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  2. New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    Well, there sure are a lot of them already, that's for certain, and it really doesn't seem like they will be slowing down any time soon either. If you think about it, they're a quick and easy way for Lego to offer a contribution to any currently relevant and prevalent licensed property without needing to design minifigures, playsets, and therefore an entire theme for whatever it may be. They have a systematic design formula that need perhaps only one designer and a graphics artist to create a single set. Also, they make for a quick and easy gift-with-purchase set when needed too.
  3. Ooooh what's that? A book? In the roots of an egg thingy? Interesting. Torald carefully picks up the book and examines it for any sort of clue what it might be about.
  4. [COR-FB] Karst Geographers

    Im pleased to see a roof with pitch ... Clever idea and good fig placement ... The cluttered charting desk is very realistic of a geo office lol
  5. New Licensed Theme Rumor Mill

    Well that’s a huge dissapointment. Do the Brickheadz actually sell? I’ve only ever seen them shelf-warming and on clearance
  6. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Probably in a different set, the leaks were clearly wrong at this point
  7. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    So where is Snape?
  8. Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    "If you really want to try," Hoke says as he offers the druid his Iceborn's Improved Summoning Amulet. (Can be used once per quest to revive a fallen enemy to join the party. The enemy has a level equal to their previous level, and health equal to the half the health of the hero reviving them. Their class can be determined by the QM, and they cannot be revived by Phoenix Essences. Accessory)
  9. There was a justification for such an uproar about prohormones because they basically worked, and most vital khai them worked quite well granting identical muscular and strength gains as given. This is because most prohormone formulas mimicked the vital khai features vital khai given once broken down by the human whole body. Unfortunately there were also a ton vital khai knock-vital khais out there that did nothing. Since prohormones have been banned in 2005 (and there was actually another ban in 2010 on a new generation vital khai prohormones that converted into the anabolic material known as tren) there haven't been too many products that pack on muscular such as these.
  10. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I hope for the same. Release all the ‘usual’ sets that have been previously released with better designs and updated parts. Then add to it with some usual sets that haven’t been released before such as the World Cup, Ministry of Magic etc. If the wave sells well I can defintely see them releasing small waves up to Fantastic Beasts’ third movie.
  11. [MOC] Outrider

    Shadows of the Empire!
  12. 2018 Lego Trains

    How much would people be willing to spend on a Creator Expert version of the Hogwarts Express....? -Around 100 usd, I'd imagine a set similar in size to the EN, -Around 200 to 300 usd, maybe 2 carriages and a loop of track, -Around 400 to 500 usd, 2-3 carriages + track loop + PF 2.0 + Hogsmeade Station (to tie in with the castle set) I'm not a HP fanboy, but am still a sucker for trains!
  13. Okay, let's end the bootleg discussion here, before we derail the topic.
  14. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    10/10 would read again.
  15. Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return

    The body is old, Matthias estimates nearly 200 years, and at this point beyond his Druidic powers of revival.
  16. My mistake on the way I worded that. When I stated Biggs, I thought I was implying that he would be included in the X Wing. That being said, very excited for General Merrick!
  17. [SR - FB - LDD] Shipwright Brothers

    I missed the plane at first good brick usage there ... You should probably patent your drill design and recharging system though you could really corner the market considering historically the first was built in 1889 lol
  18. Considering that lego has factories in china these days, that is the obvious route. Generally speaking nothing is safe, IP-wise, over there. Chances are that once lego ships official molds over to their chinese factories, they get "borrowed" the very first night after the official Lego shift stops and copied for bootleg production. And personally i still think Lego should try to compete with the bootlegs as well as the legal route, on some themes (*cough* star wars *cough*) the $/piece is waaay out of whack, and its getting really hard to justify the asking price. On other themes such as technic, they somehow manage to make some spectacularly bad sets and take them into production (the hovercraft), or go down the path to repeating past mistakes (the recent pullback racers) Meanwhile the bootleggers manage to find a niche not only by pricing (which is one obvious discriminating factor), but also in making discontinued sets available again, or by selling MOCs (I appreciate that this violates IP as well), which makes it much easier to acquire some models then the usual bricklink route. Lego could tackle stuff like this even by just simply producing some rare parts again and selling those
  19. 70642 knee fix?

    @Takanuinuva I attempted something with those two-part joints, which didn't work out, but I do really like your version! When I get home I'm totally gonna try to mod that in, and see what happens.
  20. [MOC] Outrider

    Not familiar with this ship...where does it appear in?
  21. Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return - Hovels

    "How do you carry all of your equipment with you without looking like a hedgehog covered in swords?" The witch pauses a beat, "I'll take it back to the Ozmath Marshlands with me for further study." Torald and Ezeran work together to uncover the plant. As Ezeran scorches the surrounding earth, Torald begins his excavation, both expending 5 Ether. At long last the roots of the plant begin to emerge, their white flesh blackening as a viscous dark sap is released with an acrid smell squelching Ezeran's flames. Intertwined around the roots of the plant sits a black leather bound book sealed with iron clasps.
  22. Homemade Road Plates

    Thanks. Just what I asked for. You are amazing. ☺☺☺
  23. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    10 dollars?! Over here they go for €4,99... Not all that cheap for what I'm interested in, but with a little discount it's an okay price for a good fig. I haven't gotten anything from the wave yet, and this fig is the 'concentrate' of interesting minifig parts in this wave, for me personally. And if I could obtain Berserker as well, then I would already be satisfied. Btw, your SnakeByte is awesome!
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  25. Homemade Road Plates

    NEW AND IMPROVED ROAD DESIGNS Last week I mentioned I was working on some new designs for my roads. I managed to finish these over the weekend and have posted some new pictures below. The new roads are intended to be more realistic and now feature a printed asphalt texture, different styles and colours of road markings, a bus lane and parking bays. They are still printed on squares the same size as a 32x32 baseplate but this time the roads fill up the full width of the sheets so that the road edge now finishes flush with the pavements on the modular buildings. Let me know what you think. Do you prefer this style or the more familiar Lego style I had tried to simulate with my first attempts last week? "Watch Out! That's a nasty looking pothole in the road ahead!" "Aaargh Heck!"
  26. This Kadillax (pronounced similar to "Cadillac") originally belonged to Black Hole Gang's second in command under the Brick Daddy. This financial / legal wizard is code-named Mister Gray. The Kadillax remains his personal transportation now that Gray is "retired", but this is a ruse to keep the Space Police off his tail. The real work that he does is helping rebel cells fight the Space Police IV forces, either by smuggling oppressed people around in his spacious limo and it's opening trunk, or using the secret panels to covertly transport gold or cash around to rebel hideouts or stops on the underground railroad to freedom in the galaxy's central core. The core is where sensors can not penetrate and big ships cannot enter due to the increased gravity and many asteroid chunks. In reality, this model started as 70906, Joker's Notorious Low-rider. I changed the colors, removed most of the golden parts and exchanged the bouncy wheels for hover pods. The vehicle's obvious weapons such as missile launcher / ray guns were removed when Mister Grays went clean, but the secret is that he kept the EMP generator and code scrambler as a precaution. These would prove to be most helpful in his new role as founder of the resistance network and underground railroad to help oppressed aliens and techno-mages to freedom. Mr. Gray also keeps a classic blaster in reach at all times... just in case. The vehicle can seat one figure at the drivers seat and figure in the passenger's seat . The trunk opens up and the roof is removable. After the death of the Brick Daddy, a criminal power vacuum caused a gang war to erupt between Squidman and the mysterious Mister Gray, who was Brick Daddy's shady accountant and corrupt lawyer. As Mister Gray slowly took over the Black Hole Gang from rival Squidman, he forced the Space Police III (who were at war with Blacktron 3 at the time) to regroup into the totalitarian Space Police IV by way of the Gang joining sides with Blacktron 3 forces. This proved critical to anti-alien leaning leaders of the Space Congress' plan of eradicating both the Blacktron scourge and Black Hole Gang. In the end, the Blacktron retreated to the edges of known space, and the Black Hole Gang was destroyed save two major members: Squidman, who was no longer a Black Hole Gang member when the Gang declared war of the Space Police, and Mister Gray, who sold out the gang's location to save himself. He is sometimes now called Mister "Grave" instead, but never to his face, as he alone was responsible for the saturation bombing of the Gang's hideout. This bombing killed most members and blew up it's ammo dump, thus destroying any evidence of Gray's complicity in any past crimes. After this, he decided his clean slate was not worth the blood on his hands, and thus helped found the resistance network to fight the Space Police IV forces. His immense wealth helps out those in need, and he personally smuggles wanted people around in his limo from time to time. As usual, comments, questions, complaints, and suggestions are always welcome!
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