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Found 6 results

  1. Check out this new Lego powered train track switch. It works very well and is 100% Lego. Once connected to the IR receiver and battery pack, it can be remotely controlled. Building instructions and inventory available.
  2. Manchester Brickadilly Station by Paperballpark is not only a magnificent Train Station but also home for some stunning trains including the Flying Scotsman. Last weekend Paperballpark displayed his work at the Great Western Brick Show at Swindon (UK) but for those who couldn't visit, he shares the images in Train Tech.
  3. Railroad storage shelf

    This shelf is designed for use with HO scale trains but can easily be widened for use with Lego Trains Sorry about the fact that the images are in drive again I do this at school and Brickshelf is blocked. links---- it takes you to a folder.
  4. Hi all, I'd like to share the pictures and videos of our last event, which was held between the 10th and 12th of October. We participated Middle-Europe's largest model railway exhibition with participants from 7 other countries, displaying our train-based 38 metres long layout. The most popular building of the display was the Budapest - Western Train Station, where train tracks end in the building, without the possibility to avoid trains turning back. The reason I post it here to share and get experience with other TFOLs and AFOLs who creates train-based displays. As far as I've seen it on Brickshelf and Flickr, most train LUGs creates one or more loops around cities, where trains are running around for couple of circles, then train goes of to some storage track and another goes in. We started to create layouts without loops in 2012, which means constant taking care of trains is necessary, not to let them run into other trains or leave tracks at their ends. We use 9V to run most of our trains, and the whole line is separated to couple of sections, driven separately with 9V speed regulators. We use polarity-sensitive PF LEDS to warn each other if our section is busy. That allows to run more train at the same time, and we try to simulate some realistic traffic on our rails. Please share with us how you design your big show displays, how do you control your trains, and what are priorities for an event for you. Pictures from my Brickshelf: Videos of various trains running: Fun video, including almost all our passanger cars:
  5. crazy-for-steampunk's MOCs: Railmotor

    I thought I'd show off a model here, thought it'd be a nice way to introduce myself too. I'm a Lego fan who loves Legos, Doctor Who, and steampunk. I've been building models in Lego Digital Designer for sometime now, and thought I'd start off with a steampunk-styled railmotor. I've taken some inspiration from a GWR Railmotor, a tramway car, etc, combined them into a steampunk-esque fashion, and combined them together into a steampunk-like railmotor. First up, here's a picture of the front bogey, which powers the railmotor. I'm not very experienced with making complicated valve gear, so I decided to go with a basic 0-4-0 wheel configuration and just some basic siderods. Here, we get a nice look at the inside of the undercarriage, showing the inside motion valve gear which powers the wheelset. I think it looks rather nice myself. Next, we have the boiler inside of the railmotor, located in the cab where the crew work. The boiler design is based off of a steampunk-inspired moc in the link here: If copying or getting inspiration from other MOCs is against the forums rules, then I apologize, I'll have another look at the rules. Here is the right side of the boiler, which slightly differs from it's original prototype, having additional gears on the side as well as a larger firebox door. I originally wasn't planning on adding the gears, however I decided to add them anyways, just to give the design a more steampunk-inspired feel to it. Feel free to leave any feedback down below as well as any suggestions. I am also glad to accept any assistance with any of my models.
  6. We haven't had any staff officially assigned to Train Tech since The Brickster rode off into the setting sun, but now JopieK has agreed to help us take care of this exciting forum! Please join me in welcoming our new Train Regulator!