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Found 8 results

  1. goatman461

    [O - F09] Extraction 1.2

    Location: Arium Minor - F09 Tags: Land Vehicle Extraction 1.1 [Zoid private 1] "Another one up ahead, sir. Looks like a LaRose-class surveyor." [Zoid officer] "Good, no weaponry. I'm still sore from the Kodan-class scout we ran into on the other ridge. Cover me; I'll go in for a linkup so we can walk it back to base." [Zoid officer] "Yeah, this one will make a fine addition to our new mining projects. Tapping in... okay... upload complete. Droid, report to coordinates 250-09..." [Hannibal] "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" [Hannibal] "Extract 1, this is Extract 2, designation 'Combat Training.' Reporting to G-09 rendezvous point, tracking 1409 km away. Comm harness acquired along with some other useful equipment. Zoid scavengers are picking off Octan droids on the planet. Direct download of our Kawashita assets may be most viable once I get this equipment onsite. Extract 2, out."
  2. robuko

    [K-A04] Hammer Rock

    Location: A04 Mynderis Tags: Exploration, Land vehicle, Space vehicle As I continued my exploration of Mynderis, followed by my obligatory zap-em up drone, I saw something so extraordinary I got out of my obligatory rover and stared: The creatures were feeding on organic matter! I approached to get a closer look, but I was chased away by a big fellow Scanning his data into my rover's holoputer, I identified him as a Zenebas Hammer Rock. A valuable ally, if I could convince it of our cause. [Quite a challenge making this to scale - no chance of replicating the bicep or wrist joints and the head was tough. He can beat his chest.]
  3. robuko

    [K-A04] Shield Liger

    Location - A04 Mynderis Tags: Exploration, spaceship, land vehicle Finally I have found an organoid that I have bonded with. He is fierce in combat and looks after me well. We are now leading an expeditionary force to Mynderis, accompanied by a Kawashita landslug and a raven [the 2 background vehicles are only there for the points but I am quite pleased with the shield liger. It has more points of articulation than the D-style shield liger that I was copying, and is accurate in its internal structure with a big range of motion for the neck. Quite robust too, apart form the front shoulder joints]
  4. StarHawk3

    [M-E02] Ominous Discovery Pt. 2

    Location: E02 Jurin II Tags: Land Vehicle, Civil Building, Spying Continued from part one here. - Hawk: HQ, the base seems to have seen some sort of fighting. There was no sign from out side. Whomever did this must have been good. HQ: Go to that terminal over there and override the security systems. - HQ: Alright Hawk, the upload is complete. We have basic door controls, but any data will take a bit longer to retrieve. While we do that, there is a room that is showing abnormally high energy consumption. We would like you to investigate further. Hawk: Sure thing. Point me in the right direction. - HQ: just follow the opening blast doors. - Hawk: Any idea what happened here? HQ: We're still working on it. Just focus on the mission. - Mysterious Scientist: Welcome MANTIS drone to my lab. Hawk: HQ what is going on here? He shouldn't be able to see me. Mysterious Scientist: What is going on here is I can see in many different spectrums that a normal human cannot due to the gifts they gave me. My hearing is also enhanced many times. Worker 1: Don't listen to him!!! Mysterious Scientist: Silence! There is no need for violence. Let me introduce myself, I am Sebastion Osmium. I have set this lab up with the goal of creating the perfect subjects. Hawk: I am beginning to see where this is going. What is with these two? Worker2: Don't let him turn us into one of them... Sebastion: Silence! These two will become my next subjects. Octan needed more troops for their war effort, but when they saw my plan, they cut all of my funding. Fortunately for me, the Zoids were more then willing to hear what I had to say…... HQ: High command has given the green light to eliminate the scientist. There will be a bomber wing incoming so I suggest you move fast. Hawk: Well that escalated quickly! - Sebastion: Gah!!! - Worker1: Thanks Worker2: Yeah thanks. I thought we were done for. HQ: Just got access to all security cams. You have a group of hostile contacts incoming. The route to your speeder is cut off. You need to find a new way out. Hawk: Are there any transports nearby? Worker1: My hover tanker is on the South Dock. if we could get to it I could drive us out of here. HQ: Cams are showing that the route is clear to the south dock. I will try to keep them off of you, but there isn't much time. - Sebastion: All Zoids, they are going to the south dock! I want them all alive! - Hawk: They are almost on us. Can't this thing go any faster?! Worker1: I'm pushing it as fast as I can!!! HQ: Bombers are incoming. A few extra picture under the tag Thanks for looking. Quite a bit of dialogue in this one and its a lot longer then i normally do. C&C welcomed.
  5. goatman461

    [A - F09] Zoid Invasion

    Location: Arium Minor - F09 Tags: Piracy, Alien The Zoid invasion of Arium Minor came suddenly and brutally. The orbital defensive grid remained silent while Zoid teams swarmed the colonies. Octan pilots fought to get to their ships but many were killed or captured. Nobody could tell where the Zoids came from, but many would soon find out where they were going. The alien fleet finally moved into orbit once the ground was secured. Few ships Octan remained to stop them. [A - F09] Zoid Harvest - Full by Ryan McBryde, on Flickr C&C welcome.
  6. Peppermint_M

    [MOC] Heroic Zaber

    Well, I have loved Zoids nearly as long as I have loved LEGO. This is the latest creation from the fusion of these loves. I loved the look of the Hero Factory parts once I had a go at them and after a lot of trail and error I managed to create this Heroic Zaber. A mixture of regular technic, some basic LEGO clips/pins etc and plenty of *pleasepleasepleasework* resulted in my (so far) greatest success. I styled this one after the stalwart Zaber type Zoids as they are my favourite (Up the Empire!). I should have some close-ups to parts once I can get Brickshelf to work for me...
  7. kpstormie

    [MOC] Zoids

    I never really have posted anything here on Eurobricks even though I've had an account for over a year, decided I should change that. I've been building Lego Zoids for over a year now and just got them featured in the November 2013 issue (#26) of Brickjournal. If you are unfamiliar with Zoids, it was a Japanese toyline created in the 1980's that featured animal/dinosaur-like mecha fighting for control over a planet called Zi. Since then, a couple different animes have been made and brought Zoids back into the public eye. I've been recreating them (both the ones depicted in the various animes and from the original toys) and I built a new one earlier this week and got a group shot of them today. Here's some close-ups of the Zoids in the picture: Blade Liger Storm Sworder Gun Sniper Ultrasaurus Dibison and Command Wolf Let me know what you guys think, I've got a couple more of these guys in the process of being built.
  8. So me and my friend Kyle have been doing this for about a year now and we've amassed about 22 Zoid MOCs together. Hope you like what you see! My Zoids: Liger Zero Liger Zero Jager Liger Zero Schneider Liger Zero Panzer Dibison Storm Sworder Gojulas Elaphander War Shark Dark Horn Command Wolf Iron Kong Gun Sniper Naomi Spceial Zoids Logo Kyle's Zoids: Command Wolf Dibison Spinosapper Shield Liger Liger Gun Sniper Also if you're a Mecha builder or even if you just want to try out building a Zoid me and Kyle are holding a contest over at our Flickr group! We'd really appreciate it if you'd check it out and sign up! Click here to check out the contest: