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Found 7 results

  1. I decided to modify some parts of the Goblin Village set and to add my own structures to make the playset feel much bigger
  2. Hello Once again an entry for the MELOs on MOCpages. My category was to interpret the following quote: “Let this be the hour when we draw swords together. Fell deeds awake. Now for wrath, now for ruin, and the red dawn!" I didn't want to build the hundredth Helm's Deep so i build the battle of Erebor from the Hobbit. There isn't an interpretation of Peter Jackson so far. That allowed me to build my own one. Highlight of building was definitely the dwarf monument. Explore more details on MOCpages! I hope you like it! Jonas
  3. I was going to ask this question in the LotR & The Hobbit 2013 Set Discussion Thread, but then I figured it might be better suited for it's own topic because a poll can be used here. This thread is also meant as a discussion about the pros and cons of buying each specific number of Mirkwood Elf Army sets. If mods disagree and want to merge it with the other thread then by all means. Personally I was planning on buying about 10 of the MEA sets in total. After taking a closer look though, I think 5 seems like a much more reasonable number. That way I can still get a good number of elves, orcs, and Wargs without going to crazy with the elves (or Thranduils). I will probably end up just buying another 10-20 Gundabad Orcs (with hair) on BL for hopefully under $4 a piece, 5 more elves to make it an even 20, and then buy 5 or so more of the dark brown Wargs. I am guessing the Wargs should easily be under $7 and closer to 6 since they are going to be available in such a cheap set (almost half the price of the Warg Attack set the gray Warg came in). Right now the gray Warg is barely over $8. As I already mentioned, I have no need for 30 more elves that 10 MEA sets would give me. I just got 20 of the Mirkwood Elf polybags last year so that would give me 40 green hooded elves and over 50 elves total! More importantly though, I don't want 10 Thranduils. Unlike Eomer in the Uruk-hai Army set, Thranduil's head piece makes him way to distinctive to serve as anything but Thranduil. With Eomer it was pretty easy to mix him in as a standard Rohan grunt. For this reason, and also the inclusion of so many elves, I don't see this set selling anywhere near as well as the Uruk-hai Army one did. I personally bought over 20 Uruk-hai Army sets and I know there were others who bought many more than that. People on average seemed to buy way more of that set than the 1-3 MEA they plan on buying too. So, how many Mikrwood Elf Army sets do YOU plan on buying and why?
  4. soccerkid6

    Valdrfell Stables

    Here is my Phase III Stables build for AoM. I'd like to gain credit for the following UoP certifications: roofing [Architecture], wall techniques [Architecture] (for the log cabin), roof rakes [Architecture], and raising livestock [Agriculture and Zoology]= 4 credits This was my first try using tilted walls (for the foundation of the tower), and I think they worked pretty well. This was also my first time building a log cabin using SNOT 1x1 round bricks. All three buildings have a full interior and all the doors/trapdoor function. And I tried using a dark grey background rather than white in hopes of having the snow show up better. Any feedback on that? Trained Great Wolves are in high demand and fortified stables have become common in Mitgardia. Valdrfell Stables is a fortified stables located in the Clan Lands of Mitgardia. The fortress has a stable inside, and a corral just outside to train the great wolves in. More pictures can be found here: link All C&C welcome
  5. Here is my phase II Stables build for AoM. This was a fun quick build that let me try building some more viking-esque buildings, and try a pine tree design that I haven't used before (credit for which goes to Blake Baer). The stables has a full interior and all the doors work. Great wolves are common in the clan lands of Mitgardia and some have been captured and tamed. Great wolves are smaller than a horse, but are quite strong and almost as fast. A wolf stable is quite similar to a normal horse stable: There are some more pictures here: link Any comments/criticism welcome, phase III will be coming before long
  6. Well I've finally started some AoM builds, and this is my Phase I Stables build. I received the white leaves as a Christmas gift and have been wanting to use them for a while. There are giant wolves in Mitgardia, and some have been captured and tamed to become formidable mounts: Any C&C welcome
  7. Hello While watching 'the Hobbit' in the cinema i had it in mind to build this iconic scene. Check out all details on MOCpages Hope you like the scene. Feel free to comment. Jonas