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Found 2 results

  1. I love Eurobricks, but it's a forum, and doesn't really facilitate CMF swapping - the thread is too long and out of date, as members don't keep their posts up to date - don't let that dissuade you if you're interested, though - it's not nearly as bad if people just add a post to the discussion, and trades definitely do happen . Lately I've been trying to drum up interest with a little success, but trading CMFs seems to be much better done on a dedicated website that can tell you if someone's lost interest (hasn't logged in in a long time) and can automatically match your wants/haves with someone else's haves/wants. So far I've found two sites (if you find more please let me know): Project Swapfig, and Swap Minifigures Series First I'd like to point out problems I have with BOTH sites. Both sites, in an effort to be "web2.0" actually have ended up with fairly slow, and often counter intuitive interfaces. The fine line between amount of content and easy to follow graphics has been shattered on both sites by relying too heavily on huge, cartoony graphics and lots of big fonts and images, while being fairly lacking in textual details. I have to assume, maybe, they were designed with mobile in mind, but they don't really work well on desktop, IMO. Swapfig: The swapfig trade interface is pretty nice; the screen is divided left/right, with your "table" on the right (displaying what you have up for trade), below which is the items you have that are on the other persons wanted list, and below that is your entire inventory. Their side is similar. You can drag/drop or double click items to put them on the table to trade. You actually do this for both sides, then submit the offer, at which the other person can accept, reject, or counter. When you've both accepted the latest offer, the offer moves from "offers" to "trades" in your trade manager, and you can find the other persons address and mark your part of the transaction as sent or complete, and there is also an icon you can click on to raise issues. The trade page itself comes off as being fairly intuitive and functional. Pros: There's a "news" section that let's you know the site wasn't just written and abandoned, that things are actually happening, even if slowly. There's a nice logged-in graphics, similar to Eurobricks, in the upper right that also acts a quick menu to things like your profile and messages. The banner across the top acts as a link back to the home page, and has the familiar menu style options below it, including searching and links to your "trade manager" and inventory. There's support for more than CMF, including a large selection of minifigures from other themes, and what seems to be most polybags. Adjusting inventory isn't all that bad... you select the series or theme and the figures from that theme are displayed, you check up or down arrows to adjust your inventory for specific figures. Probably the best part is you can limit your potential trade searches to "active users." I'm not sure exactly what the definition of that is, it's not in the FAQ (that I can find), but it's obviously users that have been active in some recent amount of time. "SilentMode" (who I guess is the same SilentMode from Eurobricks) runs the site - is very responsive to issues and questions. Cons: Some of the icons used are non-standard. Apparently a 3D cube icon links to your trade manager. On the line representing your trade, the envelope will open a window to send them a message; the "tag" will open a window showing you their address. You wouldn't know unless you hovered or clicked on it. New/Sealed is different, and not a superset, of "complete." If I were searching for "complete" sets, I want sealed to be hits, too - after all, they must be complete. The "Trade Manager" is one of the two most important sections of the site; There are four categories: offers, trades, issues, and ended. it's not obvious what you're looking at - the styling is just not very good. It defaults to "offers," but shows offers that have been accepted (that should only appear in "trades" at that point). When I click on "trades," it shows me my current trades - and one in which both of us have marked it "complete," which then should be in ended. It's a bug... most of my trades are in "ended," but I can't get rid of this one. Swap Minifigures Series: Cons: Offers are too simple... you are only given a choice to offer what you have that they explicitly want, and are only shown their inventory that they have that you explicitly want. No chance to go outside and offer something they might not have thought of. You cannot put multiples of figures up on the table to make a trade offer. The site is not a scam site, but the main page looks like a credit card/phishing page. No real menu, the buttons to go where you want are all at the bottom; the top section of the screen doesn't tell you you're logged in, although in certain places the main content area might (IOW, even when you're logged in, there are "sign up" and "sign in" links in the top, with no indication in the top that you're logged in). "My Swap Page" is really ill-defined and not clear what you're looking at. Enormous fonts and large minifigure images in the background don't make up for the lack of clarity... is what I'm being shown current swaps? Offers? Yes, the information is there, but it should be a lot more clear. The "Contact" page points to facebook. I don't like facebook. I avoid using facebook. I log in like once every sixth months if I'm bored, and even then I use incognito mode on Chrome so I don't have a million cookies to clean up afterwards. I accepted my first offer there a couple of days ago... and still don't know the other persons address to ship to. On swapfig, you enter your address as part of your profile, and it's only shown to accepted traders. Sounds good to me. Now I have to wait? Not happy. Links to the other users pofiles don't work for me (Chrome/Ubuntu). I'd notify the maintainers, but see two points above. There should be a form submission to send them a problem. The list of what you can trade is smaller than Swapfig; doesn't even have S14 yet, despite S14 being "in the wild." I really can't think of a whole lot of pros. Both sites seem really clunky to use, both seem to have been over-engineered a little to try to be "modern," but sacrificed ease of use in the process. Despite all the drawbacks, though, there is a clear winner here: Swapfig. When I tried to report an issue on Swap Minfigures Series and got a facebook link, I'd just about had it with them. I have one pending trade that I will mail off and then delete my inventory entirely. While competition is good, it's too much of a pain to manage inventories on both sites (AND here!), and the more fragmented the market is, the less likely you'll be able to find someone to trade with, so I'm going to stick with the one site. I'd like to add that I really appreciate what both sites have done, though, despite being so critical. I know it's hard to develop decent web pages - most people have no idea, but see so many websites think it must not be that difficult. It is. When people ask "come on, how hard is it to...?" the answer usually ranges from "it's not that simple" to "it's actually very difficult."
  2. I am trading the Lego Rancor from Star Wars set 75005. The Rancor will be new in packaging. I am willing to accept the following in trade: Martian Manhunter (Most preferred) Lex Luthor (Pre-order exclusive) Any DC Comic Con figure The Hulk (Polybag version) Poison Ivy and Catwomen (New and together) 5-ish Joker Goons 3 or more Collectible Minifigure Elves 2 or more Collectible Minifigure Hazmat Guys 3 or more Collectible Minifigure Minotaurs 3 or more Collectible Minifigure Alien Avengers 2 or more Hydra Goons 4 Gundabad Orcs ( with hair piece) 2 Atlantis Golden Temple Statues 2 Jawas Thank you for your time. Other suggested trades will also be considered. US based buyers please,for shipping purposes. Edit: If it wasn't clear to the reader, each item on the list represents ONE option that I would trade for the Rancor.