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  2. Yeah, it's like new mold or nothing.
  3. Shame that we won’t be getting classic comic AIM soldiers, but this sounds pretty cool too
  4. Yes, I will do customs. The only stipulation is that if you want a custom shape, you have to provide a vector based file. I can handle the art or mixing and matching the colors.
  5. jorgeopesi

    Generic machinery

    It uses 1 L motor, 1 servo and another L motor for the pumps but I think with 1 S motor would be enough. The L motor is going to a 8 gear and then to a 40 one.
  6. Mandalorianknight

    LEGO Star Wars 2020 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    True, (though I still think the old republic trooper figures had the best heavy blasters), The stud shooter has it's uses, but at the very least lego could throw in accurate weapons too. They can't be THAT expensive to produce, and lego keeps the stud shooters in as play features. he does, I really like the damaged robes on these variants and the faceprint is great too.
  7. I already did ;)
  8. Ankoku

    The Sun (GBC) Instructions

    I've had my first instance of hot linking. Not entirely surprised to find that it was China. It was linked to via: Will be interesting to see if it occurs again, or they realise that hot linking isn't going to be a thing.
  9. I think we've known that for a bit as he would've had to be a big enough build to be part of the leaked set descriptions, but it's nice to have it confirmed. sp//Dr would be a very interestin build though. Thanks. It makes it much less likely. If you mean the aviator cap, that's incredibly disappointing. It'd almost be better for them to have no helmet.
  10. Roadmonkeytj

    Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    Well it was 85 last week... Thus far this week its been in the 60s ... Fall is here leaves are changing but not dropping ... Yet. @Mesabi what part of the Midwest are you? im NE corner of indiana and 55 is the lowest we have seen (at night)
  11. dragnalyn


    I'm new on this forum and I signed in just for this model! First, you did a wonderful job! This model is amazing! I saw it on a website and after some searched, I think that this is a fake: Do you know this site? Is this your model? The price seems very low ! Is this even possible?
  12. Meatcan

    [MOC WIP LDD] Psycho Zaku from Gundam Thunderbolt

    WOw this is amazing!! Any chance I could get the LDD file? I am trying to make a Gouf custom, and this would be a perfect starting point.
  13. Kim-Kwang-Seok

    LEGO Star Wars 2020 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!!!

    I really don't get certain things. Sure kids won't care all thaaat much. But does it hurt to reuse a NEW hairpiece and maybe make it in a new colour? These factors can fix the decision for many ALOF's as well as some kids, to buy a set or not. Can someone somewhere ask a Lego employee WHY they are always doing this? Seriously; I'm just curious to understand! Since like 3-4 years Lego has started to creat new hairpieces like crazy. Ninjago movie Zane, Cole, Jay, Nya's hairpieces - Batman movie hairpieces - scobie doo hairpieces - non of them get reused or recoloured and we get the same old lame hairpieces in the same colours over and over again. Why?! Especially when there are movie characters for which we have so much more accurate pieces available now?
  14. mpj

    Liebherr R 918 Litronic

    Hello! Very well done, very compact. Maybe the only part I would change a little is the counterweight, maybe it should be a little more curved
  15. Actually Qui-Gon Jinns hair in blonde color would work perfectly for Thor.
  16. Rey? I want Oldman Luke's hair form him. Lolz. As for AIM Soldier there won't be new molds for them. They will use Pilot helmet and breather (crossbones) together with the leaked yellow head.
  17. MAB

    Open questions

    If they look too LEGO like, then people won't buy them as they might as well buy the LEGO versions instead. For example, I have some of their tridents, and these have the 'wrapping' details on them. Of course, they could have made it look more like LEGO ones and left that detail off: But then what would the point of them be? Sometimes people want compatible parts that are a bit more detailed than LEGO make. Same with their helmets, for the most part they are more detailed than LEGO ones, and come in many more forms. So they are ideal for anyone that wants a bit more detail in their minifigures outfits. The Sarissa spear is meant to be long - 12-20 foot long, so 2-3 times the height of a minifigure. Same with the similar pike. These are not one handed weapons. Here is the picture of them from wikipedia: Of course, both these could be more lego like with a plain blade and longer shaft, so one of these but longer: However, I like that the detail makes the Sarissa one look a little more primitive whereas the pike looks like the spear end is nailed or riveted on.
  18. You should repost this on the forum
  19. I was hoping for TLJ Rey's hair in a new colour. Shame.
  20. Bregir

    Ye Olde BoBS Drinking Hole

    I am fairly certain Kai is 'Murican? So "down here" might only mean slightly more southern...
  21. I've created 2nd MOC from 42077: Formula Grand Prix Racer to be seen here:
  22. After great success of my 1st moc from 42077 24 Hours Race Car I come with another buildInspired by official lego 42000 trying to make it color pleasing (but shorter and wider)(azure blue - wings, white - main bodywork, black - bottom, gray - back axle, red - details and exposed edges)using 84% of parts from 42077dimensions 50x22x13cm* Independent front and rear suspension* Opening back engine hood* 6-piston engine connected to rear axle* Adjustable rear wing elevation by handle in drivers cockpit* HOG front wheel steering + working steering wheel* possible to built with/without HALO driver protection55 pages of generated instructions (A4 landscape orientation) - sample on bricksafe
  23. shadefoundry

    LEGO Ninjago 2019

    Its funny, I just picked up the Fire Fang as well. I really like the way it looks but I'm not entirely a fan of the fact that it's kind of lacking in articulation. Have there been any modifications done to add more to the body? I'd love to be able to make it more poseable.
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  25. Anders T


    Cog or Kogge A cog is a type of ship that first appeared in the 10th century, and was widely used from around the 12th century on. Eventually, around the 14th century, the cog reached its structural limits. This model is a somewhat generic version of this ship. However, some features narrows it down to being from around 1300, +-50 years. The ship type was a northern European brake from the sleek Viking ship. The need for spacious and relatively inexpensive ships led to the development of this trader workhorse. Fore and stern castles would be added for defense against pirates, or to enable use of these vessels as warships. It is in minifig-scale or 1:40’ish. The model will have the dimensions Length: 68 cm, Height: 75 cm (with stand), Width: 19 cm (Beam) There is approx. 4300 bricks in the model.
  26. adde51

    Rankan - tripod

    Thanks a lot, yeah those "feet" are a bit bulky to fit into a build Thank you, glad you liked it! Haha, that would be something
  27. Anders T

    HMS Surprise

    Thanks man, I know it is not your dreamboat, but doesn’t it rather hit the spot as well. Thanks! Thanks. One of the reasons why I chose to build her back in 2011 (First take on the ship) was because of the abundance of material about her. This is mainly due to the Aubrey-Maturin Novels. After LW19 she was put in boxes. I will do an effort to get some better pictures if/when she is up for another event. Until then we will just have to make do with these. Thus the initial apology and link to better pictures. Yep I also took a whack at improving the pictures before, and decided to leave them as they were.
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