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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everybody! I've managed to find in Russia used EV3 for about $100. Upon receiving I'll have 15 minutes to test it and decide whether I want to buy it. My question is how can I effectively test electronic parts without a computer?
  2. Hi there! I'm selling set, located in Belarus. 5571 - used, 99% complete. Some minor parts lost. With manual building instruction. Truck has been standing on the shelf for the last 10-12 years. Ready to ship immediately. Photo by request. Ready for offers.
  3. Selling 8157, preferably to US and Canada. No parts missing, but some stickers on nose missing. Outfitted with custom white wheels by efferman on Shapeways. Rebuilt this week, so no dust. No box or instructions. Priced at $115, and additional shipping fee (roughly 15$ with fedex) Pics:
  4. I was thinking about selling used parts on Bricklink and was wondering if the pieces should be split into grades based on how undamaged/damaged a used part is. The end result would be maybe four separate listings for the same piece with different quantities based on how damaged/undamaged the piece is. Is getting damaged LEGO when buying from Bricklink a big deal; and if it is, is splitting each piece into four grades too much?
  5. Lukasguy

    Pet shop retirement

    Hello A while ago I bought the lego pet shop. I really like the set but I'm not really fond of it. I love the design but I have no connection with it. In my other lego sets I recognize stuff I like. In my emerald night I recognize how I loved steam engines when I was little, or in my star wars sets I recognize the awesome movies. The pet shop is a nice building and I love the way it looks but I don't have a connection with it. (I don't know if you get it ) So I still have the box and I thought I'd sell it when it retires and the price goes up. I thought it would almost retire when I bought it but it still hasn't. Any idea when it's going to retire? Thanks.
  6. I've got some more Lego stuff for sale including: - polybags of many themes, all new - some new sets - star wars MTT new - star wars used but in good condition sets. - some official lego bits, stickers, DVD's etcetera for pictures and more (dutch) info: You can PM me or respond to this topic if you're interested On some of the prices I could do a special EB reduction, especially if you buy more than one thing International shipping for small packages can be as cheap as 1-3 euros some of the things don't line out that well, but it's arranged in picture-title-condition-price Lego Star Wars 75058 Trade Federation Droid MTT New € 89,95 Lego Star Wars 5000143 Boba Fett Minifigure Watch Horloge New € 19,00 Lego Super Heroes Marvel 30168 Iron Man Patriot Zeldzaam! New € 25,00 Lego Star Wars 5002122 TC-4 minifiguur New € 7,50 Verscheidene Lego artikelen / accessoires; Stickers e.d. New Free with purchase Lego Star Wars Coleman Trebor minifiguur met lichtzwaard New € 7,50 Lego Star Wars 7658 Y-wing Fighter / Starfighter ruimteschip Used in good condition € 40,00 Lego Star Wars 6208 B-wing Fighter / Starfighter ruimteschip Used in good condition € 40,00 Lego Star Wars 7256 Anakin Jedi Starfighter & Vulture Droid Used in good condition € 30,00 Lego Star Wars 7656 General Grievous Starfighter ruimteschip Used in good condition € 25,00 Lego Star Wars 7134 A-wing Fighter ruimteschip Used in good condition € 15,00 Lego Star Wars 8017 Darth Vader's Tie Fighter ruimteschip Used in good condition € 30,00 Lego Star Wars 6205 V-wing Starfighter ruimteschip Used in good condition € 15,00 Lego verscheidene sleutelhangers / Keychains o.a. Ninjago New € 2,00 Lego City 30013 Police Quad / Politie autootje polybag New € 4,00 Lego Ninjago 30087 Race Car / Race Wagen / Auto polybag New € 4,00 Lego Ninjago 30085 Jumping Snakes / Springende Slangen poly New € 4,00 Lego City 30150 Race Car / Race wagen / Auto polybag New € 4,00 Lego City 30017 Police Boat / Politie Boot polybag New € 4,00 Lego Cars 30121 Grem auto polybag New € 4,00 Lego Games 4648939 Golden Cube / Gouden Dobbelsteen polybag New € 4,00 Lego Club 852996 Max minifiguur polybag New € 6,00 Lego Creator 30021 Parrot / Papegaai polybag New € 4,00 Lego Creator 7803 Jeep / Auto polybag mini New € 4,00 Lego Creator 7799 Cargo Copter / Helicopter polybag mini New € 4,00 Lego Star Wars 30423 Umbaran Mobile Heavy Cannon polybag New € 5,00 Lego Star Wars 8028 Tie Fighter polybag mini New € 5,00 Lego Star Wars 30421 Gauntlet / Mandalorian Fighter polybag New € 5,00 Lego Star Wars 30247 ARC-170 Starfighter polybag mini New | Ophalen of Verzenden € 5,00 Diverse Lego DVD's; Atlantis, Legends of Chima, Friends New € 1,00 Lego Legends of Chima 70100 Ring of Fire / Vuurring Speedorz New €8,00
  7. The 8275 motorized bulldozer seems to have acquired near-legendary status, so naturally I'd like to acquire one. New in box sets are way to expensive, and even used builds are costly and can come with "issues". So I thought, why not just buy all the pieces on BrinkLink and build my own? All of the parts are available except one, and almost all save one are very inexpensive. The one part that is not available can be substituted with a cheap black colored identical part, leaving just the rare pneumatic cylinder housing, which is available but costly. Even after buying the PF items from S&H, the total cost is less than buying a used copy and of course much less than a new copy. Being that I am relatively new to Technic, MOC and mod activities, what gives with the price difference? How can such high prices for these sets be justified? I can see a collector wanting a new in sealed box set, but why buy used when the parts are less expensive. I guess on e-bay, its buyer beware or e-bay buyers don't know about BrinkLink or other options? Question to the community - is there any reason not to buy all of the parts piece-wise and roll my own 8275 bulldozer? Advantages over buying used include getting up-to-date and new M-motors and V2 IR receiver, as well as making mods along the way, change color, etc... thanks!