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  2. Star Wars Rebels UCS Ghost - Minifig Scale

    You guys did a great job on the Ghost. I own the official Lego version and this blows that away. I'm interested in building this one day and started pricing out the pieces per the Rebrickable part list. I found a few pieces that do not exist in the color specified and would like your opinion on alternate parts or colors. There are 7 Bright Green elements in this build. 5 of them (3005, 3024, 3623, 3070b and 2412b) do not exist in this Bright Green. What other element or what other shade of green would you recommend as a replacement? Also, would it be better to change all 7 elements to this shade or only the 5 in question? The Flat Silver Bar (92690) does not exist either. What other color would you recommend? Thanks for your time.
  3. hellooooooo

    Hello, guys, I am Hurd, I'm an office worker, I am too tired to speak.,meeting new people is fun.
  4. Classic Space Theme?

    Next year is 40th anniversary of classic space. The last years were pretty bad for space fans,so: The darkest hours are before dawn.
  5. Sulphur-Chrested Cockatoo

    I really like your style, that you do not hide the bricks, not hiding the edges and studs. It is visually how I am used to LEGO to look. It looks great.
  6. Battleship HRM

    how is the hull even possible? would you please show some pictures of inside or when it was only partially built?
  7. [MOC] Naboo N-1 Starfighter + Breakdown

    No worries, but because you've some great job I wanted to be sure about pieces connectivity and model durability before proceed purchasing the parts. ;)
  8. Very interesting, thanks. :)
  9. Its a 1x2 brick, however it says that it's a placeholder image so anything can happen I guess. 42082, the panels on the boom are 3x11, which means he dogbones are same old 5x3 ones, this becomes very clear when you look at the panels on the prefab house in the image and compare them to the ones on the boom, there's both 3x11 and 5x11 panels on it and there is absolutely no way the ones on the boom are 5x11, in my opinion I'm definitely in camp new valve though!
  10. MOC Eisley

    very nice
  11. 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    I don't know if its ok to post this here but anyone interested in modifying the 75192 the latest's blocks magazine have published the first of four articles on modifications on this set presumably the others will follow over the next three issues
  12. [MOC] 1992 "Batman Returns" Batmissile

    Great design, maybe one day we an get a UCS Batman Returns Bat-mobile!! One could only dream!
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  14. [MOC] Østerlars Church

    The epitaphs this church is very well rended... amazing job ! especially with the cylindrical walls ! That's a "Wow" for me !
  15. Space Police 3 Hoverbike

    a good digital built... how do you manage to set the orange tile in the clip ? (really hard with a digital builts)
  16. [MOC] Spyrius Saucer Scout MK2

    You're one is much more beautiful than the original who seems to be unfinished or botched (I already had this impression in the 90s about the whole spyrius sets and the early black and blue space police sets)
  17. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    It seems to have disappeared!
  18. Yes, although it is perfect for any continuous eight month period, as you know in that time you will get exactly one licensed and one non-licensed series :-)
  19. [MOD] 6980 Galaxy Commander

    I have a "lol" here to display... very funny MOD to the 6980
  20. [MOC] Komodo Heavy Dropship

    Another one that is killer Bob !! encore un véhicule qui déchire sa race, Bob, la rampe et le petit buggy de combat sont incroyables
  21. That is how it is reported in the play store. There is a big difference between sets aimed at adults / older teens due to techniques used or difficulty and sets aimed at adults / older teens because of their content, be it violence or whatever. Younger kids will still see them, whatever the age range they are aimed at. Seeing a difficult set aimed at adults is different to seeing a violent set aimed at adults.
  22. Sulphur-Chrested Cockatoo

    Looks great, very life like.
  23. [MOC] Blacktron Scout Buggy

    That's a lovely one !
  24. Lego on a roll?!

    Yeah, loads of places do it now. You can get it quite cheap from China too if you don't mind waiting.
  25. LL 936 Patroller

    What a nice one, I like the wing, especially how you manage to display the black and yellow markings. Great greeblings, just the needed ones... more would have been too much ! Well done ! Hat's off !
  26. On the train box it looks to me like a 4x8 transmitter with a WiFi or BT signal coming out of it and two speed dials. So now I'm in the BT/WiFi transmitter, 7x3 dog bone and new valve camp!
  27. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    My thought was they resurrected Garmadon's Good (the Baby) and Evil (the four armed, black monster) half.
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