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Found 5 results

  1. Hi! Some time ago I start built my medieval Trebuchet MOC, based on my first design from 2010 year. The final project is ready! What's more, it will be part of my new diorama! The project "The Siege of Bricks" will be diorama in a winter world, my army will be preparing to siege the city (that will be built by my friend form Cube Brick YT channel. Going back to the Trebuchet - it's contain 300 parts, range is 6-7 meters, which I consider a huge success because the initial range was 3 meters. You can find more about this construction on my YouTube - Edge of Bricks (link below), where you can see how this machine works and more about the project The tutorial will be available soon!
  2. "So, how did this thing work again?" The Trebuchet: The Ulandian government wishes to thank the most Noble Lord Osric for his kind gift. It works!... that is to say, it might if their weren't any mummies stuck in it! A counter to Jacob Nion's guerrilla... Credit goes to ZCerberus for a lot of inspiration on the Tebuchet design! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  3. soccerkid6

    Trebuchet Emplacement

    This is the third set in my series of custom modular Castle sets. It is similar in size and part count to what an official set would be. The trebuchet actually works and is fun to play around with. There's also an interior in the first floor of the bastion, including a bed, torch, and ladder to reach the second floor. This is a corner section of the modular castle and can attach to the other sets. Total piece count, including figs is 240 parts. See the trebuchet in action here: All prices include shipping to anywhere in the US. Price for the complete set is 30$ Without the minifig: 25$ All 3 sets combined: Just the 3 Castle sections combined: More pictures can be seen here: link C&C welcome
  4. soccerkid6

    Trebuchet Attack

    I tried to make this build as much like an official set as possible. The wall/tower can hinge at two points, there is a secret door hidden in the wall, and the trebuchet works. See the trebuchet in action here: After receiving so many requests to put Manaor Castle, or a simplified version thereof, on Cuusoo, I got to thinking about designing several smaller builds that could all be hooked together to form a large modular castle. I know a lot of Castle fans have always wanted LEGO to produce something like that, so I thought I'd give it a try. I'd be selling the sets myself. And I'd probably put the idea up on Cuusoo at some point, or even Bricklink now that it's going to have a MOC store. I'm not worried about selling tons of sets, 5-10 a year would be plenty for me. This is my first build/prototype for the project. I purposely tried to make this build like a set, so mostly simple building, a cool secret door in the wall, working trebuchet, and no super piece intensive techniques. I'm using official fig parts shuffled around to make two basic factions, blue/black and red/dark green. This build contains 406 parts, only one of which is a panel. There are plenty of useful castle parts: 18 bley headlight bricks, 4 bley brick modified with stud, 25 bley 1x1 brick, and 28 bley 1x2 bricks, and lots more. I'd be selling this set for 65$ which includes shipping to anywhere in the US. If anyone was interested in the set without figs, that would lower the price to 50$; or for just the wall tower and two figs that go with it, 40$; or just the trebuchet and its two figs, 20$. I'm planning to use LDD to make the instructions for the sets. For those outside the US, I'd be willing to sell the instructions by themselves for around 2-5$. I'd really like to hear some feedback from you guys on what your thoughts on the project are, whether it's feasible, what kind of sets to do, etc. I already have a lot of possible set ideas in the 20-30$ range and a few larger ones. Anyways let me know what you think.
  5. Here is My entry to The LCC Global Challenge three Part 2. Please excuse the bad pics.