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Found 3 results

  1. Had a lot of fun this year at Brickfair Virginia. It was an absolute blast. In addition to all the great loot, MOC's, and friendship, I was the head collaborator for the Lands of Roawia MOC's. Lands of Roawia, is a free, online, fantasy based LEGO Roleplaying game found on The story revolves around 4 factions that are constantly at odds with one another. It has a pretty nice following and is a lot of fun. At Brickfair VA, a group of us thought to make a big collaboration. The end result is this massive battle, "Locklear's Siege." Two factions (Lenfald and the Outlaws) are besieging a Loreesi (faction is Loreos) port city. Unfortunately the Garhims (faction Garheim) had an embassy built in the city which is caught in the crossfire. The battle is taking place at land and see, with the Lenfels and Outlaws easily ransacking the city. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure! There are over 40 pictures altogether. Please check them out. You can see all of them here, in this FLICKR album: Enjoy! ------------------------------------- The main Battle Lands of Roawia BFVA2015 Collab by Schmidt, on Flickr ------------------------------------- Outlaws in Formation Lands of Roawia BFVA2015 Collab by Schmidt, on Flickr ------------------------------------- The embassy is under attack. Lands of Roawia Display by Schmidt, on Flickr ------------------------------------- The battle at sea. Lands of Roawia BFVA2015 Collab by Schmidt, on Flickr
  2. For our second annual US Civil War Collaboration at Brickfair Virginia, we created a large display (4x8 of 32x32 stud baseplates) of the 1864 battle to commemorate the 150th Anniversary. John Rudy, Joshua Brooks, Patrick Taylor and I built 32 modules and invaded them with 179 confederates and 142 Federals: ---Click on the pictures for greater detail--- While we had to compress the battlefield to get the Railroad Cut, Ny Stream, Brock Road and Widow Tap's Farm in, we were very careful to recreate the battle on May 6th, 1864 at 11:00 am, when General James Longstreet sent his Chief of Staff Lt Col Moxley Sorrel and four brigades sneaking along the Railroad Cut to surprise the Federals with a flank attack. All four of us had a great time with this, and got to talk about history to those who otherwise didn't know about it. The display was popular with the public and AFOLs alike at Brickfair VA, and was nominated for the Best Historical award, but lost to another of my builds, the Battle of Rorke's Drift (post to follow soon). Cheers, Gary
  3. John Brown's Fort - Flickr I've been picking away at this model for a couple months now. The Federal Armory at Harpers Ferry, Virginia was made up of 22 buildings in 1859 when John Brown attacked the factory. But by 1864, the Armory was largely empty shells, collapsed buildings and jury-rigged warehouses. But John Brown's Fort remained much as it did half a decade before. In 1859, John Brown attacked the Federal Armory and Arsenal at Harpers Ferry. His aim was to capture the 100,000 weapons stored there and outfit an army of escaped slaves to carve out a free land in the slave state of Virginia. Flickr Brown and his 21-man army was hemmed in quickly, making a final stand inside the Armory's fire engine house. The building would forever sport the name of the man who tried to raise an army to destroy slavery. The Federal government dispatched troops and saw that Brown was executed for trying to arm former slaves in a war against slavery. Flickr In just 5 years, America underwent a revolution. The Federal government, the same one which condemned Brown, by 1863 was arming former slaves to march through the South in a war against slavery. In 1864, the 19th USCT marched through Harpers Ferry. Brown's avenging black army had finally arrived in front of the fort which bore his name. ----- This build was a real bear. The arches are all of the inverse sort thanks to a gap in the LEGO palette. Thanks to that and a few other oddities, a good deal of the model is SNOTed together. It's still a solid little beast. All told I'm very happy with how this model turned out. Eventually (by Brickfair VA 2014) this building will be getting a diorama of the contraband camp which was pitched in front of the Fort in 1864 as part of the LEGO Civil War Collaborative build project focused on the 150th anniversary of the final full year of the American Civil War. Enjoy, -John