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  2. LM71Blackbird

    Greetings, all!

    Welcome to Eurobricks!
  3. notpennysboat

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I've been surprised by brickbuild Fawkes in the Great Hall, do you think it could be a new Fawkes mould in the D2C ? The FB set 1 was the very first set of the line discovered, while we still don't have official images for FB set 2 and Aragog, that new calendar seems logical.
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  5. sed6

    MOC Train Shed w/LDD .lxf

    Thanks for the compliment, and for the excellent ideas!
  6. Johnny1360

    Having problems with Brown

    Fortunately I have yet to experience broken LEGO, I have noticed though from this thread and others, see fragile pieces on page 2, that the Browns and Reddish-Browns seem to be the ones that most often break. Must be something to do with the pigmentation process is all I can figure. I have just put together the Hans Christian Andersen story book, it has a lot of brown plates and they seem just as durable as other colors. It would be nice to know for sure what causes random breakage though, in hopes of avoiding disastrous consequences.
  7. Jollygrnreefer

    [MOC LDD] A-Wing (with LDD file)

    Funny that you replied Atlas, I am actually using your pics from your Flickr as primary reference to restore Jerac's design, with Krispy's building techniques. Once completed, this model will have a lil of everybodies design incorporated. Most proud of the cockpit, was able to replicate the studio model. All I have left is the rear engine. Currently playing around with it, trying to find a solution to get away from the rubber bands, really a funky design for legos. Especially dont want to forfeit accuracy. Still 100% no illegal connections or modified parts.
  8. Quicksilver838

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    That depends on when it happens. They could return in the last 20 minutes of the film. Also for the people who keep wishing for a special wave of MCU anniversary sets that cover the previous films... Avengers 4 sets could go back and give us some missing characters, or even update some. Seeing as the release of the Bricktober pack is getting closer, I, as a UK citizen, am getting really worried that it won't be easy to obtain over here, I'm still surprised Tony Stark was chosen over Scarlet Witch, Nebula or M'Baku
  9. Why do people keep saying a lego knock off is the villain, there has been nothing to support this (and I mean nothing), if anything the villain will be friends and they will probably turn good in the end like Lord Business.
  10. Backed. Best of luck. I backed the ME rails, the PFx brick and now this. Folks, if you want it, there's only one way to get it! (PS. anything in 9V will also be supported!!)
  11. Nidingsbane

    Greetings, all!

    I am humble before the grace that has been shown to me in letting me join this noble forum of Lego Masters and Mistresses! My name is Mikael from the harsh and cold Viking land of Sweden and I am a Lego fan, especially the Castle and Kingdoms series. My first set of Lego was either the 6067 Guarded Inn, 6041 Armour Shop or the 6035 Castle Guard. However, it does not really matter because I was anyhow instantly hooked. I dare to say that playing with these sets and many more in the same series was an influential part when I much, much later in life decided to study Medieval Archaeology and later became a professional archaeologist. Then came the Dark Ages. Due to a new calling and the general curve balls that life throws at you there was for a time no Lego. Then my son was born and Lego was rediscovered. Be praised! He enjoys the what he calls The Knights Lego but is more of a Batman- fan. Then I found this forum (Be praised again!) and quickly realised that this is the place to be. Hopefully I will be able to post some stuff that me and my son is working on and I might dare a review on one of the classical Castle sets in the future. /Nidingsbane
  12. This would kind of make sense as for every new Star Wars film so far the initial wave of sets were just vehicles whereas in the second wave we usually get at least one playset (takodana,scarif,ahch to}. And we haven’t had a scheduledplayset so far so the office would make sense unless we actually do get that mimban set which i personally believe is fake.
  13. Strange (but somehow interesting) way to keep the perceptible shape of the ship using white plates and black plates for the actual base of the cockpit. It's a bit disappointing the interior of the ship and the gaps outside. The old one was way better, in addition to have 4 stormtroopers, which is something I cannot understand why it isn't the case now. In any case, the design is better than the old one in other ways, and it's great for children to get an Imperial landing craft now that we have got so many sets focused on Tatooine in the past years. So, even with its drawbacks, I would say it's a must buy for me, at least for my children to play with and as another (always good) excuse to modify it to make it more accurate .
  14. Gideon8

    4,5 V hogwarts express

    Cool idea! Is your battery wagon red? It could be appear as an appropriate tender if it maybe also has some HP stickers...
  15. Blondie-Wan

    Cataloging the LEGO licenses

    I was also thinking about those when I wrote this: Essentially, this list is for fiction - characters, stories, and so on from movies, television, comics, video games, books, etc., as opposed to real-world products, brands, companies, etc., like Porsche, Volkswagen, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Ford, McDonald’s, Target, Exxon, Maersk, and so on. But someone should do a similar list for those.
  16. It’s pretty bad... it only travels like halfway up
  17. LEGODalekbuster523

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Speculation

    They're real companies, not fake.
  18. There is no engine in the weighted block, they simply inject fuel in the cylinder then when the block drops driving the pile in, the fuel is compressed to the point of ignition driving the block back up where more fuel is injected and it does make a sudden drop. Like a one cylinder engine with the pile as a piston. The difference being the cylinder block moves up and down. You are right though when the fuel detonates the pile is driven in while the block is pushed back up at the same time.
  19. Numbuh1Nerd

    LEGO DC Villains (Videogame)

    Oh man, he looks good! I also noticed Psycho Pirate around 7:20, and that confirms Susan Eisenberg as Diana and Josh Keaton as Hal! That's definitely not Khary Payton playing Cyborg, though..
  20. parsom

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    Maybe this Aston Martin is not Creator Expert Car, but UCS model, like Tumbler?
  21. GoldenNinja3000

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Why not? We know they’re all returning and not staying dead so it would be odd to not get them in the sets.
  22. What I see as the problem here is that we have bigger sets with the same amount of functions/same functions in weird colours theme another year. Since 42043 there was no set which was at least complex as Mercedes. That crane is big, but is it better than 42009? I enjoyed building Bugatti, it is a great, great model with a few awesome features, but it is not a model to play with. I hope next year, with a new valves and gearbox rings we will see really complicated, but not so huge, flagship model which will be focused on functions. Backhoe loader on Class tires maybe?
  23. Technic pieces are also common in Friends sets. They provide functions like working garage doors (open the blast door), ski lift, etc. 13L flex axles even comes in dark pink now.
  24. @Mesabi Count Mesabi wanted in. Inside the city gates were surely where the good trade opportunities were, and the WTC (rarely) settles for scraps. Three clear opportunities had presented themselves: Blow a hole in the wall some discreet corner With a bit of a distraction and some expert use of explosives, we can make ourselves a discrete passage into the city. Hopefully... Show the distraction made to avoid being caught blowing holes in the city walls. Bribe the guards (-100 dbs deducted from treasury) If we want to trade, we will need to gain "official" access to the city, and it seems this guard can get us a pass at a very... "reasonable" price. Show the first major sight the expedition sees upon entering the city wall. A palace? A temple? ...? Microbuild possible. Use the tunnel Captain Sun-Jiin can offer us to share his passage unseen into the city. But where will the tunnel end? Show the group emerging from the tunnel, including the location of where they emerge. One build required to continue. The story must include what the expedition aims to do once inside the walls.
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