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Found 3 results

  1. ReplicaOfLife

    MOC: The Sideways Building

    It's finally time for me to present to you my newest MOC: The Sideways Building Designed between September 2016 and January 2017, this MOC has roughly 4500 pieces. The building's name is a bit tongue in cheek and references the fact that most of the frontal facade is built using elaborate SNOT techniques. 1x1 bricks are used sideways and offset by exactly half a brick's height to the ones above and below to create a new kind of masonry effect. The basic idea was this: This technique was not easy to pull off and made the design and build very challenging. But without further ado, here are the pictures - More images are, as usual, available at flickr. The intensive snotting on the facade also leads to the absence of the usual 'stripes' that separate the individual floors of modular buildings (where tiles and plates are used at the top & bottom). Still, my building is fully modular, as this picture shows. The floors can also be interchanged freely (except for the roof, of course). The only parts of the front facade built with studs on top is the bottom-most layer of bricks, all windows, and most of the roof. Everything else has studs facing left, right, towards you or even downwards. This also creates weird offsets - the left and right windows on the upper floors are offset by 2/5 the width of a stud! (or 3/5, depending which way you look at it...) A closer look at the masonry detail. View from the back - this is built the old fashioned way with studs facing upwards. Let's take a look inside. The left hand part of the ground floor is taken up by a pizza parlor. It has two tables for patrons to sit, but it is mostly aimed at take-away (and possibly delivery). A young couple is enjoying their pizza. Pizzas are baked in a stone oven. On the other side, there is a travel agent. As usual, the walls are decorated with posters showcasing possible travel destinations. Moving up to the first floor. A couple lives here. Behind the living room, there is a small kitchen (the wall inbetween was removed for this photo). A look inside their bedroom. The green door leads to the bathroom. A picture of that can be seen on flickr. Moving up to the second floor...The owner of this flat had the wall separating kitchen and living room knocked down to create a combined living room and kitchen. The center counter with two bar stools looks very inviting. Seems like the cat found something on the floor... Note: More pictures of the second floor apartment are available on flickr. Moving up one final time, we take a look at the stairwell... As attics go, this is actually still pretty orderly...except for the giant cobweb in one corner. Apparently, someone also used the attic for his painting at some point. That's about it Again, more pictures can be found at flickr. Looking forward to your thoughts & comments! Cheers!
  2. Octan Travel Agent/Cupcake Shop My economically depressed Lego city is continuing its long walk into dereliction and abandonment. But there are the occasional signs of life! In one corner of the city some fool one has decided to use the old Octan Travel Agency and turn the ground floor into a Cupcake shop. The facade has the real feel of an aircraft's fuselage and comes complete with two fluffy white clouds*. The Travel Agency hasn't been in use since the 1990s and you may notice the entrance door high up on the second floor. But the previous owners did leave the Airport Stairs behind. Again, though this is dilapidated and neglected. Here's the interior of the Cupcake shop. (Mostly liberated from a Friends Cafe set) One final shot of the Airport Stairs. Oh, and I posted an early version of the Travel Agents on my LUGS Facebook page to get suggestions and feedback. I received ideas ranging from adding a short stubby wing and adding a sun. But my favorite comment was from one member suggested that I create a sticker with "Every Wing is Awesome". Now that's the perfect slogan for Octan Travel! Comments, criticism, ridicule most welcome! *I was going to embed The Orb's "Fluffy White Cloud". I might still do.
  3. This is our take on a little town travel agency. When pulling together our ideas for the place we ran across some really awesome 'vintage' travel posters for fictional locations so we decided to do a two sided travel agency - downstairs you can book traditional travel and vacations and upstairs we can book you into almost any fantasy vacation imaginable. From Hogwarts and Middle Earth to Arakis and Pandora to the worlds of Star Wars, Serenity, and Star Trek. We tried to make some displays for the window and feel we got the gist of it right but may try to fine tune them a bit in the future - downstairs we have a tropical island/cruise thing going on and upstairs there's a rocket to a ringed planet. Anyways, hope you enjoy. As always, if you'd like to see more feel free to click here or here.