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  2. 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V [VIDEO REVIEW]

    Great review Sariel! I love this set, got it on the first day it came out. Just to clarify: there's no "white command module"; the LES came with a white cover protecting the (grey) command module. So when the LES detaches, it reveals the CM. The instructions clearly show the grey command module in the turn-around procedure. But maybe I'm just too much into this Neil Armstrong passed away in 2012... maybe you want to remove the reference... PS: I think I saw another one somewhere on the forums, but I don't recall where.
  3. 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    Ideas for mods: 1) I thought the new, bigger cockpit would have room for seats. I guess the disproportioned dimensions of the minifigs prevent this, even at this scale. I'd like to see some sensible ways to mod the cockpit to add seats. Seats for Han and Chewie will probably be easier, but the third and fourth seat will maybe be a problem. 2) I've always thought that the entrance ramp to the Falcon looks too plain, in both the 2007 version and the new one. That might be an easy fix, with just a few added smooth tiles etc. The question I am asking myself is: is there value in keeping the Falcon as it is, despite the shortcomings? I think that there is, at least for me, because I feel somewhat hesitant changing the design. Maybe out of some irrational respect for the countless hours the designers put in. But after that initial thought I think that the designers would probably appreciate people further enhancing their product. That's the heart and soul of Lego building, after all. Well, that got pretty philosophical. All a matter of taste and opinion, in the end. And, you can always change it back! Looking forward to seeing all the cool modifications people come up with!
  4. I was thinking about this yesterday. There have been only 12 Rebels sets + 1 battlepack (ok, and some polybags). 7 of the sets and the battlepack were released before Force Friday 2015 (which was in september, so exactly 2 years ago) In the last 2 years we got just 5 sets. In 2017 we got 0 sets (the Phantom 2.0 was released in some countries in 2016, so I don't count it as a 2017 set). The leaked winter 2017/18 sets didn't include a Rebels set, so I think that theme is doomed. Sad, because I would have loved to have figs of Bendu, Cikatro etc etc. LEGO handled Rebels in a terrible way (although the start was great with the Phantom, TIE Advanced, Ghost etc)
  5. MOC: Hussar

    WOW!!! You keep Amaze me! the poze the colors the pieces are just right Great Great Work! Greetings / Groetjes
  6. 42054 C model- Articulated Hauler

    oh my god i feel so stupid now sorry! fixed.
  7. ( MOC ) Lego Friends Heartlake High ( edited )

    Thanks for the nice coment Greetings
  8. LEGO Elves 2018

    Looks like it's new collectable stuff. But this crystals are new, aren't they? And! I watched the images carefully and I notice that fox actually have another head mold than lion - there's big pointy ears from sideview. So it's really awesome creature, I think! And Aira's set building is on flying island - nice idea that fits perfectly into Elves world. Bats flying on another flying vehicles are really funny as some king of absurd :) Appearing of new wind dragon is great for those who want to complete elemental dragons swarm but didn't get that Sanctuary set in 2016 which disappeared from stores enough quick. So this year is still aviable fire and earth dragons, and new water dragon from Rosalyn set, and next year we'll get another wind dragon. To speak honestly, it's two-legged wyvern, but what a problem to make another pair of paws? :)
  9. The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    I saw it Friday. It was a good time. Although Ninjago is my favorite theme by far, I thought this was worse than TLBM. Some thoughts that I haven't seen mentioned yet:
  10. Maserati Boomerang (Minifig Scale)

    Thank you for your comment. I have read all the posts on the topic you linked. Please correct me on anything I say if I’m factually wrong. One of the Technic Moderators Jim (who I know has authority over the Scale Modeling Forum) posted on the topic the requirements for a creation to be on the Scale Modeling Forum. To summarize what Jim said(I did not change any words)- 1. The model should be (near) perfect scalewise. 2. Every builder should mention the scale the model is built in. My build fits the second criteria, as I mentioned the scale this model is built, which is minifigure scale. Whether my build fits the first criteria is a complicated question. As Jim said that he agrees with you, I will assume that the post you made on the topic is the “official” criteria for a MOC to be on this forum- 1) It must be based on our “modern day” world of existing things The Maserati Boomerang is a concept car first revealed in 1971. My build fits the first requirement. 2) Whatever scale, it must be close to the blueprints in shape and proportions This is where things get complex. Let’s start with the shape. This is the real life Maserati Boomerang. I daresay my build is close to the shape. I will get back on this on point 3). Now the proportions. According to, the Maserati Boomerang is 4342mm long, 1860mm wide, and 1070mm high. So the proportions are 2171:930:535 My creation is about 16.5 studs long, 6 studs wide, and 10 tiles high(which is 4 studs). So the proportions are 33:12:8 which is about 2171:789:526 While the length to height ratio is quite accurate the width is off. If I built this in 7-wide the proportions would be about 2171:921:526 which is pretty spot on. I could have made this in 7 wide by using technic elements to connect the wheels to the car so points off for me. As for the wheels, they are definitely the right size. 3) The techniques used must be advanced and creative. Especially in small scales so it can meet the criteria of point 2) This is one of those things where you can’t get a 100% definite answer. But here’s my argument: The techniques I used do fit the criteria of point 3). Here’s how I built the bottom of the front part: I know, this is a different MOC, but I used the same technique for the Maserati. (This is the only picture of the technique I have available at the moment) The other creative technique I used was the tile-on-clip technique. I used this on the single side mirror and also the back part. I could also list the upside-down studs technique for the back end, but I think that would be stretching things too much. But then again, it is not my decision, but that of the moderators to either leave my MOC on the Scale Modeling Forum or move it to another forum. Thanks for reading.
  11. Compatible Minifigures Discussion.

    I ordered mine from here
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  13. LEGO Elves 2018

    Yes, each color corresponds to an element, but what are the crystals? Magic crystals that grant elemental powers?
  14. Small boat | Bodi | Oleon Frigate Licorne | Bodi | Oleon Gunboat Jacinthe | Bodi | Oleon
  15. The 100 supporter milestone has just been reached! A big thank you to all Eurobricks supporters! Now let's get to 10,000!
  16. 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    Another problem I have with this set is the fact that the cockpit space is smaller than 10179. I am sure its possible to make a stud bigger, but it would have to be modified a bit more.
  17. It transform derma restores the water and collagen which gets lost from the transform derma due to being revealed every day. Right when your transform derma gets an assistance of hydration then you will get a face which will look and vivacious. It is secured to be related on the transform derma, isn't that so? Totally yes, it is made out of peptides and the collagen transform derma is the thing that our transform derma needs to turn the making structure from the transform derma.
  18. (still for Era I) The L.M. Diaz | TitusV | Eslandola
  19. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    A bummer and missed opportunity indeed if we don't get that narwhal. For some reason i thought the narwhal would have been included in the Garmadon Garmadon set, but i checked and its not.
  20. seeing as it will be the last season do you think that there's any chance of at least one rebels set next year, we know the winter wave so maybe over the summer or as a retail exclusive. yes to this yes to this.
  21. DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion has links to large pictures of all the new characters: Killer Frost still looks wrong with Magpie's hair, but overall looks like a good wave.
  22. Agree and much better for anyone wanting skid steering.
  23. LEGO Nexo Knights 2018

    Now I noticed that the identical Ruina's staff is in the Berserker bomber in front of nexo shield. On the pictures of the boxes we can see that there are two evil minifigurines in the set. Images are blurred but there is possibility that one of them is a ruina.
  24. That's the one. Although Faladrin says it is a supermarket chain we are going to go with it.
  25. The History Of Ninjago (Video)

    I love what you did here! It's a brilliant idea and I hope you continue doing it. Just like Littleworlds I was surprised not to see more of the TV show mentioned which is both good and bad in my opinion. It kept the video short and to the point but kept out some important details. Here are the things I missed from the video: No mentions of elemental powers No mentions of introduction of Nya as a ninja No Dragons mentioned (molded vs brickbuilt heads) No villains introduced or explained Day of the Departed skipped No parallels between the show and the sets No mentions of games I'm a huge Ninjago fan so don't take these to heart too much : ) The video is great, production is very good and you will only get better with time!
  26. Don't give them any ideas, its hard enough to get some consistency when you try to build an amry... :/
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