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  2. Action Figure Forum Discussion

    Unless you count Mindstorms robots, I don't think a lot of people build Technic mechs. I can think of @demon14082001, and Chris Kruining, (I don't know if he's a member of the forum), but it might not exactly be the building style you're looking for. Perhaps you would have more chances to get a satisfying answer if you ask in the Technic forum :
  3. The model looks very nice and functional, but did you just lock that angle connector #2 inside that 7x5 frame?
  4. I managed to take a better photo of the upgrade. Thanks for hints, @mocbuild101 Oh, and I'm happy how the lattice of all the rolling chassis' girding came out:
  5. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    The Mining truck in set 60188 reminds me of the truck in World City set 4514 Cargo Crane from 2003!
  6. Another 6ft long SSD Executor (fully complete).

    That's amazing, looks superb, must have taken a huge amount of focus to complete that.
  7. I've updated some of the details in the first post, including placeholder images of the new sets from Brickset
  8. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    I think I can safely link this here, since the images are official: It has a really interesting play feature - apparently the roof turns into eyes and the whole temple makes a creep Garmadon-like face :D Garmadon also seems to be back - or at least something that looks like him. [shamelessselfpromotion] You can find the rest of the official box art here: [/shamelessselfpromotion]
  9. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    There's an official image of the hover jouster box floating around for those interested.
  10. Customized Bionicle Onua

    Could you please tell me what Language you're talking, or rather translate it to me.
  11. [MOC] Cold War ships, 1:350

    Thank you! I saw Your gallery on the Brickshelf - gorgeous trains!
  12. [OL - FB] The Yacht Majestic

    spoilt rich brat ! with their toys !! The colours are really nice
  13. Heroica RPG General Discussion

    I just want to make sure that anyone in quest # 158 doesn't want to buy any of my items. I am trying to sell before I just sell them off in the marketplace.
  14. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Found a review of the Volcano Lair, the guy also has the ToR image if you haven't been able to find it.
  15. Customized Bionicle Onua

    ???? kezako los bidulos crapitos ?
  16. Favourite Locomotives?

    Not sure about the 08s whistles. I do know there were many variants, some different enough to be re-classed as 09. In 1965, 3 master-and-slave pairs were created from some of them (the cab and controls removed from the one unit, so 2 locos controlled from one cab), and were classed as 13s. Their purpose was to shunt the Tinsley Marshalling Yard, which as it was still a hump yard couldn't use standard longer-wheelbase locos for risk of grounding! They looked a bit odd (I can't seem to put the pictures here, just have a google). I do love the 08s though. My first LEGO train MOC was an attempt at one, having bought the PF elements from LEGO, and inspired by this one: I have gradually built better and better versions, even if I have cheated by putting some yellow paper over the side of the Battery Box to make a Network Rail liveried one. How about the BR "USA" tank, brought over after the war to shunt Southampton Docks?,_August_1966_(9969640295).jpg They're odd-looking beasts, especially here in the UK, but I like them, mainly because they're different and have an interesting story. I've had a go at building one of these in LEGO, as it matches up to the grid almost perfectly in 7-wide scale. I tried with PF, but took it out as it wasn't very powerful or reliable.
  17. Oh sorry! I totally forgot to post the images a few days ago! My yellow curved gear strips are in the other house so I'll just have to make do with LDD for now: The disconnected black parts and pins/axles are just for the tire. Currently it is around 180 parts. There will be 19 of these wheels. Here they are: Here is the LXF file Regards, Snipe
  18. Brinklink is where I go every time I need pieces but I wouldn't even know where to start when buying in bulk.
  19. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    It didn't seem like anyone around wanted to buy his stuff, but figuring patience might pay off, before just selling the items in the marketplace. As he waited... Took out the Bright Polish and dumped it on the Dastan Armor and try it on. At the same time he seem to be calculating something.
  20. Hemlock Falls (WIP)

    Wow that's really cool! Are those stands all black bricks? If so you have a lot of black bricks.. the way you used the minifig plates for the road is really neat. I like your rockscape with the waterfall.
  21. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I have not seen this before LegoSjaak! I LOVE IT!!! If this Diner IS the next modular it itself is quite the departure from ALL of the previous modulars. So I don't think the "city" faces are unheard of. What I think is that Assembly Square was a nod to all of the old modulars and this new one is like a reset to a new modular standard, which will include Minifigs along the lines of the CMFs...
  22. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Mostly because of the minifigures. They have faces with expressions on them. Correct me if I'm wrong, but all the previous modular sets came with the generic smiley heads for the minifigures. But of course it is possible they are breaking tradition and mixing things up for the next ten years of modulars.
  23. [MOC] Street legal buggy

    Plus 1 to this. Other then that, it looks nice, most of all I like rear axle and overall shape. I would put HOG on the rear frame of the roof, but it just matter of taste and it's good as it is, too.
  24. Customized Bionicle Onua

    Customized Bionicle Toa Onua with Double-Wings and Firearm. Therefor the Head can be turned around.
  25. Safe Haven Cat A "Mesozoic"

    Really great building! I wasthinking the same, dinosaur/dragon themed island, but a week ago, i find a better idea for my safe heaven :D Keep up, want to see the minfigs too :D
  26. Lego 60th Anniversary sets 2018

    First impression: Lame. I'll have to look at the full parts assortment before further analysis can be made.
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