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Found 4 results

  1. The Cocovia Wagonway was established to connect the settlements of King's Harbour on the western coast with Quinnsville on the eastern shores. Sir Dee had contracted to build a section that passed by the Majestic Gardens in King's Harbour, and it was finally complete. Construction required building up above the rocks of a rough gulch, and a rather decorated facade consisting of columns, arches, and fencing was chosen to reflect the overall aesthetic of the gardens. Various flowers were planted along the front, and a row of trees, bushes, and flowering plants were planted between the rails. Sir Dee insisted on having 2 sets of rails for improved traffic flow, to accommodate vehicles traveling each direction simultaneously or to allow faster vehicles a chance to pass via occasional switches. In the following photos we see a carpenter leading a load of logs and a load of bricks, plus the multi-carriage "Cocovia Express" making it's maiden run into King's Harbour. (For better views of the Cocovia Express, the vehicles have been swapped to the opposite tracks for the remaining photos. This was planned from the start since the main build isn't really viewable from the back.) The Coinsmith and Chief Naval Strategist (whom we met a few months ago) ride in the first of the Cocovia Express carriages, controlled by none other than the Coachman (who stashed his pistols away for this trial run): In the middle carriage rides the Croissant Baker (facing the rear) and her two daughters, the Cakemaker and Confectioner. It appears they're busy concocting a culinary creation of some sort: Sir Dee and a certain Capitalist ride the third and final carriage. It appears they're having quite the discussion: A group of deer make their way through the flowers in the central opening. Sir Dee was so engrossed in the conversation that he didn't notice them; had he been aware of their presence he would have shouted for the coachman to stop so that he could, shall we say, "conduct a thorough scientific examination of the ballistic properties of his musket." Fortunately for the deer no venison was harvested: A couple pics of the rails without carriages: Gold is good, but my new favorite accent color is "Medium Dark Flash." Close-up of the loads of logs and bricks (and a mischievous squirrel). Love those log-end printed round tiles: And finally, three detail shots of the Cocovia Express. They're lightly modified versions of the carriage from 41146 Cinderella's Enchanted Evening: Game notes: this build brings the Cocovia Wagonway collab to 10k+ studs (finally... apologies for the delay...) It will be collectively licensed as a Royal Commerce property. General notes: well, this is my first foray into Lego rails/railroads. I thought about building custom rails and wheels but finally decided to buy some standard parts. @Brickwolf, you scurvy dog, look what you made me do! Seriously, this was a really cool idea for a collab. I knew from the start that the palm trees would be distracting once the carriages were in place, but they simply had to be there. Just because. Thanks for viewing. Comments and questions welcome.
  2. Location: King's Harbour Type: Royal Commercial The WaywardMartâ„¢ of King's Harbour had opened along the railway to sell goods for the WTC. WaywardMart by North White, on Flickr "5 Dbs for a barrel of horse glue?!? I could buy a house for that much!" Said an outraged Corrington soldier. "All prices are set by corporate. However, if you'd like to apply for our customer loyalty program, you can earn points towards future purchases, in our stores across the brick seas." Said the cashier boredly "I don't want a loyalty program, I just don't want to be robbed when buying supplies!" he said. "If you want, you can fill out a survey that you can mail in for a chance to win a 200 Db spending spree at any of our locations. It's on the back of the receipt." The cashier replied WaywardMart by North White, on Flickr "I'd take my business elsewhere, but you're the only supplier left! It's like everyone else who sold goods was driven out of business in unsavory or suspicious circumstances...." "Thank you for stopping at WaywardMartâ„¢." The cashier said tiredly, before returning to his book. WaywardMart by North White, on Flickr Agnes, meanwhile, was drunk in the storeroom, again displeased at the lack of progress on the railway. It was almost as if Corrington was ignoring the project. WaywardMart by North White, on Flickr Fortunately, the railway was able to ship things from the docks to the warehouses and stores. Meaning it had some use.... FIN Thanks for viewing my general store! This originally was going to be licensed as an Artisan, but after I had built it, I realized it was more commercial. Fortunately, it incorporated the CWW, so I've decided to have this be another entry to the wagonway. I'm happy with the build. I could have done more with the roof I feel, but as I have a lack of cheese slopes, I've been doing flat roofs lately. I hope this isn't to much like my last build, but I've tried to use different techniques with each of my builds. C&C appreciated!
  3. Location: Cocovia Type: Minichallenge build The Super Precarious Bridge had been built to cross a gorge on Cocovia Super precarious bridge by North White, on Flickr The Plans had called for them to go at an easier crossing. Super precarious bridge by North White, on Flickr But The WTC is also awesome at building bridges for some reason FIN Just another entry to @Brickwolf's minichallnege. I was originally going to use these for the supports, but it made everything look too pink, and I'm not @Bodi . I didn't really have a story envisioned for this one, which is what most of you seem to come here for, so sorry. Maybe I'll rewrite it. This entry should be considered a 16x48, but if the powers that be otherwise, I suppose it could be reduced. C&C appreciated!
  4. "I am really not too certain this will work", said Jake Forks, an experienced Corrish craftsman. "Oh I did the calculations, and it will. See the timber over there, holding the horizontal weight?", insisted Luca do Figino. "Sure, not it holds... yet still... how would it carry an ox or a horse, let alone a waggon filled with iron?", Jake asked further. "It will. See how the wood is attached down there at the rocks? It does not shake at all, not in the slightest. We did some great work down there. Now if we distribute the weight of the other planks properly, balance it further.", Luca replied. "Maybe in your country that will work...", mumbled Jake and turned away. He had never liked the idea that a young Terraversan would lead the construction for their small group near the village of Poi Poi. He had to admit though, that the construction of the rails had worked out flawlessly so far, even in difficult terrain. But constructing that bridge was the hard part. At least the natives had not disrupted them yet. But those two fisherman who had their hut closely just seemed to make fun of the workers all day. No, Jake really was in no good mood. "But as you wish, young Lord." "I am no lord", Luca replied. "And now let us get back to work. See over there? Fresh supply of wood is coming. The day is still young." And Luca do Figino from Terraversa smiled, as if Jake had just made a nice compliment. An ox wagon bringing fresh wooden supplies and looking at what will be the wooden bridge some day. The wooden bridge during its construction. The local fishermen really do seem to enjoy their sight of the workers struggles. On the other side of the bridge nature is still untouched. That beautiful wild cocoa plant will most certainly have to make way for the rails, though. #################################################################################### Thanks @Brickwolf for the great minichallenge! I tried to stick to the island style as suggested previously by mainly @Puvel and @Ayrlego. The wooden bridge is based on an original design by Villard d'Honnecourt. And finally the full layout visible in one shot: