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  2. The Metroliner rebuild

    Nice presentention, it is a great set, a big classic I don't have it yet but will buy it some day, but I have 2 Club Cars and I love design and colors of it. Classics rules
  3. I think the answer can be illustrated by comparing a cell phone camera to a DSLR. Why does anyone use a cell phone camera? They suck. True, but they are simple and convenient to use and it takes skill to use a DSLR and get the best results. It's the same with LDD versus LDraw. I've been using LDraw tools for far longer than LDD has even existed, and therefore I find LDD completely unusable. That's not an exaggeration, I can't do anything with it at all. It doesn't work like a CAD system, it works like a building system. Which you likeis a matter of preference, but I find CAD much more intuitive, and I can build far faster in MLCAD than LDD even though it is not relational. And I'm talking about complex, multi-thousand part Technic creations with crazy angles. Suum cuique The benefits of LDraw are that I can do whatever I want. I can put parts wherever I want whether the code thinks it works that way or not. I can open up a part and modify how it looks, add a stud, paint a portion of it silver, or cut it in half. I can synthesize flexible parts, or copy loosely linked parts along a path. I can add building steps, hidden parts, buffer exchanges, and the list goes on. But all of this took a considerable investment in time to learn.
  4. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Even The Forbidden Forest was pretty good: it was a cheap way to get Voldemort and Hagrid, plus Narcissa who was exclusive, and the build, while nothing exciting, wasn't awful.
  5. I 'll go with UK price and only sets either still stocked by Lego themselves or seen in shops in the past 6 months. 75106: Imperial Assault Carrier- £99.99 75158: Rebel Combat Frigate -£109.99 75157: Captain Rex's AT-TE -£109.99 75103: First Order Transporter- £79.99 70626: Dawn of Iron Doom- £59.99 70627: Dragon's Forge- £74.99 70618: Destiny's Bounty- £109.99 71018: Veterinarian - £2.99 £2.07 left over parts total- 8057 not the best deal nor the worst.
  6. [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    While I wait for my last 2 brick link orders I wanted to share with you a few photos of my current design. At this point I am working on my ion cannons. I still need to add stickers, but waiting to do that at the end. Don't worry, those black technic axles are suppose to be inside the barrels. The Brick link orders I am waiting for include 4 black Technic, Gear 8 tooth type 1. These gears will slide down inside the barrels to simulate finned exhaust pipes. You can also see the gray technic axle that turns the wins to an open position. The design also features a bottom axle. I will include that into the LDD as an option for a stand so you can make the wings open via the stand. I will also include the alternative rear design so the axle in that option isn't shown. The landing gear is way too tall. I need to shorten them by almost 1 brick in height. The great part about this shot is you can see how my modified panel allows a magnitude of options for you to customize the rogue squadron colors. This is of course Red 5. The landing gear in the back is easy to change out for flight mode. Each engine pops off quickly and the half cylinders come out and and you connect the rear engines onto a 2x4 technic plate. I will show more details when the ship is complete. This is a great angle to show R2D2 and how close the LEGO brand canopy fits in the model. I truly wish LEGO would design a canopy with a 3 wide top, but a 2 wide front. Either way, I plan on doing my own canopy. The belly has a small cargo compartment for equipment and such. There is a simple plate hinge and clips holding it together so you can open and close it. The x-wing mechanical gears work nicely. They open and stay open. I will use my SLR camera when I do my final photo shoot. I have not decided what for of base plate design to do. I thought of a Yavin 4 base design. I also need a stand for the flight mode. I also thought about doing an x-wing entirely in gray parts and modify this one to become Red 2 or Red 4.
  7. [MOC] Modular Train station

    Very nice station, would love to see it all in bricks, I think it will be great.
  8. Great idea! Again, working from the UK price of £650 (7541 pieces), and just going by currently available sets (though several I do already own), I would opt for: Ninjago City £260 (4867 pieces) Saturn V £110 (1969 pieces) Old Fishing Store £140 (2061 pieces) Parisian Restaurant £132 (2466 pieces) Total: £642 (11333 pieces) I would argue these constitute some of the most beautiful and important System sets currently in production, and massively better value than the UCS MF: 50% more pieces for the same price!
  9. The Balrog of Moria

    Great ideia, deserves a nice environement to be displayed. Congrats.
  10. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    This didn't happen in the line I was in. Pretty sure multiple MFs went to the same household.
  11. Lord of the rings MOC

    Very nice looking, I like the colors and the emerging scenario.
  12. [GBC] Ball Catcher

    ok thanks this will help with mine
  13. The Metroliner rebuild

    Good presentation.
  14. Today
  15. I like the dark tan. I think dark green would be too dark. But adding some olive would be good. Not to spoil stuff in the works... ...but you've stumbled onto a component of the Skill tree we hope to have ready later this year. Shh. Don't tell anyone.
  16. Okay, working on the UK RRP of £649.99 - £84.99 60161 Jungle Exploration Site £64.99 60132 Service Station £34.99 60134 Fun at the Beach £39.99 41187 Rosalyn's Healing Hideout £44.99 70351 Clay's Falcon Fighter £64.99 41317 Sunshine Catamaran £24.99 41311 Heartlake Pizzeria £74.99 70627 Dragon's Forge £159.99 10257 Carousel £34.99 8293 Power Functions Motor Set £19.99 10702 Creative Building Set Leaving 10p at the end. Rosalyn's Healing Hideout and Sunshine Catamaran are the sets my sister would love to have, so I would get those for sure (about £650 to spend , I would certainly get them for her). The Carousel would be for my Mum with the motor set to complement it, so it can run on its own. The rest is mostly for me , but I think the Pizzeria will end up being built by Mum and my brother would want a go at the Dragon's forge. I decided to go with current sets as I am making a wish-list too. Sales and deals in local supermarkets make most of the lower pricepoint sets (Sub £60 sets) potentially a great deal cheaper, so sets that I might not consider paying the £24.99 price would come home with me for the (usual) discounts down to £15 and under. I am making a wishlist to think of using VIP points on, maybe treating myself to or "saving" towards (aka, leave the discounted sets I am not super interested in and put the money aside to get the larger set.). Honestly, this has been an interesting exercise for. It is a rather good thread.
  17. I know its pretty unlikely at the moment, but has anyone spotted any of the unique pieces on Bricks and pieces yet?
  18. Great idea, Ayrlego. And I am liking that photo, although I don't dare think what you have found on the Web searching for native Queen in throne room... :P The flooring is looking nice, and I quite like the dark tan, although the green shades might look even better. The columns are looking nice too. For the round parts of the throne, how about some snot work? I am thinking about the large curved pieces (a bent brick, the whole quarter curve measuring 4x4, I thibk) that I would call "well-pieces". I could see them raised up behind her with some golden 1x1 round tiles or rings for ornaments. Might be too large, though. Looking forward to seeing where you will be going with this!
  19. Alright! This is a build contest I can get behind. :)
  20. The L.M. Diaz

    Very nice! The detailing on the stern is especially good, and the color scheme is lovely. Great build!
  21. Please don't give them ideas. I'm a figma and figuarts collector as well, and Im pretty ambivalent about the supposed benefits of preordering. What if, as often happens with the Japanese stuff, preorders close early and you don't get your order in? It happens often with the more popular figures. Would hate it to happen with Lego. The beauty of collecting Lego is that the stuff is always readily available, with the rarest exceptions like the Saturn V set and this one, and it's only a matger of time till they're available again. On the other hand, as you surely know, goodluck getting your hands on a figma once they're sold out, unless you buy it for double the price on the aftermarket.
  22. [MOC] Ebon Hawk

    Nice work, you definitely captured the shape well, and it looks pretty sleek in dark red!
  23. MRCA II Adventure

    The other sets up the all-inspiring homeward bound journey, where you either are ship wrecked by sirens and have to feed your crew to a cyclops, or you are joined by two dogs and a cat for some crazy hi-jinks. Those are the only two options after an adventure, sorry.
  24. Wow! How could have I even missed such wonderful news! It's true the old one was "dirtier" more brownish and this one is basically a Pearl Copper, much like Pealy/Warm Gold. Probably just as useful as the older Copper for what I'm aiming at, it's just the overally colour I'm looking for, not the slightly more serious or more cartoonish hue. Very very good point, imagine having all those blonde minifigures have same colour hair and face! Yes! Sand red, the old forgotten family member. Aside from Sand Purple, which I think just was in a Zam Wesell (Attack of the Clones) minifigures in 2004. Sand red would also be a solution to the problem one of the members in the thread had of not having enough reds. Again Salmon would greatly help to that too. Wonderful chart! Would also be interesting for knowing what an Earth Pink would look like. Not sure it would be any useful, but it's always fun guessing. What do you mean with the second part, though? Just because kids prefer less complex colours they know, Lego can't make others? I'm fairly sure when you ask kids what their favourite colours, they won't say "Sand Green", but that doesn't stop Lego from making those such wonderful colours. I would love to see both a lighter red, or Salmon and the Burnt Red you mentioned earlier.
  25. [MOC] Ebon Hawk

    Hello, this is a great first post welcome to the forums, I love KOTOR I think my next project will be of this era! Kind regards, Ellis.
  26. [MOC] Ebon Hawk

    Fantastic! I have not played KOTOR but I will soon.
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