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  2. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    It's a buy for me, nice looking Set, like the Minifigures, like the building, like the Rollercoaster aspect. Was kind of hoping for a Ghostbusters HQ themed Set, however overall I think I will purchase this item when Lego has doubke vip points or a cool giveaway. Also can't forget... need more bat vehicles. No bat chopper from the visual book tells me we still may have another bunch of sets released. Fingers crossed Lego.
  3. ETTC Cocoa Factory Collaboration Stage One: Fermentation - Ayrlego Stage Two: Drying - Puvel Stage Three: Roasting - SilentWolf Stage Four: Grinding and Pressing - Bregir To the esteemed Colonial Governor Jonathan Cooke, We hereby send the requested rapport of our efforts in the drying section of the cocoa plant. As you know, the second stage in the cocoa production is drying. The beans should be dried after fermentation in order to reduce the moisture content from about 60% to about 7.5%. However, this isn't as simple as it sounds. It must be done carefully to ensure that off-flavours are not developed. Therefore the beans are spread out evenly in the the sun. They are regularly raked to ensure the drying area is evenly distributed. With adequate sunshine and little rainfall, sun drying takes about one week per batch. Please find enclosed a drawing of our plant: Your humble servant, Andrew Vimes Overseer of the King's Harbour drying facility This concludes the ETTC Royal Cocoa factory builds (slightly behind schedule), hope you enjoyed them. The footprint of this part is 3072 (48x64). Credit for the builders barracks goes to Ayrlego who kindly gave me permission to borrow his design. When I was building the palm trees I looked at them from above, the pictures are from a lower angle and prove that I should find another way to attach the leaves. Ah well, I'm sure that's not the only thing that can be improved.
  4. 42054 C model- Articulated Hauler

    This looks like it comes straight off one of those futuristic RTS video games as a resource-carrying truck. That's what it makes me think of. I like it. The use of lime is nicely laid out. The bed may be a bit small but I think it matches the rest of the vehicle nicely. Making it bigger would pull things out of proportion maybe. The seat could be a bit further backwards though. If you sit in this, it's almost as if you're outside of the cabin. I think if you swap the black 2L cross blocks that hold the seat, so the seat is 2 studs backwards relative to where it is now, it would be better. (But I don't know if there's anything in the way for that). Also, if parts availabilty permits it, I'd put two seats instead of one, to the left and right of the steering HOG axle. Then, seats can be even further backwards, so the driver can actually use the small side windows of the cabin. Also, maybe you can swap the two 2x3x5 panels with the two 2x3x7 panels in a way, so the Claas stickers aren't upside down :) For the rest, nice model.
  5. 70922 The Joker Manor

    You have to consider the cost of licensing when comparing a theme Lego owns and one it doesn’t. Yes, WB have benefitted greatly from this union, but it’s not personal, it’s just business.
  6. 42054 C model- Articulated Hauler

    Yup, it is a unedited vid showing steering and dumping.
  7. Scooby-Doo 2015 Rumours & Discussion

    Sadly, we'll have to wait an extra two years because the new animated Scooby-Doo movie has been delayed until 2020.
  8. I love your magazine thanks for sharing!!
  9. LEGO Scooby Doo CMF wishlist!

    To be honest, I would love to see the LEGO Scooby-Doo theme make a comeback one day! I'd also like to see the five Ghoul Girls from Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School individually, and also Shaggy & Scooby in their 1980's appearances, featuring Shaggy in his red shirt & blue jeans and Scooby with a red collar.
  10. LEGO Star Wars 2018 Set Discussion - READ FIRST POST!

    I have a feeling that if they do a Rebels set in 2018 it would probably be something like Zeb and Noghri speeder bike chase
  11. What are the most ugly B models

    42064 B isn't very good either. It depends on your definition of "ugly" of course, but to me, 42064 B is a box made of panels, with a movable ledge that holds onto another box made of panels. 42070 B isn't much, but at least it's a single thing, and at least it has functions, so at least it can be classified as a Technic model (even though the weird gap makes it look as if it is extendable). 42064B has fewer moving parts than many City models. (Also, it's very boring to build.)
  12. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    The other 6 are exclusive to this set though. At least as far as we know for now.
  13. Modular rebuild. Some thoughts

    Seriously! I am convinced this piece has the ability of reproduction, you just touch one of these at the Pick A Brick wall and all of a sudden they're everywhere:
  14. 70922 The Joker Manor

    While it is a nice looking set with some great details and some awesome minifigures, this leaves me somewhat underwhelmed. It does not look like 3400 parts. Compare it to "Ninjago City". For 30€ more, you get six more minifigures, over 1400 more parts, and definitely more eyecandy and playvalue. I will get NC,as I feel I get my moneys worth with it. So far I'm not sure about JM though.
  15. phew, sigh of relief Still planing on a video for tonight?
  16. [MOC/MOD] Jango Fett's Slave 1

    Awesome build here, I think Jango’s Slave I is much cooler than Boba’s!
  17. 42054 C model- Articulated Hauler

    No, tape, and I forgot to remove it.
  18. 70922 The Joker Manor

    Did anyone else notice the fun house mirrors use a new "wavy" panel piece? Or is it just me?
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  20. [WIP] Stabilized frame

    I like your outriggers, they are ingeniously simple. On the other hand, what exactly is this (or based off of)? A picture would be nice. Good luck!
  21. oh no... did you write on the panels with marker??
  22. I don't think my lego OCD could handle those binocular pieces being the wrong way up! I think one of the wheels is upside down as well, but haven't checked. I just remember one was the other way up compared to the others. nice solution though.
  23. Updating Your Minifigs

    I may have to pick up that Biggs head. It looks a lot better than the one I got with my X-Wing set forever ago.
  24. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    So I picked up the Nya's Water Strider today at my local ToyRUs (now in Vienna, Austria) and was graced with the Ninjago Bricktober Minifigure Pack! Figured I'd do a quick run down of the figures (mostly because I'm procrastinating) we go! (I was gonna upload pics, but my phone is being dumb... White NinDroid General: I was very excited for this figure, and now that I have it I'm overjoyed. At first glance it looks like a recoloring of General Cryptor, but it's a new print that just looks kinda similar. It's fairly similar to it's in-show counterpart, it's biggest difference is the lack of back in the hood's eye piece and some minimal coloring problems on the armor piece. My favorite part is the wrapping head print. I would give it a 4.5/5 Neuro: Finally! Another Elemental Master! It's nice that the open spots are starting to be filled in. Hopefully we'll see those spots full in the next few years! Biggest disappoitment is the hairpiece. I understand they are not gonna make a new hairpiece for an exclusive, but that's my biggest nit-pick with the fig. Other that that the face is on point, the front and back is we designed, easily my favorite fig in the pack! 4.5/5! Young Krux: This fig is alright, not really a need but it's relevant as season 7 is the most recent season. Not a lot to complain about on this fig other then the bottom of the hour glass (that appears on his older counterpart) that's printed on the legs. There is no top to the hourglass just a weird spot of black printing where the hourglass used to be. Kinda sloppy if you as me...The printing is well done otherwise. A snakeless helmet would have been cool, but you know, it's okay. 3/5 Digiverse Kai: The year was 2014...Lego decided to keep Ninjago going and thus the Digiverse was created...along with it four Golden Ninja. This is honestly the biggest surprise for me. In many ways...First, I just kinda figured they'd ignore these suits entirely, I kinda forgot about them, but those of you who know how I collect know that if I have on varient of a ninja...I want all of them. So hopefully we'll see them all eventually. Second of all, what is the name of Sam Hill is going on with Kai's torso print?! It's got fire and stuff on it not to mention the leg printing that was also not on it's TV show counterpart. Also the hood, his staff he's holding and shoulder armor is out of place. Just a lot of clutter I think. Also the Gold on the torso is darker than that of the hood and the shoulder pads...It's kinda a mess of a figure. It's one redeeming quality is the new face print which is honestly "a-very-Kai-face", and one i've been wanting for a while. (I'll try to upload pics eventally) This fig gets a 3/5. Overall an odd pack of Characters that spans four seasons and four years and ultimately only leads us to want more...More Elemental Masters and more Digiverse Ninja. The pack as a whole gets 3.75/5 which is 75% and C's get degrees...So good job LEGO!
  25. Movie-accurate Bob's Kabob Stand (with LDD file)

    hi! I tried to click on the attached link with LDD but I get the message "unable to upload the file". can anyone help me, please? as an alternative, it would be enough for me to receive the list of the parts. thank you in advance!
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