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Found 2 results

  1. Witch-King Battle Set #: 79015 Theme: Hobbit Year Released: 2014 Piece Count: 101 Minifigs: 3 List Price: $14.99 Box Art: The color for the Battle of the Five Armies sets is green. It is a nice look but it does not match the other Dol Guldur sets. That is not an issue for me as I recycle the empty boxes after I build the sets. Here is a side view of the box as well. When you first open your box, you will find two small bags and the instructions. I gathered the minifigure parts immediately. After all, they are the main attraction in this set. I took a photo of the capes themselves. Here are the completed minifigs. Front: Back: Back without Hair, Crown, and Capes: Before moving on to the completed build, lets compare these minifigs: Ring Wraiths and the Mouth of Sauron: Only the Witch-King's head glows in the dark. Elronds, Past, Present and Future: Here are two Elrond mashups to show army builder potential. The first using head and hair from Mirkwood Elf Army and the second from the CMF Elf. Lady Elves: And now the final build: It is showed as with the two sections of the build joined together. However, it can be separated. The Witch-King is on a piece that can be rotated. The catapult will also move the skeleton torso. There are also all the pieces to make a full skeleton once you scrap this set for parts. Speaking of parts, there are only a few spare parts. For those that are interested in the background art of the instructions, here is a sample page. Here is the parts list from the instructions. In case you want see if your Toys R Us has this set, here is the code from the receipt. By popular request, here is the Witch-king Battle with the other Dul Guldur sets. There are only a few connection points possible between these sets. Witch-King Battle has one male connection in the middle of the set and two female connections. One is in the middle and one on the end. That means that one side is not available to be connected to any set. If you remove half of the Witch-king Battle, you can connect the build to the tower of Dul Guldur Battle. Here is WKB joined with DGA Now we can subtract half of WKB. Here is a better view at the connectors on the three sets. In this photo, you can see that the other side of DGB's tower uses a single male connector which does not fit with the double female connectors of the other sets. The other side of the builds to show the connectors. I hope you enjoyed my first review. And now the score! Design: 8/10. Well the design is decent we don't collect the Hobbit sets for the builds. Still the feel of this build matches the other two Dol Guldur sets very well. Parts: 10/10 There is an excellent selection of bricks for your castle MOCs. My favorite parts are the red leaf piece and the window with the black bars. However, you get a decent selection of reddish brown and gray parts too. Build: 8/10 It was a simple build which is expected at this price point. Still it is a random amount of ruins. Playability: 10/10 There is a catapult, a Witch-King launcher, and part of a skeleton that moves with the catapult. That is more play features that some mid-sized sets get. Price: 10/10 There exclusive minifigs for less than $15. The Witch-King's crown is a new mold which Elrond and Galadriel both has new colors of their hair piece. That more than makes up for a price per piece higher than 10 cents. Overall: 46/50 (92 %) This is an excellent set for fans either The Hobbit films or Lord of the Rings. I plan on getting at least one more set to make a purist custom of Eowyn in Meduseld. None of the torsos have fleshie bits which makes these a good idea for tradition Castle fans as well. Hobbit wave three appears to be the last Middle-Earth sets. If so, don't miss your opportunity to complete your collection. Even if you are not a big fan of the Hobbit movies, you will want Galadriel and the twilight version of the Witch-King.
  2. This has been brought up in the forum multiple times, but I don't think it has its own topic yet... we still have a lot of important characters from The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings who haven't gotten their own minifigures yet. The minifigures for the third Hobbit wave have already been revealed, and we're not sure if we're getting another LotR wave yet, so we have a pretty good idea of what we're missing. Here are the minifigures I'd like to see in future sets, by order of least to greatest importance: Pippin and Merry in Armor- So far, these hobbits have only appeared in casual Fellowship attire, but they both play major roles fighting for Gondor and Rohan in Return of the King. Pippin would fit right into a D2C Minas Tirith set, and Merry would be the perfect character to round out a Fell Beast set. Old Bilbo- I actually have a custom-made Old Bilbo minifigure myself (I made it for a LEGO Ideas project), but I doubt that we'll get him in any future sets. Gondor Soldier- Half of Return of the King basically revolved around these people. They deserve their own battle pack by now. Faramir- He'd go into the Minas Tirith set along with Pippin and a few Gondor Soldiers. Bolg- They made new hairpieces for the orcs in the upcoming Lake-Town set but they couldn't even make Bolg? How does that even make sense? Random Mirkwood Elf- So far the elf soldiers we've gotten aren't very movie-accurate. They should have replaced Legolas with one of these in the Battle of Five Armies set. Random Iron Hills Dwarf- They should release a $30 battle pack with just these guys. Eowyn- We already have Arwen and Tauriel. Galadriel is coming soon. Why, then, has LEGO decided not to give us an Eowyn figure yet? Balrog- A brick-built Balrog would be able to be an entire set in itself. Tom Bombadil- Just kidding. Witch-King- By now, LEGO simply has no excuse for not releasing a Witch-King minifigure. We even have the Mouth of Sauron already, for crying out loud! They can't end the LotR theme without this character appearing at least once; he's just too important. What about you? Are there any other Tolkien characters who you think deserve their own figures?