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  2. Don't see a problem in using BT. It's pretty hard in Lego target markets not to buy smartphone with BT for kids. agree
  3. This looks cool!!! jrx, I have a question for you: you mentioned that you will present your new MOC here. Will you present it here in this topic or create an entirely new topic? And what kind of MOC is this? I am assuming that it is Zetros 6x6 but I might be wrong. Can't wait to see another beautiful, complex, and stunning artwork from you!!!
  4. @Mesabi I like the colour choices, that black/orange mix works. Another massive vessel it seems - apparently the WTC is looking to rule the Brick Seas!
  5. [MOC] De-Marco's Vehicles

    Another batch of lovely builds. And finally a Tardis that is properly sized! Its also nice to see a reinterpretation of the white offroad pickup with the spring suspension.
  6. Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    Clear pics of the Black Panther and Killmonger and also the Back Shots on my Instagram.
  7. Heroica RPG - Heroica Hall

    Hearing a some what familiar voice. Then recognize one of the "clowns" from Heroica. Well if you must know, I am buying some "boots". Then showing Karie the bag of (75) Gold with the note on it. Apparently this guy is retiring. I figured someone would be keeping an eye on this stuff. But I was just going to leave it in this bowl here. As the pointed at the bowl on the "porch". Not that I know what concern it is of yours.
  8. Disney Movies and TV Shows Discussion

    ^Groping incidents, drunken behavior at work parties, and kissing incidents are the main accusation against John. Not quite as serious as say the Harvey Weinstein stuff... but still some heavy grounds for sexual harassment. I have to admit I was a bit shocked to hear about it. With that said, his blunt decision to take a leave and respond to the accusations are probably going to save his reputation at the end of the day. But if he doesn't come back after his six month leave... I have faith in the future of Disney and Pixar. Especially having just left the theater seeing Coco. That film was amazing. I am sure there is enough talent in those animation houses, that they can continue to flourish like they have been the past few years. Great film go check it out. I thought the Frozen holiday special pilot (I bet that will be on ABC next year for Christmas, I swear) grew a bit long in the tooth, but Coco was hands down amazing.
  9. [HELP] Trouble trying to find something to build

    When I don't feel like building, I do other things to keep my life in some sort of equilibrium. Bricks are great, but fresh air, physical activity and human contact are what fuels my creative spirit. Surprisingly, tidying up helps a lot too. Beverly
  10. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    Found all three winter wave TLNM sets out on shelves at TRU today; shame I wasn’t allowed to purchase any until Dec 1, apparently.
  11. Today
  12. Thanks! It's undergone a few more renovations to make it a bit more autumnal and to fit in more critters. The stream is my favourite part. I started building the stream first and then built up all around it. Thanks. I wanted to fit in as many Elvendale animals as possible. Thank you!
  13. A nice warehouse. I actually really like the roof! It would maybe look better if the "upper half" was done the same way as the lower one - i.e. with the inward round slope - but the way it is still looks good to me. The irregular wood is done very well, as are the rocks. And I love the working crane. The one thing I do not like is the yellow - in my opinion it looks odd. Maybe green or red would look better. That is just personal taste of course. Overall a lovely addition to Charlatan Bay. With all the barrels and crates inside business must be going good these days!
  14. The Swan Skank

    Another shot of the Swan Skank Queen Catherine's Revenge and the Swan Skank. Q.C.R is actually taller but, the Swan Skank is a tad big longer
  15. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Other, far smarter / more creative people than me, have theorised that the entire front façade was built using SNOT techniques to hide the traditional "line breaks" between the floors. So, the floors would still be capable of being lifted off one by one, but you just can't *see* the breaks between the floors when viewing the building from the front. It would be a new direction for the Modular buildings, just like the expressive faces.
  16. [MOC] Modular Ice Cream Parlor (picture heavy)

    You need to submit this to the Lego Ideas group. 10,000 supports and will be for sale. I want one!
  17. The Swan Skank

    Here is a big view of the Swan Skank Captain Goldhook's cabin A backside view of the Skank's cabin and upper deck. Two crewmen at the helm. Below deck.
  18. MOC Gingerbread House

    What a great idea. My kids go thru cookies so fast roof would never be on it. Only suggestion I would make is to break you roof line up a bit. Maybe a chimney?
  19. MOD, WIP - Creator / Friends Winter-themed Mash-up

    That is a good looking Christmas Tree.
  20. [Help][WIP][MOC] Y-Wing

    Hello Everyone, I am in need of Help, I wanted to build A Brickwright Y-Wing so I got the planes and started Building it with limited parts and a need to reduce the weight of the engine nacelles of the y-wing. I will admit this did not start out as a True MOC and for a large part of the build it was a FrankenSet, I.E. Little of this Little of that, and as I built I used inspiration from Other builders like DarthPineapple and Dmaclego. As it Stands my Build only has the engine nacelles and forward cockpit as true or partial MOC's and I am working to create a main body like DarthPineapple's The problem is the main body is from Brickwright's MOC for now I have extended the the engine pylons and dropped the engines down creating a offset making the engines lower than intended so now the main body will sit like a hunchback when all the detail is done. I am not ok with this as I want the center aft of the main body to look like a real y-wing. Reference the pictures below for how far I have Gotten on this build. I am looking for a way to lower the main body detail to match the model as best I can and would like any help on a good way to say convert or make this setup work. You can see the frame I came up with to make the engines lighter and lower and still provide detail on the outside... I just need some advice on how to make the body match. [/url]20171123_200801 by Ender Wiggin, on Flickr] [/url]20171119_075335 by Ender Wiggin, on Flickr] [/url]20171119_075311 by Ender Wiggin, on Flickr] [/url]20171119_074954 by Ender Wiggin, on Flickr] [/url]20171119_074920 by Ender Wiggin, on Flickr] [/url]20171119_074902 by Ender Wiggin, on Flickr] [/url]20171119_074827 by Ender Wiggin, on Flickr] [/url]20171119_074736 by Ender Wiggin, on Flickr] [/url]20171119_153714 by Ender Wiggin, on Flickr] [/url]2017-11-23_08-34-30 by Ender Wiggin, on Flickr]
  21. What did you all think of this Santa Workshop MOC? Love all the elves.
  22. 10 year anniversary set.... that sounds good. Maybe it could be the whole center of the town. What would awesome is if they designed the new set to accommodate the existing Bakery, Post Office, Toy Shop and Market with it. Like it was one super large set! Ok it gets better, what if they did make it as one super city set (less the existing sets). In addition to the super set, they re-released all the sets of the series for one year so you could get whatever you missed the first time around. Think they may have a few pieces TLG no longer makes, but sure they could substitute something close. Sometimes when I dream,I dream big!
  23. The Swan Skank

    I was not satisfied with the Bonzabee so I deconstructed it and turned it into a bigger, better ship, The Swan Skank. The Swan Skank is a decently sized vessel that could rival the Queen Catherine's Revenge. The Swan Skank is armed with five canons(brick built) and has storage space bellow deck. The captain's cabin has plenty of room and has a chest with some spoils in it. The Skank is captained by my subordinate Captain Cavendish. I wanted to build a different type of ship that I hadn't before, a privateer ship. I was inspired by the HMS Providence from On Stranger Tides. I was happy with the end result and liked how the brick built canons came out because I don't have any actual Lego canon shooters and I used the stud shooters for my flagship, Queen Catherine's Revenge. The bottom deck has a cooking station a crate full of miscellaneous weapons and tools.
  24. What's your recent LEGO Star Wars Purchase?

    I got 75098 Assault on Hoth for 180$ on Amazon black Friday sale. Normally 300$ in Canada. Close to 50% off Pretty happy about that. Early Christmas present to myself :)
  25. [MOC] - 1916 Detroit Electric

  26. [MOC] Grand Palace Hotel

    This is....grand! All kidding aside, this is quite exceptional! MAC
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