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  2. Nice looking challenge! Can I use virtual builds? Which are the native minifigures?
  3. Cynical me thinks the two exclusive range troopers might be the culprits. In reality Lego pricing works in mysterious ways.
  4. I meant those individual small black pieces on the build itself.. not sure how to name them correctly.. basicaly tank tracks
  5. there is NO track provided. scratch that. you meant the internal track pieces.
  6. Why is that Conveyex so expensive? is it because of all those track peices?
  7. i’d bet a uber fancy steak dinner in manhattan wrt accuracy. the walmart and target are pulled from their systems.
  8. Those pricing are consistent with what we heard for a while; The conveyex at 90$ is almost ridiculous, even more so than the Hauler at 100$. Even at 20% off it's stretching it.
  9. Good luck - and keep us updated on the progress - I will try to give feedback as fast as possible as you go along. Also, I have a few ships in progress as you probably already know. This one is only missing some measure of sails: Polacre xebec WIP by Christian West, on Flickr Can anyone give some advice on easy to work with and good looking materials or techniques? I dread going back to the sewing machine like I did for the Ironsides.
  10. Captain Genaro

    Account Summary

    The MCRA revenue and expenses is now in the May summary, and settlement growth has been added. The account was added. It looks like the account issues have been corrected, and I don't see any issues with the sheets. There are a lot of spreadsheets working here, and sometimes an update to one spreadsheet can impact the others. If something seems off, check back in 10-15 minutes to see if it is fixed. The spreadsheets may just need a little time to get all caught up. When did you replace Tomsche as the mayor of Quinnsville?
  11. Are half stud offsets in gearboxes considered “illegal” building techniques because I noticed that TLG never uses them in their speed or function transmissions.
  12. Sr1847

    LEGO Ninjago 2018

    One of the things that makes Ninjago unique is the concept of Ninja being in more modern setting (more futuristic that in real life considering they robots and we don’t have robots in that scale just yet) and it helps with the whole superhero craze going on right now because it shows that the ninja are modern day Superheroes (I will argue that until the day I die). While I love the old medieval architecture Ninjago is great just the way it is
  13. Sorry all, real life has been a real kicker this past week. Kiray looks on in a mix of horror and fascination. She looks at the vials on the shelves. "There are some sick people in this world."
  14. Balrogofmorgoth

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I meant don’t forget him as CMF. That leak was as real as any other, there’s nothing about it that looks fake to me
  15. ...and tires seems to be a bit to small, but I could be wrong. Overall very nice moc. Now with decent LEGO forklift I suppose that there will be more forklift mocs
  16. Savage Oppress

    LEGO Incredibles Video Game

    The game is good, but TT Games needs to learn how to balance the audio, the cutscene audio was quieter than the audio in the levels.
  17. Are these accurate? I thought the AT Hauler was going to be $70.
  19. TheBeeze

    Campaign 7 - Failed State - 5/29/18 -7/9/18

    At this point radiation clouds with nuclear fallout and buildings largely in rubble and ruin.
  20. I tried to build GMK6400 using LDD according to gmk6400_1.2.pdf, which is the version full suspension on all axles. But one of the problems I encountered was that there was a brick on the top of the beam, which limited the upward movement of the beam. I was wondering if the shock absorber could work properly? The other thing is that the version I'm currently recommending without suspension, but I still want a perfect version with full suspension on all axles, bigger wheels, more reliable features. But I'm new to lego, and it's going to take me a long time to try. (sorry for my english)
  21. Light Reddish Violet is a pretty common-sense name as I see it, following more or less the same naming rules as many other colors in the LEGO palette. It's two shades lighter than Bright Reddish Violet, just as Light Yellowish Orange is two shades lighter than Bright Yellowish Orange or Light Bluish Green is two shades lighter than Bright Bluish Green. Easy-peasy! Additionally, a lot of color names that are common sense in English might not be in Danish or vice-versa. In general, I prefer LEGO color names by virtue of them not referring to totally different colors by the same name. Copper's the most egregious here. BrickLink's "Copper" refers to the official colors 139 Copper, 176 Red Flip/Flop, 189 Reddish Gold, 300 Copper, Drum Lacquered, and 346 Copper Metallic, all of which are easy to tell apart with the naked eye. 300 Copper, Drum Lacquered isn't even a "pearl" color like the others.
  22. @Bregir Thanks for your advice. I do agree it's a little to boxy at the moment, so I think I'll strip it down to the first layer of gunports. I'll try to follow your advice as much as possible for the redesign.
  23. I'm liking this one. That little 2 cylinder engine is my kind of style. The tow truck looks pretty good. I was hoping we might get a yellow panel #21 and #22 with this or the Volvo, but no luck.
  24. paupadros

    [MOC] Klee Corner

    Thanks! The middle building's roof shape is also my favourite element of the model. Have you spotted a teeny tiny little detail? In the first image (which, by the way, I've just noticed I'd already posted whooops!) the curve isn't all the time continuous eg. concave, a long curve around a single radius, where the flame yellow and lime sections join, the curve changes direction (the radius of it would be OUTSIDE the façade rather than inside. To say it easily, the curve has a little bump . Have you spotted that /\ ? PD: I liked your previous avatar better
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  26. Lets hope they sell well so we got more Solo sets in the near future
  27. cebelicamya

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Thanx @Digger of Bricks, how cool is that. I like the idea, a bit dissapointed about premade designs, hopefully we could make our custom designs in the future. What is Mosaic Maker that is mentioned in the article?
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