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  2. Aerolight

    KV-1/KV-2 Tank

    ahh the USSR where using a angle mounted to the hull to push the track pins back in as the track goes round makes more sense than a c-clip
  3. Never heard of the later two, but Onlinesailin and especially MuddyRivers don't seem to have too many figures for sale. But in comparison Citizen Bricks and the others, as well as all other customizers I buy from usually have prices for a fig between 15 and 30 euros. Which is acceptable. But I don't even see figures going for 100 USD or less at Christos, its more like 250-400, which have made me wonder who all those people who continues spend that much money on custom lego figures, which, as you say, dont have a stable value. They might even be less then 60 dollars in a few years. Me personally, Im just happy Im not into Superheroes figures at all, I only buy Star Wars and lord of the rings, because I do agree that Christos figures are awesome and it would only pain me that it would be imposible to buy them.
  4. Digger of Bricks

    [WIP] Lego monorails. [Custom Rail Systems (CRS)]

    It may not be a true monorail per se, but @RyszardBosiak's most recent submission to LEGO Ideas may be of interest to custom monorail builders here... LEGO Ideas - M-Tron Space Train | Eurobricks - [MOC] M-Tron Space Train
  5. For Scooby-Doo? That was Character Options’ construction set range called “Character Building”, which has since been phased out of production.
  6. romashkaman

    KV-1/KV-2 Tank

    It's USSR's tank. It's normal. Besides jokes - there always were some engineering decisions, that were based only on tests and their results. If the engineers wanted to build something able to shoot - no matter if it breaks a half of tank's transmission. Because even stalled tank can shoot. And look at results of WW2 - this strategy worked. But the price of that strategy...
  7. Hey everybody, Can anyone tell me what gauge PF ribbon wire is, or if I am incorrect in the terminology of the wire? Has anyone repaired or modified their cables? What may be alternate substitutes? I have a few cables that need repaired & some I'd like to extend a little bit, & would like try to do it myself. Ultimately, I would like them to look original & not just solder in patch wire. Any info is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  8. RadioYeh

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    If this thing is releasing in November then when should we expect the announcement?
  9. Hello, I saw this guide to make an alternate figure out of an horse. But it seems like an awful lot of cutting, somebody who have seen or know any alternative? cheers / Peter
  10. I originally got this basic model from a page on Bricksafe by user @sed6 as seen here. I revised the freight door to be movable, changed the roof color to dark red from black, building color to sand green from tan, plus I added a heating stove and it's "cast iron" chimney flue to the model for late-1800's period look. I'm planning on giving the station the name "Legoredo" as in this printed tile for the name of the town in which the station is located. It will go along with my western stuff on my layout as seen in this topic here and will replace my current 2015 station when it returns from it's Christmas-time display. The model features the separate entry doors to the station premises for cargo and people on the street side. Inside we have the freight area (on the right) and the passenger area (on the left) with a connecting door between the two. The passenger section also has the heating stove which currently is keeping the coffee hot. (or is it boiling the water for tea?) This part of the station also has three inside seats for weary passengers and a cash register for ticket dispensing. The picture on the wall to the freight section should have this print. The station is modular, and comes apart in four sections: - Left platform end - Right platform end - Station roof - Station building I was originally going to build the Disney station in blue, but the projected price was out of my budget, so I settled for this one. This is is just as good, if not better, because everybody's got a Disney station now, but nobody but @sed6 has one of these custom depots. (and mine is different from his to boot!) - Real life pictures to come: December 25th, 2019.-
  11. Ankoku

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    So I have been busy building the Catch & Spin module recently and came across something rather odd. Akiyuki is usually fairly meticulous with his choice of colours and aesthetics of his modules. Here though, he colours suddenly get all over the shop and I don't know why: I built these pieces and was left thinking: Couldn't all of this be black? Literally every piece apart from the tan axle. You could even use an old black 3L Axle. So it left me puzzled as to why it was a mishmash of colours. It seems so unlike him. Also doesn't seem to be a case of going with more common, cheaper pieces. So I went and had a look at his video for it and there they are, all in black! Now, for the Yellow version, he uses some yellow bits. That said, why do the instructions not match his original when it comes to this bit? I just feel as though his colour choices for the instructions are worse than his original. Anyway, since it is still partially built, I am going to change them to black, like the original, since it looks better. As a side note, I should say that even the pin alignments bother me with these things, so I am a little OCD with that kinda thing.
  12. GoldenNinja3000

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    They need to use other hairpieces and recycle faces other than Leia’s and Jyn Erso’s if they aren’t willing to do new prints. That over the shoulder hairpiece is ridiculously overused.
  13. pooda

    LEGO IDEAS - Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons

    @Aanchir Very true dear. I would definitely end up pityingputting it in my park area. My town is mainly suburb so I think I'll have plenty of space to put it in.
  14. Was a hard decision, but I liked @Kai NRG's entry the most. Thanks to all who put some work into this challenge. I won't get my Cat B entry done soon, but as long as no one submits one, I'll continue with it. Maybe even, if someone beats me to it, as some advertising will always come in handy.
  15. Today
  16. LM71Blackbird

    [LOGO Contest] Design the official BoBS Logo!

    Lol! Just had to ask to make sure... Thanks!
  17. Itaria No Shintaku

    Which is the best CMF Series? Final Three

    Let's try again!
  18. It's a reference to Revenge of the Sith, where Palpatine says "I am the Senate" after Mace comes to arrest him. It's become one of the many memes spawned by the prequels.
  19. Lego-Freak

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    As is the Jyn Erso face print The colour also doesn't really fit, medium nougat or dark tan even would have been better.
  20. Thanks @Paperinik77pk! I will hopefully find a place for this at the next train show I attend in early February with Gateway LUG, and yes, Diesel 10 is a very mean diesel. Some would even call him evil!
  21. 1Panda

    Which is the best CMF Series? Final Three

    Take all the time you need
  22. Him having a costume doesn't necessarily imply a physical form. Force ghosts e.g. aren't naked either, are they There being a visual representation of sorts was kind of obvious from the get-go, I don't think they'd bring Ian McDiarmid back only for him to voice a formless blob or spectre or something. It's just a nickname he's got due to his "I am the Senate" quote from ROTS. It's basically a prequel meme
  23. Lego-Freak, question here. Why do always call Emperor Palpatine "the senate"? I understand there might be a translation issue here, but it always throws me when I read your posts. I mean yes, he was Senator Palpatine, but then took the title of Emperor and abolished the institution of the Senate. Cheers
  24. The trailer shows some black mass moving towards Rey with what could be a cloak of some kind (or not), so we don’t really know what it is. I don’t care about the minifig. I care about the mention that the leaked costume info being correct would make a good minifig, which in turn effectively spoils that he’s back in a physical form.
  25. Moreover, the teaser poster also implies the Senate's back, with him looming in the background and all that (which, for some reason, apparently was a close-up picture of the ROTJ Hot Toys action figure rather than a proper photo of Ian McDiarmid, but that's beside the point) Interestingly, he's nowhere to be seen on the theatrical poster though... And neither are the Knights of Ren, Pryde, Hux or some Sith Troopers Regarding the leaked image:
  26. Carefree_Dude

    Running PF Motors from the Power Grid

    How many PF devices can you connect to it?
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