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  2. LEGO Sci-Fi 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    Yeah, me to. Did you mean Legoland?
  3. What did you buy today?

    70612 Green Ninja Mech Dragon 100 2x2 dark tan tiles
  4. What was the last movie you watched?

    LEGO Ninjago Movie. Another fun & great outing. The same humor we expect & a fantastic use of real world items.
  5. this is amazing, but it really needs a way to the second floor. (even a ladder from the outside would help )
  6. RC Trabant 601

    Very complex sedan! Like it!
  7. Futuristic truck? I like the sound of that! Maybe something like the Mack Vision used in The Island... Funnily enough, that movie also features a flying bike!
  8. The idea is that the kids who will enjoy the movie (and there will be), who have never seen the TV show, will then go to the TV show, seeing that there isn't much a difference between the two, aside from voices and the overall story.
  9. LEGO Elves 2018

    Wow, that's great! :) I don't think it's Fledge - he is just 2-legged
  10. LEGO Sci-Fi 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I'm all for it, as long as City's renamed to Legolandland.
  11. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    "Currently 18 sets have been produced and 21 sets have been announced: Set based on an original idea Set based on an existing theme/license or intellectual property"
  12. [MOC] Friends at the Cinema

    Wow, very creative. Nice posing on the figures too, makes it feel real. One slight change I might make is instead of having the squared off seatbacks, maybe use Curved Brick:, Modified 1 x 2 x 1 1/3 with Curved Top&category=[Brick, Modified]#T=S&O={}
  13. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Also don't forget the visibility that so many projects need to have! Some projects, sadly no matter how good they are, suffer because there's not enough promotion, no matter what the submitter does (from my observation). (This is true of many websites, you want to get the message out but you don't want to spam, finding that line can be tricky!) While others from submitters with large Twitter followings, social media, etc... might soar, regardless of quality. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Ideas is a fish. And it is weird.
  14. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Licensed content is no less original than real-world subjects. Both are expressions of an existing idea, concept, or subject in a new medium (Lego).
  15. I have a big update. I have been working on chasis and arms. I have addes L motor for drive, fake 4L engine and two L motors for steering. I have used the outer gear on small turntable at each axle to perform steering, but it proved to be too space demanding on place where I need the chasis to be narrow. So in the end I went wth 13L rack. The L motor drives worm gear -> 8t pinion and 12t bewel that moves the rack. Both axles uses the same setup. Gearing from drive motor is 8t pinion to 24t central differential and to each axle diff. The last motor I have added is M motor that runs pneumatic pump. I realized then that I'm running into some space isssues and there is no way to add motorized pneumatic valves. I may also sacrifice motorized PF switch for rear steering motor. I have micromotor that would fit, but I don't want to add such rare part because I intend to make instructions. The last thing I have been working on are arms. Obviously the first arm was totally useless as it was waaaay too thick. I realized the arms cannot exceed 3 studs when folded. That means the folding section must fold inside the first section. The initial design was 8 studs wide at the hinge, so I had to redesign it completely, making slight compromises to structural strength but I'm very satisfied with the result. Now the problem - the chasis as now can drive and steer but the axles are not very stable in parallel direction to each other. It means they make A shape after few turns due to small turntable tolerance. I guess this doesn't have solution, so the model will not be very playable, but the extreme ground clearance is one of the most importat feature the model has so I will keep it this way. WIP Arms by Ivan Moc, on Flickr WIP Chasis by Ivan Moc, on Flickr WIP Chasis by Ivan Moc, on Flickr WIP Underside by Ivan Moc, on Flickr WIP Chasis by Ivan Moc, on Flickr
  16. RC Trabant 601

    The chassis of this model is super complex! I am amazed at what a great job you have done! Could you provide pics (or instructions) of the chassis?Very cool!
  17. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    I don't understand what I'm looking at
  18. I don't know, but I'm already saving up the cash!
  19. Today
  20. 75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    These mods are looking pretty awesome so far. I guess my problem with the set is the lack of detail underneath it more than anything else.
  21. Adventure MRCA test

    I've tried, it seems alright! And Adventure MRCA seems surely a good reason to license a ship!
  22. RC Trabant 601

    That's a very nice Trabant, congrats! The shape is very well done, instantly recognizable :)
  23. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    But Ideas submitters don't work for Lego so the cutthroat corporate business board room meeting analogy is a bit unfitting and certainly not what Ideas presents itself as. It is simply my opinion that if a bunch of selections all come from the same person then it is discouraging, draining of confidence and enthusiasm to the concept of Ideas. Obviously Lego is a business that is in it to make money, however Lego Ideas presents itself as and seems a pure, innocent, wholesome way for any Lego builder as young as 13 years old to submit their designs (with their parents permission) and become, for 15 minutes, a real Lego designer themselves. But if one guy is saturating the field then it is dispiriting. That's what I was saying so there's no need to debate or explain the semantics of using the word win versus selection or imply that anyone here is oblivious to the fact that Lego is a for-profit enterprise. Of course if it was purely about original Ideas then there would be no selections with licensed content as that is pretty much the opposite of originality.
  24. Sorry, i'll start "I LOVE BACON" guy Gender: male Torso: "I HEART BACON" apron Legs: jeans in a bacon color scheme Facial expression: hungry grin Headgear: Bacon fedora Accessory: New frying pan piece with sculpted bacon Rugged loner Gender: male Torso: brown jacket Legs: blue grey jeans with knife in pocket printing on one leg Facial expression: determined, slight stubble Headgear: Dark brown stick up hair Accessories: 2X2 piece with "Survivalist's journal" printed on, Unique machete piece, Dark brown bandana Nostalgia cook Gender: female Torso: green sweater Legs: Black sweatpants Facial expression: slight wrinkles (like someone in their late 40s), slight grin Headgear: dirty black shoulder-length hair Accessories: Plate, Pancakes, New piece: pot with macaroni Town drunk Gender: male Torso: beer belly with ripped grey shirt Legs: tan shorts with a spill on them Facial expression: "Im just here too get drunk!" Headgear: Reverse mohawk Accessory: Beer keg, liquor bottle
  25. Looking at the pictures my mind immediately started thinking: It's time to play EuroTruck Simulator :) Hope to see how this MOC develops over time. Welcome to EuroBricks
  26. LEGO Sci-Fi 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    But the Classic Space sets were Solely called "LEGOLAND Space" while of course, the factions after that had names........I think it is time to go back on topic now....(whatever that was)
  27. [MOC] YT-1450 Light Freighter - "The Nadir"

    Impressive model. The parts use is awesome, and the design is very original. I must say, it almost looks too sleek and smooth to be a Corellian freighter... Good luck in the contest!
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