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Found 4 results

  1. S-Brick powered Streetcar VIDEO (part one - without drifts) Full album: It is driven by 5292 (buggy) motor in the back, directly connected to wheels from faster output (on 16L axle, in case you'r curious), steering is done by servo, controlled by S-Brick and it's fuel tank is original Li-Po BB. S-Brick powered Streetcar S-Brick powered Streetcar Front axle has positive caster angle for better steering performance, and it's only gearing is positioned there. (the steering 7L rack and 12t pinion.) When you see it (in case you're fast enough), you can see custom stickers, working front lights, and custom 3D printed rims (my own design). S-Brick powered Streetcar rim On the rims are original, but cut, LEGO 48×24 ZR tires. ________________________________________________________________________________ Here is version for purists, with original rims and non-modified tires (but not last configuration of stickers and rear bumper) Teaser On smoother or slippier surface (wooden floor, for example), it is capable of slightly real-looking drifts. (wait for part two of the video, please :) ) __________________________________________________________________ Here, I add the LDD file with backup model of it. Not 100% accurate, but IMO sufficient. https://www.dropbox....BACKUP.lxf?dl=0 Hope you like it :)
  2. Since many of us became owners of 41999 BOSS crawler, this thread became actual. 99% modifications will be about body design and color, since there is nothing new we can do with chassis. I am waiting for pickups "El camino" style, wagons (like effe mentioned), new lowered chassis and other mods. I will update first post from time to time to make database of mods with link to posts. May be we can make our unofficial challenge with voting? What do you think? I have an idea what we can do with the best models from voting:) thats a surprise. First we have to,fill this topic with cool creations;)
  3. Hello All! Some time I was out from EB, but I’ve come back with new MOC :) I had short of time that’s why its construction took about two monthes. This is my tuning-version of legendary Ferrari Enzo. The scale is 1:8.5 (length – 58.5 cm, width – 24 cm, height – 13 cm), total weight – 3.6 kg. Design combines various features of original Ferrari, tuning-versions Edo Competition, MIG-U1 and my own ideas. There are six RC functions in it: - moving – 2 x XL; - acceleration – 2 x XL; - two-stage gearbox (pneumatic-controlled) – 1 x Servo; - adders locking (pneumatic-controlled) – 1 x Servo; - steering – 1 x Servo; - clearance adjustment (four large pneumatic cylinders) – 1 x M. The scale is approximate with respect to wheels. Front wheels – 81.6 mm from 42000, rear – more aggressive tires from 8461. The transmission differs from original one. For better playability and transmission load decreasing i’ve mounted AWD. In the same time central differential gear is an output gear of gearbox. Two-stage gearbox allows to drive both on the flat surface and on slight off-road. I’ve mounted two air tanks to decrease switching time. The acceleration is realized on adders (two parallel circuits for reliability increasing). The adders can be locked. Instead of velocity locked adders sums the torque. The next feature of my model is adjustable clearance on both axles (original Ferrari Enzo has only front axle lift). Vertical rods was replaced by shock absorbers and pneumatic cylinders are mounted at horizontal angle. There is an adaptive aerodynamic element in my model – it is rear spoiler that is switched simultaneously with gear box. The model has detailed cabin The movie: Thanks for watching!
  4. Hope you like it. More info in Video: More photos: And dA: http://horcikdesigns...t-rod-413033576, And dA: http://horcikdesigns...t-rod-413033576 ; http://horcikdesigns...Ratty-408884013