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  2. Let me finish your sentence off for you: To the movies! Just a guess.
  3. Small flowerpot

    Oh I know its an illegal connection, but it works for that purpose and is steady enough.
  4. That's right, I had 11 with me back then. Transport wasn't easy but I managed to fit all of this in a MINI :) Here 9 in custom made boxes. the two others I had in the front seat.
  5. Ahead of it's time and other factions? ... ... *swims further in his pool of money*
  6. Wow, I saw them at LEGO World in 2016. They keep amazing me every time I see them.
  7. Class 2 - HMS "Barracuda" [COR]

    Neat little ship, mate! I'm digging that stern for some reason or another, and the sailplan - if perhaps a tad top-heavy (maybe a rolled up mainsail under the red and white one would have been a good idea?) - is quite nice as well. Looking forward to seeing more pirate-era stuff here in BoBS from you!
  8. 2018 Creator Sets

    I still rue not having bought either of these two sets, and the Diner seems to be going out of stock where I live without going on any deep discount sales.. At least I managed to grab a Treehouse Adventures at 50% off.
  9. Nicely done, Elos - great concept with the half-opened basement, and you've pulled it off really well too! The inclusion of the lanterns adds a lot, and I'm looking forward to seeing what this expedition comes across!
  10. It's more precise than an estimate, I keep an Excel with all Bricklink orders and overhead costs like IKEA displays, LED lighting and model decals by Luca. So with display method and all lights and decals it's well over 500 Euro per model.
  11. Got gifted a buildable figure Scariff Stormtrooper. Not something I'm particularly interested in or wanted, but I guess it was on heavy discount so made for an easy gift idea. I'll build it and put it on display I guess.
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  13. Thanks a lot! I will definitely be doing instructions for this MOC (though potentially not for a month or two). Tractors are fun builds (now I can say so myself). If you do find a nice tractor to build, just do it
  14. LEGO Elves 2018

    Not the window, I meant what's behind it. Could be anything, really, it's hard to tell even with hi-res.
  15. I'm using Cute Cut on my iPad. It's not as precise as on a mouse based PC, but mine broke down a few months ago, and I have to be mobile at the moment. It works quite okay for me, but thanks for the hint. I've never created a video snippet before TC12, so that's a general problem of mine. I'm using my mobile without a tripod and it's hard for me to catch some good scenes that look also good in a video and present what I want to show. I think I can finish my entry video in the next two or three days. Meanwhile I have some more shots: And for those who like teasers (I don't), a really short video, that will give you a small view to the complete entry video.
  16. For consistency across their product range. For example, to be able to use a Boost hub to build an automated train.
  17. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    This. Plus how cool would those be? They'd be more spectacular figs than girls/boys in wizardy student clothes (from a non hp-collector's point of view), plus a good reason to introduce new moulds.
  18. [MOC] KTM X-Bow

    That's what I mean, if I do that steering is reversed, the KTM tuns left when steering right with the HOG.
  19. [MOC] KTM X-Bow

    In my lxf 12T half stud gear is on top, in Your instructions it is on bottom.
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  22. Safe Haven Cat A2 - Ardholen Athrad

    Nicely done, mate! Very impressive and large, the bridges are excellent, but my favorite part is probably the tower in the middle. In fact, all three tower/buildings work very well together with their different shapes and sizes!
  23. Heroica RPG Rules & FAQ

    You get a new "slot" at every 10 levels. Since you are at level 15 now you can equip two artifacts.
  24. Trial by Jury - Day 3

    Now this is interesting, two families we have to deal with.
  25. LEGO Elves 2018

    Yes indeed, there is very little bricks in Cool Yellow and Teal. I try to create big mushroom with the bricks of the Downtown Diner on LDD. But I'm afraid that we have to take out the painting for that!
  26. A Tribute to Lego Greebling

    Some very nice greebling there, the lights make it stand out even more so!
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