockwork and waterfalls look great. Is that a dungeon I see where the door is? Looks very promising so far.
  15. jimmynick

    What did you buy today?

    I got the UCS Porg to give to someone at Christmas. Don't tell them though!
  16. Toastie

    TLG acquires Bricklink (Boy or girl or in between doesn't matter) Please tell me that you did see this coming. What else? A very big company buys a comparably negligible company. Value-wise that is. Competition-wise it sucked a little - as the little one was doing nasty things. What on earth would be an alternative? Telling people that up to now, making stuff not approved by Big Brother was bad, but now, as Big Brother has acquired the place selling that bad stuff, selling it is not bad anymore? Really??? This is the most logical thing to unfold. And it will continue for sure - in the end everything will be as Big Brother wants it to be. He paid for it! Best Thorsten
  17. jimmynick

    Going to the United Kingdom soon!

    Have fun and take care. Legoland Windsor is really fun (or at least it was last time I visited more than fifteen years ago). If you want to extend your LEGO adventure, check out the shop in Leicester Square.
  18. Robert8

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    I don't it will happen after the TLM2
  19. I'd gladly do the honors by hammering a chisel into their head.
  20. Different tools for different jobs. Sheets for when I need to be mobile while hunting Gorgons. Excel for heftier data crunching. And paper when I want to feel old and waste my time. Bah!
  21. Here are all the pictures of my Wild West stuff on display at Our Lady of the Snows, in Belleville, Illinois until December 31st. US army Fort Legoredo, circa mid-1885. The town of Legoredo, part 1. The town of Legoredo, part 2. rear-wheel steamboat Proud Mary and the Boulder Cliff Canyon Bridge. Rapid River Village, part 1. Rapid River Village - part 2, with skull butte and the village elder's tepee's on top. This is not all my stuff - the Indian village was designed by another Gateway LUG member, and the red stagecoach was brought in by a third member. My father designed the elevated wooden box-risers next to the skull mountain, under the cubed tan felt. Any thoughts?
  22. Bah! Sheets. In my day we had double entry ledgers and mechanical adding machines. None of this fancy pew pew. We pitchforked ‘em properly up close and personal.
  23. StudWorks

    DNR Shifter Issue

    @Gray Gear Thanks for the advice. You mentioned having overlapping liftarms left, right and above the frames mounted in the center. I am not sure how to do that, my issue is that I can't find a solution to mounting the frames to the beams on the side, as mentioned in my previous comment. And the main problem I am facing with is this... This is the shell of my gearbox that holds all the gears. And this is what happens when it goes under torque. In the picture above, you can see that the axle is bent. Do you have an example of how I can fix the bending and mounting issues? Thank you.
  24. My tentacles give me all the mobility one could ever need. But had I not the tentacles, your fins would be a fabulous alternative. And I already use Excel (Google Sheets actually, so it's mobile) for my coral-related and Gorgon-hunting duties.
  25. Lionbear8

    The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    Still no word on LBM 2? Been over a year since the director said anything. Fact his working on a live action movie currently, unrelated to Batman. Surely WB will see the potential in releasing another one, as the first one did so well? IMBD has it down for 2022 release. Not sure where that came from. I would love it to come out after the Batman Movie with Patterson. That way my wallet can recover from sets released in 2021. Thoughts guys?
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  27. Roadmonkeytj

    Pirate ship WIP

    Looking forward to seeing completed pics
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