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  2. I wouldn't consider my lorry to be a MOC as I have used designs by serveral different people inc Sariel and pipasseyoyo so to call my model a MOC I feel would be unfair to them. That's my personal opinion anyways. that it??? Only another 2000000 to go.... hehehe. In all seriousness though, YouTube is a great resource for researching LEGO models and getting ideas for your next creation. Just like any subject though, there are loads of good ideas but also alot of bad models and/or building principles. One needs to ignore the bad models and focus on the good ones. Your welcome :D True, MOC's and/or non-LEGO creations is where the fun is. LEGO sets are more for display models or simply good parts packs.
  3. joeee

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    I am loving the center part of the clock tower! In case anyone is interested, the old clock tower double doors are 8 studs wide. You can make the whole clock tower taller and fit in the doors :)
  4. Nexogeek

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Just noticed when re-looking at the box, in context doesn't make sense outside of the context of the sets I like it as someone who loved Lego maps as a kid a piece like this would of been amazing
  5. meliander

    Lego City 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    I hope that's the case. Really looking forward to that subtheme.
  6. Feng-huang0296

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Yep. If you sae the fabric 'canvas' from Emma's Art Studio in the winter wave, where a pattern appears when you get it wet, it seems to use the same design. Wet the fabric and it'll reveal a treasure map. I can't decide whether that's clever or redundant in the context of it being found underwater . .
  7. Nexogeek

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Exactly my thoughts, sure there have been some great Friends sets over the years yet this upcoming wave is the best so far and the most exciting for the summer to me so many recolors and just new pieces with outstanding builds. Friends this summer has the largest amount of sets that interests me, the animal rescue (is that what they are called?) are great the coral color and white light house is such a great color scheme just not a fan of a random slide out of the side lol, the new coral piece looks great along with the sea shell/ marine life pack useful pieces. I like the new narwhal but not sure color wise why they picked pink regardless still cool and gives a chance for re-color to a more normal color in time. The submarine is something I never thought we would see from Friends but am glad color and shape wise I personally like it. Also something not noted yet is that a new map piece but its a fabric/paper? Look at the size of the wave, 1-3 meh sets compared to the rest still makes that statement valid.
  8. I’d be crazy excited if we got a set similar to this one. All right, I’ll wait it out a little longer. You guys have convinced me. :)
  9. Feng-huang0296

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Look at that Stephanie gymnastics set from this wave again and revise your statement.
  10. I normally don't care one way or the other but it just seems to defy all logic that there is no minifig with that Hoth GWP set, since it has the 20th anniversary boxart. I mean that is the whole deal with those sets an exclusive retro figure, right.
  11. dimaks13

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    The ones shown are all June releases. Technic is not.
  12. Robert8

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    Holy crap.... When did Friends become the best LEGO line?
  13. Accio Lego

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    The very blurry leaked photos of the advent calendar box appear to show several builds that can be used as set dressings, like a Christmas tree and presents - rather like the City calendars have. Not an extra room, but they’ll probably be useful for dressing up the castle sets for the season.
  14. Johnny1360

    Good places to purchase Lego in the US?

    Yes with Target they have many different polybags available at a time, however they are situated at the checkout lines, not with the rest of the LEGO. Walmart has them as well though not as much variety, with the rest of the sets. With Target I also check the clearance area in the toy department, I picked up a bunch of Friends polybags for 40% off just yesterday. Good parts packs if nothing else.
  15. Raptor of Vengeance

    JurassicVerse 2019 - Rumours, Speculation and Discussion

    I doubt LEGO won’t do it unless the theme totally fails before we can get the most iconic Jurassic vehicle. Besides, they straight up made the mech in its color scheme, they’re not dumb. Just watch, they have a strategy to ride out the demand in order to get our money: The control room was an affordable set with three recognizable scenes and the main cast. This upcoming d2c presumed to be the visitor center will be larger and more detailed while rounding out the rest of the characters. Then, a T. Rex breakout set, with mainly rereleased figures, would be a case of the builds being the selling point, as it can stand on its own as shown in this ideas set. Get rid of the gates and the road and I think that’s what we’d get.
  16. Aethersprite

    Good places to purchase Lego in the US?

    Ah, I see. I'll try to hit up Walmart and Target, then. Do they stock up on polybags as well? Thanks for your detailed response, by the way!
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  18. TheNerdyOne_

    2019 Friends Sets - Rumors and Discussion

    I have to say, Boat and Narwhal Rescue will probably be the first Friends set I ever buy. Something about it is just so appealing, same goes for the submarine set. The new coral color really compliments this line, and the new coral/sea life molds are fantastic. I haven't kept up with Friends too much, but it really looks to me like the set designers outdid themselves this year.
  19. Johnny1360

    Good places to purchase Lego in the US?

    I buy a lot of my LEGO from Target, regardless of what the shelf price is half the time it is much cheaper from their online store. They will price match the cheaper online price at the actual Brick & Mortar store all you have to do is ask and sometimes they will ask to see proof but they can check themselves as well. I save gobs of money this way and really don't understand why some people just seem to be afraid to even ask. I usually just tell the cashier at the register but have been occasionally told that I need to go to guest services desk. I normally get 20% or more off. Once I even got 60% savings. Also they generally have a very good selection of sets even some exclusives. In fact they just had a sale where if you spent over $50 on LEGO you got a $10 gift card, coupled with 20% off that is pretty good in my book, which is why my VIP points status is so low. Edit: I do check out Walmart as well as their prices tend to be slightly less than Target's, it just seems their selection is a bit more sparse and their sales are hit or miss. You may find a really good deal one day but not the next.
  20. ** Detailed engineering items follow - for gear heads only (pardon the pun). Note that all of this analysis is based on "building with the brick" - none of this would ever be discovered on a CAD design. When the wings are open there is no "flopping" (I call it "wobble") whatsoever in my model, and it will not wobble or even partially close under vigorous "swooshing" or "twisting" of the model. The Brickvault (BV) model also has little to no wobble with wings open, but the wings collapsed out of proper 30 degree angle a bit too easily for my tastes - hinted at in the official "head on" marketing shot of the BV model which showed the wings at 19 degree opening angle, possibly an accidental partial closure when shifting the model for photos. And once the wings collapse slightly, the BV model is prone to wobble. When the wings are closed I never fully eliminated the wobble in my model, but I did reduce the max angle in which it could wobble vs the BV model, while also significantly increasing the force needed to send it out of line. Under moderate swooshing it will not wobble. But it is possible to move it well out of line. I analyzed the "wobbling" over a dozen hours in the BV model in "wings closed" configuration, and broke the cause down into four areas, each of which contribute to some degree: (1) Lateral sliding of the axle inside the gearbox - I couldn't get the BV model gears to be 100% stable inside the "box" no matter how many times I rebuilt it - Maybe I never built it right, but if there is a "proper" way to build it, it is hard to replicate. I addressed this by putting my axle through the hole of a 1x4 technic brick bolted onto the gearbox. No lateral sliding and no difficulty in assembling. (2) Rotation of the piece inside the gearbox that holds the two 6587 3L axles with studs. A 1x1 technic brick was used in the BV model, but it was free to rotate a few (significant) degrees. In my model I eliminated this wobble source entirely by using a 6536 that was immovably pinned in place by plates on top and bottom of the gear box. (3) Slippage of the top and side gear connection in the gearbox due to Lego gear teeth not being perfectly tight. Nothing can change this, so this remains my main source of "wobble" slippage. (4) Rotation of the gearbox within the fuselage due to attachment technique connecting them. The BV model has a complicated relationship between gearbox and fuselage. My box connection is dead simple. The 4x4 plate of the gearbox base directly attaches to the main framework of the rear fuselage, it is one with the fuselage. (*) technically the weight of the wings also contributes to the ease of wobble, but that cannot be materially reduced. In general, I note that using fewer parts was better to avoid cumulative individual brick tolerance/variation that ends up affecting friction and final wobble. **** Despite these wobble root causes, your question hit on a great way to reduce the wobble issue - and the issue of accidental wing closure - more friction. However, instead of adding friction inside the gearbox, I added friction outside, on the S-foil "scissors" hanging on the axles. The primary method of adding friction in my model is a simple 2x4 plate connecting the end point 1x2 technic brick, with the 1x4 that makes up the wall of the gearbox. Underneath they are both anchored by long technic bricks. In fact this added so much tightness and friction that I didn't connect the back 1x2 technic brick to the top of the gearbox as the top lever no longer opened the wings with that much friction. In contrast, the BV model connects the axle end points with a structure made of many pieces, some facing the same stud direction as the axle direction. The tight bond needed to create friction is hampered by gaps made by Lego studs snapping together in that direction. With my use of a single plate with studs lying perpendicular to the axle direction, I ensure that connection span has no physical gaps, however small - thus maximizing tightness and friction. I could also fine tune the friction by adding up to 12 Round 1x1 Quarter tiles (25269) at strategic points between the different "scissors". I could introduce enough friction to make the wings of the model almost rigid - only closing and opening with strong hand action on the wings. Since I still wanted the greeble hidden liftarm to open the wings as a high priority, I reduced the friction (using none of the quarter round tiles) at the expense of some wobble.
  21. Pchan1983

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    70838 - QUEEN WATEVRA'S ‘SO-NOT-EVIL' SPACE PALA and other new lego movie 2 sets are now available via B&P. The white batman gown is listed but out of stock. Same as the leg just doesn't have the torso. Hope they become in stock in some weeks. Unfortunately, the clear crystal hair piece is also not listed =(
  22. Jeffinslaw

    [MOC] Southern Pacific 4-10-2

    Can you tell me what step that issue was in? The engine can handle R40 and up but yes, it does look great on R104+ -Jeffinslaw
  23. As I said, they’ve included exclusive minifigs with the microbuilds for recent Harry Potter and Marvel promotions so I can’t see it being a cost issue. And surely the cost of including ~200 parts (including increased logistics costs) outweighs the cost of printing on a 3-5 piece minifig. In all three cases the microbuilds have printed non-minifig elements too. I suspect it’s more a case of it’s still economically viable to not include a Star Wars minifig because Star Wars sets sell regardless, particularly with the hype of May 4th and co-offers such as 2x VIP points...and a poster.
  24. sed6

    [MOD] 10020 EMD F7 Union Pacific

    Thank you. Yes 6 wide, plus the hand rails. I've got the LDD uploaded for you and linked to in my first post. I welcome anyones comments or criticisms.
  25. Pchan1983

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    80103 dragon boat race is now available via Toyco if you are in New Zealand!!!! This means you will get it in Australia too or may be in store already!
  26. Feng-huang0296

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    I haven't seen the advent calendar. What addition? Looking at the tiny builds that are par for the course with City, Friends and Star Wars calendars, I don't see why we should expect the advent calendar to come with anything that could be added to the Great Hall and/or Clocktower as a room in Hogwarts . . unless you know something I don't? As far as sets go, Expectro Patronum is the real standout. I'll probably get the Horntail set for the minifigures and to MOD the dragon. That crappy tent is gonna be scrapped so hard. Knight Bus is meh, Hagrid's Hut and the Clock Tower are both great, but I won't get either because I don't have any room for them in my layout. Sorry Lego, you tried. Still, happy for all of you who the Clock Tower does work for, and if I could accomodate it I definitely would get it.
  27. I heavily suspect we'll get one soon. Between there being a classic set unrevealed and the dino mech being colored like the Explorer, I really suspect we'll see one this year.
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