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  2. Couldn’t say, as I’d never heard of of Airfix or a Hawker Harrier until you mentioned them. The latter may express my own ignorance, I don’t know. Anyway, getting off topic, so I apologize.
  3. Berthil

    [GBC] Akiyuki Ball Factory

    @dunes looks promising! :) I only see a movement of the bucket emptier when it is up and left timer of the bucket shifter that need attention. Other than that just check all amplitudes so that nothing is pushing against a 'stop'. The manual crank should run almost without any resistance, movements of most 'resistance' there are in fact lifting up the bucket emptier and rotating the wheel.
  4. AmperZand

    [Modded] Disney 2 minifigures

    @Digger of Bricks Thanks! I wasn’t sure that it would be clear that that was what I intended to convey 😉
  5. Reaper

    [MOC] Space interceptor

    Hi! Thanks for the feedback! The height of the ship is a problem since the cockpit is a tight fit, but I don't see how I can make the ship taller without making it a lot more bulkier. For the cannons, I initially planned to have them on the wings, but whilst building the back I just had that piece sticking up, and I ought to put something on it otherwise it kinda looked weird. Again, this was a build off what parts I had lying around (I don't have that much spare bricks) and is one of my first actual MOCs. I aimed it to be kind of like something you'd find in Star Wars, and most of their ships are grey. Your feedback means a lot and I really appreciate it
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  7. So far I found way more resource hungry than LDD. It's actually hard to get it work reasonably on hardware ~5 years old. Plus it cannot handle LDD groups when importing -> no incentive to switch.
  8. Maaboo35

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    It's TLG. What do you think?
  9. JK_AFOL

    [MOC] Luciano Pavarotti

    Thank you for your comment paupadros. It's good to know that you like this little creation :) Maybe I will make some more if I find some free time...
  10. 7982Brick

    Disney Wishlists

  11. blondasek

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    I really hope that PF-PU cables will not cost tons of money...
  12. Pchan1983

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Watched Detective Pikachu last Sunday, it's surprisingly good. My review here.
  13. Exetrius

    GoH Book III

    Welcome back!
  14. skppo

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    The lineup of various batterybox/hub elements seems rather bloated to me. Do we really need all these different types?
  15. Many modern warfare models, kits, toys, etc are sold in toy stores. I doubt that kid cares much about the branding. Is a LEGO Hawker Harrier any worse than an Airfix Hawker Harrier?
  16. siuliano

    Index: LEGO Ideas Support Thread - Pirates

    Great! Thanks a lot!
  17. So apparantly Zemo will return in the Falcon and Winter Soldier TV series, really hope they make sets based on this as I'd love to finally get him as a figure. Also, rumors suggest Bucky will be using Cap's Infinity War shields, to bad we didn't get a new mold for that...
  18. This is a dumb change. Plain and simple. They need to get their heads out of their butts.
  19. Hello, I've been searching for a while now, but can't find anything that really helps me out. I would like to convert a Multi Part Document (MPD) file to Lego Digital Designer (LDD/LXF). I've imported the MPD file into LDCad (from what I read online this is the way to do it), but when I save (as) it's still a MPD file. Can someone tell me how to convert the file so that I can open it in LDD? Thank you in advance. Ps. I've searched this forum for answers, but couldn't find any. If there are than excuse me for making this topic.
  20. Very nice! Just finished assembling the Zeux with my kid(I was doing most of the heavy lifting) and we do find the manual control gears requires a little too much effort to operate. As I personally like the look of the Zeux and intend to leave it assembled and played with(as opposed to my other technic sets), is there anyway/anywhere I can get more details so I can attempt this on my own?
  21. Haddock51

    Switch modification

    @Toastie A modification of the throw lever to the opposite side would also imply that the lever would point in the opposite direction. A trained "switch eye" would of course immediately notice this difference compared to standard throw levers. Strange that no one so far has commented this consequence (either because it is simply too obvious or because it doesn't matter for non fundamentalists ...). I checked some switches IRL (Weichensignale Deutschland) and found among others these two pictures. Unlike LEGO's standard switches, they both show levers (combined with switch signals) on the straight side of the switch which seems to be standard in Germany (and most likely in other countries as well). So the modified version would actually be the "correct" one compared to reality, showing straight position when lever points away from track.
  22. Seasider

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    I saw some of this on Instagram this morning. Very interesting and slightly annoying as I’d invested in an sbrick not too long ago and it looks like this will do the same. Very happy to see there will be adapted cables for the current PF system stuff. I assume we’ll see the H2 sets soon too now that this is out
  23. Ross Fisher

    [PA Cup - Cat B Class 1] A'chua's Catamaran

    I think this boat has now won a BOBS card for finishing in the top 3 in its class. Since it has no cargo space and no guns, please can the card either rectify one of these things, or be transferable? It might be time for A'chua to settle down and have a family...
  24. rener

    MOC: The Coral Hotel

    Truly sweet MOC! This fits very nicely with the latest modulars, especially Downtown Diner. Somehow it reminds me of "Hotel Coral Essex", from Revenge of the Nerds...;)
  25. Work of art, mate. Work of art.
  26. Your software is great and has some good functionality, although I got an issue: I have some trouble getting the GetColor() function to work properly in the code editor. It says it puts the result into a string, but when I try to handle it as such a get loads of compiling errors. Is there something I am looking over?
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