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Found 4 results

  1. Robin Creations

    [MOC] Turaga Vakama

    "New legends awake, but old lessons must be remembered. This is the way of the Bionicle." +=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+=+ Hey guys. I've started to do a new project: building the Matoran and Turaga from G1. Or at least most of them. A shoutout to CallanLof for the hand design. He does some cool Bionicle stuff, so you might want to check him out. C&C most certainly welcome!
  2. toothdominoes

    [MOC] Goat herding Turaga

    After building and lurking in the various Bionicle communities since day 1 of the theme, I decided to start posting some of the stupid things I build. You can find larger pictures on my Flickr stream. Enjoy! "A deranged old Turaga who devoted his life to herding rams. Occasionally he rambles incoherently about some great escape that almost cost him his arm." "A not-so-bright looking ram with suspicious face paint."
  3. I've been wanting to recreate Generation 1 characters in CCBS for a while. The main problem was that I wanted to use the old Mata heads (so I could fit both old masks and krana), but conventional methods of attaching said head to a CCBS torso looked ridiculous. Solution? Build a new torso. First up is Bingzak Kongu, displaying the Matoran build: I partially used the Mask of Light movie as a guide when building these; it mostly influences the neck and the shape of the arms. Full skeleton in the first picture. The second shows where the chest plate attachment and neck socket fit. The black bracket piece doesn't connect to the socket directly but it keeps it from jiggling around much. Can't say I care for the back much, but it's not an eyesore. Next up is Narmoto Vakama with the Turaga build: The Turaga are a bit more broad and wide than the Matoran to accommodate the sockets for the legs. Vakama features his stole from Mask of Light. Full skeleton along with a better shot of how the front and neck joint connect to the rest of the torso, similar to the Matoran build. Shot of the back. This is the biggest problem with the Turaga build: it's very boxy. Adding the stole (connected by the four exposed studs) helps somewhat. The light bley pieces will be changed to black once I get ahold of some. "Back! Back you foul creature! One more step or I'll--" (Wrong villain, I know, but ssshhh. ) You can really see how the back sticks out here. Again, not a fan, but I don't currently have a solution. Bonus: Turaga Korgot Whenua! Giving him his hunch was as easy as connecting the neck to the back of the head instead of the eyestalk. He needs Dark Bluish Gray hands but those will have to wait until I get some. Thanks for looking! Comments and critiques are highly appreciated.
  4. Buzzsaw

    The Prankster

    For the past year or so, I've been working on revamps. It started out with a simple Matoran design that made the 2003 design more compact and slim. As time passed, I did other characters, finishing up the Barraki. I was then inspired to redo Nuparu, but with a high degree of poseability. I eventually decided to make a self MOC, but when I got my Bricklink haul, I decided against it when I saw that I had a Noble Mahiki. Thus, after about half an hour of tinkering around with designs, here is the fruit of my labors. I present Turaga Matau, the Prankster! I honestly am too lazy to make that link look pretty. Anyways, that's my Flickr album of him, and it'll serve as the home for my future Turaga. I decided to give Matau a compact design that takes a great influence from the movie design rather than the set. The tube serves to emulate his robes, if I can find a better way to do it, I would have. For now, the tube serves its purpose. I plan on doing all the Turaga soon, the next one is either Whenua or Vakama.