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Found 2 results

  1. This ship was heavily inspired by set 4195 (Queen Anne's Revenge) for the ship itself and set 31109 for the brick-built sails + pirate flag. The vessel is named the "Hell Bent", and is crewed by sailors-turned-demons, led by Captain Victor "Jawbone" Blucher. It will be built after the "Silver Crab" pirate ship is done. The vessel has eight cannons ready to fire at a moments notice. The rear of the ship has the nameplate on the stern, right below the custom brick-built pirate flag. The model has a removable steering area for access to the captain's quarters, which has a desk and chair with two wall lanterns nearby. Captain Victor (the figure on the right side) lost his lower jaw after a pistol shot at a vision of The Man Upstairs rebounded unto him, and was turned into a demon (along with his crew) by said entity for his crime against nature. He also gained an painful iron jawbone as an additional punishment, and so he could communicate with his crew verbally. The Hell Bent and it's crew have roamed the 7 seas for about 28 years now, only allowed to enter a port once every seven years for a week. Just like the legendary storm-tossed Flying Dutchman and it's infernal crew, this ship is a bad omen at sea for merchants, but strangely is considered a good one for pirates, since it was a pirate ship to begin with. Usually, if the ship is sighted by a merchant ship, the crewmate who saw it will then die and join the demon-crew's ranks, but for pirates, it is allowed to get closer to exchange news of the world via bags of mail / news clippings / etc. sent over in waterproofed bags. (In reality, I'm going to use Nexo Knights lava soldiers' heads and torsos for the crew and captain.) If you have any thoughts, questions, complaints, suggestions, or comments, please post them below!
  2. So, I wanted to tell part of the story I had planned for Chal VI, so I threw together an entry. I built the Manor Trial in a few hours, and I am happy with what I came up with because my whole collection is unsorted and shoved in a corner because my fiancé is using all my tables for a bridal shower this weekend… Anyway, I apologize for the crappyness of the last build. But I figured I should show Victor dying also I didn’t know if we could get partial credit without a third build. So I slapped some trees on a baseplate and some figs. I wanted to count my Forum at Queenscross as one of my builds for the challenge, but it is in the scenery and I couldn’t remove it to put on the baseplate. It is under the 48x48 limit (by like two studs on each side), however, it is attached to the scenery. So that is why I had the crappy trees scene. Due to the state of my collection after Queenscross, I didn’t even have enough pieces to build a base. I am also a bit burnt out at the moment from the battle. Oh well. Here’s some story… After the battle of Queenscross, Paulos helped bury the bodies, and put affairs in order. Senator Craxus had a state funeral and the other noble warriors were buried or shipped off according to their customs. Paulos had been summoned back to Eastgate by his brother, who seemed irritated in his letter. He was preparing to leave when there was a commotion on the west side of the river. At the only standing inn, the Greenberry Inn, there were a group of men preparing a scaffold to hang someone. He called over a member of the town guard to ask what was going on. “We are going to execute the witch that owns the tavern, sir. By Orders of Lord Niles.” The man said. “We have been over this, just because the woman’s inn was untouched by the fire elemental, does not mean she is a witch.” Although it was odd that her inn survived the battle unscathed too, and he was pretty sure that orks had used it as a base for their archers. “No sir, she confessed to be Revolword’s lover. She says she is his wife!!!” The man said as he spit. Confused, Paulos, accompanied by Cannondale went to where Niles had set up shop at the Forum. With the other two members of the Triumvirate still out of the city, Niles was the only Queenscross noble left, and thus in charge. “What’s this about the woman who owns the inn?” Paulos said as he found the dark haired man who fought in the battle with him. “Well at first I thought I was stopping the mob that was out to get her, but when I arrived to save her, she was confessing. The thing was, she almost freely gave the information away. Perhaps she was tired of living in secret.” He said. “So, to give the men what they wanted and to keep up morale, we are going to hang her. She harbored the orks and made a deal with Lord Pastroo before the battle. She is a traitor.” Paulos thought for a moment. “Agreed, but I think I have a better plan. We can’t put Pastroo on trial without a credible witness, she might suffice. We can offer her her life in exchange to testify against Pastroo.” Lord Pastroo was the general of the enemy army, once the richest noble in Queenscross, he turned to Victor’s side for power over the city. He failed. Lord DaMaximus caught him running away from the battlefield and sent him back to Queenscross. Paulos had called for circuit judges from the Petraea to come to Queenscross to try him. However, since Pastroo was a noble, there had to be clear proof of wrong doing. DSC_2372 by skaforhire, on Flickr (This Inn was always meant for this purpose, actually I have to credit my Fiance for first thinking up the roots of the plot when she asked me, why the heck this one inn had not burned down.) So Paulos went to stop the execution. The craftsmen were just finishing the gallows. He saw that the door had been busted down at the Greenberry Inn, and the innkeeper, Asmeralda Frost, was in chains waiting the hangman’s noose. He approached her. DSC_2374 by skaforhire, on Flickr (Also, I had a terrible time photographing this, I have no Idea why.) “I have a deal for you, lady. If you agree to testify against Lord Pastroo, I will change your sentence to banishment, and you can live out your life outside Kaliphlin.” He said. DSC_2375 by skaforhire, on Flickr “Oh I accept.” She seemed very happy to have a last minute deal. After he freed her he began to escort her to the Pastoo Manor. He was going to get this trial over right away. He sent Cannondale to fetch the judges. While they walked she told him her story. DSC_2379 by skaforhire, on Flickr “Victor and I were lovers long ago. In fact, he married me in secret before he began his quests. I never possessed the type of magic he loves, and soon his interest in the magic became much greater than his interest in me. Ten years ago he left in search of the helm and I came here and opened this inn.” She said. “Do you still see him?” Paulos asked, immediately wishing he had not when she answered. “Victor is a tremendous and passionate lover. He only has feelings for me when it comes to the pleasures in life. Of course I see him from time to time. In fact, he was on the battlefield at Queenscross in the last minutes. He decided not to expose himself and left your pathetic army alive. Unfortunately.” “Um, gross.” He tried to get the pictures out of his head, and he started to doubt her honesty. Victor would have unleashed true pain on his army had he been there. He wouldn’t have let this woman keep his attention, would he? They arrived at the manor and found the judges already in the great hall. The Pastroo’s were the wealthiest family in Queenscross, and even their floors were tiled in rare gems. It was fitting that the betrayer lord would meet his end in a place that represented the opulence that drove him to sell out his people. DSC_2380 by skaforhire, on Flickr DSC_2383 by skaforhire, on Flickr The trial was quick. Pastroo never wiped the smirk off his face the whole time. The three judges from the capital took his story into consideration – that he was on his way to help at Queenscross and DaMaximus took him for a traitor. However, Frost’s testimony damned him. She said that on the first night after the Parle, Lord Pastroo had shown up at her doorstep. He brought word from victor and asked for a place for his orks to fortify. She gave it to him happily. DSC_2386 by skaforhire, on Flickr The judges ruled within the hour, and Pastroo was sentenced to death. “Immediately.” Paulos said. The judges, Frost, and Niles gasped. That was unheard of. “What about appeals?” Niles asked. “This is war, and he is a traitor, we can’t risk Victor springing him from our dungeons and him bringing forces against us again.” Paul sighed. “We have no choice, this is the world we must live in.” The judges protested, but Cannondale was already preparing the one table in the room to serve as a makeshift headsmen’s bench. Niles protested some more, but it was clear Paulos was going to get his way. Pastroo finally lost his cool. “You can’t execute me Paulos, you are a mere knight, I am a lord of this realm!” “You were a lord of this realm. That ended with your conviction.” Paulos said, but Niles stopped him. “You don’t have this authority, we need to wait for the Triumvirate.” The only other noble in the room said. “This ends now. Either you command it, or I will command the guard to do it.” Paulos said. “I will not. This is on your head Paulos MacLean.” And with that Niles left. Cannondale looked to Paulos with a slight grin. At least Paulos knew his bodyguard was on board. “Guardsmen, remove Mr Pastroo’s head.” Paulos said. “Cannondale, make sure it happens.” And with that Paulos guided Frost and the judges out of the room. There were some final protests, but Paulos ignored them. DSC_2389 by skaforhire, on Flickr At the other end of the hall Paulos spoke to frost. “You are free to go. You have one hour to pack and leave this town.” She looked at him as if unsure he was telling the truth and then took her leave. When she left Cannondale appeared at his side. “grab some food and supplies, we are going camping.” Paulos told the silent warrior. DSC_2391 by skaforhire, on Flickr ----- Seven days and seven nights passed. The had tracked Frost all the way to the woods outside the capital lands. On the evening of the eighth day the lady stopped to rest for more than a couple minutes. Cannondale took this opportunity to get a higher position and to try and gather what she was up to. She didn’t make a fire, in fact she didn’t even move. She just seemed to hum. Three minutes later out of thin air Victor appeared with two guards. DSC_2394 by skaforhire, on Flickr “My love, why have you summoned me here? Why are you not at your inn?” He said. He looked tired. “I am sick of being put aside, You love me still, do you not?” she said. “Of course I do.” “Then why am I not on the throne with you?” “I told you, once I consolidate my power you will be there as my queen.” He said, slightly annoyed. “They almost killed me today, I will take my risks with you.” With that she moved towards him for a sweet embrace. He threw his staff aside, and the Hand of corruption guards tried to look away. Paulos did not look away, in fact he moved swiftly and silently. When he was within ten feet of the embracing couple, Cannondale dropped from the tree and in two motions dispatched the guards. Perhaps Victor would have been alarmed, if Paulos had not shoved his sword through Revolword’s back. The sword came out of the wizards midsection and entered into Frost. That was not his intention, but Paulos no longer cared. Revenge was sweet. DSC_2395 by skaforhire, on Flickr The sword must have pierced Lady Frost’s heart, for she fell to the ground silent. Victor gasping looked at Paulos with dying eyes, grabbing at her hand and holding his wound. “Fool” he suddenly said. DSC_2397 by skaforhire, on Flickr Paulos was a bit confused. “You are the fool, you stand with your life mere seconds from ending, and you smile in the face of this avenger? Make peace with your gods.” “No… you don’t understand. Now you will never get your brothers back.” “Dugal is dead. There is no coming back from death.” Paulos said. “He is as good as dead now.” Victor chuckled blood. “And I will live on. I have thousands of bodies.” “What do you speak of?” Paulos asked, he cared not for the bodies, only his brother. “If he is alive where is he? We buried his body!” Victor didn’t answer that question. “No doubt you have heard stories of my demise already? Well it is because there are many copies of me. You will never kill my true soul.” Paul looked at Frost’s body. He realized Victor was not going to tell him about his brother. “well, we might not have killed your true soul, but we have killed your true heart.” With that, Paulos kicked the man over and watched as he faded into the night. Stories circulated all over Historica for the next year. Apparently someone had killed Victor, but no one really knew who. Some say it was DaMaximus, some say it was DaGothica, some say it was Blaore the Oak from beyond the grave. Many warriors claimed Victor’s head themselves, Paulos being one of them. Still, the bodies seemed to disappear mysteriously a few hours after his death. No one knew really what happened to Victor Revolword, they just knew he was no longer in charge of the capital or terrorizing the land. And the heroes of Historica were OK with that. The king was dead. Victor had let his men torture and finally kill the entire royal family. The brutal bloodbath was discovered when Historica’s troops stormed the capital and found the evidence. The problem now was figuring out who would rule the land. There were minor claimants to the throne, and completely new challengers. The future of Historica was yet to be determined as the Guilds vied for power and individuals made attempts at the throne. At roughly the same time a small trade vessel owned by GEAR Co. sailed into Valyrio. The Vessel had been at sea a year, and had already been stricken from the GEAR Co. logs. But the captain, one Columb Rosi had made it back to the ports of Historica alive. With him came tales of a whole new world rich with opportunity for the guilds. So the next few years Historica was plunged into a great game of houses to determine a new king, while others exploited the new continent that had been discovered, always trying to leverage their position back at home in the guilds. And thus Victor's disappearance or demise ended Book One of the Guilds of Historica, and the fight for power began Book Two.