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  3. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The new modular (I consider it's real) is not bad at all, but I can't imagine how can it fit to my city. The style is so different, than the previous modulars. And I especially dislike the car. So I will learn the building technics, but most probably won't buy the set.
  4. Good price? Green Grocer

    If you prefer that to £400 of new lego then yes. That is cheaper than BL prices, if the set really is excellent condition and is complete, includes manuals, not fake, etc.
  5. What is the silver chrome ish thing sticking out in frony of the rear wheels in the real truck? Is it a fuel tank?
  6. Nassau MOC at Brickfair Virginia 2017 (Not my MOC)

    That is awesome i lovehow they openly admitted to last min building
  7. Retro spaceman is fantastic. With the golden lasergun from upcoming tlbm series he will be even better! Retro spaceman for galactic sake!!!
  8. Wow McCoyed, nice one... I think you hit the nail, the third person building the new world in Asian style. I might even incorporate your map into my story if you are ok with that. Cuddo's! Very nice build and story...
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  10. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yeah, I know what you mean. I think it also depends on what the side wall over the stairs looks like. I don’t mind “ugly” walls when they will be directly abutting a neighbouring building, but I think doing it at exposed walls (eg the florist in Assembly Square, or the back of the Ghostbusters Firehouse) just looks a bit shoddy. I quite like the idea of the Cadillac style car, but I’d much prefer they save the parts for the main build and then offer the car separately as an informal Creator line tie in for people who were interested (akin to a larger version of the flower seller polybag attached to DO).
  11. Hehe true. Animations for the win. I absolutely love the set, but I do find it strange that the rear wheels have been placed way off. I understand why other shapes are slightly different, but the rear looks a tad short. One or two studs would have done the trick. And DBG panels
  12. But it's animated! Anyway, I see that the nose is longer, the rear wheels could be closer to the front, but still - it is not a scale model. I think the designers did a very good job, if someone doesn't like it then it's always easy to mod it :)
  13. Too late (check my pic) (sorry it's so small)
  14. Quick comparison with the real thing:
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  16. Even though I think you are slightly overreacting with the reasons not to buy this set, I do agree with #3. It's very obvious the rear of the Mack is way too short. Other than that, I think this is a set LEGO and Mack can be proud of. I like the mix of System bricks and Technic. Don't know the part count, but I have posted this picture a while ago. The color blue is difficult to distinguish because the picture (the red) looks a bit darker than the actual model will be. And the picture of the boat doesn't feel entirely natural either. I do think Eric is right and it's not dark azure. Of course, I hope I'm wrong hehe. Edit: I am not conviced about the shade of blue. I think the editing of the picture might cloud our judgement. I looks more vibrant than the jet plane. I do really love the rally car. Great looking car, color scheme is fantastic and that roll cage looks awesome.
  17. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    At first glance, I totally agree with you both, although I think we have to wait til we see the official images. I also think the car looks quite bulky. I like the idea behind, but I feel it doesn't work. About the building, I love the art deco section of it, the ground floor looks great, but yeah, upper floors doesn't look too exciting, and the roof decoration doesn't match the deco vibe of the curved main section. It's a weird combination of architecture styles. Also think the 'D' on the Dinner sign looks too big. I'm not a fan of oversized versions of the modulars by combining two or more sets, I like them the way they are, but I feel this may be the first time I will consider to buy two and mirror the building, as I feel the "jukebox section" will make more sense if placed in the middle of a symetric building.
  18. [MOC] Aurek-Wing Fighter

    Damn what a cool ship! Saw this on Flickr the other day, but didn't realise that the wings could move! Nice colour scheme as well!
  19. Well I'm surprised by the Mack color, didn't expect that, but overally I like it, especially L6 engine. A little shame about the wheels, I hoped for new thinner mold but this is fine as well. I wonder if the sleeping part of the cab is just empty or if there is something there as well. Looking at all sets - panels, panels panels, soooo many of them everywhere!
  20. Not at all, I bought the Arocs, which to be honest did have some inconsistencies, however they weren’t to the extent that they made it look goofy like the Mack. On top of that, the Arocs had additional benefits that outweighed any potential goofiness, such as pneumatics ,solid axle suspension and a motorised compressor. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to wish for proper proportions in a licensed set.
  21. No more MOCs from me folks, but i will be sticking around to enjoy everyone's new creations!

  22. Er... Should we understand that you chop down rares species only to avoid some rain drops ? or that in this island they are very few trees to make descent shelters ? that's to say if you are exploring like a wiseman with the british touch as expected for a gentleman of Corrington or like an american prospector (damn' it !! where is the dough ! Holy bishop shit !)
  23. Rally car looks interesting apart from the boxy wheel arches and baby blue, the B-model is nice, but as others have said, same recycled internals with no new interesting mechanisms.
  24. 42078 - Mack Anthem

    Like the big amount of technic panels in DBG colour! This will extend the building opportunities!
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