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  2. Brick Cucumber

    LEGO 2019 Stranger Things Rumours Discussion

    Someone finally printed some tiles for Castle Byers!
  3. Eurobricks

    [MOC] Blue3

    Eurobricks member Mitch Henry created the topic [MOC] Blue3. Click on the link or on the image to visit this featured topic.
  4. Unfortunately this does not help. Regarding to the manual B+Home is iCade mode which should work with iOS, and in fact the controller pairs with the phone but your app does not recognize any input. Very strange... Haven't tried it with any other app though.
  5. I haven't used them myself, but @BrianGT did post an image showing a comparison between the crown and the headlight. Take a look at this post: Regards, David
  6. Stranger Things have happened.
  7. makoy

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Exactly my thoughts. It's interesting that in two different shops I went -- there was a PAB that has that legs assembly with paw prints pattern, and there was one without those paw prints pattern.
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  9. The worm gear can slide along regular axles and i use it to make a variable leght axle. It can slide about a stude total up and down the lenght. It is realiable and can handle a lot more of torque compared to a CV joint but it is significantly longer thant a CV joint. Had to be used for steering with the servo as the live front axle has a lot of motion and solid connection just get disconnected. Independent axles would be a bit to wide for my moc. And i wanted to test my metle with live axles. If i used independent i would only have to deal with U joints and CV in the axles but they are braced so they wouldn't pop out. I will use independent axles in my next moc as i plan to build a Mass Effect Mako exploration vehicle. These bad boy's will be used in the comming days, but i still have the CV joints to deal with in power delivery from the XL motor.
  10. Carsten Svendsen

    [MOC] FAP 2026 6x6 BS-AV Serbian military truck

    What's the worm gear on an angle used for, that I spot on the undercarriage?
  11. I could see this as a real possibility. It's on a similar level to Stranger Things and has a big enough following.
  12. I'm pretty sure the render is taken directly from the game's marketing. I would love a Doomsday big-fig but I doubt they'd make one with his containment suit on.
  13. I could see them doing some minifigure packs for the Disney+ shows, it would work well with the 2 heroes and a villain.
  14. They can be used when you only want a certain rotation that is not 360 degrees I guess using its axle as a limiter.
  15. Brick Cucumber

    Disney CMF - Wishlists

    I feel like this would be unlikely as the character is banned in... certain markets...
  16. Rustinidiel

    Question about the Corporate Alliance Tank Droid (75015)

    with Lego all is possible with a bit of imagination... i see the model, is possible, buti think the real problem is the dishes... you will have a minifig inside but the dishes are firm, not openable... and... what minifig you want inside? Edit: I've worked a bit on the model and with some added parts (red) nd some other erased an example of clone trooper can fit inside.. the real problem remain the dishes.. i've not found a way to have a openable sliding dish... the only thing i think works is a attached dish deattachable... (sorry for my bad english) you can remove a dish, put inside the minifig and reconnect the dish again...
  17. jimmynick

    EB Members Title Archive

    your posts were quite amusing; glad you've got a souvenir out of it.
  18. Hi! Welcome to Eurobricks! It should be possible to make an interior but it'll be a hard time getting the minifig in and out of the tank due to the treads and the dishes on the sides.
  19. Hello, I think this post is more appropriate. Not sure about that but there is a chance. If you don't you could try customer service.
  20. Karalora

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    My guess would be that it's this piece without the paw prints.
  21. Rogue One hasn't been doing too badly. Over the past nine months we've already seen releases of Antoc Merrick, Bail Organa, Bacta Tank Vader and Vader's Castle. While there's still some notable omissions from the past three Disney movies that haven't been covered yet, I'd argue the Prequel Trilogy has much more.
  22. This thread follows on from @manglegrat's re-creation threads for the EAS Agamemnon and EAS Schwarzkopf. As many of you may well know, I found Manglegrats LDD files and this thread a while back, detailing the recreation of @Rolsen's EAS Agamemnon from SHIPtember 2016. I've said it before, and I'll reiterate my admiration for the creativity both these guys have shown with versions 1.0 and 1.1. What began originally as a personal redesign has blossomed into a full instructions project. Both Ryan (rolsen) and David (manglegrat) have been involved during development, providing valuable feedback, guidance, suggestions and encouragement. Today, we present this: a full color, 364 page, secured PDF of instructions to build the v1.2 series design of the Omega Class Destroyer from Babylon 5. At present, this is a digital-only release in PDF form, accompanied by an XML parts list file, and image files for the UCS-style placard and decals for the ship. The PDF includes in-universe background of the 'future history' background in Babylon 5, a brief history of the design, brief design team bio's, background of the original design and creation of the Omega class by Paul Bryant for Babylon 5, and a graphical parts list. If you've been following the thread on the recreation of the EAS Agamemnon, you'll already know that this has been a long term, labor-of-love project and that there is no intent to profit directly from these instructions. I've not licensed the intellectual property, nor am I sole designer... so we three have agreed to release this under a donation-ware model. So here's how this works: 1. Select a humanitarian charity. 2. Donate AUD$15 (about USD$10) to that charity 3. Email the receipt to 4. You'll receive by return email a download link for your distribution package 5. Unzip that package to folder of your choosing on your device/computer 6. Open the password protected PDF. XML and PNG files included in the distribution are not secured. Whilst the images are included for you to print your own stickers, we've partnered with OKBrickWorks (on both eBay and Bricklink) to offer high quality decals at the following prices: Achilles/Agamemnon decal sets (name, EA logo, UCS Sticker) : USD$15 for domestic US shipping, +USD$2 postage elsewhere. Custom name version: Add USD$3 to christen your ship with a different name. As far as charities to donate to are concerned, our only requirement is that they are genuine, humanitarian charities. Secular is good, a-political is essential. I've no desire to get into a discussion about whether a $10 donation to the National Rifle Association, your political party of choice, the KKK, Greenpeace, your local church group or the next GoFundMe that comes along, is suitable. If in doubt, please contact me and ask. Global charities that I've suggested are the likes of Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders), Mercy Ships, Unicef and World Vision. One smart idea I heard recently is to donate a supply of vaccines through the World Health Organisation to impoverished nations. Charities that educate, ease poverty, help those escaping domestic violence/persecution, and those supporting mental health sufferers. In Australia, there are several that are close to my heart, such as RizeUp (a domestic violence charity supported by a number of local AFOLs and Lego resellers), Childrens Hospital Foundation, The Fred Hollows Foundation, and Beyond Blue. Now, at time of posting this, Flickr is having MAJOR downtime for maintenance, so I'll try posting images from alternate hosts and then edit this post afterwards.
  23. I've used a simple independent rear suspension on my MOC with very good results.. Its based from the rear suspension from the 40th anniversary (2017) chassis model.. you should try it out ,,, this video is an example of the rear independent suspension in action
  24. Very curious to see if the shows will get any LEGO representation - at best, it’ll likely be a polybag, as most marvel movies like AMATW and CM only got a single set, on addition to the fact the show will only have 6 episodes. Really hoping for more, though
  25. I've made a custom but I'd still like an official one. And we have the weird hoodie Scarlet from the Bridge Battle. I mean a version of Scarlet like in the Ultimate Spider-Man show, with the black head and red eyes.
  26. Spider ham would be great. I read that we had one in july too, but i guess that was fake news. has it? what are hulk, falcon, bucky, scarlet witch, war machine, etc doing then? even after civil war, they still had a few avengers. Superior's an easy purist custom though, and we already have scarlet.
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