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  2. Hmmmm, that might be the answer to getting more love from TLG in regards to trains - Lego needs a strong competitor in the model train market and just maybe we will get more choices!
  3. Thank you very much for your comment ;) Glad you like this ;) Tonight, I packed all the project and take the plane tomorow during the night for Billund... Can't wait to see the Legohouse and meet some of the famous buider in the world and look at their creation for real ! 6th teaser... this is a bright light orange tree... Masterpiece gallery Teaser 06 : Blotree by Pistash 7th and last teaser this one is called "Help me"... Monster will need your help... Enjoy ! Masterpiece gallery Teaser 07 : Help me by Pistash Global picture coming next week, just after Legohouse Afol opening ;)
  4. 42056 - Porsche 911 GT3 RS - $299.99 - 2704 parts 42043 - Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245 - $299.99 - 2793 parts 42069 - Extreme Adventure - $179.99 - 2382 parts 42057 - Ultralight Helicopter $19.99 - 199 parts (just to fill the $20 gap) Total: $799.96 - with 8078 parts! (which equals ~ 10c per part)
  5. Mine has finally made it into the country and past customs, after being one of the early successful online purchases... A good sign..
  6. I don't believe that's the case. The troika suit is quite unknown and was also based on the movie batsuits. It makes more sense for Lego to reference the very famous movie suit than an obscure troika suit that was used for a year in comics. Lego just used the original Anton Furst Batman '89 promotional symbol instead of opting for the symbol used on screen. Also the Kenner 89' Batfigure is very a like the black and gold minifigure.
  7. [TC12] The Toaster

    Looks cool, reminds me of Miss Fritter from Cars3 movie...
  8. [WIP] Supercar chassis with 3 steering modes

    Interesting idea, but I need to ask the obvious... What happened to your TC12 entry? Is this the start of it, or have you decided not to enter?
  9. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I agree absolutely, it even had a handful of nice pieces, like those mushrooms, some extra blue fire and leaf parts--basic, but still nice to have.
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  11. I snagged a TIE Striker for almost 50% off, still not one of my favourites, but having built it, it's not too bad. Especially for this price.
  12. [MOC] Sunglasses

    Thank you! Thank you very much! Greetings
  13. "Gah not that close!" Jeremiah shrieks as he ducks the blow. "Get them!" the guard Matthias hit orders as he starts to bleed. PREPARE FOR BATTLE! The Enemies Bodyguard 1 *Bleeding by 5* Type: Humanoid Level: 2x target Health: 395/300 Defense: 10 SPECIAL: Stand and fight- Bodyguard 1 causes 10 damage to the attacker, ignoring SP. The target is then Bound. Drops: 50 gold Bodyguard 2 Type: Humanoid Level: 2x target Health: 250/250 Defense: 5 SPECIAL: Stand and fight- Bodyguard 1 causes 10 damage to the attacker, ignoring SP. The target is then Bound. Drops: 2x potions, 1 gold Bodyguard 3 Type: Humanoid Level: 2x target Health: 250/250 Defense: 5 SPECIAL: Should've Had a Potion8- Bodyguard 3 whacks the target on the head, causing 5 damage and the Stunned effect. Drops: Magic Compass (Allows the hero to know the right direction.), Bomb XX (Deals 30 damage to all enemies and 10 damage to all allies, ignoring SP and row, when used.) Bodyguard 4 Type: Humanoid Level: 1.5x target Health: 150/150 SPECIAL: Should've Had a Potion8- Bodyguard 3 whacks the target on the head, causing 5 damage and the Stunned effect. Drops: 17 gold Bodyguard 5 Type: Humanoid Level: 1.5x target Health: 150/150 SPECIAL: Should've Had a Potion8- Bodyguard 3 whacks the target on the head, causing 5 damage and the Stunned effect. Drops: 2x Phoenix Essence (Revives a fallen target with full health during a battle.) Bodyguard 6 Type: Humanoid Level: 1.5x target Health: 150/150 SPECIAL: Should've Had a Potion8- Bodyguard 3 whacks the target on the head, causing 5 damage and the Stunned effect. Drops: Last Resort (Revives all knocked out allies with 1 health.), air bomb (Deals 5 wind-elemental damage to all enemies.) Angry Bodyguard Type: Humanoid Level: 1.5x target Health: 195/195 Defense: 2 SPECIAL: Anything you can do, I'll do better- Angry Bodyguard copies the target's normal attack and inflicts it on the target Drops: 1 potion, health core (Restores all health to the target.) Pong Merc Type: Humanoid/Beast Level: 1.5x target Health: 250/250 Defense: 10 SPECIAL: Unwise to Upset a Pongcanis - The Pongcanis attempts to rip the targets arms off. 5 Damage ignoring Row is dealt, there is a 50% (1/2) chance that such Damage ignores SP as well, a 25% (1/4) chance that the target's weapon, shield, and any Handwear or Accessories are unequipped, and a 12.5% (1/8) chance that the target is instantly Knocked Out. Drops: ice bomb (Deals 5 ice-elemental damage to all enemies.), potion, elixir The Party Vindsval Half-Born (Asphalt) 39 year old, Male, Half Giant, Level: 39.5 Vindicator *Gains Triple XP* *Immune to Asleep, Blinded, Confused, Fragile, and Weakened, Effects* Immune to Dark & Demonic enemies Attacks cause Enraged, Burning 10, Poisoned 7, and Cursed. Power: 98 (39+50+1+1+6+1) Power Bonus +9 (Armor +6, Henry's +2, Zoot's cookie +1) Defense: 30 Health: 62/62 (9+34+15) Ether: 43/43 (5+38) Gold: 624 Equipment: Ludeus: WP: 25(50 with arm) Glowing Blade forged from the body of Immortalis. Be free from your endless burden, argent lord of lightning, and allow this blade to carry on your legacy. Successful hits have a 1/3 chance of Awakening the blade's true power, doubling the sword's WP for the next round. Doubling does not compound. Greatsword/Longsword. Shikokku's Stealth Suit (SP:7; Power +6, User is immune to Dark & Demonic enemies; Body, Head and Backwear counts as 1 Artefact) Mythril Shield (SP: 20 Shield) Mechanical Arm (Doubles WP for the equipped weapon; wearer cannot become disarmed; suitable for Vindsval only; handwear) Wonky Shoes (footwear, SP: 3, suitable for all classes)(lent by Benj), Medal of Glory (accessory, mark of true talent that allows the wearer to gain triple experience from battles, immunity toAsleep,Blinded,Confused, Fragile, and Weakened effects)(lent by Benji) Inventory: Consumables: 4X Mead, Smelling Salts, 5X Remedy, Potion, 11X Grand Potion, 2X Smoke Bomb, 3X Tonic, 3X Venom (poison -1), 3X Deadly Poison (Poison -10), Banana, Poison Bomb, 4X Hurricane - This exotic drink grants the Hilariously and Luckily Drunk-effect, doubling the power of every attack, provided the consumer can state a pun related to his attack with every attack for the duration of one battle, Bone, Fenghuang Essence, Agni Bomb, Elixir, Myrrh, Soma, 2X Phoenix Essence, Candy Cane (Restores 10 Health and 5 Ether), Health Core, Bag of Wonder (Summons a random Decamon that joins the battle for 5 rounds. 10 uses remaining, Consumable) 3X Mulled Wine, 3X Ambrosia, 2X Golden Lotus Flower (heals to full health upon consumption), Nostrum Misc: Mythril Shard, 4X Grating Stone, Bag of Wonder (Summons a random Decamon that joins the battle for 5 rounds. 10 uses remaining, Consumable), Weapons And Shields Very Pink Parasol: Broomstick, WP:1, Male enemies are Enamored with the hero Xeno Whip (WP:4, poisoning the Xeno Whip doubles the poison output, whip) Ignis Blade (WP 5, Fire Elemental, Also ignore SP of foes weak to fire (Beasts, Icey, and Plants) Gems cannot be merged into or removed from the weapon; Great Sword) Gaia Blade (WP 5, Wood Elemental, Also ignore SP of foes weak to wood (aquatic and rock) Gems cannot be merged into or removed from the weapon; Great Sword) Witch's Hammer (WP 8, Poison 10, Hammer) Leets d’Loc (WP:9, ice-elemental longsword) Verkenner (WP:10, Broomstick,ranged) Renegade’s Crook (WP: 10, successful healing also poisons the target’s weapon by 3, staff) Undead Antlers (WP: 10, Grants Intimidation, Darkness Elemental, Halberd) Simurgh Wingblade (WP:12, cannot be used with a shield; great-sword) Twin Sai (WP: 12, dual strike, dagger) Stygian Blade (WP: 12, Longsword: WP doubled when using it against an Ethereal or Ancient enemy. The aura it exudes seems to be very cold, very luminescent water, the blade of Charon, the Angel of Death.) Crystal Blade: WP: 16, Greatsword. Imbued with a diamond, as is light-elemental as a result. A transparent blade that the fallen angel Glaz wielded Wrath Lance (WP:16, causes enraged and burning 10, poison 7 and cursed; Darkness and Fire Elemental, lance) Artefacts: Toxic Hood: (Headwear. The green hood worn by the Rosalia Pestilence. Changes the poisoned effect, to Blessed for the duration of the battle if poisoned while wearing the hood, Usable by all.) Ten-Gallon Hat: Gives the wearer the "Tourist" effect, causing no one to take them seriously) Gloves of the Hypocritical/Hippocratic Oath, Handwear, (Adds +10 to healing for characters with the Healing job trait and + 10 Poisoning for characters with the Wicked (or future equivalent) fighting style ) Mythril Mail (SP:10; suitable to knights and barbarians only; bodywear) Anniversary Medal (Power +5, SP +5, Max Health +5, Max Ether +5. Values increase by 1 with each passing year; Accessory) Gauntlets of the Legionnaire (Power +5, immune to Petrified, Handwear) Wanderer's Seal (Vindicator's Seal, grants access to the Vindicator job class; suitable to followers of the Wanderer only) Multi-tool Attachment (Artificial arm, Enables user to ignore the weapon restrictions of their class excluding Shields, Handwear, Suitable for Vindsval) Gems: Emerald X2, Aquamarine , Garnet, Opal, Topaz, Diamond Scrolls, Scroll of Poisoning. Can be cast on a weapon to give it Poison 10, for the duration of the battle at the cost of 5 Ether. Scroll of Frailty (Enables casting the Fragile effect to one target for three round. Each casting has a 50/50 chance of success and costs 1 ether.) Decamon Cards: Cherub (Luminous 3) Tools: Bed Roll, Shovel, Magic Compass Paladin Petaldan Parfenius (Played by Palathadric) 5-year-old male "wonder" Knight *Immune to *Stunned*, *Bound*, *Petrified**and *Rock (Earth)*-Elemental Damage Level: 13 Power: 18 Defense: 9 Health: 24/24 10+11+2* Gold: 108 Equipment: Brine Blade (WP: 5, 1/6 chance to trigger a Flood (see Weather Mage) when dealing damage, Longsword), Shield (SP: 5; Shield), Gloves of the Boy Wonder (SP:2; immunity to *Stunned*, *Bound*, and *Petrified*; suitable to Petaldan only; handwear), Really Hard Helmet (SP: 2, Immunity to Rock) Inventory: Weapons: Slimy Sword (WP:20, can be split into several weaker Slimy Swords or combined with other Slimy Swords to increase WP and split apart again at any time, Longsword) Artifacts: Baron's Oversized Hat (wearer is permanently Encouraged and Slowed; headwear), Cloak of Innocence (SP: 3; grants the wearer immunity to Darkness, if the health of the wearer is below 50% the wearer is also *Blessed*; Backwear; Suitable for Petaldan only), Paladin's Armor (SP:4, Max. Ether +2; suitable for knights, clerics, paladins; bodywear.) Gems: Emerald Consumables: Grand Potion x 2, Remedy x 2, Phoenix Essence, Ambrosia, Smoke Bomb x 6, Fire Bomb, Level-Up Mushroom, Tools: Bedroll, Etherium Ore (may applied to one weapon to allow it to deal the Sealed-effect permanently), Letter of Recommendation (Increases reputation with one of the seven main factions depending on the user's choice.) *Greasy Sausage Addok-Zo Obbex (Goliath) 135 year old Male Wakorian RangerLevel 9Power: 20 (9 + 11) Defense: 0Health: 14/14 Gold: 125Equipment: Crossbow (wp:11),,Protective helmet (SP: 4; headwear) Weapon and Armor: Bandits crossbow (WP.5, Crossbow), Jury-Rigged Long Hand Cannon (WP:3), Pugilist’s Gloves (Power +2, protects from weakened-effect; handwear.), Leather Armor, Broken Sword (1 WP; longsword),Inventory: 1 Mead, 4 Potion, 1 Smoke Bomb, 2 Venom, 1 Fire Bomb, 1 lightningbombs, 1 Carrion beetle horn (The horn can be attached to any blunt weapon to permanently deal Bleeding 2 effect) (but also including spears, polearms, handcannons etc. Only swordlike weapons are excluded), bone.Scavenger's Toolkit (Replaces the user's '4' roll with ENHANCEMENT (see Artisan); accessory, suitable to Addok-Zo only) * Additional +1 health from eating a moldy sausage. (Quest 154) Ezeran Yavarr (MysticModulus)42 year old male human SorcererLevel 22.33 *Immune to Wood and Fire, Sealed and Blindness* *Enemies that hit Ezeran become slowed*Power Bonus: 3 (+2 spellpower)Defense: 6Health: 72/72Ether: 28/30Gold: 279Equipment: Ooze Wand (WP: 10, 1/3 chance to Slow), Sneezing Demon (SP:3; enemies that hit the wearer become slowed; immunity to wood, fire and blindness, suitable to Ezeran only; bodywear), Etherium Pauldrons (SP:3, immune to sealed; backwear), Sedge hat (Max. Ether +4; headwear)Inventory: Weapons - Trickster’s Baubel (WP:6, each hit causes one random effect: stunned, poisoned by 1, asleep, blinded, sealed or confused; wand), Ancient Sapphamber Staff (WP:8, doubled against Ancient enemies, staff), Simple Staff (WP: 10)Artifacts - Hood of the Elementalist (SP:1, *Absorbs darkness*; headwear, suitable to anyone), Pointy Hat, Mage's Muffler, Bad Luck Charm, White Ninja Cowl, Begone with the Winds (Allows access to the Weather Mage Class, Accessory)Gems - Emerald (Wood), Ruby (Fire), Diamond (Light), Sapphire (wind), Amethyst (Darkness)Consumables - 5x grand potions, 5x grand tonics, 3x Remedy, smelling salts, ether core, nostrums, 2x Smoke Bomb, myrrh, venom, Pickled Mushroom, Soma, 2x Golden Lotus Flower (heals to full health upon consumption),Tools - Crescent Seal (+2 Power, +1 Free item usage during the first round of battle), Bedroll, Shovel Matthias @StickFig Level 30.25 Druid *Immune to Earth, Ice, and Water* *Immune to Blinded, Bound, Fragile, Sealed, and Slowed* *½ chance immunity to Asleep* *Deals Fragile* *Gains 10 gold for each Humanoid killed* *LUCKY* *Hastened*Power Bonus: 15 Defense: 7 Health: 42/42Ether: 30/31 Gold: 535 Abilities: Bearer of the Anvil (Matthias may sacrifice his turn to add his WP or SP to another heroes for the round; he may also improve one weapon at the end of each quest [+1 WP]), Immortal Waters (Once per quest, Matthias can heal himself to full health and remove all negative effects during combat; this does not take up an action) Equipment: Ethereal Restored Fireball Extraordinaire (WP:12; also hits enemies listed above and below the target; Darkness-, Ice-, and Lightning-elemental; deals Fragile; user is Slowed; hand cannon), Ethereal Steampunk Stovepipe (SP:1; immunity to Earth and Water; protects from Blinded and Sealed; ½ chance to protect from Asleep-effect; suitable for men; headwear), Hunter's Plate (SP:4; wearer gains 10 gold for each Humanoid killed; suitable for rogues, rangers, barbarians, beast warriors, infiltrators, regulators, and winged warriors) (Dreyrugr), Ethereal Rocket Boots (SP:2; immunity to Ice; protects from Bound, Fragile, and Slowed effects; footwear), Sungold Seal (+3 power, +2 health) Inventory: Ethereal XX Handcannon Replica (WP:12, pierces defense, Fire- and Light-elemental, deals Afraid, hand cannon), Peashooter (WP:2, deals Burning -2, hand cannon), Stave of Grasping Thorns (WP:15; Roots of Life triggers a Kudzu (see Weather Mage); staff), Tinkerer's Wrench (WP:10; double WP against Mechanical; ranged, retrievable, throwing weapon), Dapper Hat (This amazingly dapper hat gives the wearer a ⅙ chance of being Encouraged at the start of any battle, headwear), Trickster's Mask of the Human (Changes the wearer into a human of the same gender when worn, accessory), 2x Adamantite Shard (¼ of a full Adamantite ore, used for adamantizing weapons), 8x Bone (Distracts the target for the duration of 1 round, preventing Free Hits; worth 5 gold in magic shops), Candy Cane (Restores 10 Health and 5 Ether), Deadly Venom, 3x Elixir, Emergency Essence, Grand Potion, Grand Tonic, 2x Grating Stone, 3x Nostrum, Potion, 2x Red Death Blood, 3x Remedy, 4x Shattering Arrow (Lowers enemy SP by 5, suitable for classes with bows and crossbows), 3x Smelling Salts, 3x Tonic, Zhar-ptitsa Incense (Revives all party members to full health and grants the Blessed, Reinforced, and Transcended effects, consumable), Bedroll, Magic Compass, 3x Fire Bomb, Skadi Bomb, Smoke Bomb, mead Quest Items: Guffington's Seal (Proves the hero is a Friend of Guffington - the hero starts every quest with one Hero's Cocktail (Makes the hero Encouraged, Hastened, Lucky, and Inspired, consumable)) Glory Points: 44 Reputation: Bonaparte, Hinckwell Luke, Level 15 Cleric (NPC, takes suggestions from the party) Health: 30/30 Ether: 34/34 Equipment: Pulsar Scepter (WP:10, healing effect, staff) Inventory: 2x potions, smelling salts, amethyst gem, diamond gem Galedo, Level 2 Town Watch (NPC, Takes suggestions from the party) Health: 15/15 Equipment: None Inventory: 3x potions NOTE: If Galedo dies, the Heroes lose the map/knowledge of the compound. NOTE: JEREMIAH will join the Party at the end of Round 2 and he will be FRIGHTENED. Everyone choose a row and action. Party leader please choose an order.
  14. You're welcome. Zetros development is continuing what is nice, despite it is out of scale for my models.
  15. It is, now we know that @agrof bought ocean explorer for parts
  16. Campaign 4- FIghting for the City 9/20- 10/29

    Great campaign!! Just one question: The city will be one certain city in Studica F4, or more than one cities in Studica F4, or any city anywhere (probably very near to borders) ?
  17. [MOC] Sunglasses

    Love this! Great Great Work! Goodluck with the contest! Greetings
  18. The point I was making, just like the original economics paper, is that as a buyer you often don't know what you're getting. This isn't flawed logic. Even if you have a desire to buy the real stuff, how many times have you bought used collections of what was advertised as "lego" only to find quantities of knockoff stuff in the contents. If you're talking about depreciation, as soon as you get a market loaded with sellers pushing stuff as "lego" regardless of what it actually is, then the value of everything (even the real stuff) goes down when buyers can't really be sure of what they're getting, or don't even care what they're getting and buy on price alone. After a while, people can't move their genuine stuff for realistic money, so they give up and stop trying to sell it. That's the theory anyway. In practice, some buyers and sellers are not completely ignorant so you maintain some market for genuine stuff, but ultimately the value of the good stuff as a whole drops as a result of the crap being sold. If you're only buying for pieces, you have to be concerned you're only getting genuine (otherwise you're paying premium money for junk). As a seller of genuine stuff, you've now got to be concerned about potential buyers who would not have had a choice in the past, looking at knockoff stuff at a third of the price of what you want for the genuine, not knowing or caring about the difference and buying the cheaper one. as an example: An original used 5571. now 21 years old and hard to find even as used. And that's if you'r comfortable buying from ebay in Germany. Hundreds of euro plus shipping, and that's for one without instructions!. 'new' knockoff from china? Delivered for USD80. or an 8258 - current price on bricklink new 500+ USD and second hand 250+ USD. And you'll need to add post, insurance and possible payment and import fees to that as well. You can have a 'new' one delivered from china for two digit dollars. (I found one for USD85 delivered at first search). And in the technic world we're sad because you can't even tell if many of the parts are genuine because even the originals don't have details cast into the parts. Given the advertising even includes the phrase Lego 8258, what do you think the second hand market is going to look like in a few years when the buyers of those knockoff sets start selling them even in competition to the chinese who will probably still be selling the same thing even then! There will be a hundred people like me with a genuine 8258 to sell, 50 buyers, only 2 of whom care about getting a 'real' one. Suddenly, 100 genuine sellers are not competing for 50 buyers. They're competing for 2 buyers because the other 48 all went the knockoff route.
  19. BRICKYWOOD - Day 10

    Voting is open.
  20. Campaign 4- FIghting for the City 9/20- 10/29

    LET'S GET IT ON!!!!!!!!!!
  21. [MOC] I find your lack of faith disturbing!

    ah yes. thank you
  22. A factor that could depreciate the value of recent Technic sets is a change of Power Functions. Suddenly all recent sets, will look old. A bit similar to the studded/studless period. In particular flagship sets and limited editions keep their value and can increase to crazy prices when still sealed. I have for instance decided to give up on obtaining the 41999 because it has just become too expensive for what you get. When you find an extreme good offer of a new set, it could be interesting to buy this set and resell it later. This way you finance other Lego Technic purchases.
  23. The Metroliner rebuild

    Good job OP - looks pretty accurate to me :) This set is easily my favourite 9v train - an all time classic. I was lucky enough to finally pick one up a couple of months ago and I'm currently gathering parts for 2 extra "standard" carriages for it. I'd love a couple of club cars but they are now just ridiculously expensive.
  24. TOYS R US Files for Bankruptcy

    We will see. Besides they only filed for Chapter 11. They could still be operating for a couple of years before the company completely close up shop.
  25. What's your favorite Star Wars character?

    What? It is not Jar Jar!
  26. MRCA II Adventure

    Ok, since this is where fishing voyages will fall, how would I write up the route for a fishing expedition off the north coast of Oleon? I presume there are ports there and that I don't need to sail up and around the northeastern horn of the continent, but either way there are no zones there to plot distances. I was figuring on some range 0/range 1 boats going offshore and back, nothing fancy.
  27. Star Wars Rebels

    But this has always happened with Star Wars side material. Legends was no better at keeping anything straight with the films and would often have material contradict other material. It is a huge shame that Disney did not stick to avoid these conundrums but it is also hard to make stand alone stories that have the protagonists lose all the way to the end >.>
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