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  2. meliander

    Lego City 2021 Rumours, information and discussion

    The new road system looks good, but the thing I don't understand is why not make it compatible with baseplates? From what I understand the roads are exactly 2 plates now (instead of 1.5), so you can't connect the roads to simple green/gray baseplates... Also, I only have 4 old road plates, but I can imagine the pain of those people who are in the middle of building a city with the old ones.
  3. Mandalorianknight

    Future Star Wars Sets

    I was stumped on how to make a good kessel set, this would be pretty good. Segwa is the old wookie, right? As cool as it would be, a UCS lego motorized AT-AT is, from a physics standpoint, impossible. There are a few MOCs of UCS AT-ATs, but they're usually massive and require some glue applications to be stable (Cavegod's excellent MOC comes to mind). When you throw in the space that would need to be created in the legs and "hips" for motorized elements, it's impossible to keep it structurally integral at that scale with lego. Even if it was possible to create that space, the weight factor alone would cause the motors to either not work or the build to collapse. I've done all the films, so here comes a wave for each show. Clone wars gets 2, since the Seige of Mandalore was basically a movie. Clone wars (excluding SoM) wave: Microfighters: V-19 torrent ($9.99): Clone pilot (p1) Hyena bomber ($9.99): b1 rocket battle droid Ahsoka's ETA-2 starfighter vs vulture droid ($19.99): Ahsoka tano (seasons 3-5), Buzz droid (x2) Battle packs: Clone legions ($14.99): 2x clone shiny (p2), coruscant guard (p2), 212th trooper (p2). Build is an accurately sized AT-RT. Separatist droids ($14.99): 4x b1 battle droid, 2x b2 battle droid, 1x buildable crab droid (small), 1x buildable droidika, 1x buildable dwarf spider droid. Duel: Duel on Mandalore ($19.99): Build of some of the mandalore throne room with savage Opress, Maul, and Sideous. Other sets: Battle of Kamino ($29.99, 501st style): kamino platform with explode features, comes with 2x p1 shinies, p1 501st trooper, p1 212th trooper, and 2 brick-built aqua droids. Tank droid attack ($39.99): Large snail tank droid build with some terrain that has on it clone barricades and an E-web predecessor. Comes with 2x b1 battle droids, Mace Windu, Ponds (p1), and Anakin Skywalker (seasons 1-2). Clone Wars Dogfight ($79.99): Build of a republic z-95 starfighter and a small vulture droid. Comes with 2x p2 clone pilots (warthog and a normal pilot), Obi-wan kenobi (seasons 3-7), commander cody (p2), count dooku, and a droidika. 501st Gunship ($119.99): LAAT gunship in 501st colors with an accurately sized AT-RT that can fit in the back. Figures are 2 501st p2 clone pilots, Rex, Fives, 2x 501st troopers, a 501st ARF trooper, anakin (seasons 3-6), and 2 umbaran soldiers. The Malevolence ($159.99): Large Malevolence cruiser with interior bridge, hyperdrive, corridor, and microscale versions of the maglev train area and hanger. Figures are Grievous, Kenobi (seasons 1-2), Padme, Ahsoka (seasons 1-2), 2x magnaguard, 2x b1 battle droid, plo koon, and 2x p1 wolfpack troopers. Helmets: Clone trooper ($69.99): p1 clone trooper helmet with some extra tiles to change the markings. Battle droid ($49.99): UCS: UCS Y-wing (clone wars): comes with anakin (seasons 1-2, arm printing), Rex (p1, arm printing), and r2-d2 (swiveling head and third leg).
  4. I read on IG that these are out on the streets already I assume more pics will be uploaded at any moment now By the way, whoever snatched that bag never posted the pic of the minfigure they got. Interesting...
  5. how does the front suspension work? I cannot see any springs for the front 2 axles? yet they are independent of each other? great looking build
  6. The green star means your creation is on the front page when people go directly to eurobricks! Congrats!
  7. Dr.Cogg

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon.
  8. Today
  9. It will be the violinist and the beekeeper for me. I think there is an interesting variety to reach many people (sci-fi, urban, costumes); for that regular CMF collection, since it happens only once a year, 16 MF would have been nice, but I’m OK with only 2 to buy, probably on EB (local Walmart don’t keep CMF anymore and not very inclined to feel the bags at local toy store for a while)
  10. gedren_y

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Raya and the Last Dragon set leak. There is what looks like a purple fox, and what I'm sure is the "dragon" seems to be an armadillo-like creature with a more hedgehog-looking face. The set shows a large "dragon" being ridden, but the images from the movie on IMDb show small young version. We'll probably get both.
  11. Guess it's just the Mando set for me. I don't like the new TF at all (although are those vertical streaks on the pilot helmet new?) - it's just too squat. No point getting the new shuttle either as the 2015 version is clearly more detailed/larger and the figs included I already have from other sets. Guess the Xwing isn't terrible but I only collect bad guy stuff generally.
  12. Welcome to the new LDD, where parts are included even before Lego releases the actualy model
  13. Samppu

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Especially Vader looks cool! Where did you get them?
  14. I love those crates/containers! The wall details are nice too
  15. jonwil

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    I would LOVE a hippo for sure. And a Giraffe.
  16. Vindicare

    10278 Police Station

    I would say no. They’re just weird when it comes to post offices it seems. The last one we got was the WV one over a decade ago I believe. We did get a mail plane....this year(last?), but that’s about it lately.
  17. Such beautiful styling on this beast, you achieved a perfect ratio of old and new technic. I agree with you, about LEGO showing its LEGO-ness.. if I want an RC car with a filled out frame that's what I'll go buy. no offence to the guys who build those kinds of things, this vehicle is just exactly what I love about technic. Great work. The stalwart drive train is spectacular, by the way. Such a strange yet effective way of doing it, and well replicated.
  18. I could be wrong but I don’t think the violin will fit in the violin case from the S5 gangster. also I wonder what they plan to to for the centaurs display stand will they fit her on one or two or just make a new piece.
  19. Karalora

    Seasonal Parts and Minifigs We Need!

    Was it? I could have sworn it was part of the Halloween Monsters. *double-checks list* So you're right! Thanks for the correction. It's true that people tend to wear angel costumes as part of Christmas pageants with a religious message. But I think that absent that larger context, as a standalone CMF, it could squeak by. There is no shortage of humanoid figures with feathered wings in general. The Flying Warrior could easily be construed as a martial angel.
  20. HRC

    Marvel Superheroes 2020 - Rumors & Discussion

    I hope they do WandaVision sets. I would like a casual vision and Wanda. Like Falconfan said earlier, the Shang Chi sets could be 30 and 40 dollars. I hope the sets are movie-accurate, that's all. Like a fight scene set and a location-based set.
  21. Aanchir

    10278 Police Station

    Right! Thank you for the reminder. I'm surprised I forgot so easily, because I was looking at interior pics of the Brick Bank only a couple weeks ago to refresh my memory about how the chimney and fireplace were constructed.
  22. Mister Phes

    New LEGO Pirate Emoji Ideas

    Solder and Imperial Guard Commanders.
  23. Yeah, that Jaguar Warrior is outstanding. The last time we got a similar figure it was the Aztec Warrior. I think he is my #1 or #2 favorite fig from this series. #1 probably goes to the space policeman, probably because I like science fiction figs so much!
  24. daikoncat

    [MOC] Robotech/Mospeada Cyclone

    Hi All, My first post here, nice to meet everyone. I'm just sharing my recent MOC. Please check out my VR-052F Cyclone Ride-Armor from the Robotech/Mospeada 1980's classic animation. For those who are not familiar with the Cyclone, it was a type of armored motorcycle that a rider was able to transform into a wearable exo-suit for battle. It was one of the iconic vehicles in the Robotech/Mospeada series. It was really fun bringing this design to life in LEGO form!: Armor-Bike and Rider Mode Ride-Armor Mode This MOC is fully transformable between Armor-Bike and Ride-Armor modes. You can check out the transformation sequence here: LEGO VR-052F Cyclone Ride-Armor Transformation More higher quality images can be found on my Flickr: Daikoncat's Photostream If you really like this MOC, I would appreciate it very much if you help me reach my next goal of 1k supporters on LEGO Ideas. You can find my project page here: Lego Ideas Robotech/Mospeada Cyclone I am already aware of the licensing hurdles, but it still doesn't hurt for me to try. If you are interested in instructions, I am working on it Thanks for taking the time to check out my MOC -Daikoncat
  25. AFOLguy1970

    10278 Police Station

    Brick Bank has one on the upper level in the receptionist area next to the bank manager office. It is basically a printed keyboard with an envelope clipped to it. The one in the police station looks much better with its printing.
  26. LegoDW

    I couldn't wait for set 60285...

    Hopefully it will be a huge seller and TLG will offer some new 6 stud wide vehicles back in the Speed Champions line.
  27. LegoDW

    Maybe my intreptation of this is wrong, but...

    Good catch.
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