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  2. Reaper

    Hello my name is Franz

    Welcome to Eurobricks!
  3. Reaper

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to Eurobricks! Would like to see some of your mocs.
  4. Very nice! I like the use of the stickered element on top of the door.
  5. Reaper

    [N10 - Commenor - TCR] Dukoolar's Reassignment

    Very nice! How did you make the coaxium? Is it by cutting the lightsaber pieces? They fit really well in the newer suitcases.
  6. Robert8

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    I think 1 wave per year is good enough.
  7. hi. i tried the brickcontroller 2 last month and still didnt get it to find my Sbricks :/ tried to update it and even try on another phone.
  8. Lego David

    What happened with Functions/Play Features?

    Well that is the thing. Most of the functions we get now days are just either some kind of launcher/blaster or a detach function. The Spider Man one you mentioned if sort of a exception. So yeah, I know that they are still out there, but I feel like the become less and less common... Gear functions are barely used on rare occasions.
  9. Sir Godric

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Do they sell the June wave in Lego stores first like last year or in all shops??
  10. koalayummies

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Oh yeah thank you! I remember that from January but didn't realize they were doing it every month. That is awesome, thanks. New Elementary is excellent and Jonas' highlights are great.
  11. SpiderSpaceman

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    Another pointer - go to - the guy who runs that blog has been featuring another guy’s monthly updates spreadsheet for bricks and pieces. Watch out for the tabs at the bottom.
  12. Here's my Class 2 entry based on a standard sloop: Spirit of Sir Edward - Class 2 Sloop R M G C $ H 2 3 0 0 5 2 Possibly my favorite build so far. C&C welcome!
  13. Vindicare

    What happened with Functions/Play Features?

    Well, I can confirm the Galaxy Squad set you mentioned is alive & well in 76114 Spider-Man’s Spider-Crawler, I just finished taking it apart. Just looking at what sets I’ve built recently, 70829 Escape Buggy has a launching feature, 70835 Rexplorer has a smaller shuttle that detaches from the main one. Pretty much every Superheroes set has at least one. They’re out there.
  14. KotZ

    Heroica RPG 2.0

    Yeah, that's why I mentioned faction equipment instead. Just spitballing. As for the percentile, it definitely has more of a DnD flair I think, and as you mentioned the problem is making it not too math heavy, as some QMs (namely me) have issues with math. And then consider the idea of having the proficiency levels, do you add more proficiences or levels? More levels would force nerf a lot if the game continued. I was thinking percentile for combat. Skills could be a simple pass/fail system or up to QM discretion. I'm thinking for a test quest I might not do percentiles, just because I don't feel too confident in how they would work yet.
  15. Guyon2002

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Nope, just Star Wars and in-house themes
  16. Bricktober figures don't leak on their own, the only times something has leaked from a Bricktober pack it was a picture of the pack itself
  17. Today
  18. I feel like this is a deflection from someone who was called out. Haydn names Myrtle, so Myrtle votes for Braxton, the other option that Haydn pointed out. There isn't any thought behind it. The other thing odd about this vote is that Myrtle intentionally left out the fact that Haydn voted for Braxton. So Myrtle is actually voting with Haydn but doesn't really seem to want us to pick up on that. Vote: Myrtle Monkey Braxton's comments about the neutral display a lot of certainty, but the only certainty that anyone could have is if they were a neutral themselves. Our host called out that there are two mafia factions. It's reasonable for someone less familiar with convention to see that that Third Party characters are also called out and for someone to assume that they exist. Personally, I think that people are reading too much into Braxton's comment there and those accusing him for that are just being lazy. Myrtle appears to be the laziest offender. This from Braxton is something different. There's nothing helpful here. The vote is retaliatory with nothing to really explain why Haydn is scummy. Calling your behavior townie doesn't make it so. Voting only helps if you're going to explain your vote beyond "Might as well start the lynch". Why this lynch? On a slightly different note... that fabric for the bonnet isn't made from some kind of tortilla, is it? I do love me a good wrap. Might be better to take Whitby up on the fried chicken offer instead. I wouldn't want to eat Pernilla, no matter how delicious she looks, if she's some kind of oracular pig. Whitby?
  19. Heh, that’s a great idea! It looks pretty good. Excellent choice of minifigure. I imagine it went through quite the cleaning...getting that smell out takes some work I bet.
  20. Completed the first motorized version of my switch. Please let me know what you think of it.
  21. Lego David

    What happened with Functions/Play Features?

    There may be still plenty of play features, but I noticed how they tend to become simpler nowdays then the complex, large one we used to get. Such as this The Hive Crawler, has (IMO) one of the best functions ever, where when you move it, it's legs move, making it look like it's actually crawling, being an amazing audition to the already great set. Another example The Aerial Defense Unit has the function where you push a button and the twin rotors spin automatically. While this type of function may still be present in Technic sets, I never see it being used in System sets. So, while some functions are still present, they don't add much to the overall set, as compared to the two sets I mentioned above. Larger functions such as those rarely appear nowdays as far as I am aware.
  22. @Josephiah Thank you for your reply. Currently (and what is shown in the video), the switch and train do not interact with eachother. The train was simply programmed to run and switch direction when it noticed a the green tile (on the left, not visible in the video), a red or a yelow tile. Meanwhile, I was operating the switch with a PF remote control. But, the PF motor will be replaced (of course :-) by an EV3 motor connected to a second EV3. I also want to add sensors, to confirm that moving the switch went ok. Next, I will program the EV3's to communicate with each other. The idea is that there will be a monorail track on our layout with two reverse loops. The loops will each have a switch and the train will need to set the switch in the right position. One reverse loop will be at the delivery station, where the empty containers can be loaded onto the monorail. And the second reverse loop will be at the Candy warehouse, where the empty containers will be dropped. For this year, the (un)loading of the empty containers will be manually. It just saves time to walk between the two locations with the empty containers. Yes, I know this sounds lazy and yes, we are ... Of course, I'm thinking already how to get the empty containers automatically loaded onto the train and put back on the conveyor belt at the warehouse... but that's for next year. First things first, and that means for 2019 to finish the EV3 monorail. Enjoy, Hans
  23. bbqqq

    Floating Lego display !!

    Easy way to make floating Lego display. Lego + magnetic levitation platform(Delorean 21103).
  24. Accio Lego

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Our hearts would sing, but our wallets would weep. I’m already super hyped about getting the advent calendar this year when just last year there were people saying it wouldn’t happen. It proves that Lego has noticed how popular Harry Potter is (has there ever been a licensed advent calendar for a theme other than Star Wars?) and it also gives Harry Potter a chance to stand on even footing with some of the biggest themes.
  25. New red differential and new red gear 16t with clutch does not work together so well as dark bluish gray combination due to symmetrical design of red gear with 16 tooth...
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