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  2. m0repotter

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    So the biggest things we’re still waiting for with the current wave are Baby Voldemort, and whether Flitwick is a new minifigure or not? (Along w any other surprises that may come w the advent calendar) also, didnt someone mention on here a while back that the Clock tower was supposed to come w Gillyweed? I wonder what happened to that
  3. justjonnoh

    Disney CMF - Wishlists

    I was coming to say that after seeing the movie I really wished they would just do a quick Minifig set of the characters. Heck reissue the Prince of Persia sets with these Minifigs.
  4. SoupOrFishOil

    Purist Superhero Figures

    Ha! Clever.
  5. T Lego

    [MOC] Renault FT-17

    This is a quote from the Brickcontroller topic: "It supports SBrick, BuWizz 1-2, Powered-Up, Boost and PF infrared (on Android devices having infrared emitter)."
  6. peedeejay

    If you could pick one recolor

    Tough question! From current color palette: 1x2 Brick in Flesh or Dark Flesh. From all colors: 1x2 brick with brick profile (masonry) in Sand Red.
  7. t0mster

    GBC General Discussion

    If you are not a LEGO Purist, you can order this ones: I have them myself, and work perfectly for the cup to cup (V2)
  8. tafkatb

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    I got 19, because I couldn't remember how many sets featured the Mirror of Erised. Pretty impressed with myself, since the original run of sets coincided almost exactly with my dark ages.
  9. Berthil

    [GBC] Akiyuki Ball Factory

    1/8 inch at McMaster Carr for U.S.A. 1/8 inch outer diameter (they don't ship to Europe), Flexible Nylon Opaque Tubing on this page in different colors: e.g. black: and modular Germany 3,2mm outer diameter: Brass insert from Modular, recommended to use with these rigid hoses
  10. peedeejay

    [MOC] Motorized Free Fall Tower

    Brilliant! I want one! :)
  11. t0mster

    [GBC] Akiyuki Ball Factory

    Hi rskamen I ordered this one: But its not delivered yet. What i have red on forums is that you need 3.2mm (not 3mm) for a good fit.
  12. Vindicare

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    15...would’ve been 18 if I didn’t second guess a few of my answers.
  13. tafkatb

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    I think Fluffy absolutely needs to be brick-built (though probably with molded heads) to have enough articulation - I'd like to be able to pose him both in aggressive attack mode and sleeping.
  14. Thanks alot man! Haven't seen the last season of GoT yet, but many have said that they are reminded of the Ballista there. The dragonbreath is like when they pour tar on the enamies. But I thinks this is a little more fluid substance.
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  16. Guyon2002

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Brickset just posted their LEGO Harry Potter Trivia Challange! I got 17 out of 20 questions right, what about you guys?
  17. Oooh, this is fantastic! The layered dark green terrain, tree, and rock-work are excellent, but the visual interest you've managed to give to the wall is what really stands out to me - and that ballista! The flags and dragon hilts are great (and spraying Dragonbreath on the enemies from them is a wonderful idea! ), and the angled plating is intriguing as well. Top-notch entry all around!
  18. Thanks all! Thanks Stad! The reflections on the floor of the pic I was copying were something I really wanted to capture with this build, and I was very happy with how the trans-dark-clear lent it that marble-y feel! So am I - hopefully it'll breathe some life into Varlyrian politics! Thank you! I'll try - so much to build, and so little time! Thanks man! That pose kinda just happened while I was playing with the figs Glad you like it! This is definitely how I picture the luxuriousness of Varlyrian nobility. Thanks pal, glad you enjoyed it! Ooh, thanks Kai! I hope to keep 'em coming here if I can! Yep, I really liked how the floor worked - the whole colors and pattern were certainly a bit out there, but it did work great in this context. Glad you like those windows too - took a lot of fiddling to figure out a solution that'd work! About that door, yeah - the problem with builds with too many unattached part is that it's awfully hard to keep track of them all when you get to photography! Thanks again, though! Thanks Bas! Those axle holes were just perfect for the texture I wanted, which would have been awfully difficult to work out any other way with the white parts I've got. I just wish that I'd had more of them! Thanks, and so am I!
  19. After the death of Zamorah’s ruler, Zull af Drachen, The Aurum Order took over the power in Zamorah. They decided that Historica should be aware of the hidden city. So the mages lifted the dome of concealment and the city was there for everyone to see. The war was over and The Aurum Order saw a chance to find new ways of trade with Historica. But after some time there were rumours coming from other parts of Avalonia, Mitgardia and Kaliphlin about dark creatures and a rising threat. The citizens of Zamorah was talking about these new rumours and the word spread like wildfire in the city. The Aurum Order felt the concern from the citizens and gave the order to reinforce the walls of Zamorah, starting with the eastern walls. The walls of the mountain city Zamorah Zamorah is on top of a mountain and the only way to access it is by air or via lifts from the docks in the caves under the mountain. The walls around the mountain city is already high and only a small strip of land is outside the walls. To strengthen the wall armoured plates of Aurumium, the strong and gold coloured metall of Zamorah, is being mounted on the outside of the wall. The plates is made in pyramide shapes to avert incoming projectiles and to distribute the force of the impact. To reinforce the defence of the wall big ballistas is built to fight of enemy dragons and other big flying threats. And to fight of any enemies that may land outside the walls the walls is fitted with outlets for spraying Dragonbreath, a highly flammable liquid, on the enemies. The ballistas fights of dragons Outlets that spray "Dragonbreath" on enemies on the ground To get the work done properly two members of The Aurum Order, a elven mage and a druid, were sent out to monitor the work. The wall had to withstand fire from dragons and trebuchet projectiles and also bombardment of magic spells. An elven mage (elves is Flesh in my MOCs) and a human Druid helps the builders To insure that the workers were safe during the work outside the wall archers from the elite force called Guardians of Zamorah. Elite archers protect the workers ...and also Elite swordsmen Do you want to learn more of Zamorah, Check this out: City of Zamorah, The hidden city in Avalonia Extra pictures: ] Here you can see more pictures of the MOC: [Flickr] Building the Scene It’s nice to be back building on GoH again. I have been away from Lego since October. And now when I got my first Lego Room I felt a urge to build again. But first I concentrated on other projects. So now I’m planing to build more GoH. When the challenge came I got a vision of the build at ones. The thing is that I had a thought of building a smaller scene like this to show reinforcement of the walls when I wrote the first post of Zamorah, But i didn’t have the time for it then. The walls is only walls to protect the city behind, therefore there is not so many openings, windows or other apertures. The city inside of the walls is not in this scene. The Ballistas was made with JK Brickworks Ballista as an inspiration. It was at first made to work with the tension in the pearl gold pieces, not as good as the string version that JK did. But I was getting tired of it, and it was only built for the pics anyway, so i didn’t do the wind up construction. The walls is made mostly of 1x2 plates and 1x2 jumper plates. A technique that @ZlatanXVIGustaf showed me. The MOC is L-shaped and got some overhang on the plateau compared with the actual footprint at the bottom. It’s also rounded on the plateau edges. So to be absolutely sure of the size of the MOC I counted the studs. The total area of the MOCs upper plate is 3243 studs. Not counting a bit overhang with the leaves on the tree. So it’s within the range of 4096 studs (64x64) even if you also count the leaves overhang. …. Next time I’ll build a square one I hope you like it, be free to comment but be kind ;)
  20. GilbertoAguilera101

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Agreed, we need a new fawkes and a new owl mold in a flying pose. I think fluffy and the troll would look good either molded or brickbuilt as long as there’s some poseability.
  21. dimaks13

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Iirc initially it was molded but the mold broke.
  22. [Continued from previous] Besides the beans, the deer also favored alfalfa, and while it was common to see large numbers of them grazing together, Jay preferred stalking the brave ones that ventured out alone. One evening he stealthily sneaked up on a young deer grazing by itself. With its head buried in the plants, it couldn't keep an eye on the surroundings, and he was able to get extremely close before pulling up for a shot. When he fired it collapsed to the ground and cried out loudly with a noise similar to that of a domestic calf. "Sing something for me, baby," Jay laughed. "Ah, but it's hard to sing when you're dead!" One evening eleven deer emerged from the woods to graze an alfalfa field, and walked within easy shooting range of his hideout in a tree on the edge of the field. He shot at five in quick succession and killed four of them. Two ran short distances and collapsed, and one dropped dead, but the largest of the four behaved unlike any he had ever killed. It was standing at an angle, facing him and the field, and he aimed into the front of the shoulder before firing. The deer reared up on its hind legs as if it was going to jump and then slowly came back down on all fours. Jay was close enough to see the near eye roll around in the socket before all four legs went wobbly and it crumpled to the ground. "Huh!" Jay exclaimed, amazed. "Dead on the hoof." Jay preferred drop-dead shots, but many of the deer ran short distances before going down. He didn't like stomping around in the woods hunting for a downed animal, and especially didn't like searching fields covered with tall crops. On one occasion he took a long shot on a deer standing near the top of a hill in the middle of a bean field. It immediately ran down the side of the hill and our of sight, but it never came into view again. Thinking perhaps it had fled to safety across the back side of the hill, he set out on foot, and was amazed to find the deceased deer lying in the middle of the crude road bed that separated two of the fields, just out of sight from his shooting position farther back the same road. "How convenient," He muttered. "The only good deer is a dead one, and the best die at your feet." Most of the kills were ambushes, but on yet another occasion Jay found himself in a stare-down with a young deer that, fatally, wasn't quite sure whether it should be afraid of him or not. Upon seeing him it scampered a short distance away and turned back toward the woods from whence it had came, lifted one front leg, and stopped in a broadside position. It took a few more steps and did the same, staring at him all the while. His arms began to grow tired from holding the heavy musket in the firing position, and so he again used his crouching technique, which caused him to largely disappear into the tall grass on the edge of the field. His disappearance seemed to unnerved the deer, which amazingly turned and began slowly walking straight toward him with its neck fully erect, peering into the grass and sniffing the air. It took a few steps and stopped, took a few more and stopped again, twisted it's neck slightly to get a better look, and then appeared to think better of the whole affair and turned as if it was thinking about running... Jay immediately fired into the side of the chest. The deer convulsed violently and then stretched out on the ground as gently as if it was going to sleep, slowly extended all four legs straight out from its body, and stopped moving. "Oh deer," Jay muttered as he rose to his feet, "the operation was a success... but the patient died!" He counted thirty steps to the deer, making it one of his closest kills ever, and it had been three or four times farther away before walking to him! Occasionally things went awry. Late one evening he was preparing to leave after he'd already shot and retrieved a large doe, and was riding out on Tornado when he surprised a small group of deer that had only just came out of the woods minutes before. They all stopped moving and stared at him, and he quickly reached for a musket, aimed, and fired. The intended victim dropped to the ground and began bobbing up and down unusually while the rest of the herd fled the scene. Tornado remained relatively calm, (perhaps owing to the carcass on his back) and Jay quickly dismounted and took off after the deer with a fresh musket. It was obviously wounded and obviously not going anywhere. As he approached in the young corn Jay realized that both back legs were disabled, and the deer was struggling to drag itself along with its front legs, which was causing the bobbing motion. He pulled up at a safe distance and delivered a rare follow-up shot to finish the wounded animal. Afterward he inspected the back legs closely. The first shot had passed through and shattered the hock of the left leg, and upon exiting the knee joint the bullet had clipped and severed the tendon above the hock on the right leg, immediately immobilizing both back legs from the knee down. It was a terrible shot that would otherwise have caused a slow death, or possibly even death from drowning, if it had dragged itself to water and was unable to drag itself back our. "However did you become so lame?" he muttered. "Luckily for you, I was here to end your misery." Sometimes the deer simply didn't react upon being shot. Late one evening he was perched in a concealed high spot in a bean field, looking down over the rolling hills, when a deer walked out of the woods almost directly below him and began grazing, gradually working its way closer to him as it fed. He held his aim for some time, waiting for the deer to present a good broadside shot, and when it finally turned its left flank toward him he immediately fired. The deer lifted its head and walked a few steps, unhurried, seemingly unperturbed. "Die another day," Jay muttered, thinking that perhaps he had shot over its back. Suddenly the deer staggered and tumbled head-first to the ground, dead. "Or not," Jay chuckled. Conversely, sometimes the deer reacted theatrically to being shot. One evening he was returning home emptu-handed, riding Tornado, when he came upon a deer bedded down on the crest of a hill in front of a thick tree line. He stopped the excited horse and reached for his musket. The deer, worried by their presence, stood up and presented him with an excellent shot. He quickly aimed and fired and the deer charged down the hill toward him like a racehorse out of the starting block. It took three long strides and crashed to the ground, leaped up, spun to the side and took three more strides and again fell down. It leaped up a second time, ran back to where it had first fallen down, tumbled over a third time, and finally sprang to its feet and ran a wide sweeping arc around and up the side of the hill before finally falling dead beyond the point where it had first been bedded down. Tornado reared and raged as usual, but Jay hardly noticed for watching the wild behavior of the deer. "A masterful production! Encore, encore!" he laughed as it raced this way and that before finally collapsing. Then he looked down at his excited horse and said, "No, no, not you, Tornado!" Finally Jay did the unthinkable: he shot Bambi. He was scouting the edge of a field from his perch atop Tornado when a small spotted fawn emerged from the grasses extremely close to them. It didn't seem to notice them, despite having looked right past them, and began nibbling at something on the ground. Jay scrambled for his musket while quietly admonishing Tornado to behave and remain silent. The fawn turned its head and licked itself on the flank. "Poor, defenseless creature," Jay muttered, for he strongly suspected that he had already killed the mother. When it returned to foraging he carefully aimed -- it was a much smaller target than usual -- and fired methodically. The fawn disappeared from view and Tornado excitedly scrambled forward in the grass to the spot where the stricken animal lay, blasted over backward from the force of the shot amidst a shower of blood. Jay watched without remorse as it took it's last breath and was motionless. "Yes, they're cute... but don't tell me they're cute," he growled. Then he dismounted and gathered up the kill by the hind legs. "Looks like we'll be having fawn nuggets for supper," he laughed as he hoisted the carcass atop Tornado. Then he mounted and turned for home, laughing all the while. On and on the hunts went, day after day, as the kill tally gradually climbed ever higher. Occasionally he returned empty-handed, but most nights he brought back one or two, and he managed to keep the butcher's busy. The damage to the plantation was done, and he refused to be satisfied with any number of dead deer. "Why?" he asked aloud to no one as he hauled in another fresh kill one evening. "For blood," he muttered. "And the thrill of the kill." * * * * * * * * * * [Notes: Again, these are all true stories. Yes, I killed Bambi. Several of them. Yes, it was perfectly legal with the permits. We've had entire fields wiped out by deer; we'll never wipe out the deer. The remainder of the story is purely fictitious. The volume of nonfiction tales sets the stage, although it grew rather lengthy...] In real life, sometimes I do, but it's usually the same few over and over. ("Thieving rascal," "Eat lead and die," "Kiss your spotted fawns goodbye.") But the story needed a little something to liven it up, so the rest were imagined lines for those scenes. I'm not that quick-witted in the field! Are you familiar with those "I don't always talk to [.....]" memes? I don't always talk to deer, but when I do, they're in the crosshairs. I don't always talk to deer, but when I do, I tell them to "Kiss my brass." Etc.
  23. Garmadon

    Varlyrian Family Intrigue Thread

    Hmm - well, it's hard to say at the moment, since it depends at least in part if there is any reaction to the alliance (e.g., a counter-alliance, spy infiltration, etc.). So basically it's kinda played by ear by what seems like it would be the most likely/natural result in such a scenario, plus a little game-mastering randomness and hopefully epicness from the guild leaders (i.e., not everything will always be directly cause and effect - we're free to throw in a curve ball or two if it's judged to be fair and a good idea to spice stuff up). That said, if there is no reaction in a week or two you can expect the Conzaga's and di Carlo's to move up to the fourth rank (it would not be enough to affect the De Fiori's significantly without further developments, though), but unless they (the alliance) follow it up with something or other in the next month or so their hold on the rank would be tenuous at best. If there is a reaction of some sort within a few weeks... well, we'll have to wait and see what happens! Does that answer your questions? Basically, if the alliance holds together and remains operative, the group will continue to advance faster that single families - but this is Varlyrio; nothing is totally predictable! You never know what might happen next...
  24. Garmadon

    [Mystery Island 9] In the Laboratory

    Another hilarious installment to your story, Captain B, and a very monkey-ish build as usual! Some of those flask devices really look neat, and the monkey doors are great as always! Looking forward to seeing where this goes from here
  25. Accio Lego

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    I think the partially brick built method would work with the basalisk, Grawp and the Ukrainian Ironbelly (Gringott’s dragon), but I think the troll and Fluffy are in that in between size where you can brick build them but they look so much better molded, like Buckbeak. Fawkes straight up needs to be molded - I have the 2002 Chamber of Secrets and the Fawkes from that is so much better than the little brick built thing we got last year in the Great Hall it’s not even funny.
  26. Dr.Cogg

    Ninjago Legacy Wishlist

    Falconfan1414 over on IG, says there's going to be more sets, I'm hoping Lego remakes the Great Devourer to go with the Ultra Dragon.
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