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  2. I haven't. Generally I build the model digitally and upload it to a custom set on rebrickable (formerly called a private moc). Then I fiddle with things to find the least number of sellers. The bigger problem I have is accidentally ordering things twice.
  3. [MOC] LL928 M.C.V.P Maverick

    Only the middle axel is powered.
  4. HELP! ! !

    Wait, no seven. is this normal?
  5. What was the last movie you watched?

    The Lego Ninjago Movie. Loved it! I've never seen the TV version, but I thought this was great. Right amount of humor and heart.
  6. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    No worries. I think there probably is some upper limit on how many Ideas things they'll approve at once, but I don't know that we've hit it. We do know they'll approve more than one thing at once, sometimes; they've done it five times now, after all. They've yet to approve three at once, but they have approved three projects from a single batch before. There was a batch with six projects - the life-sized birds figures, The Big Bang Theory, a modular Apple Store, the Back to the Future Time Train, and two separate, similar Doctor Who projects. They approved the Birds and The Big Bang Theory right off the bat and held the two Doctor Who projects for further review, and then approved one of them in the next review (alongside the WALL•E project from the following batch), so they ultimately approved three projects from that one batch - fully half the total six! _____________________ Could they approve an entire batch? It's very unlikely to actually happen, but I do think it's theoretically possible (and likelier for small batches than for larger ones, of course).
  7. This is the finished MOC if you want see the construction process go to this thread construction process. In the beginning the truck had to be very simple but everything was getting complicated , now we have a 2 cylinders engine, pendular rear suspension and independent front one, pneumatic bed and hand of god steering with steering wheel. Currently I am making instructions and will cost 3 euros because they will be my first for sale so it is special offer . I hope you like even not being a supercar .
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  9. HELP! ! !

    I had the same problem a little while back.
  10. The Metroliner rebuild

    Do the correct base plates for the 10001 have 6 holes? I want to build 2 more middle cars to spec. Thanks
  11. One of the Boudon designs has a drawing of a hypothetical fat torso. I think the same could be achieved with a waist or neck-mounted piece, but regardless of how it's handled it should be done. I'm all for expanding the options. Here's my take on one that a few people have mentioned. Aviatrix Gender: Female Torso Print: 3/4 length leather flying coat in dark-brown, with the print carrying over onto the legs. Top buttons opened to reveal white dress shirt and tie Type of Headgear: New hair piece depicting a Marcel wave hairstyle, in light bright yellow, barring that, the traditional aviator cap (in reddish-brown) and goggles is acceptable. Facial Expression: Smiling Legs: Dual-molded tan, with black or reddish-brown feet (think TLNM Sushi Chef). Coat print continued from the torso. Body Wear: TLNM Jay Walker scarf in white. Accessory: None
  12. Mine arrived at our rental house, where my mrs' son and daughter in law to be live. (getting packages to our rural address is a pain)... Funnily enough, the mrs had to take them to hospital as their baby daughter had just been born in their dining room.. , Fortunately their flat-mate who shares the place with them was home.. Seems right to name the Falcon after their daughter, as the name works for the ship (I think at least) ... although the lego delivery will be heavier than the baby delivery..
  13. DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    I don't think it's lazy, I think it's budget decisions. Two-tone capes are certainly pricier than one-tone, so if they did that, they would have to take budget away from another area, like new pieces, for example.
  14. DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Oh cool, it's Batman's rebirth suit, never noticed that! Shame he doesn't have purple on the inner cape, but tbh lego are so lazy I would never have expected it.
  15. Fabuland, should it come back?

    I would love to see it come back as it was my favourite theme as a child. I remember many birthdays and Christmas' were made because of those sets. I would probably buy them too, just for old times sake.
  16. Lexus GX EV3

    @Horace T I like to use EV3 in my builds because I came from the Mindstorms community.
  17. LEGO Elves 2018

    I like these sets alright, but I like these molded heads even less than the ones on the dragons. :/
  18. [MOC] [Instructions] UCS Zeta-class cargo shuttle

    almost finished mine today made few mods here and there will post when finished
  19. So over the past 5 years, I've amassed a collection of Lego somewhere close to 400 sets. I've decided that I need to downsize some and am looking to sell approximately 150-160 sets. The sets are mostly random themes that I've picked up, such as Architecture, Chima, City, DC, Dino, Jurassic World, Marvel, Monsters, Pharoah's Quest, and Pirates of the Carribean. I'm also going to sell from of my Star Wars sets that I don't want anymore - no UCS, but mostly Clone Wars sets. They are currently sorted into ziplock bags by set. I have instruction manuals for all sets, but not boxes. I'm considering 2 options at this point: 1) Ebay by set - Build each set to make sure that the pieces are accounted for and to take pictures for the auction. The only down side to this option is that I might want to keep a few of the minifigures for the set and this might decrease what I could get for the set. 2) Bricklink - I considered sorting the approximate 40-50K bricks and then selling them by brick. I know this may take me several weeks to do, but I'm willing to do it if the money is right. So my question is which option is more economical? If I set up a Bricklink store, how long would it take to sell most of the collection? Does anyone have experience with this? Any help or insight would be much appreciated!!
  20. Today I noticed something weird with blueprint. When I export the building instructions to pdf (v26) the quality of the images is much worst then in previous versions. (not sure which version exactly). I checked with a building instruction I made a year ago and the images are much sharper. I used the same settings etc. @msx80 Is this possible? Did something happen in the export feature? Or what can I do? Cheers, Carl
  21. Are your modeling this after something specifically? I have never seen a super car with different steering modes. I like this build, something different. I will be following this :)
  22. Hogwarts entrance hall

    You really captured the shaping and color! However (and this may just be the size of the baseplate), it feels a little stark and empty when compared to what the castle usually looks like. Is there any chance you could add more detail and/or figures? Edit: One thing that might really help is if the ground were decorated, whether that means tiling it somewhat, or using plates to vary up the shades of gray. Far from the only option, though!
  23. [TC12] [WIP] "Panther"

    I will add photos tommorow. I didnt do it before because i want to finish chasic.
  24. Heroica RPG - Unlimited Quest: Fields of Glory

    Siercon directs his wrath against the first swarm of pumpkins and seeks to summon fire. Front row.
  25. Nice work ! I would be interested in looking at your LDD WIP file (you show 2 pics in your gallery). Would you accept to share it ? If yes, PM me. :)
  26. I've added a cable carrier to make sure that the cable doesn't get stuck when the platform is moving up and down. As you can see on the picture, I use the Mindsensor flexicables and the connectors to extend the length of the cable. I really can recommend these cables, they are much easier to use than the original Mindstorms cables. In the video you can see how the cable carrier works: Enjoy, Hans
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