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  2. Bodi

    [SR - Poppy Port] Mill

    It's a nice looking little scene, Bart.
  3. Mesabi

    [SR - Poppy Port] Mill

    Very nice mill bart, the colouring really turned out well, and I like the addition to Port Poppy. Keep it up!
  4. Oky

    Star Wars

    @STARHAWK This guy is clearly just being overly dramatic for entertainment and judging by the comments, this is not the first time he has thrown a toy away in his videos. This is nothing to get worked up about or uncommon for a YouTube video. He's just being edgy to get views and by pointing everyone to the video, you're just giving him what he wants. At the time of this writing, the video has 1.6k likes and only 44 dislikes, so at this rate I don't think you're gonna achieve your goal anyway. That said, the video was indeed unpleasant to watch, even for someone like me who didn't like the movie and the sets either, He is clearly trying to be funny, whether he means what he says or not, but it just comes across as super whiny, and seeing a Lego set getting thrown away and stomped on is painful, even if he was just acting.
  5. Huigberts Builds

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    It sounds good, but 5 or 6 large buildings might be a little too much to hope for.
  6. cptkent

    Powered Up FAQ and Community Wishes

    Where was the original thread? The OP quote seems to have originated elsewhere. Do you want replies here, or under the original thread?
  7. Digger of Bricks

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    Are you more suggesting that it may rather be branded as an Aston Martin and/or James Bond themed set, as opposed to one sitting under the Creator Expert theme?
  8. The B-model looks surprisingly good for what it is, I think. My original plan was to buy 42080 and MOC the forklift since I have more parts than I really need already, but I keep getting more tempted to just buy the forklift as well, as usual
  9. Waterbrick Down

    Heroica RPG - Quest #159: An Unexpected Return - Hovels

    Germ finds most of the huts to be primitive and nothing more of value to be found, except for another vial of Pixie Dust. "I think the girl means figuratively and yes, I believe you may be on to something. Perhaps if these letters were replaced with some sort of letters..." QM Note: Not sure what you mean by more fitting for a video game.
  10. I'm sure the older demographic is definitely considered for some of the particular sets, but that shouldn't mean that the theme will ever (and should never) venture towards properties that are technically off-limits for kids.
  11. Could've sworn we missed Calanon for it, then I looked closer..............
  12. Ninja_Bait

    Lego: Space - The Comic

    I like the introspective commentary with the most recent comments. It adds a lot to Ronald. That being said, I still kind of hate him. When do we get back to Red and the Gemini twins?
  13. Digger of Bricks

    Inspirational Modular and Non-Modular Building MOCs

    Check out some of the micro-scaled architecture and cityscapes of this guy! scott8762: Microscale Lego City - City Views | scott8762: Microscale Lego City - Builds
  14. Today
  15. Might be worth a try to hook up the winch to a cable drum powered by the worm gear that that winds up as the fork rises.
  16. I'm just dying to see whether they screwed up the Range Troopers or if we have another fantastic rendition for the Imperial war machine.
  17. Oky

    Cataloging the LEGO licenses

    In the Lego episode of The Toys That Made Us, David C. Robertson says that Lego commissioned the TV show, and on Brickipedia it says that Lego partially funded it (although no source is sited for that info), so it does seem like they had some involvement in the production of the show, but it's debatable if that disqualifies it for this list. I'd say just leave it. I mean, it's Galidor. Who cares.
  18. Digger of Bricks

    The Future of Lego Space. (opinions, ideas, discussion)

    Speaking of Ideas projects, I just saw this one Classic Space themed submission that had been posted only yesterday, which has already gathered 650+ supporters as of the time of this post! Kinda unusual for a Classic Space project nowadays, don't you think? LEGO Ideas - Classic Space - Anniversary Set 40 Years Law Enforcer/Cop? Why of course!
  19. Mesabi

    Account Summary

    @Phred, can the WTC Beacon be removed from the account sheet? It was captured by Kwatchi, and scrapped for parts, so it can simply be removed from the game. Thank you!
  20. I am really looking forward to build this set using my existing lego part provided it does not use any special parts. I am sure it will be interesting to build both the A and B model of this set. I have a feeling that the B model might turn out to be more fun that building the A model.
  21. Actor Builder

    [MOC] Haaaave you met HECTOR ?

    Hector has a heaping pile of personality! Tell Hector I'm a fan of his, please, from me, thank you.
  22. Rogue Angel

    GoH Book III

    Book III will be starting on August 19th. Queen Ylspeth has taken the throne, reestablishing the royal line, as well as stability in Historica. (courtesy of Henjin Quilones, winner of Challenge V from Book II) Guild Allegiance With the transition from Book II to Book III, all existing Historica members have the option to switch guilds, or remain with their existing guilds. Please declare your allegiance by posting a picture of your sigfig in this thread below. If you are keeping your current guild and character, you can the keep your current sigfig makeup, but you are encouraged to update your sigfig in the time that has passed in Historica by providing a new picture of your character. There is the possibility that one of the Guilds may be retired if there is not enough interest. If this happens, any existing members of that Guild would have the option to remain in and build within that Guild, but a retired Guild will not be able to accrue points with Challenges or Free-builds. (Please don't ask for clarification on this, because we don't know if it will happen yet.) Allegiances must be posted by AUGUST 1ST for the official Guild count. As always, members that have not pledged their allegiance by this point will be able to declare after the 1st, but members will not be able to switch Guilds once their allegiance has been posted in this thread. Historica Lore I doubt anyone has noticed this, but the lore of historica is slightly daunting to review. Members are invited to provide a brief synopsis of the history of the Guilds that covers the basics of Historica prior to Book I, The period covered by Book I and the period covered by Book II. You do not need to cover specific Guild history, only the history of Historica as a whole. Feel free to post your synopsis in any format that you would like (paragraphs, bullet points, etc.) but the one rule is this: You must be able to read the synopsis in 3 minutes or less. (Don't ask for specifics on this about reading speed or word counts - use your best judgement). The member that posts the best synopsis (as judged by the collective consciousness of the Nocturnus Pie population) will be granted the title of Historica Lore-Master. Historica Reborn There has been a very large gap between Book II and Book III. Kids, work, real life have gotten in the way, but we are ready to move forward in the vein of Book I. We have incorporated some willing guild members to support the Guilds Leaders in running Book III. These guild members have shown dedication to Historica over the past few years, and will be key to the success of Book III. The chapters of Book III will be occurring every 4 months (August, December, April) and a month and a half will be provided to complete each challenge. We will also be revitalizing some of the non-challenge events like the Age of Mitgardia, Albion-esque City building and the HSS. Avalonia will be purged of all territories, and will revert to the placement of Cities, similar to Kaliphlin, so you won't have to worry about encroaching on what members have historically done. Many devoted members have continued to post and contribute during the "dark ages" of Historica, and thanks to them, we are able to move back in to the full swing of things. We want to make the Guilds a fun place to post fantasy builds, flesh out your worlds and ideas, and make friends that share your interest in building castle and fantasy with Lego.
  23. Digger of Bricks

    James Bond 2018

    I'm not at all saying that Lego shouldn't reach out to teens and adults. Instead, I'm only suggesting that any of the source material they do select for sets targeting an older age range should also not be out of the question for younger kids either. The Technic and Creator Expert themes, for instance, are typically based upon source material that can be appealing to all ages, despite being marketed towards teens and adults primarily. Point being, Lego can find so many other subject matters and/or franchises that can appeal to both adults and children just as equally, without resorting to tapping into fanbases of more mature-oriented media and/or subject matters.
  24. sed6

    Powered Up FAQ and Community Wishes

    Can we control to separate trains with a single controller?
  25. Digger of Bricks

    2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Most certainly! Modern Aston Martins would make for yet another great addition to the theme!
  26. RetroInferno

    Star Wars

    I mean he paid for the set; he's free of voicing his opinion and do whatever he wants with what he bought. I really, really am not a fan of TLJ ( or this new trilogy as a whole ) but I'm not on the hate bandwagon that spawned an industry of 20 youtube channels dedicated on spewing crap on it 24/7 either. The mature thing would have been to simply give this to a small kid that would have plenty of fun with it; but you gotta be edgy to get those youtube clicks so here we are with this video. I wouldn't mind if someone started a bonfire with the First Order AT-ST though
  27. Digger of Bricks

    DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Tell me, does this Instagram page belong to Alex Ross himself, the famous comic artist, or is it just a fan of his work? Either way, that sounds certainly enigmatic, but fake looking nonetheless in my opinion.
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