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Found 2 results

  1. Now this is going to be a bit of a funky post I think. To be honest only 15% of the content is Lego (and none of it are my own MOCs either!) but I feel the subject is far more befitting of the Train Tech forum than the Community forum, because in particular today I got to go inside the real life Maersk locomotive. Seeing how 10129 is one of the most beloved Lego sets of all time among train fans; getting to go inside the real thing is a special treat. To be technical,the engine I went into today Dynarail 644 is not the same locomotive type which set 10129 is based on, 644 having received its Maersk paint on the ATSF, and the Lego set being based on a Norfolk Southern SD40 unit. However, if you happen to be one of like the five lucky individuals with a stockpile of Maersk blue Lego bricks who is considering adding an additional Maersk locomotive to your Lego collection, 644 is a great prototype that is visually distinct from the original Maerks unit (its wide body would make Power Functions easy in even a six wide build). Also it is a bit of fantasy fulfillment, being able to climb into the cab of a Maersk unit like the minifigures on our Lego train sets get to do everyday. Also as part of the train show today I did get to stop by the ULUG group. As mentioned before, I am not a member of the ULUG as of now; but I like to see their displays. In particular, a large portion of today's display was significantly different from the last ULUG display I saw a few months back, so I gotta give them credit for constantly being able to mix things up with their work! My pictures in the ULUG display came out blurry, so I didn't take a lot of them, but I hope you guys will enjoy what you are able to see. Forgive the blurry photo quality. The ULUG train display as always was a hit with kids and families. Here we can see the Disney Castle set surrounded by a lot of the smaller Disney Princess sets, situated next to a classic space monorail display. Another blurry picture of the ULUG set up (I never have had good luck taking photos inside an event such as this.) The layout's railyards are in the distance, with a display of mosaics, Star Wars, Technic, and other stuff in the foreground. The ULUG had a good location, between the Sherman Hill HO Layout display and the Rio Grande Modeling and Historic Society display. Honestly due to the traffic flow in the event, the Lego layout was the first layout I saw during the trip. Now for the 644 the Maersk unit. This was one of several Maersk units which worked different US railroads, and the only one I know that is in preservation. The unit's owner, Chris Fussell is planning on restoring it to its original Amtrak paint; but for now it wears the Maersk heritage proudly. Unit owner Chris Fussell in his appropriate "Maersk Blue" shirt opening up the engine for us. Unlike the Norfolk Southern unit set 10129 is based on, 644 worked for the ATSF (Santa Fe) railroad. Hence why the paint patterns evoke the Warbonnet scheme used on the Superchief. This is what it looks like from the cab of a Maersk painted unit. If you have been wondering what your minifigures could see out of your 10129 set, it probably looks similar to this. The cab of the real thing is far more roomier though, with three seats, and standing room for six or so people. Chris in discussion about his Maersk unit and its sister Daylight unit coupled behind it. Eventually the two units will return to their proper Amtrak paint; but for now they still wear their more ostentatious colors. If I had more time and money I would love to MOC up these two units in Lego. YouTuber and fellow Blogger "SconeEmpire" taking in the view from the engineer's seat of the Maersk unit. I hope you enjoyed my little Maersk locomotive interlude. I had so much fun with 644 today, I am really tempted to start seeing if I can capture the unit in an LDD MOC sometime (who knows, if I start that maybe this will become a work in progress thread someday? ) Although seriously, if any of you guys want to beat me to the punch in bringing in some more Maersk power into Lego, I'd be happy to see it! Until next time.
  2. brickbuilder711

    GFLUG at Tampa Train Show 2014

    Hi friends, Just wanted to share some video from one of the larger local train shows in Florida where Greater Florida LEGO Users Group put together a massive display with a replica of Downtown Tampa, FL as well as many suburban and rural scenes. Hope you guys enjoy!