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  2. [MOC] Friends at the Cinema

    Thanks for feedback!
  3. Steinbruck - Modular town & Vehicles

    New additions for my town: A little food festival: [WIP] Steinbruck 23.09.17 01 Finally I could finish the Car Wash at the Service Staion (more pictures in the album): [WIP] Steinbruck 23.09.17 02 Tankstelle & Autowaschstraße (Service Station & Car wash) (60132 MOD) 1.0 02 Tankstelle & Autowaschstraße (Service Station & Car wash) (60132 MOD) 1.0 03 Tankstelle & Autowaschstraße (Service Station & Car wash) (60132 MOD) 1.0 09 Power Generators in all sizes for every need: Stromerzeuger (Power Generator) 01
  4. 10259 Winter Vilalge Station Theme: Creator LXF File (LDD 4.3.10) Errors: Missing 27263 part not in LDD (replaced by 2x 3070b) Missing 32739 part not in LDD (replaced by 4x 85984 + 1x 3031) Missing 32828 part not in LDD (replaced by 3614) Missing 90370 part not in LDD (replaced by 90393) No stickers Minifigs are not 100% accurate
  5. Build Your Own Plus Size AT-AT

    This right here is why legends was getting out of hand Simultaneously awesome but ridiculous. It makes sense from a tactical POV and yet just seems so cartoonish.
  6. Wait, isn't it really unusual that the official name of the Mack truck is simply... "Mack Truck"? I mean, previous licensed sets have official name as the official model code name of the real life machine it is based on, like "L350F", "3245", "EW160E"... And here we have: Mack Truck. How original and descriptive! Shouldn't the alternative's official name be like, "Mack Truck B model" or "Mack Truck Alternative Model" also !
  7. Nicely done, Phred! Impressive collection of dark red masonry bricks (at least, impressive compared to mine ) which look great here, and the interior and overgrown garden are quite neat as well! I'm liking the ice cream/cookie version too!
  8. [MOC] Liebherr 250 EC-B Towercrane 1:18

    Thanks! I spent the last days optimizing the jib by reducing some more weight and making it more straight. I will let you know when there are some more news about this model, but it's mostly finished.
  9. to go back to what you guys were talking about before. I think that the Mack truck will be fully manual with the option of adding PF. Like you guys said, a sleeper truck would give ample room for a BB. The trailer with 3 knobs on the back IMO will look the cleanest, and still be function-able.
  10. Remember the days when set numbering still makes sense? Pepperidge Farm ... doesn't either.
  11. Thoughts on The Last Jedi Sets

    Generally speaking, If the source material isn't awefull the price usually is. I really like the bomber's design, but I personally really dislike the gray, straight blue with accent of red color scheme; the other thing bothering me are the two small horizontal wings, they really pop out because of their lack of detail. But overall it's the best set, a lot of place to stuff mini-figs, good display and no mini-figs repeat. But that price, damn! Everything else goes from ''it's fine I guess'' to meh for me.
  12. [MOC] All Terrain Recon Transport

    Looks great!
  13. Pirate Diorama

    Hi guys, Here is my display I've built for an upcoming Lego show in my home town. All up it's 96 x 353 studs and by far the biggest I've ever built. I'll post a few pics here but to see more click on the links to my Flickr account. I'll hopefully get some better pics in a couple of weeks at the show. I'd just like to credit Matthias Richiter for the skull design. I reverse engineered it from a picture I found a few years ago but I see he has now put it up on Lego Ideas so if you like it please give him your support! DSC_9496 by slobey79, on Flickr DSC_9497 by slobey79, on Flickr DSC_9494 by slobey79, on Flickr DSC_9491 by slobey79, on Flickr DSC_9490 by slobey79, on Flickr DSC_9485 by slobey79, on Flickr DSC_9475 by slobey79, on Flickr DSC_9469 by slobey79, on Flickr DSC_9466 by slobey79, on Flickr
  14. You can watch it in 3D here:
  15. Next UCS Set

    I'm also not a big fan of ships scaled up to UCS. I really would like a Tantive IV, or a Republic Cruiser.
  16. Strange indeed. Could be a mistake. Or it's the first set of 2019 ;)
  17. It's odd to have "42084" amongst 4207x... could this mean an exclusive? If not, I'd say it's a polybag, but from what I remember polybags have reference numbers with more digits, plus they don't even have pricetags.
  18. I'm on holiday so I haven't followed the topic. Excuse me for possibly double posting this info (from a Dutch site):
  19. Today
  20. Welcome to the guilds @skitkid! Excellent sig-fig and backstory Looking forward to Amalthea's adventures.
  21. There is always the 1x1 square tile compass that comes with the Hiker from CMF 16 as well. Nice house ofc. Very thematic and playable.
  22. I'm participating ! I managed to build something while having a lot of school work and I must be 60% done. Do you like dark purple ?
  23. General Pirates of the Caribbean Theme Discussion Thread

    Looks awesome!!!
  24. Roman Portrait

    Thanks guys, I appreciate your responses. If anyone has any further ideas of photos, let me know and I will try my best to do them
  25. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    The problem with the Manor being a normal one is the minifigures included. Dick, Bruce Wayne and Alfred are all already released. If the version is Jockerville then they can include alternate versions of minor villains like Condiment King or Calendar Man with an exclusive face print, similar to what they did in the Ninjago City D2C with Misako. Or even more uber villains
  26. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    I'm personally hoping for a regular manor. It looked really elegant in the movie, and I'm sure it would be filled with little Easter eggs. Hopefully it'll have some nice figures too! Looks amazing! How did you get Wizard Batman's cape to look so well? They seem to come very folded.
  27. Could be, but there is always a possibility for last minute update or even change
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